Lepidolite is probably the most popular gemstone in the world when it comes to stabilizing the mood. The crystal is rich in lithium, which is commonly used in all kinds of medication against anxiety as well. Therefore, having it right next to you will work wonders. The good news is it does not require a prescription. On the same note, it will provide a feeling of tranquility and calmness during highly stressful times.

Everyone experiences negativity every once in a while and it is perfectly normal. Some people get over it without too much hassle. Some others have negativity, stick to them and persist for ages. This crystal has healing properties that will balance both your spirit and mind, but especially during tough times when you feel overwhelmed with the negativity associated with anxiety or stress. All in all, here is everything you need to know about the effects of lepidolite.


Lepidolite will help anyone with stress and anxiety. However, this gemstone is more commonly associated with women. It can help women get their emotions stable, heal old wounds from the past, soothe the heart and annihilate depression and stress. Tears will become history and women can discover the superwomen hidden inside them. It is only a matter of time until you can get over your bad emotions and feel better.

Lepidolite will give you calm and peaceful vibes. This is the kind of weapon you require in order to overcome hurricanes and storms in your life. Your purpose in life will be refreshed, as well as your personal confidence. Simply put, the gemstone will stimulate the natural production of dopamine – the feel-good chemical in your body. You will feel better, and you will realize that happiness is only a matter of a good mindset. Moreover, the crystal is great against the moody symptoms of PMS.

The new feeling of calmness and balance can be used in a plethora of different directions. You can come up with something new in your life – start a new project, find an exciting hobby and so on. You can focus without too much hassle and concentration becomes part of the game. There are no issues whatsoever in aligning your body and spirit in line, meaning you can explore the surroundings and walk through your daily tasks with harmony.

The world around you evolves all the time. Lots of people face difficulty embracing such changes. Sometimes, chances are the only constants in life. From a different point of view, change is also an occasion to renew yourself and keep growing. You can then tackle any situation in your life while evolving. Your lepidolite crystal will provide a smooth journey through life, helping you achieve the impossible.


Lepidolite is a beautiful gemstone that can make a difference in a bunch of different situations. From a physical point of view, it draws attention with its vibrant colors. It is commonly used in all types of jewelry and can make a statement, depending on the metal it is associated with. However, this is not the only reason wherefore lepidolite is so popular.

The crystal is widely appreciated for its metaphysical properties as well. It has spiritual capabilities and can heal the mind and body from multiple points of view. At this point, it is used as a raw crystal or simply worn as jewelry. All in all, here is what you need to know about the properties of this miraculous gemstone.

Physical Properties

Lepidolite is attractive. It has a vibrant purple appearance – some would describe it as a soft lilac color. It also has soothing energy as you look at it – it is not aggressive in color, but beautiful and relaxing. The stone can be found in more shades and nuances. It can also go light and feature a pink appearance, but then, it may also be a bit dark and feature a powerful appearance. It looks vibrant when raw and elegant when polished.

Lepidolite can often be extracted from actual quartz. Practically, it can be found in small pieces that are hidden inside large pieces of quartz. Despite this unusual appearance, it is not quartz. Instead, it is a type of mica. Mica is more commonly known for being ground. It is turned into powder and can be used for eye shadows or other types of cosmetics. From many points of view, lepidolite is similar in terms of hardness and uses.

Lepidolite can be rated as a soft crystal. For instance, it is rated 2.5 to 3.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. Other stones are two or three times harder than it. While it has multiple uses, the scientific world uses it as a source of lithium. This is its most important purpose. It is commonly used in the metallic industry for a bunch of different reasons. On the same note, it can be extracted from pretty much any part of the world.

Now, certain varieties are more difficult to find than others. For example, pure lilac crystal is difficult to source. When trying to buy lepidolite, you are very likely to find some fakes as well. For example, amethyst may look similar at times. At this point, it depends on what you pay for it. If you are asked for a premium price, make sure you buy the real thing, rather than a fake.

Metaphysical Properties

Lepidolite brings in a positive attitude, calmness and relaxation. It disperses negative feelings and stress. It will also help you rearrange the patterns of your energies to ensure more positivity – widely needed in any situation out there. Having this crystal on you – whether as a decorative item in your office or a piece of jewelry – will keep the stress under control, especially under disruptive situations that imply a series of changes.

From a physical point of view, lepidolite has soothing energy and will give you a deep state of relaxation. For example, people suffering from PTSD can seriously benefit from having this crystal around them. The crystal is not suitable for adults only, as children can also benefit from it. For example, youngsters suffering from ADHD or hyperactivity will feel better and experience fewer symptoms – a necklace, for instance, will help with sleep-related issues too.

On another note, lepidolite can bring in some harmony and restore your balance. There are times in life when you feel like flying from one emotion to another. A piece of lepidolite around you will stabilize these emotions and help you understand them. This crystal will be like an anchor. No matter what these feelings are about, they will keep you strong and stable. It can be purple, but it may also be found in blueish nuances that evoke the sky and sea.

Believe it or not, just simply looking at this crystal for a few minutes will calm you down. Allow yourself to get lost in its beautiful pattern. Watch it and dive into it. The simple act of watching it will calm you down and induce a state of relaxation. Having it by your side at all times will allow you to understand the meaning of life as well. Being surrounded by good energies will show you that navigating through life with hope and positivity is better than doing it with despair and negative feelings.

Lepidolite will boost your awareness and show you that it is more important to think before acting. It will show you the way and help you identify your real desires while pushing you to make better decisions when dealing with anxiety and stress. You can weigh your options before making a decision for a better life. Forget about anger and skip the bad vibes. The stone will push you to show everyone what you are made of.

While often associated with women, the truth is everyone can benefit from these soothing energies. Modern lives are different now. There is more stress than ever. Nothing is better than a calming stone that promotes self-love, gratitude and joy. This is not the type of joy that will make you jump around. However, it will put a smile on your face, even when you do not expect it. No matter what you deal with, that smile can be a very powerful tool.

Your spiritual side and higher self will be slightly touched. A new side of you will come out with more positivity on board. All in all, whether you find it hard to say no, find it difficult to put yourself first or fail to get in touch with your inner self, this stone will change this perception and give you a different approach to life. Forget about speeding and rushing around – simply chill down for a bit, stop and allow yourself to be who you want to be.

The healing capabilities of lepidolite will take you even further. Learn to overcome emotional suffering. When in need, the stone can help you get over the pain and find reasons for love and gratitude one more time. It has psychic vibrations that will push you to find divinity within yourself. This is one of the reasons wherefore you will feel happier and more grateful. Knowing that happiness is out there, you will be ready for it when it kicks in.

In terms of clairvoyance, lepidolite will boost your psychic power. You will be more aware of your surroundings and observe more coincidences than normally. Your gut feeling will be stronger, so you can make better decisions. You will notice opportunities around you and your instinct will guide you accordingly.

There are no doubts about it – senses can only grab a small part of what is going on around. The energy in this stone will broaden your perspective and help you notice more around you. At the same time, spiritual visions are more approachable. You will find a balance between the physical aspect and the ethereal one.

At times, it might be challenging to handle parts of yourself that may not necessarily look perfect. Lepidolite will help in two different ways. First, you will learn that no one is perfect. Therefore, everyone has things they are not too happy with – simply accept them. Second, you will get some help overcoming such hurdles and growing.

Where to buy Lepidolite

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Lepidolite in jewelry uses

Compared to other crystals, lepidolite is quite soft. In other words, it is not the best stone for certain types of jewelry. If you do find such pieces and you choose to have them, opt for a brooch or a pendant, for instance. Such pieces are not too exposed – not as problematic as rings or bracelets. They are less likely to be banged against all kinds of things or face chemicals.

A lepidolite necklace will take you through life with confidence. It will also boost your appearance and make you feel good about yourself. No matter what type of storm you are about to face, you will definitely keep strong. In terms of design, the pinkish-purple stone may have blue nuances sometimes, as well as a delicate texture.

You can, indeed, find other pieces of jewelry as well. You could find a pair of earrings, which are less likely to be too exposed to elements. While you could find rings out there too, they are not very common due to the softness of the stone. Unless you wear such rings on very special occasions and look after them, you should stick to other pieces of jewelry.

Where does Lepidolite come from

Generally speaking, lepidolite is a lithium-rich mica mineral. It can be found in most parts of the world, yet the most significant deposits are located in Brazil, Canada, Japan, Madagascar, Russia, Sweden, Australia and the USA. When it comes to the USA, Maine, New Mexico and California have the largest deposits in the country.

Lepidolite can be found in more varieties in terms of colors. A vibrant purple option that is quite rare will cost more than the average stone. This type of vibrant purple stone has only been discovered in Zimbabwe so far. Therefore, this variant is a bit more expensive than others, as well as rare. It can be confused with other stones too.

How much is Lepidolite worth

Lepidolite is not considered a valuable gemstone. Therefore, its value is not too high. Indeed, you can find rare and beautiful pieces that will fetch more than a basic crystal, but they will not cost you a fortune. From this point of view, it is worth considering why you actually need the stone first. If it is for a piece of jewelry, it will cost more – it depends on the metal it is fitted on, of course.

If you are after a crystal with great metaphysical properties to keep around your home or office, anything will do. Even a raw crystal will look good as a decorative item. You can get a bunch of small pieces for less than $10, as well as a large beautiful crystal – the size of a fist – that will cost around $20. The bottom line, prices are quite affordable.

How to identify Lepidolite

Lepidolite is most commonly pink, purple or red. You may find gray stones too, but they are a bit rare. Yellow and colorless stones are almost impossible to find, but still there. The stone sheds very small flakes when tested for hardness – this is one of the easiest ways to identify it. It may also have white or colorless streaks.

Since its value is not that high, you are less likely to find too many scams out there. If anything, you will find inexperienced sellers trying to get rid of other stones that look like lepidolite – some amethysts are pretty similar to this crystal. This is usually an innocent mistake though.

How to use Lepidolite

If you are after the stone capabilities in terms of divination, lepidolite is a great pendulum. It will give you answers about your emotions and needs. It can also help with your emotions and unrelated issues. If you get a stone in your home, keep it around places where you spend lots of time – such as your bed or the sofa.

You can also get a nice decorative stone in your office for better concentration and more positivity in work. As for jewelry, again, stick to pieces that are not very exposed to bangs and chemicals – such as pendants or brooches. Earrings may also work, but bracelets and rings are less likely to last for too long, so avoid them.

How to cleanse and charge Lepidolite

Cleansing and charging lepidolite is fairly simple because the crystal is not too pretentious. It depends on what you need the stone for. If you are only after a vibrant piece of jewelry and you simply do not care about the metaphysical properties of the stone, you do not have to cleanse it, but just look after it and maintain it.

On the other hand, if you use lepidolite to get rid of negativity, stick to stones with dark colors for cleansing. They can be permanently kept around lepidolite – they look good aesthetically and they work wonders. There are lots of options from this point of view, with opal or apache tears being the most popular choices. Quartz is not too bad either.

You can cleanse lepidolite in more ways though. You can use brown rice, for example – fill a bowl with rice and leave the crystals fully submerged overnight. The same goes for sea salt. The sun and moon energy are not to be overlooked either. Feel free to leave the crystal in direct moonlight for a night. As for sunlight, an hour is more than enough – indirect sunlight is better.

On the same note, you can get rid of negative energies if you use the earth too. Stick the crystal into the ground and leave it there for 24 hours. Ideally, you should cover it in something. Since the stone is soft, it can be easily scratched. Last, but not least, spring water will work well too – just keep the crystal underwater for a few minutes.

Lepidolite vs. Muscovite

There are many similarities between lepidolite and muscovite, as well as a few differences. Both of them belong to the mica group. They are both minerals and this is what causes so much confusion. Many times, minerals are sold as mica stones – in other words, they could be anything in this big family, even if they are completely different.

On another note, muscovite is brown. This is the main difference between them. It has a pale brown appearance. Lepidolite is less likely to get that color, yet a slightly pale red nuance is not impossible. Their chemical formulas are also different, yet this is irrelevant for someone who is after the metaphysical properties only.

The best combination to use with Lepidolite

Apache tears work wonders against grief. If you use lepidolite against such issues, combine the crystal with apache tears and the effects will be enhanced. Smoky quartz, obsidian or hematite will work in the exact same manner. Apache tears are more common because they can also cleanse lepidolite from negative energies.

If you are interested in connecting to your angelic realm, the stone should be mixed with crystals with similar capabilities. Simply put, agate and Angelite work well with lepidolite and will increase their natural properties. Lepidolite is associated with the crown chakra, as well as the third eye chakra sometimes – use it in a combination with other chakra stones without fearing unusual reactions.

Final Words

Bottom line, lepidolite has a plethora of effects on your psychic health – it works on a metaphysical level, but it also has cosmic capabilities. It is handy to have around on a daily basis because it promotes beneficial feelings, positivity and joy. It will boost your connection with the universe and will help you find your place in the cosmic order. Finding happiness in your life is much easier when you know what you are worth.