Whether you feel like you lack balance in your life or you need a bit of guidance due to your negative thoughts and ideas, certain crystals can push you in the right direction. This is when zebra jasper kicks in. The crystal is known for bringing more positivism into your life, as well as balancing various systems of your life.

Indeed, the zebra jasper may not be as popular as other healing crystals out there, but its properties are just as helpful. Furthermore, the stone is good-looking and can make an excellent piece of jewelry. Just like for any other crystal, a little education is essential before deciding how and when to use it. So, what do you need to know?


Every crystal in the world has its own vibe and vibration. Different crystals can heal different parts of your system and can help in multiple directions. This is why it is critical to choose something that you can actually benefit from. Zebra jasper makes no exception either – it has a bunch of unique characteristics that you may not be able to find in other stones.

Zebra Jasper Tower

Some stones relate to nothing but personal relationships and love. Some others are better for self-transformation and help. Others are just as handy for personal protection. According to natural healers and spiritual leaders, zebra jasper is about sense. You will get more sense of your life. The balance will inevitably kick in to stabilize your systems.

No matter how chaotic your life might be, there are no doubts that such a crystal will give you a bit of harmony in a crazy daily life. Some healers refer to zebra jasper as the stone of balance. It will keep you on track and grounded in the physical aspect of your life, rather than provide an unrealistic feeling of reality.

With these thoughts of the mind, zebra jasper is the type of stone you need if you put things off and delay stuff. If you tend to leave everything for tomorrow, again and again, chances are having zebra jasper around will help you out. Some other healers refer to this crystal as the stone of apathy for the exact same reasons.

Are you the type who procrastinates? Forget about such issues that will drag you down. You can now overcome procrastination with a little push from behind. You will find more motivation and enthusiasm to finish one project after another. Your goals are only a few steps away and zebra jasper can certainly make your dreams come true.


Zebra jasper has both physical and metaphysical properties. To some, it is a beautiful stone that can complement a modern and elegant outfit. To others, it is a healing crystal with numerous properties that can help their lifestyle. You can choose the stone for one reason or another – as well as for both of them. Here is everything you need to know.

Physical Properties

Zebra jasper has a pretty self-explanatory name. Basically, it looks like a zebra. It is most commonly found in black and white. It is normally white and has uneven black stripes that make it stand out in the crowd. Generally speaking, the stone is quite common, meaning the price is relatively low – however, its beauty is astonishing.

A deeper search can give you other variations as well. For instance, you can find a mix of brown and white too, not to mention green and white or red and white. The crystal has a trigonal crystal system and belongs to the silicates mineral class. It is based on silicon dioxide and has a bunch of inclusions – most commonly, some impurities.

Now, in terms of hardness, zebra jasper is rated with the seven hardness. It may not be as solid and hard as a diamond (rated at 10), but it is quite strong. In other words, it can be used for various pieces of jewelry without worrying about damaging it over time. Other than that, it is just as hard as quartz and can easily scratch glass.

Metaphysical Properties

Zebra jasper is not the most popular healing crystal in the world, but it does have its fair share of fans and users. Given its efficiency and properties over your personal balance, it is one of those crystals that will work for pretty much everyone – even if everything feels alright, maintaining your balance at the highest standards is still important. The stone can do everything – emotions, physical aspect and so on.

From an emotional point of view, healing emotional problems is one of the things everyone needs at some point. It could be an old trauma from childhood – you simply cannot go over it. It may also be a broken heart – a relationship that simply ruined you. Bad habits are not to be overlooked either – emotional issues will most likely prevent you from becoming who you truly are.

The zebra jasper will give you instant results – a solid balance between emotions and your painful baggage. The stone will help you focus on positivism. It will lift your mood and give you a more positive attitude. You will feel more optimistic, but you can also overcome anxiety and stress. You will gain more confidence to push yourself and do things you are supposed to be.

No matter what kind of roadblocks you end up with, zebra jasper will give you the courage to go for your goals. The crystal is even better if your goals are somehow related to finances, wealth, business or your career. From some points of view, it is also known as a crystal for money, so go ahead and keep it around you.

At the same time, the crystal will also work wonders if you have bad habits – especially addictive habits. It could be an addiction to alcohol or perhaps tobacco. Be it nicotine, caffeine or any other substance, zebra jasper will help you overcome it. It will bring in more balance and some clarity to help you start the healing procedure.

On another note, zebra jasper is a great choice for those facing various issues in their relationships. How does it work? Simple – it gives you a more positive approach. You will see the good in yourself, but you will also see the best in others. You will gain the confidence to let go if you truly have to, but also to have fun and love with your whole heart.

On a spiritual note, harmony and balance will help you from more directions. The appearance of this stone says it all – a perfect balance of black and white. You will find unity between masculine and feminine energies as well. Whether you meditate or you simply need a bit of balance, having the crystal nearby will give you a well-deserved equilibrium.

People’s lives have never been more hectic – beeps, honks, ringtones, and technology everywhere. It is easy to take everything for granted. Zebra jasper will work wonders on your spiritual practice and can help you appreciate little things in life. You will also discover passion and awareness of nature around you – walks, days out, nature and happiness.

The metaphysical properties of zebra jasper bring in an incredible connection to the crown and root chakras. After all, the stone is about unifying yin and yang. It will put the light and darkness together. All opposite energies will come together in a balance. In other words, it will be an excellent healer for opposite chakras too.

The root chakra will be flawless. It will be healthy, but it will also stay open. You will have all your inner stability, safety and security feelings in place. Since it resonates with the crown chakra too, you will experience a higher degree of consciousness. The stone will stabilize the mix between the high crown chakra and the grounding root chakra – a bit of stability will keep you on track.

Finally, it is worth considering some of the physical properties of the crystal too – not the actual hardness and looks, but the effects on your body. The healing crystal has been used for multiple purposes for thousands of years. It was most commonly associated with pain relief due to a wide variety of causes and reasons.

Zebra jasper is known to prevent and work against muscular spasms as well. It will provide more power, strength and energy for physical activities – great for athletes, as well as those who love working out. It can strengthen the skeletal system, help against kidney-related problems and fortify the lymphatic system. Heart and muscle degeneration are also reduced to a minimum.

Where to buy Zebra Jasper

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Zebra Jasper in jewelry uses

Zebra jasper is a common stone, but it is not extremely popular in the jewelry industry. However, while you may not necessarily find it in every random store, a deeper search will give you some good results. Most commonly, given both its appearance and metaphysical properties, zebra jasper is used in bracelets. You will find all kinds of styles and designs – based on one or more stones.

Pendants are just as common. Since you will most commonly find it in black and white, expect more elegant and contemporary models out there. However, zebra jasper pendants can also compliment some casual outfits. It is all about matching the shape and overall design with your outfit. Brooches are just as common, not to mention earrings.

Earrings are just like pendants. They can be quite classic, but also ultra-modern. When it comes to engagement rings, your options are quite diversified. Generally speaking, engagement rings are supposed to bring in a good sparkle. Zebra jasper will not sparkle like a diamond or other similar stones, so you are less likely to find such pieces of jewelry.

You will, however, find plenty of rings – usually quite large, classic and elegant. The stone takes a high polish without too much hassle. It is hard enough to withstand daily uses, regular wear and tear, but it is soft enough to be easily polished.

Where does Zebra Jasper come from

Zebra jasper is so common that it can be found pretty much everywhere. This aspect is what keeps the prices low. Therefore, whether you want some pieces of jewelry or you simply want raw crystals for their metaphysical properties, you should not have too much trouble finding what you are after – you might as well order online.

While zebra jasper can be found anywhere, the truth is most of the crystals on the market come from a few different locations. Most of it is mined in Africa. However, Russia and India also have large deposits of zebra jasper, so many of the crystals you find in bazaars could come from these parts of the world as well.

How much is Zebra Jasper worth

Generally speaking, some types of jasper can be quite expensive. Most of them are inexpensive though. Imperial or Madagascar jasper come with premium prices due to their rarity. Since zebra jasper is quite common, it belongs to the other category – affordable crystals. You can find nicely cut pieces and shapes for less than $5.

Of course, larger crystals will cost you more, especially if the quality is higher. Then, at the other end of the scale, you have small raw crystals. If you only want zebra jasper for its metaphysical properties, keep some raw crystals in your pocket or get a cheap bracelet. Such things will not cost you a fortune – you can get a few crystals for less than $2.

Things are different when it comes to zebra jasper jewelry though. The price will normally depend on what kind of metals the stone is fitted on. For example, if you get a white gold necklace, chances are it will cost much more than a silver one. At this point, the value for the actual stone is not too relevant, as the metal will be more expensive.

How to use Zebra Jasper

Zebra jasper is quite versatile and can be used in different ways. Choosing the right method depends on you, as well as the situation. On the same note, what works today may not necessarily work tomorrow, so you will have to experiment and find out exactly what truly works for you.

Most people use this crystal in their feng shui practices. The balance and stability associated with it will work wonders. Use it whenever you meditate or need some harmony between yin and yang. Furthermore, zebra jasper is an earth stone. Therefore, it will work with any earth or metal Bagua.

Use the crystal in jewelry to have its positive vibration all over you. It makes no difference if you get a necklace, earrings or a pendant. Not interested in having raw crystals all over your home and office? Zebra jasper is often crafted into decorative stuff – sculptures, vases, paperweights and so on.

How to cleanse Zebra Jasper

Zebra jasper can be cleansed in a few different ways. Burying it in the ground is one of the best ways to do it. It makes a lot of sense because the stone is an earth crystal. The earth will clear out all the negative energies.

Sea salt is another great option. Fill a bowl with sea salt and leave it buried there for a few good hours – negative energies will disappear in no time. Your own body hit will help too – keep the crystal on your hand and push energies away with your mind. The same goes for sacred herbs – cedar, lemongrass and sage are highly recommended.

If you live close to a lake, river or pond, you can rely on water to cleanse zebra jasper. Do not throw it in there, as you might lose it. Instead, secure it in a bowl or keep it in your hand. You do not need to drop it. As for other stones, the stone can be cleansed with quartz or selenite.

The best combination to use with Zebra Jasper

Zebra jasper can have its effects magnified with clear quartz. Apart from cleansing the stone, clear quartz is also handy to enhance its properties – emotional, spiritual and physical. It also boosts its healing capabilities. Clear quartz is often referred to as the master healer because it is compatible with plenty of stones.

Sodalite is also good for a match. The combo will enhance your chakras when you meditate. It promotes the energy flow between each chakra, so it will boost your meditation sessions.

With all these, other jaspers are the best options. Rainbow jasper, ocean jasper and red jasper are ideal. Any of them will boost vibrations and healing abilities. Try out different combinations to experiment with different effects.

Final Words

Bottom line, despite its slightly low popularity, zebra jasper is an incredibly useful crystal with amazing properties. Besides, it looks good as well, so it will complement most types of outfits out there. You can also stick to raw crystal if you only need it for its metaphysical and healing properties – a sense of stability and balance that no other stone can promote.