To a new or less experienced crystal collector, larvikite may not ring too many bells. However, the unique stone has incredible energy, and pretty much everyone can benefit from it. While it is often referred to as a stone of change, it will alter the way you react to change and can influence your entire life.

Whether you want to find out more about it for its beautiful appearance and jewelry uses, or you simply need to discover its metaphysical properties, this guide will tell you everything you have to know about larvikite and its benefits.


Larvikite carries great symbolism, and it can have multiple meanings, depending on what you are interested in. The crystal is known for its cleansing energies, especially among those who need to deal with a change or find their inner peace.

Some collectors refer to larvikite as the crystal of inner transformation. At a first glance, the crystal has a mysterious appearance. It is quite dark and may raise a series of question marks. But then, despite the dark style, it will cleanse all the bad energies. As a direct consequence, it provides change to those who wear or hold it around.

Change is not the only consequence of having larvikite around. Instead, the crystal is also associated with adaptation. People always go through certain changes in their lives – whether small or big. Some changes are quite overwhelming, while others seem insignificant.

Previous changes will, indeed, get you ready for what life may have in store for you. But then, there are other changes that will actually surprise you. All these past experiences and your adaptation will most likely prevent you from moving forward. You will find it difficult to accept change, whether it is positive or not.

The unique capabilities of larvikite will help you accept change and accept it. The transition will be quite smooth and easy, but at the same time, you will also gain more willpower to overcome obstacles occurring in your life without prior signs.

On the same note, larvikite will assist you in trying to identify bad energies as they come over. Without any care, these energies will latch onto the soul. Larvikite will enhance your aura and protect you against them.


Larvikite has a plethora of different energies. Some of its physical properties make it suitable for various types of jewelry. The stone has a dark, yet elegant appearance. It works well with all kinds of outfits and styles.

On the same note, crystal collectors will look for larvikite for completely different reasons. The crystal also has a bunch of metaphysical properties that will help in life – from healing energies to actual guidance. No matter what you are after, here are some of the capabilities of this stone.

Physical Properties

From a scientific point of view, larvikite is a monzonitic igneous stone. It is based on feldspar and can be crystallized in more forms – but usually, as large masses. Since feldspar is an extremely common mineral found all over the world, the price is relatively low. In fact, it is so common that it makes 41% of the weight of the crust of the planet.

In theory, feldspar is not too special. But when it is mixed with other minerals or elements, it comes up with a unique sparkle that will draw instant attention. This is one of the reasons wherefore stones in the feldspar family are so widely appreciated. They are used in jewelry, as well as building materials – mostly used for facades.

There are more elements in the composition of larvikite, but titanium is probably the most popular one. Based on the materials it includes, it could have different styles – it is usually dark blue, dark gray, or black, though. The silver and blue flash are what make it unique and impossible to confuse. This sparkle is known as the Schiller effect.

The physical properties of larvikite go further than this, though, because the crystal has beneficial effects and properties on the wearer’s health. Physical manifestations may occur differently in various people – what works for some people will not work for everyone else. However, other effects are well known and make this crystal popular among lots of people.

Some healers believe larvikite is ideal for the actual brain. For example, healers often recommend having a few crystals around if you have suffered from brain injuries or even stroke. The stone promotes healing in a natural manner, regardless of the brain-related issues. For example, those with learning disabilities may also benefit from it.

On a different note, larvikite is great if you need to detoxify your body. Whether you cleanse the body regularly or only when you feel bad, the crystal will work wonders when detoxifying muscles. It will help the body get rid of lactic acid much faster than normal, as well as various toxins – excellent for athletes or gym-goers.

As a direct consequence of all these properties, larvikite will inevitably boost metabolic function too. Nerve functions will be improved, as well as your overall cardiovascular health. While not already related, some of these benefits are associated with the metaphysical properties of the crystal. It is also useful against anxiety, stress, and skin.

Metaphysical Properties

The emotional properties of larvikite are not to be overlooked either. This crystal has the capability to help you overcome traumas and pain – both small and big. It does not really push negative things away because it is impossible. Instead, it gives you the capability to overcome pain and trauma without too much hassle.

Then, lots of people suffer from negativity – past memories, self-imposed limitations, negative emotions, and so on. While some people can overcome these issues, some others find it quite difficult. They simply cannot find the closure they need to move on, meaning they end up stagnating in the middle of nowhere, with no room to advance.

According to holistic healers, larvikite can help with this desired closure. You get acceptance, and you learn to accept things are they are. After all, there is not much you can do about things that have already happened. You become more emotionally aware and learn to explore the moment. Forget about past pains and move on – simple as that.

Since the stone makes you aware too, it offers a good conviction in your personal beliefs, whether they are conscious or unconscious. Some people rely on larvikite to test their emotions against the actual reality. It grounds you to the current reality and lets you approach situations with different eyes. Emotional clarity is only one step away.

From a spiritual point of view, larvikite will help you establish a connection with aspects beyond your actual realm. Ongoing protection comes from more aspects, such as cleansing energy. It has a spiritual shield that will prevent dark energy from taking over. Use the stone while you meditate too and you will discover a better connection with the Earth’s energy.

Some people believe larvikite will open up your spiritual side and push you towards such journeys. You can explore realms at your own pace, without getting pushed out of your comfort zone. You will receive clearer messages from the universe and interpret them accordingly. Spiritual wounds will be healed and the mind will feature a different level of sharpness. You will manage to focus your thoughts and do away with ideas that run wild. In other words, you get inner peace.

With all these benefits, larvikite is common when it comes to meditation and crystal healing. You can also benefit from larvikite spa sessions, as well as guided meditation. This is because once close to you, this crystal will have a massive impact on the energy flow around your body. Your chakras will be thoroughly aligned too.

When it comes to your chakra, the crystal will be more efficient on the root chakra and the third eye chakra.

When held against the third eye chakra, it offers some extra balance in your energy flow and boosts sight and perception. The same rule applies to the root chakra. It will boost your sense of security. This is not just a physical thing though. When the chakra loses its balance, you will feel scattered. At this point, the crystal will give you the stability you require.

Where to buy Larvikite

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Larvikite in jewelry uses

Larvikite has a deep appearance. It is quite dark. Indeed, it has light benefits and capabilities, but its appearance would make it look like a negative stone – only a misconception. There is nothing to worry about. Now, some people benefit from larvikite by keeping it around – crystals, key rings, decorative items and so on. Some others choose a more prolific approach – jewelry.

Larvikite is most commonly associated with classic and elegant outfits. However, its dark appearance can also complement a modern and casual outfit. You will find pretty much anything in terms of jewelry. Brooches and pendants are quite common and the dark style makes them more suitable for formal outfits, rather than casual ones.

On another hand, larvikite rings are just as common. They are usually large and classic – great for certain styles only and not too casual. In theory, if you truly love larvikite, you could probably find smaller engagement rings too. The Schiller effect is definitely attractive, but do not expect the sparkle of a diamond. Plus, despite being quite hard, larvikite is not as strong as a diamond.

Other than that, you can easily find larvikite earrings too. Bracelets are more common though. Bracelets are not too fancy, but more casual. Again, a bit of research will give you all kinds of results and solutions. There is something for everyone out there – all kinds of mixes, different metals and designs. You just have to search.

Where does Larvikite come from

Larvikite is pretty common and can come from any part of the world. This is because more than 50% of the crust of the planet is based on it. Therefore, it can be extracted anywhere. From a more technical point of view, larvikite is in the Larvik plutonic complex, which is based on 10 different plutons. These things are made of cooled magma. Millions of years ago, magma was floating on the surface of the planet, but did not go out through a volcano. It is cooled now and this is where the stone comes from.

When browsing the market, you could find larvikite from India, the USA, Germany, Norway or China, among many other countries – literally everywhere. The stone is so common that some stones in commerce do not even have a public origin.

How much is Larvikite worth

Larvikite is common and easy to find pretty much everywhere. As a direct consequence, its price is quite low. For instance, you could buy a beautiful set of larvikite towers – about five inches in height – for $10. You could also find a large piece the size of your fist – well polished – for around $25. On the same note, you can find dozens of crystals for just a few American dollars – small in size and more suitable for bracelets.

Prices are more diversified when it comes to jewelry for some simple reasons. A piece of larvikite on a white gold band will cost more than the same crystal on a silver band. Basically, the metal mixed with larvikite is what makes the difference, as the stone itself will not.

How to use Larvikite

There are no general rules when it comes to using larvikite. The crystal is quite versatile and will give you lots of options. No matter how you want to use it, you will find it easy to grab its healing properties. Stone is more common in building materials and interior design. Therefore, you can use it for your home, whether you get some decorative items or you simply get a whole facade based on it.

More practical uses do not involve anything special – a large chunk or slab will be just as handy. Keep it in your presence and the beneficial properties will kick in straight away. Since it is quite popular among jewelers too, larvikite can be wrapped in silver wire and worn as a bracelet or necklace. Direct contact with your skin will make everything even better.

If you enjoy meditating, you can find polished larvikite in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Apply them directly to the chakras for maximum efficiency or keep them inside your pocket to prevent daily negative energy.

How to cleanse Larvikite

It is important to know that water is not toxic when cleansing larvikite. Therefore, cleansing it with lukewarm or cold water once a week or month will do. However, you can also go further than that and give it a proper cleansing procedure.

Larvikite can be cleansed with other powerful crystals that are compatible with it. Quartz and selenite make some excellent choices. They are suitable for most stones out there, so they could be some excellent additions to your crystal collection. Cleansing is fairly simple – get a clear quartz wand and circle it over larvikite three times. The same rule applies to selenite.

Then, you can also rely on other general cleansing procedures. For example, sea salt is a good choice, but rice is not to be overlooked either. Apart from water, you can use the earth, moonlight or sunlight too.

Larvikite vs. Labradorite

Larvikite is sometimes sold as labradorite and the other way around. The main difference is in the composition. Larvikite is an igneous rock. On the other hand, labradorite is a feldspathic mineral. You cannot compare rocks and minerals. It is true, many of them look quite similar and almost identical. Furthermore, they both share the Schiller effect.

The best combination to use with Larvikite

Larvikite is a relatively mild stone. While it does have strong energies, it is mild when mixed with other stones. Therefore, you can mix it with most other crystals out there. They will not necessarily improve or affect each other’s effects. Instead, you will benefit from a mix of different properties with no issues at all.

There will be no side effects or issues when you cleanse larvikite either. You can use quartz or selenite with no problems at all.

Final Words

In short conclusion, larvikite is powerful and intelligent – no doubts about it. When you deal with such energies, you will associate larvikite with more than just a beautiful facade. You will learn how to make the difference between real and fake friends. Your emotional healing is the primary thing – you will benefit from incredible support. Whether you need closure or you simply want to make a big change, the stone will be by your side and push you from behind.

You will come up with a new pathway for knowledge and consciousness. Opportunities will open up in front of you. Even if you have to deal with unexpected situations or changes, you will no longer feel lost or stuck. You can stop being emotional to exaggerated standards with unexpected situations. At the end of the day, there is a bigger reason behind anything that might happen.​