Zebra Jasper: The Only Guide You Need

zebra jasper

Whether you feel like you lack balance in your life or you need a bit of guidance due to your negative thoughts and ideas, certain crystals can push you in the right direction. This is when zebra jasper kicks in. The crystal is known for bringing more positivism into your life, as well as balancing … Read more

Dalmatian Jasper: The Only Guide You Need

dalmatian jasper

Jasper is considered opaque microcrystalline quartz or chalcedony. It can have different colors with respect to its inclusions, they can encompass 20% of different minerals. Sometimes it is created together with agate, opal or some fossilized material. Dalmatian jasper is a type of white jasper that has black spherical inclusions. Jasper’s name originates from the … Read more