When it comes to visualizing jade, you will usually imagine a lustrous stone engraved into intricate jewelry, right? You are also likely to envision a white or green stone. Certainly, there are different shades of precious green jade. However, are you aware that there is a jade stone reflecting a lavender shade?

Well, you would be aware if you are a great fan of lavender jade jewelry, which looks stunningly attractive when worn. Lavender is a feminine color and its jade reflects a strong character when worn as jewelry.

This stone has a deep meaning and several metaphysical properties due to which it is used as a crystal healing stone apart from in jewelry. In this post, let’s find out more about this jade stone.


Lavender jade, also known as lilac jade, is a gentle violet stone that has been present on the planet since ancient civilizations. It is also one of the most loved jade stones today.

It is the only jade color that has nothing to do with any meridians that are widely utilized for health and healing in Chinese medicine. Indeed, it is related to special meridians via the body’s central part, super meridians.  

Lavender jade is widely recognized as a stone having properties to restore the lost love energy. Its meaning is also believed to be that of an energy purifier. In other words, it can prevent the domination of negative thoughts and emotions.

It is a popular amulet that is known to maximize intuition, acquire positive energy, strongly protect success, and turn dreams into reality.


Physical Properties

Any jade is derived from one of the two major types of minerals namely, jadeite and nephrite. Both have several similarities as well as differences.

For instance, both are extremely tough but nephrite is somewhat tougher than jadeite. On the other hand, jadeite is rarer due to which it costs more than stones obtained from nephrite.

In the case of lavender jade, it is always obtained from the jadeite mineral. This is because nephrite is never present in purple ray energy; it is present usually in the green and creamy white shades.

On the other hand, jadeite features a broader spectrum of color rays, ranging right from brown to black and red to blue.

Another significant difference is in terms of mineral composition. Nephrite is composed of calcium magnesium silicate and exhibits a smooth surface polish and waxy glow, typically in the shades of white, green, and even brown and black.

On the other hand, jadeite is composed of sodium aluminum silicate, is lustrous and hard, and is rarer than nephrite. Although differing in density, composition, and crystal structure, both are incredibly tough, have equally prized metaphysical properties, and are similar in looks.

These technicalities are insignificant when using them for the crystal healing purpose, as the energy contained inside is the same.

Lavender jade is a type of jadeite. It is, thus, composed of sodium aluminum silicate, is hard, and lustrous. There are granular pyroxene crystals too. It is available in a variety of shades of lavender and is used for embellishments and carvings.

Technically, it is still neither a mineral nor a rock. The base color of lavender comes from manganese. Although it was originally believed to get its color from iron, different tinges are formed by the traces of nickel, manganese, and vanadium in variable proportions.

Lavender jadeite, ranging from translucent to transparent, is exceptionally tough. Some specimens may be opaque. On the Mohs scale, the hardness rating of this gem is 6.50 to 7.00. Just as other jades, the color of lavender is vivid without any tinge of gray or brown and the luster is vitreous.

Metaphysical Properties

The most impressive metaphysical property of lavender jade is its ability to safeguard the human aura. This stone can recharge you and protect your overall well-being.

Unlike other jade stones, this one is known for its ability to connect to Kwan Yin, a fierce form of energy commonly referred to as the Bodhisattva of compassion.

It is from this source that we receive our metaphysical aids apart from profound peace. There holds further significance while considering the stone concerning the chakras.

Typically, a crystal tends to be compatible with a single chakra and is often recognized by the crystal’s color. For instance, green crystals are associated with the heart chakra; whereas, the blue ones correspond to the throat chakra.  

As lavender jade features the violet ray energy, it seems rational to conclude that it influences only the crown chakra. However, this is not fully correct, as the gem is attuned to three more chakras namely, the third-eye, heart, and root chakras simultaneously. This is rare in the case of crystals but is an indicator of what this jade can do for you.

The specialty of lavender jade is its ability to purify your spirit. This is why it is widely used during meditations and in spiritual retreats. It can aid you in releasing your pessimism, skepticism, and subtle anger while inspiring you to favor an attitude of peaceful acceptance.

Thus, it is the stone to have while witnessing turbulence in life. This jade is also known to trigger a soothing effect on the nerves the result of which is experiencing calmness during chaotic situations. It is also likely to alleviate the impact of fear or shock, particularly once an unexpected event occurs.

This jade will make you feel cherished and cared for even if you are away from your friends and family. It is likely to trigger bravery in you such that you can make the desired change happen and embrace what you cannot change in yourself.

This stone is also known to dispel guilt, worry, grief, and sadness to uplift your spirits and instill an attitude of a champion! Its healing energies are also beneficial for discarding excessive desire to stick to the norm or a popular opinion.

With this stone, you are likely to quit the attitude of following the leader and start thinking as well as acting independently.

With this jade, you can experience a clear mind with reduced tension. Keeping a piece of it nearby is likely to help significantly while suffering from chronic exhaustion spells or lethargy.

Lavender jade is also known to inspire you to stop dwelling in the past and start living in the present. At the same time, it also encourages you to proceed as per the goal to be achieved in the future. It is considered an ideal professional support stone due to which you can take good career decisions, particularly when you are at crossroads.

It is believed that this stone is significantly beneficial to doctors, nurses, vets, educators, and healers. It is known to aid in making accurate diagnoses as well as imparting knowledge for shaping young minds.

It will improve your psychic awareness to enjoy the benefit of its energies that are usually focused on connecting with the cosmic and top etheric levels. The stone can even aid in achieving and extending emotional awareness apart from boosting your capacity to build empathy, compassion, and kindness.

Just like other jade stones, lavender jade also aids in bringing luck by keeping a piece where you are often there. It can also assist in interpreting and achieving your dreams. With it, you can focus on yourself and whatever is important for you.

Lavender Jade in jewelry uses

Lavender jade is very tough and has a good hardness rating. Thus, it is one of the jades widely used in making jewelry. It is used to make rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, bangles, and earrings.

Wearing this jade on the body is an ideal way to boost crystal healing. One of the beloved and easiest ways to wear this jade is in the form of a ring.

In the case of lack of money for your crystal collection, consider wearing a lavender jade bracelet. It can introduce all its powers despite the cut and shape.

It is also believed that wearing jade on a wrist can relieve the wearer from carpal tunnel or joint pain. This is because jades are known to have anti-inflammatory abilities.

Wearing a bangle or bracelet having this gemstone will affect the crown, third-eye heart, and root chakras at once. This is because the arms are the only body media that can cover all of them.

In other words, it is possible to reach the crown and root chakras effortlessly via your arms. Similarly, it can be beneficial to wear lavender jade as near as possible to the heart chakra.

If this is what you want, consider wearing its necklace or pendant. Crystal necklaces are contributory tools for those who prefer crystal healing but lack time to meditate with the stone.

Lavender jade earrings are for those who wish the stone to connect to their third-eye and crown eye chakras without meditation. Certainly, the ears are the direct pathway to both chakras. Having lavender jade beads hanging on both sides of your head gives a way to the stones to interact with these chakras.

The lavender jade jewelry is known to boost the emotional quotient as well as spiritual support. It is also believed to aid in self-control and honest communication. The refined color is assumed to vibrate at the top ethereal level.

These jade stones are what young women prefer, as they represent queenly vibes, serenity, and contentment!

Where does Lavender Jade come from

Keeping in mind that the jadeite deposits are not abundant on the planet, there are just a couple of unique places where lavender jade deposits are seen. It is found in nations such as Myanmar (quite popular), Japan, Russia, and Guatemala.

Although an invaluable asset to the people of China, the nation hardly has any lavender jade deposits. It is deemed that the first set of lavender jade was imported from Myanmar during the early 19th century.

How much is Lavender Jade worth

The jade market is somewhat challenging in terms of worth, as it keeps fluctuating as per the source of origin of the stone and jade type that can be jadeite or nephrite.

A few types of jade that are in abundance are available at semi-affordable rates, while the rare ones such as lavender jades can be anywhere from affordable to expensive.

Usually, lavender jade is expensive. Genuine and grade A lavender jade is very rare and, therefore, costly in case you find it. There are online sellers who claim to have some ancient pieces of this jade.

They price them as per the carat measurement. They are relatively small pieces but are quite expensive. In terms of size, larger stones will be more expensive than smaller ones.

It is vital to note that although having a piece of ancient lavender jade is good, it is not necessary for enjoying its healing benefits. It is important to buy lavender jade from reputable sellers and be wary of sellers whose prices are quite tempting.

As it is simple to mimic this stone using dye and glass, a few manufacturers use this process to sell at cheaper prices, especially in the east. Thus, it is recommended to check the seller’s authenticity and go through some customer reviews.

Valuable lavender jade stones are translucent, meaning they allow some light to shine through them. However, the transparent ones are the most valuable.

Interestingly, lavender jade bracelets designed using tumbled specimens are more affordable. This is because they are usually designed using recycled stones discarded by labs or museums.

The best combination to use with Lavender Jade

Lavender jade will go well with almost any crystal or stone. For enhancing the ensemble, consider pairing lavender and rose gold ornaments.

If you wish to boost the ability of the stone to pull prosperity and wealth, it is recommended to combine it with citrine, mahogany obsidian, bloodstone, smoky quartz, monotone, grossular garnet, or peridot.

Final Words

Lavender Jade, a stone of violet energy, mainly consists of jadeite and is widely used as an ornamental piece as well as for carving. It is a talisman that can rejuvenate your spirit and calm your mind. It is known to bring good luck too while helping you to overcome struggles as well as setbacks!