Often used and mentioned in ancient times, rhodolite garnet is a gemstone with numerous meanings and a plethora of different properties and capabilities. Its vibrant color and positive vibes have always been used to strengthen both the soul and mind – such powers have always been associated with the purple color anyway.

On another note, strengthening your mind will revitalize your whole body and put you in a different position. The stone is for its high degree of stability as well. All in all, whether you use it in jewelry because of its glamorous appearance or you want to take advantage of its metaphysical properties, here is everything you need to know about rhodolite garnet.


Rhodolite garnet has numerous meanings and they all have something to do with the actual properties and uses of the gemstone. It is known to balance energies and their flow throughout the whole body, but it will also boost the kundalini and ensure you get a high level of protection while meditating or communicating with your spiritual side.

The stone has a warm appearance. It underlines honesty and trustworthiness. It will increase your creativity and energize your body. No matter where you place it, it will give you good vibes, mostly because it can purify and enhance your chakras with extra energy. From this point of view, the stone can also be used as a protective talisman.

Rhodolite garnet has multiple meanings and some of them are associated with hope and courage. It can be a supportive stone when you face a challenge, but it will also inspire you. The stone can help you reflect and clear your mind before making important decisions. Your self-confidence will skyrocket, so your inhibitions will naturally flow away too.

When it comes to your base chakra, rhodolite garnet will protect it and enhance it. It can unlock energies associated with other crystals and also boost their capabilities. Your connection with the divinity will reach a different level too. You will know precisely which way to go and what the optimal path in life is. All in all, the stone is associated with kindness and clarity and these are its main meanings.


Just like all the stones out there, rhodolite garnet has a unique beauty that will draw instant attraction. It has some appealing physical properties, which make it suitable for all kinds of jewelry. Its vibrant colors and pure appearance underline luxury, style and peace at the same time – suitable for all kinds of occasions.

On a different note, some people overlook these physical properties and focus on its metaphysical ones only. They are more concerned about its capabilities over wealth, love and health, rather than appearance. At this point, its crystal properties are more important than the actual appearance – here is everything you need to know.

Physical Properties

Rhodolite garnet is a mix between almandine and pyrope. The name comes from the Greek language and is derived from rhodon. In other words, the name tries to tell you that the stone is a bit lighter than other red crystals. It can be similar to ruby and it has an attractive mix of red and purple, yet purple is the most common and desired color.

Rhodolite garnet is part of the garnet category. There are six different species associated with it, which also include spessartine, uvarovite, andradite, almandine, pyrope and grossular. It has an impressive refractive index and this is the main aspect responsible for its luster – a great feature for those who like crystal in jewelry.

In terms of hardness, rhodolite garnet can easily compete against diamonds. It has an impressive hardness – seven to 7.5 on the Mohs scale. In other words, it can take daily wear and tear without showing any signs of damage. From this point of view, it is suitable for all kinds of pieces of jewelry – even daily wear jewelry.

Compared to other red garnets in the same category, rhodolite garnet stands out because it is a bit lighter. It can be confused with ruby, yet experienced crystal users will be able to tell the difference. The stone has a mixture of purple and red. While red is less likely to dominate, the purple color is the most wanted one.

The stone looks much more different in broad daylight due to its luster. Its color also stands out. It is quite transparent and you can rarely see any inclusions. However, stones with inclusions are considered to be less qualitative, so they are often cheaper. Due to its hardness, you can find the stone in various shapes or cuts.

Metaphysical Properties

Rhodolite garnet has numerous metaphysical and healing properties. When it comes to your health, the crystal will provide support for your hips, lungs and heart. It is also associated with the pituitary gland, so it will keep it in great physical condition. It will push your metabolism a little and can purify toxins out of your body fluids – therefore, it can enhance the immune system.

Those who suffer from vitamin or mineral deficiencies can definitely do with rhodolite garnet because the stone improves the natural absorption of such substances. It makes no difference if you take supplements or you want the body to absorb them better from your diet. It will stimulate the regeneration of cellular function and can help against pancreas or liver-related affections.

Despite all these incredible benefits, rhodolite garnet is most commonly associated with sexual function. People interested in its healing powers will mostly aim for this benefit. Sexual dysfunctions will be improved with this stone, while the libido will be naturally restored. Pregnant women will also benefit from extra support, especially during childbirth.

In terms of money and wealth, the beautiful rhodolite garnet will add to your self-confidence and basically push you from behind. You will quit some of your inhibitions, and trust your gut and abilities some more. You will go for it, whatever it is. The stone can bring good luck in various business ventures as well, whether you are after starting a business or changing your career.

The stone has numerous benefits over love and relationships too. It is often referred to as the crystal of commitment. Sure, the carnelian is referred by this name as well, but rhodolite garnet is just as helpful. You will be more trusting and your feeling will be warmer. You will be natural and genuine in your relationship, while the extra self-confidence will boost your connections.

Every relationship out there will experience challenges and yours makes no exception either – with this stone nearby, you will face challenges in a more objective manner. Your heart will be strengthened and making decisions and solving issues will be much easier, especially when your mind is crystal clear – surviving difficult situations is a matter of time only.

Other than that, rhodolite garnet will encourage devotion and love, but it will also clear disharmony out. It can balance the chakras and will push your sexual health to another level. It is also soothing or the heart chakra, meaning it will open your heart. You will give more, meaning you will also receive much more in return.

Have you just been through an emotional trauma? Rhodolite garnet will help you overcome it without too much difficulty. It is, indeed, an intense stone, but it will give you the passion to look into the future. With its guidance, you will get commitment and determination. You can also get rid of bad feelings like anger or resentment.

Where to buy Rhodolite Garnet

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Rhodolite Garnet in jewelry uses

To some people, all the above-mentioned properties are irrelevant. The truth is unlike other powerful healing crystals, rhodolite garnet has something that makes it stand out in the crowd – its unique beauty. It is similar to rubies, but it has a more vibrant nuance of purple. It is lighter, indeed, but it makes an excellent stone for all kinds of jewelry.

Rhodolite garnet has another major advantage over other crystals. It is extremely hard. It is rated above seven on the Mohs scale. Sure, there are harder stones out there – such as diamonds, but at the end of the day, this crystal is strong enough to go in any piece of jewelry. Simply put, it can withstand daily wear and take a good beating without showing any signs of wear and tear.

From this point of view, it is not unusual to find rhodolite garnet in rings too. Bracelets often include small stones that draw attention with their amazing sparkle. Believe it or not, you may even find engagement rings based on rhodolite garnet. There are literally no limitations in the piece of jewelry you can find with this crystal.

Rhodolite garnet is just as common in pendants, necklaces or brooches. However, such pieces of jewelry usually require larger stones. Given its beauty and hardness, rhodolite garnet is more expensive than other similar crystals. Therefore, a brooch could get quite pricey. Simply put, you are more likely to find small pieces of jewelry – such as earrings, bracelets or rings.

Where does Rhodolite Garnet come from

Rhodolite garnet is found in a few different places around the world, but most stones you will find in commerce come from certain Asian countries – Sri Lanka, Thailand, India and Tanzania. However, there are decently sized deposits in the USA as well – mostly in North Carolina. Brazil is also known for its deposits.

Most of the rhodolite garnet you will find around comes from Asia though. In terms of appearance and quality standards, there are no major differences between locations. In other words, do not let the location or origin of the crystal be a solid factor in making a decision – simply analyze the quality, size and appearance.

How much is Rhodolite Garnet worth

The mix of purple and red makes rhodolite garnet a highly appreciated stone. It does not come cheap, but it will not cost you a fortune either. Unlike other dark red garnets, this stone has a light tone that makes the difference. Moreover, there is another big difference – rhodolite garnet does not have those common brown hues.

As for the price, rhodolite garnet is one of the most affordable rare garnets. You can get a stone for around $45 per carat. You can also find eye-clean pieces for less than that, but impressive crystals can fetch quite a fortune. For instance, you might end up paying just under $10,000 for a 40-carat rhodolite garnet.

A single oval with a clean appearance and no enhancements whatsoever can easily fetch $5,000. Super rare stones go higher than that. The most desired color is purple – or better said, a raspberry red nuance. Purplish red or pink will also look great though. Generally speaking, an exceptional crystal should have no visible inclusions, but an exquisite brilliance and a stunning luster.

How to use Rhodolite Garnet

Feel free to use rhodolite garnet in jewelry for maximum efficiency. Not only do you get to display a stunning piece of jewelry, but you will also fetch all the metaphysical properties of the crystal without even trying too hard. If you are only interested in its metaphysical capabilities, you can get cheaper decorative pieces around your home or office. Using it in meditation will also help.

How to cleanse and charge Rhodolite Garnet

Rhodolite garnet is quite hard, so it can be cleansed pretty much anyway. You can bury it in the ground to use the energy from the earth, but you can also charge and cleanse it under direct moonlight or sunlight. Moonlight is more desired though because it can never affect the stone physically. Natural spring water, saltwater, sage or brown rice will also work wonders on cleansing and charging rhodolite garnet.

Compared to other stones

Rhodolite Garnet vs. Garnet

There are no big differences between rhodolite garnet and other garnets. However, one of them stands out and having two different pieces will help you notice it. Most garnets are darker than rhodolite garnet. They have a relatively dark appearance and perhaps some brown hues too – rhodolite garnet has a purplish appearance and none of those hues.

Rhodolite Garnet vs. Ruby

Often mistaken for a ruby, rhodolite garnet does have hints of pink. Most rubies have a vivid red appearance. At times, rubies could have purple secondary hues, but they are not as intense. Using a rainbow will help you make a difference. If you look through a ruby, you will see two rainbows and no green or yellow bands. Rhodolite garnets will only show one full-color rainbow.

The best combination to use with Rhodolite Garnet

Rhodolite garnet can be combined with smoky quartz, topaz, diamond, moonstone and orange moss agate (among a few other stones) for even more prosperity. If you are after some calming energies and soothing vibes, mix it with moonstone, blue chalcedony, blue lace agate, petrified wood or infinite stone. These combos are excellent if you deal with lots of stress on a daily basis.

Other than that, the crystal can also be combined with aquamarine, chevron amethyst, carnelian, tiger iron, fire agate or sodalite if you need some courage. It makes no difference what kind of challenge you are about to face – if you feel like you need more inner strength, any of these combos will do.

Final Words

The bottom line, rhodolite garnet will bring in a plethora of positive energies that will benefit you intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. It will also support chakras and help you physically. It will reflect love and light, but it will also clear your mind for extra balance. Overall, it has a powerful energy that can easily change your life.