Sometimes referred to as basalt, lava stone covers a collection of minerals that can be found all over the world. The stone is basically formed when magma from a volcano cools down and hardens. At some point, it becomes as tough as a rock. Given the fact that volcanoes have been around since the beginning of the planet, lava stone is among the oldest minerals out there.

Some stones are relatively fresh and come from recent eruptions. Some others have been around for thousands of years. Getting lava stone can be a challenge because most countries have made its commerce illegal. However, you can still find it around if it was mined before such regulations kicked in – also, if it was smuggled out of particular countries.


Lava stone has multiple meanings and can interact with more chakras. Its connection with the body and soul is fairly simple to understand. After all, this rock is based on magma coming from the heart of the planet. It has incredible energy, regardless of the form you will find it in – not to mention the time it was formed.

Its main role is to enhance the connection to Mother Earth. Furthermore, there was a time in history when the lava stone you have today was practically fire. Therefore, it has fire energy that will strengthen your spiritual growth and transformation. No matter what challenges you go through, this stone is a grounding mineral that will give you courage.

Other than that, lava stone can keep you stable from a mental point of view. It helps you understand the surroundings and enables you to come back from any situation. It dissipates negative energies – especially anger – and gathers together positive energies. All these energies are focused on areas where you actually need them.


Lava stone is described to be a mineral. However, just like most other stones out there, it has various properties. Some people keep it for its significance – after all, it is a stone of nature. It looks great and it has a deep appearance. It makes good decorative items, but it is also widely used in various pieces of jewelry.

On the other hand, its actual meaning and metaphysical properties make it suitable for those who are after less visible benefits as well. The connection with Mother Earth has a wide variety of advantages in the long run. It can interact with more chakras and will keep you on track, regardless of what challenges you experience.

Physical Properties

Lava stone is most commonly fine-grained. It has an interesting texture and may often include small parts of other rocks that were around when it was created. When used in jewelry, such rocks are normally removed, so you get pure lava stone. If used for decorative purposes, the mix of other stones may look amazing.

Other than that, lava stones may often come with a vesicular texture as well. This texture is triggered by random volatiles that lava grabs as it rolls down the hills of volcanoes. To help you understand this type of texture, think about the pumice you normally use to clear your soles after a bath or shower. It is one of the most vesicular rocks out there.

The stone is most commonly available in three colors. Black is the most acceptable one because it goes with anything. Then, you can also find gray or brown lava stones. However, when used in jewelry, you can find a wide variety of colors – pretty much anything you can think of. This is because the stone is often dyed.

You can also find naturally red basaltic cinders, which are perfectly normal. These red nuances are taken from iron minerals that oxidize in the lava flow. Generally speaking, the lava stone is ancient in origins, yet some of the minerals on the market come from recent volcanoes as well. Volcanic activity is continuous – around 60 volcanoes erupt annually.

In terms of hardness, lava stones cannot compete with other popular minerals or crystals. Its Mohs hardness ranges around 3.5. It is lightweight and relatively porous or rough, yet you can find nicely polished pieces too in jewelry. It has an organic appearance and it feels natural as you touch it, yet embellishments may change its appearance.

Metaphysical Properties

There are two elements that define lava stone – earth and fire. From some points of view, they are completely different from one another. The earth is steady and provides a feeling of calmness. On the other hand, fire is destructive and may often have an unpredictable effect. Somehow, the two work wonders when mixed together.

Of course, it takes a long time for such energies to balance each other. This is why you are not wearing actual lava. Instead, lava hardens over time and turns into rocks. This is when the energies are balanced and returned to the actual midpoint. As a direct consequence, lava stone is boosted by two opposite energies with incredible powers.

Then, lava stone has a porous surface. It feels rough – even polished pieces have a rough design. Therefore, such minerals will absorb energies, but also fine elements you may use to enhance them – such as aromas or essential oils. From this point of view, lava stone makes a good addition to cleansing rituals – plus, it will absorb all the negative energy around you.

These properties of lava stones have not just been discovered. In fact, this stone has been around for thousands of years and it has been used by ancient people as well. Given its origins, it was often associated with healing and magical rituals. It also had practical purposes – to dye pigments or cook. People felt the energy around it, but they could not describe it.

Back to modern times, lava stone is most commonly used for extra courage, as well as some protection. No matter what ceremonial or spiritual artifacts you use (and whether you meditate or not), lava stone has a dual meaning that will certainly affect your lifestyle. While it has always been a practical and useful stone, its spiritual properties have always been appreciated too.

When it comes to chakras, lava stone is usually associated with the root chakra – also known as Muladhara. This is the first chakra in your body and it is located at the bottom side of the spine. It is masculine energy, yet everyone has to look after it. When it comes to the zodiac, it is associated with Cancer and Taurus – it is also aligned with the Earth.

When trying to keep their chakras in perfect condition, most people tend to focus on more spiritual options. They go for higher chakras because they believe they are better. The truth is there is no such thing as a more or less important chakra. All chakras require the same high level of attention and the root chakra makes no exception either.

If the root of your chakras is blocked, energetically weak or covered in negativity, every other chakra will suffer too. A blocked chakra has a negative impact on all the others. Now, the root chakra is critical in your everyday life and represents the foundation of your life. It works like the roots of a tree – if blocked or weak, the tree will fall.

Lava stone is likely to ground you and keep you in touch with what happens at the moment. It will strengthen your interaction with the earth. Lots of people are often anchored in past feelings and happenings. Then, some others tend to project themselves into the future, which is another bad idea. Lava stone will keep you in the present and will add value to your life – this is when you make an impact.

The way lava stone works on the root chakra will make you feel secure and safe. You can see things from an objective point of view, so you will make better choices. Your expectations are more realistic, but you will also have the confidence to overcome all kinds of challenges and explore new ideas. All these aspects are mandatory for your growth at a personal level.

On the other hand, if the root chakra is weak or even blocked, you will experience opposite feelings. You will feel fearful about anything around you, while insecurities will take you over. There are no doubts about it – worry can seriously overtake you and lead to bad decisions, which will also lead to anxiety. Lava stones can prevent all these.

Lava stone will help you feel more positive about life when you feel cynical and negative. It will dissipate bad energies and make room for positive ones. It will block negativity towards you and those around you, but it will also prevent fears without an actual base – such as the fear that you may not have enough money for something.

The mineral will make you more secure. You will no longer be suspicious about life and people you meet, as your mind will be clear and you will be able to make better decisions. You will no longer feel like you are always in survival mode and you will find focusing and concentrating much easier. Making decisions will be super simple with your confidence and self-esteem too.

Lava stone will help you heal emotionally and physically too. It can be used in various ways throughout the healing process. You can meditate and keep a few stones near you for better results, but you can also keep the stone around when you pray or perform various rituals. It is just as handy when cleansing other crystals.

Where to buy Lava Stone

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Lava Stone in Jewelry Uses

When it comes to jewelry, your options are limited. This is because lava stone is not as hard as other crystals. Indeed, it can be cut and polished in a few different ways and can provide a great unique appearance. But then, its uses are relatively basic, so you may not always be able to find everything you want.

With these thoughts in mind, lava stone bracelets and beads are probably the most common pieces of jewelry you can find out there. Archaeologists have found lava stone bracelets dating back to ancient times. These days, they are just as popular. The meaning of this stone, as well as its appearance and characteristics have contributed to its popularity.

While lava stone beads and bracelets often feel smooth and polished, they have countless tiny holes that were created by bubbles in the boiling lava. This means every piece of jewelry is unique – pretty much like the human fingerprints. Even if beads are treated and polished in the same manner, they will still be unique.

Since lava stone is lightweight too, it will never feel difficult to wear – it will never get in the way either. They retain heat as well – which is basically your energy. Generally speaking, people wear such pieces of jewelry for both appearance and metaphysical properties. Now, apart from bracelets and beads, you may also find necklaces.

Necklaces and brooches based on lava stone are not to be overlooked either. The idea is to wear lava stone in a piece of jewelry that is not exposed to too much wear and tear. For instance, you are less likely to wear the same necklace on a daily basis – not to mention brooches. Instead, they are more suitable for special occasions.

Earrings fall in the same category, as they are not exposed to too much stress. But then, everything changes when it comes to rings. Unless you have a ring for special occasions, lava stone does not make a good choice for everyday rings because the daily wear and tear will ruin the stone. This is why you are less likely to find it in this form.

Where does Lava Stone come from

Lava stone is created when volcanoes erupt. Volcanoes have been around since the beginning of the planet, so you can find both ancient and more recent lava stones out there. It is estimated that about 60 volcanoes erupt on a yearly basis. In other words, lava stone is made just like most obsidian stones out there.

The lava escapes out of a volcano at high pressure and runs down the rides. This burning liquid dries up eventually and hardens, becoming lava stone. The so-called stone of rebirth is available wherever there is a volcano – or wherever there was a volcano. With these thoughts in mind, the lava stone you find in commerce can be from almost any part of the world.

The bad news is that many volcanoes are in government-controlled areas and the commerce of lava stone is illegal in some countries out there. Indeed, you can buy pieces of jewelry, decorative items or other lava stone-based things, but packing lava stone from a volcanic country to take it away is illegal – therefore, there might be some restrictions out there, yet the stone is still widely available in commerce.

How much is Lava Stone worth

Given the fact that you can find it in abundance, lava stone is not the most valuable mineral in the world. It has multiple uses though and some of them can exceed most expectations in price. For example, a countertop based on lava stone will cost you around $300 per square foot, meaning it is more expensive than marble.

On the other hand, decorative items will obviously cost less than that. You can find raw stones to decorate your home or office for as little as $5 or $10. Of course, it depends on how big and good-looking they are. Lava stone bracelets and beads are even cheaper – $2 for a basic bracelet. The price might be affected by the metal it is matched within jewelry.

How to use Lava Stone

You can use lava stone in a few different ways, depending on what you are after. If you are after a nice piece of jewelry that makes a statement, there are plenty of options out there – from bracelets and brooches to pendants and earrings. Rings are not that common, yet you can still find some good-looking pieces.

Its beauty also makes it a nice decorative item. Whether you use it around you as jewelry or as decorative items in your home or office, lava stone will make a statement and boost you with its metaphysical properties. People interested in its metaphysical properties only can simply purchase raw stones and have them around, not to mention small things like key rings.

Having lava stone around you will bring in all of its healing and balancing properties. On the other hand, you can also use it during your rituals. It makes no difference whether you are doing a religious ritual or you meditate to clear your mind. Your prayers will also be enhanced by lava stone, so any kind of activity will do.

How to use essential oils on Lava Stone beads

Essential oil jewelry is a new trend that creates a perfect combo of aromatherapy, fashion and wellness. Given the porous and absorbent nature of lava stone, essential oils will be drawn in straight away. Simply add one or two drops on your stone or on every bead. You can also mix essential oils for even more properties.

How to cleanse and charge Lava Stone

Solar power can charge and cleanse lava stone, as well as moonlight. Leave it in direct sunlight for a few hours or leave it in the moonlight overnight. The earth is just as efficient – after all, this is the stone of the earth. It will charge in no time – you can bury it in the ground. You can even cover it in a cloth if you do not want to get it dirty.

Water is just as helpful, but you should use natural spring water in nature. It is more efficient to cleanse lava stones. Fire is helpful too, but it does not mean you should throw the stone in it. Instead, use a candle or a small fire and move the stone around it while you meditate and focus on it. Other stones like quartz or amethyst will work wonders too.

Lava Stone vs. Obsidian

Both rocks are durable and feature a medium hardness. They are both igneous rocks and are often created in the same way. They are, however, completely different. Obsidian is volcanic glass. It has a glassy appearance. Meanwhile, lava stone can also be glassy, but it is mostly vesicular and features a rough appearance.

In terms of colors, obsidian stones may come in more varieties – you can also find blue, orange, green, tan, red or yellow stones. Lava stone is usually dark. It is dull and soft, rather than shiny. Sure, well-polished lava stones may also have a smooth appearance, but most people prefer the rough raw appearance.

The best combination to use with Lava Stone

Lava stone is not pretentious and goes with more crystals for extra benefits. Tiger’s eye, black agate and black tourmaline are excellent to combine with lava stone if you want some extra protection from negative energies. If you are about to start a new chapter in your life, mix lava stone with aventurine, labradorite or amazonite. The stone works wonders with howlite, moonstone and amethyst, too if you only need extra calmness and peace in your life.

In terms of design and appearance, you can mix it with any stone if it matches the purpose and adds to your appearance – even different pieces of jewelry based on different crystals.

Final Words

As a short final conclusion, lava stone is one of the ancient stones out there. It has always been used for its metaphysical properties, as well as its decorative aspect. These days, it is mostly appreciated for its capabilities and positive energies, yet it also makes good decorative items and pieces of jewelry. Furthermore, it has practical uses too, as it makes a good choice for luxury countertops in kitchens around the world.​