Rhodolite Garnet: The Only Guide You Need

rhodolite garnet

Often used and mentioned in ancient times, rhodolite garnet is a gemstone with numerous meanings and a plethora of different properties and capabilities. Its vibrant color and positive vibes have always been used to strengthen both the soul and mind – such powers have always been associated with the purple color anyway. On another note, … Read more

Red Jade: The Only Guide You Need

red jade

For a long time now, crystals and gemstones have been believed by some people to have and carry very powerful energies that are essential for physical and emotional healing. Different crystals are believed to possess and harness individual energies that offer unique and distinct benefits. Some people will invest in gemstones and crystals for personal … Read more

Rubellite: The Only Guide You Need


Rubellite Tourmaline or Pink Tourmaline is available in a variety of colors, ranging from bold red to pale pink. This striking semi-precious stone belongs to the tourmaline family. The vivid purplish-red and purplish pink colors retain their look under different levels of lighting. However, Not every red and pink tourmaline, only the brilliant and most … Read more

Ruby Zoisite: The Only Guide You Need

ruby zoisite

Undoubtedly, rubies are beguiling and brilliant. There was a time when they were more expensive than diamonds and ruled the gemstone market. However, the progressing technology resulted in many artificial rubies. One such recent addition is the ruby zoisite. Ruby zoisite is undoubtedly one of the most distinct and charming forms of the zoisite mineral. … Read more

Pink Sapphire: The Ultimate Guide to Meaning, Properties, Uses

pink sapphire

A sapphire with a special shine. These sapphires honor the higher mind, bringing intuition, clarity, and self-control. Used throughout the centuries for protection, good fortune, and spiritual discernment, sapphires are not only symbols of power and strength, but also of good and wise judgment. Pink sapphire has different metaphysical properties that range from energy channeling … Read more