The use of crystals or stones for healing may be considered an ancient practice, but it is still used to date. Many people support this alternative form of therapy for different reasons. Some advocates believe that crystals and stones can offer them disease protection or cure ailments. Others believe that crystals and stones are healing conduits that allow positivity and the elimination of negative and unwanted energies. It is these beliefs that have brought about the immense popularity of crystals.

Some of the most popular crystals or stones are topaz varieties, and the variety with our particular interest is the London blue topaz. But what makes this crystal a favorite for many markets and individuals? To help you better answer this question, we get into details about what this stone is all about and how it can offer you healing.


London blue topaz is a type of topaz stone. It is the richest in color and darkest variety in the market. Topaz is abundant, and naturally occurring topaz is colorless or brown. Topaz originates from the Sanskrit word “tapas,” which means “fiery.” Some refer to London blue topaz as Steely or inky topaz. The stone is a fluorinated aluminum silicate. The London blue topaz stone in the market is primarily irradiated clear topaz.

London blue topaz is a “Jewel of love and loyalty,” representing eternal romance and significant levels of friendships. It also deeply symbolizes honesty, significant emotional attachments, and clarity of feelings. It is the December birthstone, and it is associated with the solar plexus chakra. This makes it an optimistic stone. From an astrological point of view, it is associated with the Cancer, Virgo, Taurus, and Libra signs.


Physical Properties

London blue topaz appears to have a blue hue which gives it an inky color that differentiates it from regular blue topaz- Swiss blue topaz. Its color is somehow the halfway point between sapphire and Swiss blue topaz.

From certain angles, you may see the stone portray a greenish tone. This is because the color of topaz stones emanates from color centers. These are technically blemishes in the crystal lattice that result from how a crystal differently absorbs light.

It has a Mohs scale hardness of 8. This makes it a very hard and durable stone even after enhancement procedures.

It is transparent with a vitreous luster and has an orthorhombic crystal system.

Its specific gravity is 3.49-3.57, and it has a refractive index of 1.61- 1.638.

Its perfect cleavage is a property that makes the stone prone to breaking along its cleavage lines even though it is still a very hard stone.

Physical Healing Properties

London blue topaz is a stone that will help your digestive system function properly and keep it healthy. It is ideal for combating disorders like anorexia or bulimia. Additionally, it improves metabolism and offers nerve protection.  

It is known to be effective for the spinal column, and it can help regulate heart functions. The stone can be used to treat bleeding problems, and it also helps promote good glandular health. You can use it to improve eyesight and ease inflammation. Its healing energies are effective for gout, mumps, tonsils, and whooping cough.

Metaphysical Properties

Due to its color, the stone is a symbol of peacefulness and calm, making it very ideal for spiritual attunement. It increases an adventurous spirit as it is believed to have psychology pursuing meanings. The stone can enhance forgiveness, joy, truth, and generosity. It will also help you recharge, stimulate, and redirect your energies in the best possible way. It can also stimulate self-control and self-realization. It stabilizes emotions like sadness or mood swings and can also help you communicate better.

It is an excellent stone for stressful situations and mental pressure. A London blue topaz stone is ideal for those who need to engage their brain as it helps you gain more clarity. It can help someone think or even study more deeply.

Because it possesses a very positive power, it can help enhance mental growth and one’s power better. London blue topaz is a stone that can attract better luck for you and also generate positive thoughts.

It is a motivational and inspirational stone that will help you overcome challenging life situations, and it is believed to carry energy for good fortune. If you want to be in control of your feelings, this stone can help you settle your mind and strengthen your heart.

If you stray from personal truths, a London blue topaz stone can help you recognize your truths and help you make wise decisions. It makes a great stone to help you make out your life, greatest wishes, and strongest desires. It can also help you see your accomplishments and set goals to achieve. You can attain inner peace, harmony and live a balanced life through all that.

The stone is an ego booster and will often strengthen your self-confidence and naturally exalt your assertiveness. You will be more charming, open-minded, and courteous as you deal with others. This is what makes this stone very helpful when handling new projects.

Where to buy London Blue Topaz

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

London Blue Topaz in jewelry uses

London blue topaz is a firm and stunning stone, making it a top choice among jewelers. It has glorious color, and its jewelry pieces have a classy feel. It makes beautiful earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. If you are looking for a ring for your loved one or for yourself, the deep blue hue sits well on rings. It is very common to find anklets and hairpins made from this beautiful stone. You can also use the stone as a protective mounting for pendants.

The stone is susceptible to fractures and scratches due to its perfect cleavage. Therefore, even though it is more durable and harder, London blue topaz jewelry should be handled with care. If you wish to clean your London blue topaz jewelry, do it carefully with warm and soapy water. Do not use ultrasonic cleaning and steam on the stone. Abrasives and buffing wheels can also remove its color coating, and therefore they shouldn’t be used on the stone’s jewelry.

Where does London Blue Topaz come from

London blue topaz generally exists across the world. Deposits can be found in the US, Czech, Italy, Japan, Pakistan, Mexico, Norway, Afghanistan, Brazil, and Russia. Other mining locations include Australia, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, and Burma (Myanmar). You will find London blue topaz often existing alongside quartz.

How much is London Blue Topaz worth

Currently, London blue topaz receives a high market favor. Due to this reason, its price is slightly higher than that of regular blue topaz. London blue topaz is generally not a naturally occurring stone but an enhanced one. It is this enhancement that gives it its deep blue color. Its value increases with the intensity of color. Deeper color and more saturation are usually attained through irradiation.

The treatment used is permanent, and therefore the stone will typically not fade to reduce its worth. Additionally, the heat treatment gives the stone more clarity. The stone is also cut and polished to improve clarity. Cuts typically include step cuts, emerald, marquise, cabochons, and brilliant cuts. Unique cuts that take long and skill are often more valuable. More clarity means more value.

Outfits and jewelry made from the stone can fetch from $10- $30 per carat. Generally, blue topaz stones also tend to be cheaper than variances of other topaz stones- pink, orange, and red. These varieties are rarer than the blue ones.

For London blue topaz items to maintain their integrity and value, they must be handled carefully since the stone can be susceptible to fractures and getting scratched. Its perfect cleavage can cause it to separate when mishandled. Blemishes and inclusions that are visible on such items can lower their value.

Generally, London blue topaz’s pricing does not increase with carat size. However, it is the most valuable and most expensive among blue topaz varieties.

How to use London Blue Topaz

You can use the stone however you prefer. It is best for spiritual and energetic practices, but it will only serve you best if it gives you a feeling of support and offers you healing.  Here are some ways you can use this crystal;

  • Have the stone close to you. You can wear it on your body as jewelry. Placing it against the skin helps you transmute its energies directly and constantly supplies you with healing. You can also carry it wherever you go in a purse or pocket.
  • To benefit from its healing properties, place it decoratively in strategic places in your home or the office. Nestling the stone with plants is a good way to achieve this. You can also have the stone on your desk or even use a large piece as your centerpiece. Most writers like having the stone around them as it helps them pen down brilliant pieces.  
  • You can use it during meditation to help you calm situations. Hold the stone or have it around you for reassurance. It is also excellent for yoga practice.
  • Popping it under your pillow can help you receive healing as you sleep.
  • You can use the stone to cleanse the energy of other tools like oracle cards. Just place it among the cards.
  • During your bath time, place the stone inside your bath or place it at the edge of your tub.

How to cleanse London Blue Topaz

Choosing to cleanse your London blue topaz keeps it clear from any negative accumulated energy. As a result, the stone brings you better healing and positive energies, making it more effective. It is recommended that you cleanse your crystals after your first purchase and regularly.

  • Using water- Hold the stone under running water or dip it in water for some time to get rid of any negative energies.
  • You can also recharge it over a while by placing it near other crystals like clear quartz.
  • Sun and moonlight- Expose the stone to maximum sunlight for a few hours for it to feed its fiery energy. However, don’t overexpose it by keeping it under the sun for too long. You can expose your London blue topaz to full moonlight like that of a gibbous or full moon to help it tap newer energies.
  • Burying- You can get rid of unwanted energies from the stone by burying it into the earth. The earth’s energies will draw out such negative energies and help it recharge.
  • Smudging and smoking- Smudging is an excellent way that you can use to cleanse your stone, and it is also very safe. You can smudge it using a sage stick, incense, or palo santo. Holding the stone over the smoke of a burning candle is also handy. Just make sure to hold it over a distance that will not subject the stone to excessive heat.

As you cleanse your London blue topaz, it is better to use methods in line with your routine and take the necessary precautions for care.

Compared to Other Stones

London Blue Topaz vs. Blue Topaz

The distinction between blue topaz and London blue topaz is mainly based on occurrence, creation, rarity, and appearance. Blue topaz is naturally occurring, while London blue topaz is a treated colorless or white topaz. London blue topaz does not occur naturally.

As a result, blue topaz is rarer than London blue topaz making it more valuable. London blue topaz has a deep blue hue, while blue topaz can have a light blue color reminiscent of aquamarine. Blue topaz can also appear to have a turquoise hue.

London blue topaz is treated with radiation, unlike blue topaz. This makes it likely radioactive immediately after treatment. However, after some time, the radiation decays. This should also not be a cause for alarm as there are measures for consumer and dealer protection.

London Blue Topaz vs. Swiss Blue Topaz

London blue topaz is darker than Swiss blue topaz with moderate saturation. Swiss blue topaz has an almost electric sky-blue color with a light to moderate saturation, giving it a lighter tone. London blue topaz is worth more than Swiss blue topaz, making it more expensive. It is also more popular with higher demand than Swiss blue topaz.

The color of London blue topaz is mainly achieved through radiation treatment, while that of Swiss blue topaz is mainly achieved through heat treatment and electron beam processes.

London Blue Topaz vs. Sapphire

London blue topaz is often confused with blue sapphire, but they are quite different. For one, it is lighter than sapphire. Sapphire has a rich, deep, and very dark blue. A sapphire stone is harder than London blue topaz with a Mohs scale hardness of 9. London blue topaz has a hardness of 8 on the Moh scale.

Sapphires are categorized as gemstones, while London blue topaz is categorized as a nesosilicate mineral. Due to that, sapphires are more valuable. Sapphire is a corundum or aluminum oxide variant, while London blue topaz is a fluorinated aluminum silicate. The refractive index of sapphire is 1.76-1.77, while that of London blue topaz is  1.61- 1.638.

Note: Since blue topaz and Swiss blue topaz are varieties of topaz, they will have similar physical properties such as; hardness, luster, refractive index, cleavage, and specific gravity.

The best combinations to use with London Blue Topaz

To help you attain more balance in your life, you can combine London blue topaz with stones like Tree Agate, Carnelian, or Rhodonite. It can also be effective for the same when paired with Ametrine, Unakite, or Bloodstone.

If you are looking to enhance your communication skills, it would be excellent to pair London blue topaz with Blue Onyx, Amazonite, Emerald, Euclase, or Turquoise. You can also combine it with Labradorite or Blue Lace Agate.

Combining it with Rose Quartz, Jasper, Herkimer Diamond, or Blue Tourmaline can help you invite serenity. Wearing it with Kunzite, Apatite, or Sugilite will invite inner peace.

Writers can enhance their writing skills by pairing London blue topaz with stones like Sodalite, Fire Agate, or Kyanite. When used together with Lapis Lazuli or Variscite, it enhances the free flow of ideas.

Final Words

London blue topaz is a valuable stone for healing. Whether you want to gain clarity or become emotionally responsible, you will not go wrong with this stone. Being a beautiful stone, it makes stunning jewelry designs. However, there are also other ways to use the stone to tap into its strong energies and vibrations, as indicated above.

It is an essential stone to help you balance life. That is why if you own it, you will need to take care of it by regularly cleansing it. This will get rid of any accumulated and unwanted energies. Since it is a blue stone, many confuse it with other similarly appearing stones like blue topaz, swiss blue topaz, and sapphire. However, all these stones are distinct with different characteristics. To help you maximize the healing it can offer you and even amplify its energies, you can combine it with the stones highlighted.