We live in a fast-paced world, and more often than not, we tend to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Ultimately, anyone with a sane mind will have several methods and tools to cope with these difficult situations; either an active lifestyle, self-care, having additional motivation, and a lot more. 

Crystal and stone therapy has continuously been used as a way to manage intense feelings and turbulent emotions. Ask any user or crystal expert, and they will tell you that these objects have special powers. They can offer you discernment and that extra motivation you seek. One of the best companions you can ask for is bronzite, and we analyze why this is so.


Bronzite is referred to as the “stone of courtesy.” The Romans used its powdered form as protection against confusion and mental issues. It is a grounding stone, and its element is the Earth. It is associated with restoring harmony for your body, mind, and spirit to flow with the rhythm of the universe. It is versatile and therefore resonates with several chakras. However, it is mainly associated with the base and sacral chakras. Bronzite is not a birthstone, but it has been associated with the Leo zodiac sign.


Physical Properties

Bronzite is an enstatite variety and is also closely associated with hypersthene. Hypersthene contains magnesium, iron, oxygen, and silica. Therefore, its structure appears similar to serpentine minerals. However, the stone contains more iron than enstatite, more magnesium, and lesser amounts of iron than other hypersthene varieties. Its particular distinction is due to the high iron content. 

The stone’s color is bronze. From afar, bronzite may seem to resemble a brown tiger’s eye or a metal piece. However, the stone’s surface reveals a stone freckled with bright gold, brown, and black patches. The black parts are due to iron and hematite elements.

It is orthorhombic; its crystal system will appear to have three unequal axes that are right-angled.

It is opaque in nature. Its Moh’s scale is 5-6, but it still is durable enough. The stone has a metallic luster. It may have a chatoyant effect similar to that of a cat’s eye. It may also appear to have a weathered pearly sheen. When the stone is not well polished, it may appear mundane. 

Metaphysical Properties

To assist you physically, bronzite brings alkalinity to acidic body conditions. It also helps fight infections. It can enhance mineral assimilation to help your body effectively use nutrients. It will also offer you an improved amount of iron in your body. The crystal also assists the body in transforming normal and natural cycles. Bronzite revitalizes the nervous system, cleanses the blood, and soothes inflammatory conditions. It is a tool of comfort and will help you relieve pain particularly related to aging.

Bronzite is a protective stone. It repels and sends back any negative energies directed to you. It will help you achieve a state of certainty, and hence it allows you to adapt to the appropriate path easily.

Being a true stone for the solar plexus chakra, it is the companion to boost self-esteem and self-confidence. The solar plexus is the chakra point that rules over our willpower and influences how we perceive ourselves. 

With bronzite, you will be able to clear any confusion or self-doubt you may feel and ultimately make better decisions and choices in life. It functions to eliminate indecisiveness.

Being the “stone of courtesy,” it is important particularly for those that work with the public. It makes interactions easier by instilling a polite nature.

As a mental aid, it helps offer courage for us to act on our feelings, ideas, and thoughts. Bronzite will help you unlock the ties of insecurity, and thoughts of defeat will not hold you captive.

With bronzite, you can encourage peaceful contemplations for yourself even during storms. It will keep your mind at peace and evidently, help you flourish as you work toward achieving your dreams. Call on the stone’s wise and stabilizing qualities as you make critical decisions and futuristic plans. It will give you strength and support.

The stone is a tool to remind you that whatever things life throws at you, you are strong to live through them. It is a motivating stone and will encourage you to act accordingly, work hard, and bring forth your own miracles.

Since no human is completely perfect, bronzite is a stone of spiritual guidance. It will reboot your spirits and leave you feeling reenergized for a more positive drive.

Where to buy Bronzite

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Bronzite in jewelry uses

The natural appearance of bronzite makes it very ideal for use as jewelry. The stone is particularly dark and has a high metallic luster. Due to its bronze color, it is perfect for feminine and masculine jewelry. It can be used to make special rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, beads, anklets, and other jewelry forms.

Bronzite has a shimmering quality, and therefore, when used as jewelry, it can be paired with metal-looking stones like pyrite. If you happen to have bronzite with a decent quantity of green, pair it with green stones as jewelry.

Bronzite is not soft. However, it can be prone to cleavage when struck by hard. It is important that you remove your jewelry before embarking on any activity that can cause it to be hit. 

Clean your jewelry using soapy water and a soft cloth. Harshly cleaning the stone, for example, using harsh chemicals or cleaning agents, boiling or steaming, is not advisable. Also, make sure not to expose your bronzite jewelry to bleach. As you store your jewelry, ensure that it is away from harder materials. They may create blemishes. 

Where does Bronzite come from

Bronzite is part of the pyroxene mineral group, a magnesium silicate, and also an enstatite variety. It is very abundant and will be found worldwide. Notable deposits of bronzite have been found in the USA, South Africa, Brazil, Sweden, Japan, Antarctica, Greenland, India, Austria, England, and Norway. It is part of the minerals with iron that are found in meteorites. Hydrated bronzite, which is more similar to serpentine, is green or brown. It is the variety called baitite of schillerspar and exists in the Harz, a North Germany mountain range.

How much is Bronzite worth

To determine the value of bronzite, the main determining factors are color, rarity, and clarity. Being an enstatite variety, bronzite often has iron impurities. This makes it appear dark, with a muddy color, and opaque. This lowers its value compared to other types of pure enstatite stones. Bronzite is also highly abundant, and this makes it to be priced lower. 

It is more of an ornamental stone and may be seen as an entity of mineral collections. It is mostly seen as beads, decorative carvings, or tumbled into cabochons. When cut into cabochons, the shapes and sizes are varied, and its optical effect is desirably maximized to increase the value. The overall treatment and enhancement for bronzite have not yet been predetermined. Bronzite that has a green color is rarer and will therefore be more expensive.

How to use Bronzite

Keep the stone close to you. Carry the stone in your purse or put it in your pocket, and you will attain the confidence to confront demands or unreasonable people. Place it on your office desk and take off the pressure of work. You can also wear the stone close to your skin as jewelry. 

Since it has an earthy tone, you can incorporate it into designs whose creations are inspired by nature or the earth. It works well on structures that contain bone, wood, or horn heads.

You can use bronzite as an elixir to create a healing effect.

Use bronzite for your meditation practice and allow its energy to bring about thoughts of peace, love, and harmony. During meditation, hold on to your bronzite and form a connection. You may hold it in one or both hands. Proceed to close your eyes and ensure to focus on your breath. You will feel a grounding effect and lightness within your surroundings. In case you do not immediately feel this, you need to be patient and also keep experimenting. Crystals will not resonate all the time.

Use it as part of your self-care. As you practice self-care, for example, spa treatments, have the stone with you. Immerse it into your bath. During your yoga practice, keep the stone on your yoga mat to create a tranquil space

You can use your bronzite decoratively by clustering small pieces within your environment.

How to cleanse Bronzite

As you use your bronzite for healing, it is bound to absorb bad energies. Cleansing your bronzite stone is therefore vital as it works to charge and keep it ready for new healing fully. Cleansing is like therapy or care for your stone and should be done accordingly. 

Smudge the stone- Smudging is believed to dispel bad energies, and it is a very simple procedure. A few herbs are used during smudging, such as sage cedar, lavender, sweetgrass, and many more. 

As you smudge your bronzite, ensure that you are close to an open window or outdoors. This gives bad energy a place to go. Make sure to provide it with an intentional direction. 

Using Sound- The power of sound is a safe way that you can use to cleanse your stone. The sound frequency will bring in a new vibration without any risks. Whether you use tuning forks, chants, or singing bowls and bells, what is important is that the sound reaches a vibration that synchronizes your stone.

Using sunlight- The sun is associated with vitality, energy, and the potency to bring forth life. Set your bronzite out in the sun for maximum exposure. While using sunlight is excellent for cleansing, bronzite is also sensitive to heat. Ensure that you do not overexpose it for too long to avoid damage.

Using a full moon or a new moon- Moonlight will cleanse your stone on a deep energetic level. A full moon brings energy for release, while a new moon brings forth energy for growth. Expose your crystal to a full or new moon and give it ample time to absorb the light.

Using an eclipse- Eclipses are excellent for recharging your bronzite crystal. The lunar eclipse is associated with internal shifts and changes, while the solar eclipse is related to external modifications. During the next eclipse, simply place your crystal in a spot where it can tap all the luminous light. 

Burial- This method of cleansing is excellent for grounding stones, and bronzite is one of them. Burying the stone in the soil will re-ground it and remove any bad energies. Find a safe spot and bury it a few inches. Leave it for at least a day and unbury it. The stone will have recharged and dispelled all bad energies.

Using other crystals- Place your bronzite close to a clear quartz crystal. Clear quartz is excellent for cleansing and recharging. If your bronzite is small, you can cleanse it using slabs, clusters, and geodes. Large stones will heal your stone as they share the energies. You can place bronzite on the large stone or simply put them in one bag and rest them.

Water/ Saltwater use- Running your bronzite stone under water or simply soaking it in a glass or bowl of freshwater will effectively recharge it. Saltwater is said to be an instant healer. Fully immersing your bronzite in saltwater will allow for the removal of unwanted energies. Adding salt to water works if you cannot access the natural salty ocean or seawater.

During meditation/visualization- You aim to share your intuitive powers when you meditate to cleanse your bronzite stone. It is also an excellent way to strengthen the bond. The stone will give to you, and you will reciprocate by giving to it. Hold the stone in your dominant hand, focus on being grounded until you feel centered. Focus on the negative energies and impurities leaving the crystal and it tapping pure, fresh, and positive energies.

Bronzite vs. Axinite

Due to their appearance, bronzite and axinite are usually mistaken for one another. Incorrect names are passed to buyers almost every time. However, they have particular attributes that distinguish them from occurrence, structure, and a lot more. Let’s look at some differences;

Axinite occurs in skarns, contacts, and alpine clefts, whereas bronzite occurs in meteorites and serpentines. Serpentines are rocks that at some point were the mantle underneath an ocean but were then uplifted due to a continent collision after the ocean was subducted, to form a mountain range. 

Bronzite is typically brown with bronze flecks, while axinite appears to be reddish-brown. Sometimes, it may have a green outer shell.

Bronzite is considerably softer than Axinite. Axinite’s Moh’s hardness is 6.5-7 while that of bronzite is 5-6.

Axinite is a member of the axinite group, while bronzite belongs to the pyroxene group (orthopyroxene subgroup).

Axinite appears transparent, but bronzite is opaque. Bronzite has a vitreous to pearly luster, while that axinite is just vitreous. Bronzite is more sensitive to heat than axinite.

The refractive index of axinite is 1.656-1.704 while that of bronzite is 1.668. Axinite’s gravity is 3.18- 3.37, while bronzite’s is 3.3-3.4 and is variable based on the iron content.

Bronzite is sold tumbled, but axinite is sold as crystals. When it comes to cleavage, axinite is distinct in 2 directions while bronzite has one. As for their crystal systems, axinite is triclinic, while bronzite is orthorhombic. Bronzite is also more common or abundant than axinite.

The best combinations to use with Bronzite

Bronzite can be used with several stones to enhance its capabilities. To form a creative shield for yourself, you can use it together with Analcime. To strengthen its powers, bronzite can be used with other power strengthening stones such as; Kimberlite, Black Tourmaline, Aegirine, Tantalite, and Fire Agate

To keep away psychic attacks, combine bronzite with Aegirine or Cookeite. Bronzite is known for its grounding energies, and thus, you can use it with Black Diopside, Black Spinel, and Black Obsidian. To relieve stress, pair it with Holmquistite, Amblygonite, or Lithium Quartz.

Final Words

Bronzite is a protective stone that will help you inhale confidence and expel doubt. It will boost your confidence and infuse your spirit with courage. During your biggest challenge(s), this is the stone that will help you out. You have no excuse when it comes to owning a bronzite stone since it is very abundant. To tap into its energies and capabilities, use it in any way you feel appropriate, but make sure it is always close to you. 

Being a powerful healing stone, your bronzite will tend to get overworked during its use. Therefore, you need to cleanse it to recharge regularly. As you purchase this crystal, be sure to confirm that what is being sold is bronzite and not axinite. If you have other healing crystals that can resonate their energies with bronzite, pair them together for ability and energy amplification. Watch your bronzite do its magic.