Kunzite is among the newest gemstones discovered out there. Indeed, the crystal itself is not new at all, but it has been recently categorized and given a name – only in 1902. The name has been chosen based on the specialist’s name – George Frederick Kunz. These days, the kunzite is not necessarily among the most famous gemstones out there, but it can certainly stand out in the crowd.

The crystal has pure energy. You can sense it as you hold the gemstone. It is beautiful and works wonders in terms of jewelry. It is also joyful in nature and can come in a bunch of different hues and nuances. The stone will target your emotion – it opens the heart and connects it to your mind by stimulating healing communication. Now, what else should you know about it?


Kunzite has numerous healing properties, as well as different meanings. It is often referred to as the woman’s stone, and for some good reasons – it helps pregnant women and young mothers struggling to cope with their children. For instance, the stone can help overactive kids calm down before going to bed, not to mention the energy and the effects of a good night’s sleep.

Kunzite can help you connect to your inner peace. It adds to your capacity to find wisdom and understand things that may not make sense otherwise. Just take a look at that pale pink nuance, and you will feel calmer. It means calmness in a world full of chaos – if you feel like the world is slipping under your feet, this stone can give you a bit of peace and serenity.

With these thoughts in mind, kunzite is also great as a motivational stone. In fact, it can help you focus on what needs to be done in order to reach your goals. Whether you feel betrayed or you have been hurt by others in the past, you will get a bit of trust in people. All the bad experiences will become lessons, rather than traumas.

Kindness and compassion are part of the game too. Kunzite will help you rediscover your empathy for those around you. You will connect your heart and mind, but also assess harmony and bring it back into your life. When these two aspects go hand in hand, peace and success will inevitably follow. The stone has spiritual meanings and can help you find the source of your unconditional love.

Finally, it is worth noting that the stone will keep you on your feet. It will give you a great sense of peace. It features top-notch vibrations that will put you in a deep meditative state. The gemstone also means purity and innocence – it will inspire you to adopt a healthy lifestyle. More importantly, it will help you understand why certain things are right and why others are wrong.


Just like all the other stones out there, kunzite has both physical and metaphysical properties. Obviously, each type of property is suitable for particular categories of people. Some people are only after the healing properties, meaning they want the gemstone around them – the appearance is irrelevant for them. The actual energy the stone brings in is much more significant.

To others, all these metaphysical properties mean nothing. They are just not bothered – they are only after the beautiful appearance of a crystal. They want that stone in different pieces of jewelry and only associate it with a particular outfit or perhaps a special event. Indeed, the metaphysical properties are still there, but some people simply do not care.

Physical Properties

Kunzite was initially categorized in 1902 and had a pale pink color. Different stones came with different nuances, though, and they were added to the same category. For instance, you can find kunzite in a violet variety as well. It is silicate and has a glassy appearance. Most commonly, it is slightly transparent – which looks great, given its original color.

The crystal is normally created in flattened prismatic crystals – but only those with vertical striations. Colors vary widely. Some stones are pale pink. Some others have a light purple nuance. Then, you can also find kunzite in a colorless variety. Colors and hues will normally depend on the angle of observation. It has great cleavage, so cutting is a bit difficult.

Kunzite may form in lilac or even green crystals – yellow is not unusual either. Different nuances may have different names, though. For example, the yellowish emerald variety is known as hiddenite – some refer to it as green kunzite. The colorless variety might be known as spodumene or triphane. No matter what variety you have, it is likely to fade and lose its color in direct sunlight.

Metaphysical Properties

Kunzite is extremely effective at cleansing negative energies – regardless of why you have them. It simply kicks in and cleans the whole environment. Keep this stone in your office, and you will feel positive vibes whenever you walk in. Keep it inside your home, and you will discover a friendly and peaceful atmosphere whenever you come home. Bad memories, mistrust issues, and fights become history.

You end up in a space that will immediately become your comfort zone. Spiritual growth is part of the game. Unsurprisingly for many, this stone is a heart chakra connector. This is where your trust, love, and inner feelings are gathered together. This is where your ability to open up is, as well as the possibility to show love to those around you.

Sometimes, heart chakras can get blocked. It happens. As a result, you will find yourself locked inside. You will no longer be available from an emotional point of view. Find out how to remove this unpleasant block, and your life will change to 180 degrees. The energy will flow freely and can bring in love without any negative circumstances.

Kunzite will also connect to the crown chakra. The crown chakra establishes a connection to the highest fields of the universe. This is where your spirituality begins – the main source. When both the heart and crown chakras are open, you will find the guidance that you have always craved for – nothing can stop you at this point.

Kunzite has numerous healing capabilities as well. Since it is related to your heart, it will strengthen your heart muscle and add to your circulation. It will boost the muscular system, as well as your bones. The stone can also work wonders against internal issues, such as depression or anxiety. If you have an addiction, it will help you get over it.

Anemia can be successfully treated with kunzite, too, while its energy will work wonders against inflammation-related problems, injuries, and medical affections. Finally, its healing energies will also help you get over brain, lung, and throat issues, not to mention reaching and maintaining a natural hormonal balance.

In terms of wealth, kunzite brings in good luck and prosperity. This stone is a blessing. Having it in your life will bless you with numerous opportunities. You will see ideas and opportunities wherever you look, but you will also be able to connect with them in a more effective manner. Get clarity, learn to communicate, and you will become a leader in work in no time.

The stone will not help you promote your ideas only, but it will also help you find them and stick to them – basically, it will help you set goals and follow up. You will find the confidence you require to push for that career change or perhaps follow your dreams, even if it feels like no one truly believes in you – it is up to you only.

Kunzite is just as effective when it comes to love. Take a look at its pink or violet nuances, and you will see love. If you wonder why you are single, or you are still struggling to find your soulmate, the stone will push you in the right direction. If you already have a partner, it will enhance everything about your relationship – from the actual communication to the deepest feelings.

There will be no barriers in your communication. You will find yourself confident to share everything you need or think about. You can overcome obstacles by becoming a better friend and partner. Even if you are single, the stone will help you come down and be more realistic when around someone you like – this is how it all starts, after all.

Use this stone on dates to become more interesting and entertaining. Find out how to be yourself without feeling nervous.

On another note, kunzite is a healing stone. If you have just been through heartbreak or you feel hurt, kunzite will help you get over anger and sadness. Bitterness will easily go away too. Negativity will slowly fade, while a positive attitude will take over. Your emotional balance will be successfully restored – simply put, you will gain the emotional freedom required to move on after a difficult moment.

The bottom line, kunzite will teach you how to love yourself before loving anyone else. This is the main rule when interested in finding love. You must be happy with yourself and confident before going for love. You will get more time to pay attention to your feelings and thoughts, as well as your emotions. Forget about anger and other similar problems.

Where to buy Kunzite

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Kunzite in jewelry uses

Kunzite is a common choice in jewelry and will match particular styles and outfits. The gemstone is usually found in a pale pink color, so it is not the best choice for those who adopt a dark appearance – yet, it could be that colorful spot that makes the difference in such an outfit. Other than that, kunzite is relatively hard and difficult to cut, meaning it will easily face the test of time without getting scratched.

With these thoughts in mind, you will find all sorts of kunzite jewelry. For instance, it is more commonly found in earrings. But then, larger pieces can also be found in pendants and brooches. Ideally, they should be matched with similar, yet smaller pieces of jewelry. While not so popular, kunzite bracelets are also worth some attention.

Given the hardness and the fact that it is less expensive than other gemstones, kunzite is a popular option for rings too. Believe it or not, you can also find engagement rings based on kunzite – all sorts of varieties. It is durable and can be worn daily without showing signs of wear and tear – a bit of maintenance will prevent scratches too.

Where does Kunzite come from

Kunzite was originally discovered in San Diego County from California, USA. Back in 1902, it was quite new, and its unique appearance drew a lot of attention. It is not always found by itself. Sometimes, the gemstone is found in a mix with pink tourmaline or perhaps morganite – other common and good-looking pink crystals.

With time, the stone has been discovered in other parts of the world too. While big deposits are still mined in the USA, you could find kunzite extracted from Afghanistan or Brazil too. Madagascar is also known for its rich deposits of gemstones – plenty of kunzites there as well. The variety from Afghanistan is unique because it has a deep nuance of pink and vibrant cues of violet.

How much is Kunzite worth

The price depends on several factors. For example, if you are after a nice piece of jewelry, the size and cut will affect the price. If matched to a particular type of metal, that metal will also add to the price. For instance, a white gold ring will be more expensive than a silver one – even if they have similar pieces of kunzite.

A large and well-cut piece can definitely grab some money. The price goes up proportionally, based on the carats. Pieces over 10 carats will usually grab up to $20 per carat. Those under five carats will sell for about $10 per carat. If you are only interested in small pieces for their metaphysical properties, the cut is irrelevant – these are usually cheap and easy to find everywhere.

How to identify Kunzite

Double-check the color and make sure it has a pinkish violet nuance. The shade is also important – a light shade of pink. Move the gemstone around and check it out from different angles. As you move it, you should observe the pleochroism effect, meaning you might see different colors. Check the top, too – it should be a vibrant nuance of pink.

When it comes to size, you are more likely to find small pieces than large pieces. Double-check the hardness if you can – it should be done by a professional. If the stone feels fragile and chips, it is not kunzite. As for the feel, you need a smooth surface. The cleavage is impressive, so the stone is usually hand-cut.

How to use Kunzite

Kunzite jewelry is not expensive, but quite affordable and good-looking. Wearing kunzite on a regular basis will ensure you always have good vibes and energy. Keep in mind that direct sunlight can cause it to fade, so you need to protect it accordingly. Cleanse it every couple of weeks to ensure the energy is good and effective.

The pink nuance is neutral, meaning you can also use kunzite with decorative purposes and surround your office or home with good vibes. Get a few pieces in your car as well. You will experience a different feeling that will push you from behind and encourage you. Since it is so simple to use it as a decoration, you can buy a bunch of small crystals and have them everywhere around.

Some people aim to keep kunzite even closer, meaning they sleep with it under their pillows. It helps with your dreams, but it also gives you a good feeling of safety and security.

How to cleanse Kunzite

There are more ways to cleanse crystals, so choose whatever you find more appealing. Kunzite is a low-maintenance gemstone. You can cleanse it by keeping it under running water every couple of weeks. You can also find a natural spring and give it a better cleanse. No matter what you do, keep it away from direct sunlight – this method is contraindicated because the color will fade.

Other than that, you can use the moonlight to cleanse your crystals – no issues whatsoever. You can use the earth, as well as smoke. Pretty much anything is accepted, apart from direct sunlight.

Compared to other stones

Kunzite is relatively easy to identify due to its unique color and hardness. However, the less experienced eye can be easily tricked. There are a bunch of other stones that may have similar nuances of pink, as well as violet cues. Some of them are more valuable than kunzite, while others have a lower price. Here is what you need to know.

Kunzite vs. Morganite

Believe it or not, kunzite can often be found in the same mines as morganite. Someone with experience will know precisely which piece they hold, but newbies will struggle a little. Kunzite tends to have a more vibrant nuance of pink. In theory, they are both neutral, but you could tell that morganite has a warmer appearance if you saw both stones, one next to the other.

Other than that, despite being rated as a hard gemstone, kunzite is softer than morganite, so you may need professional advice to tell the difference here.

Kunzite vs. Amethyst

Kunzite and amethyst are similar in hardness, with amethyst being slightly harder. But then, there are other things that could help you make the difference. Kunzite is usually pink, but you may also find colorless varieties. Amethyst could also be violet, blue, white, yellow, green, or red, among other colors. Pink amethyst tends to be more vibrant than pink kunzite.

Take a look at the stone too. If you can see any white streaks around it, chances are you are looking at an amethyst.

Kunzite vs. Rose Quartz

Both gemstones have different chemical compositions. They are almost similar in hardness, with rose quartz being a bit harder. In terms of colors, they are both pink – however, kunzite can also be found in a colorless variety. Rose quartz tends to be more vibrant. The pink in this stone is not that pale, and it will actually stand out.

Kunzite has a slight dispersion too. In terms of transparency, they are quite similar. Even the refractive index is similar.

The best combination to use with Kunzite

Kunzite is compatible with many other stones, and pairing it accordingly will enhance metaphysical properties, as well as the vibes and effectiveness. For instance, the gemstone is most commonly paired with Lemurian crystals or smithsonite. But then, if you are after bringing love to your life, you can also pair it with hiddenite.

In terms of love and relationships, kunzite will work wonders with rhodonite, eudialyte, rose quartz, pink tourmaline, tugtupite, morganite, or pink rhodochrosite. If you are happy with your relationship, but you are unsettled with your emotions and feelings, pair kunzite with yellow amblygonite, lithium quartz, or lilac lepidolite.

From a different point of view, kunzite and magnetite will make you feel happy overall. The mix will bring good vibes over your feelings and heart-related concerns. You will find joy in small things. Unable to find magnetite? Pink lazurine has similar effects. The mix can be kept in your pocket, around your home or office.

Last, but not least, kunzite can be paired with scolecite, heulandite, phenacite, natrolite, or nirvana quartz if you want to discover your spiritual side and reach high spiritual realms.

Final Words

As a short final conclusion, kunzite can help you find your inner self. The gemstone is spiritual and will clear out fears and drama, while bringing in more positive vibes. It can make you feel more sensitive, but also perceive love in a completely different manner. Most importantly, it is a stone of communication – the aspect that will improve every aspect of your life.