Some may consider crystal healing a thing of the ancient world, but you would be surprised that many people still use it today. Many believe that crystals can promote healing and use them as alternative medicine or therapy. Crystals are believed to tap into healing energies naturally, which can help you cure ailments and at the same time offer therapeutic healing. Proponents also attest to crystals enabling positivity by drawing out negative energies. 

Crystal healing may not be a used technique by scientists and medical doctors. Nevertheless, crystal’s use is still prevalent. Many beautiful crystal types are available worldwide, naturally occurring, enhanced or treated ones, but you may spot one particular kind that displays an array of rainbow colors. That is the Titanium Quartz. We will get into details about this elegant crystal and how you can use it below.


Titanium Quartz is a kind of Quartz crystal that has Titanium bonded to its surface using a unique process to create a set of rainbow-like colors. It is not a naturally occurring crystal.

This stone is a gemstone that projects fortitude, harmony, balance, and enhanced mental activity. It is a stone that is very handy for people who want to attain energetic balance, enhanced focus, and spiritual insights. 

titanium quartz clusters

Titanium Quartz is a stone that is associated with all the chakras or our bodily energy fields. It also resonates with all zodiac signs, and its main elements are fire and storm. Being a stone that energizes all chakras, it can help you feel grounded and centered. It is also excellent for making you feel energized. It is a perfect stone for your aura. 

Some refer to it as Titanium Rainbow Aura Quartz, while others may refer to it as the Flame Aura Quartz, Aura Quartz, or the Dark Rainbow Aura stone. 


The crystal possesses properties of Titanium and Quartz, physical and metaphysical, which we have analyzed below;

Physical Properties

Titanium Quartz appears to have beautiful shades of rainbow colors that are permanent. That is mainly due to how it is manufactured. It can also display colors like gold and magenta.

Being a silicon oxide mineral, Titanium Quartz is relatively hard with an MoH scale hardness of 7.

It has a vitreous luster and tends to appear transparent.

Since it is generated from Quartz, it can have conchoidal to uneven fracture with an indistinct cleavage.

Physical Healing Properties

Titanium Quartz is generally what you would refer to as an overall feel-better stone. It helps quicken recovery and helps in breaking fevers. Because of its potent healing properties, Titanium Quartz can be beneficial for the central nervous system, ears, and eyes. It is particularly helpful while treating multiple sclerosis, cancer, AIDS, ear and eye infections. Titanium Quartz can also benefit those who have diabetes, hormonal dysfunction, and throat ailments.

Metaphysical Properties

The stone is known to have energies that link with all the chakras. With that, you can tell that it is a mighty stone for revitalizing and energizing chakras. It is an excellent stone that promotes healing on all levels and is perfect for healing the psychic world, making it very effective for psychics.

titanium quartz ring

Because of its rainbow color hues, Titanium Quartz is a stone that enhances joy, uplifts the user’s spirits, and creates a sense of vitality in life. The stone allows you to lighten up and relax even during the most challenging times.

Titanium Quartz is a highly energizing stone that can help you gain wealth. It will give you the energy and life to help you pursue your financial goals and career. That is mainly because the crystal enables you to experience an enhanced determination and inspiration for your plans. What is more, it is a protective stone that helps you stay away from irresponsible or excessive spending, unsuitable investments, and bad decisions. 

If you feel as if you are deviating from your curated plans, Titanium Quartz raises a red flag, improving your creative and analytical thinking power. These are essential aspects for anyone who wishes to accomplish or succeed with their set goals. Most importantly, the crystal opens up your mind and abilities to pursue those goals regardless of the hindrances you may be facing. 

When it comes to matters of the heart or relationships, Titanium Quartz can come in handy. 

Supposing you are experiencing any trauma, stress, tension, or emotional distance, this stone can help rekindle love and intimacy for you. It will build you into becoming more understanding, faithful, patient, and kind. It is a stone whose energies will enable you to focus on the upbeat personalities of the people you relate with.

Titanium Quartz can help you with self-awareness, which many of us struggle with. Its vibrations are effective in helping you recognize who you are. The stone improves personal power and boosts your aura.

The stone can generally improve your well-being. If you struggle with feeling anxious, lack peace, harmony, or balance Titanium Quartz is an excellent crystal for restoration and infuses your life with positivity and meaningful energies. 

Titanium Quartz is a stone you can use to enhance the powers of other crystals because it is made from Quartz, a natural crystal cleanser. 

The crystal’s higher vibrations help foster a deep connection with your spirit guides to enhance your spirituality.

Where to buy Titanium Quartz?

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Titanium Quartz in jewelry uses

Titanium Quartz has gorgeous iridescent rainbow flashes, making it a highly used stone for jewelry making. It makes eye-catching and dainty-looking jewelry pieces. It can be made into every kind of jewelry like rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, anklets, brooches, and even hairpins. 

The colors of Titanium Quartz jewelry are permanent and are therefore not prone to washing off or rubbing. Titanium is a top among the most durable metals. Titanium Quartz jewelry may be durable, but you must also take extra care when cleaning or storing it. Sometimes, treatments make the jewelry quite delicate. It is always best that you don’t use harsh chemicals or abrasives to clean your jewelry. Additionally, store the jewelry in an area that will not be susceptible to scratches.

Where does Titanium Quartz come from?

Titanium Quartz is a variety of natural Quartz that has been specially coated. It is made artificially by bonding Quartz with vaporized Titanium and metal oxides within a special chamber. Typically, the natural Quartz is heated to around 871 degrees Celsius within the vacuum. Among all coated Quartz varieties, Titanium Quartz is the most powerful. 

Its brilliant color originates from the optical interference effects of treated titanium layers. The Titanium is treated using electricity only and very minimal heat. That is why the crystal’s integrity is maintained, making it less brittle or susceptible to breakage. Titanium Quartz can be enhanced with other possible coatings such as indium, copper, and gold. A gold layer fused to the crystal’s surface is what gives Titanium Quartz rainbow appearing colors.

Quartz exists as a sedimentary, igneous, or metamorphic rock on the earth’s crust. It results from underground solutions that are abundant in silica. Quartz crystals comprise billions of tetrahedron shapes that accumulate over time to form a crystal. Quartz is highly abundant, and you can find it in the United States, Brazil, Namibia, Madagascar, Japan, and Switzerland.

How much is Titanium Quartz worth?

Crystal value is highly dependent on how rare it is. Titanium Quartz is not a very rare stone, making it very affordable. This is because it is primarily made from Quartz, a very abundant mineral- the second most abundant. A kilo of Titanium Quartz may typically cost between $30-$35, but there are varieties that you can get for around $45-$80 for every kilo. 

Crystal value also depends on any enhancements done. Since Titanium Quartz is more aesthetically pleasing due to its rainbow hues, it tends to have a higher price compared to other plain crystals. It is prettier, and hence its cost may be considerably higher.

If you buy Titanium Quartz jewelry adorned with more valuable and rare crystals or stones like diamonds or gold, you may have to spend more money. The treatment done to create Titanium Quartz makes it more durable, and due to that, some dealers may price it relatively higher.

How to use Titanium Quartz?

You can use Titanium Quartz in various ways to help yourself feel grounded, energized, and centered; 

Wear Titanium Quartz jewelry– Having the stone in contact with your body allows you to directly tap into its powerful properties or energies without any barriers. 

Carry Titanium Quartz around– You can also carry the stone around in your purse or pocket for it to radiate its energies to your body. 

Use the gemstone as you meditate- Titanium Quartz is an excellent stone that you can use for deep meditation. By having it close to you as you meditate or holding it in your hand, you will be able to quiet your mind, relax your body, and tune out the world for spiritual attunement. 

Use the crystal decoratively– Titanium Quartz is a beautiful stone that you can use to raise your vibrations by placing it somewhere around your environment, whether at home or in your office. You can put it in a bowl, have it in a plant, or even place it on a window sill. Because it is a treated stone, it is excellent for decorative purposes. Having clusters of Titanium Quartz will bring ease around you.

Incorporate your Titanium Quartz into your self-care routine– For you to feel calmer as you sleep, you can place Titanium Quartz under your pillow. When you draw a bath, you can put the stone in the water or have it on the tub to help you relax and feel energized. You can also bring the stone to your spa treatment. Keep the stone on your yoga mat or your body as you do yoga.

Place the crystal on your body as you relax– Since Titanium Quartz is a stone for all the chakras, place it on whichever chakra you feel needs to be opened or healed.

How to cleanse Titanium Quartz?

The continuous use of any healing crystal tends to overload it. They tend to absorb bad energies and get overcharged as you use them frequently. Due to that, it is always a good idea to cleanse healing crystals often to get rid of absorbed and negative energies and allow them to recharge. That way, they can continue to offer healing through their vibrations as they should or effectively. Cleansing purifies the stone and is a way to honor it because of its healing journey. It is not different for Titanium Quartz. There are various methods or practices through which you can cleanse your Titanium Quartz crystal;

Water-Water is an amicable partner when it comes to crystal cleaning. To cleanse your Titanium Quartz, you can hold it under running water. Because it is a durable stone, you can also dip it in a bowl or glass of water for a few hours then remove it. Ocean, river, or spring water is ideal.

Moonlight– The energies moonlight possesses are purifying, and that is why they will be effective for cleansing your Titanium Quartz to give it extra vitality. Simply place the crystal under direct moonlight. New and full moons are excellent as they possess the most potent frequencies.

Sunlight– Just like moonlight, sunlight is an excellent option to recharge your crystal. Place your Titanium Quartz under direct sunlight for a few hours for it to be super-charged. 

Smoke and Smudging– You can use smoke to cleanse your crystal by holding it over a burning candle. Smudging using sage, rosemary, sweetgrass, palo santo, or copal also helps eliminate unwanted energies. Smoke and smudging methods are known for the restoration of natural energies.

Earth– Burying your Titanium Quartz will help it reset. That is where the crystal began to form, and that is why it is a compelling cleansing method. The ground absorbs any bad energies given off by the stone. Find a suitable spot, bury it for a few days, and then take it out.

Sound– Sound that is emitted loud enough such that its vibration fully encompasses your Titanium Quartz is an excellent way to cleanse it. Using singing bowls, sacred chants, a bell, or a tuning fork, can help you accomplish that.

Visualization– Visualization is another excellent way to revitalize your stone. It is about coming up with an imagination of what you desire. The most important thing is to be in tune with your sense so that you can entirely redirect your vibrations and energies to the crystal. Hold your Titanium Quartz, close your eyes, and envision a cleansing light illuminating the stone until you feel an inevitable shift in the crystal’s energy.

Note: The best times to cleanse your Titanium Quartz is soon after acquiring it and often after using it, especially after intense work. These are moments when the crystal has served you during the most challenging times. Additionally, as you cleanse the crystal, ensure that the method you use resonates with your daily life to give adequate attention.

The best combinations to use with Titanium Quartz

Combining or pairing different crystals is one way through which you can amplify the energies they possess and increase their synchronicities. That is why it is always a good idea to combine Titanium Quartz with other stones or crystals. Titanium Quartz combines well with almost any type of stone or crystal mainly because of its hues and the positive life-force energies it possesses. 

You can pair it with a Druzy crystal to enhance its meditation abilities. If you are dealing with toxic people or are undergoing stressful situations, you can combine the stone with Rhodolite. The two stones will help you navigate your struggles and face life more enthusiastically and hopefully. Pairing it with Blue Aventurine will help ground you even when you are at a peak consciousness state. 

Other excellent combinations for Titanium Quartz include Lapis Lazuli, Moldavite, Tiger’s Eye, Onyx, Citrine, and Fluorite.

Final Words

Titanium Quartz is an excellent crystal you can choose if you seek all-rounded healing, mainly because it resonates with all chakras. It is made from natural Quartz, which is a very abundant mineral. Being an exquisite crystal, it is top among the most used by jewelers to create elegant jewelry designs. Apart from being used as jewelry, users can also tap into the crystal’s energies and vibrations by incorporating them into their lives through the methods mentioned above. 

Titanium Quartz is prone to absorbing negative energies during healing with all its work. That is why you should take great care of the stone and constantly cleanse it to absorb newer and fresh energies. If you want to amplify its powers, you can pair or combine the stone with almost any crystal out there, but we have highlighted some of the best crystal pairings. 

If you have been looking to gain physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, then it’s time you considered using Titanium Quartz.