Crystal use among people remains to be a fascinating experience. With many people believing crystals to possess powerful aspects for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, we will continue to see more usage. This is mainly because, compared to the ancient days of crystal use, today’s world is packed with more uncertainties and a lot of issues that can throw someone off their game and hinder their will and purpose to live. 

Crystals are still being discovered, and one of the most recent discoveries is the flower agate. Like other crystals, this stone has been said to offer therapeutic healing for crystal lovers. Healers, carvers, and artisans also attest to it being beneficial in their line of work. Being a recent discovery, you may have come across the stone but not realized it. That is why this article will guide you through all the insights that pertain to the flower agate crystal.


The flower agate crystal was discovered about three years ago. Still, its incredible and fascinating healing properties have grown to be immensely popular among many collectors and healers. It has brought forth a lot of interest because of its powerful meaning. 

flower agate tower

Flower agate is known as a crystal for growth and manifestation, and it also symbolizes the critical journey of self-discovery and actualization. This is a meaning derived from the plumes within it. They all vary, with some being large, full, and open to represent the various paths you have to navigate to reach your potential. The stone’s physical appearance is also representative of one’s emotional journey.

Flower agate is considered the crystal of Sacred Feminine Trinity and is believed to unite the Mother, Maiden, and the Crone. All women have the Divine Trinity. It is associated with the Pisces, Capricorn, Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, Cancer, and Taurus zodiac signs.

The crystal is mainly associated with the heart chakra but still resonates with the root chakra. Its elements are earth and air.

Flower agate’s alternative names are sakura agate and cherry blossom agate.


Similar to the standard stone and crystal varieties, flower agate also possesses several physical and metaphysical properties, as you will see below.

Physical Properties

The flower agate crystal predominantly displays a light pink color when you look at its surface. Its interiors also appear to be imbued with somehow subtle hues of dark browns and cream. All these color variations make up a beautiful array of colors. The crystal’s most stand-out feature within it is plumes of saturated white. 

The crystal’s white plumes aren’t flat growths but are bursts of color that appear to be primarily three-dimensional. If the stone is a large chunk, these plumes will tend to look like a burst of light. A cross-section of the crystal shows a flower-like structure, and that is where the stone draws its name. Its orbicular patterns will typically be seed reminiscent, while the floral plumes mainly appear as blossoms. 

Flower agate is typically translucent, but it can also be occasionally transparent with a vitreous luster and a white streak.

Flower agate is a relatively hard crystal with an MoH scale rating of 7.

Its crystal system is trigonal or may be cryptocrystalline, and it has a refractive index that ranges between 1.530-1.543.

Physical Healing Properties

The flower agate is a stone that can benefit you physically. Since the crystal brings forth calmness, it is believed to help with the management and alleviation of stress-related ailments. Stress is dangerous for the body as it can completely alter how it functions. It can change fat storage, affect aging, and manipulate the functions of your immune system. 

These are factors that can take a toll on your physical well-being. Due to that, many use flower agate crystals to combat and address physical conditions associated with stress and anxiety. These can be issues like indigestion, headaches, hormonal changes, stress-induced acne, weight gain, and organ function.

Metaphysical Properties

Flower agate is a crystal that will ignite power, passion, and the purpose within you to create a drive that allows you to work towards your dreams or goals and live your life to the fullest. With this crystal, you will be able to learn from your past experiences, discover the power that current situations contain, and gain a newfound purpose for days to come. It is the stone you need to promote motivation, be ambitious, and become courageous.

flower agate bracelet

Many of us feel as if life is throwing darkness toward us at times. This can be through the negative energies that hold our past experiences and failures that linger within our hearts and minds. This darkness makes many of us not move forward and make the changes we desperately seek. However, flower agate can help with that. 

The stone is said to contain energy within it that gets rid of darkness and allows you to live in the light. It is a corrective stone for correcting and balancing energy. As the crystal battles with dark energies, you find yourself gaining an enhanced sense of synchronicity to move forward.

A lot of users say it gets rid of the feeling of stagnation and ends procrastination. The crystal possesses properties that help strengthen your belief system so that you can build a strong foundation at any starting point.

Because the stone is also associated with emotional growth. It can help you get rid of negative emotions like sadness and fear to bring another level of happiness into your life. Many healers recommend the stone for those who have experienced past traumas and anyone who is facing hardships such that they feel jaded. The welcoming energies of flower agate bring about feelings of calmness and relaxation to relieve stress and chaotic energy.

When negative emotions surround your life, your spirit also gets burdened. However, the power that flower agate contains can manifest in several ways taking you to another spiritual plane for healing. As your spirit gets aligned and balanced, you begin to feel some sense of enlightenment in your life. 

flower agate earrings

The three trinity facets of flower agate give you joy and innocence (Maiden), trust and guidance (Mother), and wisdom (Crone). All these bring about a harmonious existence that will give you essential consciousness.

The stone resonates with the heart chakra helping you let go of deep internal pain and any resentment that stabs your heart. You then become more loving to yourself and others. You become more secure as it opens your root chakra because of its grounding effect. By activating these two chakras, flower agate assists users to bridge the gap between feeling emotional and facing the realities of life.

The blooming properties presented by flower agate are significant to help you bloom in everyday life. As a user, you will be encouraged to live fully and enjoy every moment of your life.

Where to buy Flower Agate?

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Flower Agate in jewelry uses

Flower agate is a beautiful crystal, and therefore it is ideal for jewelry making. Flower agate has a beautiful polish and is generally tough for jewelry uses. Many jewelers take advantage of its intriguing patterns to create fascinating jewelry pieces. You can find flower agate jewelry in the form of necklaces, rings, bracelets, brooches, anklets, and hairpins. 

flower agate rings

Even with its tough structure, flower agate jewelry needs care. It is best to avoid harsh abrasives or bleaching agents when you clean the jewelry, as these can hinder its luster. Flower agate jewelry should also be stored with care in areas where it will not scratch, essentially wrapped in soft clothing.

Where does Flower Agate come from?

In 2018, geologists first discovered this stone in Madagascar, that is the only area in the world where the stone mainly comes from currently. Madagascar is one of the highly famous regions known for producing beautiful crystals and minerals worldwide. 

The stone is a type of plume agate that contains opaque chalcedony inclusions, and it also occurs in crystallized masses. The colors displayed by flower agate are due to oxide trace elements like iron, nickel, chromium, manganese, or titanium. 

How much is Flower Agate worth?

The value of flower agate depends on several factors, like any other crystal. Flower agate is a somehow rare crystal with one point of origin, but its value is still modest. The stone is easy to find, especially on online selling platforms like Etsy and Amazon or in metaphysical shops. You can also easily find it on gem shows. 

Its prices will mainly reflect artistry and labor as opposed to the crystal’s material value. Because 

of its natural appearance, flower agate is particularly distinctive in color patterns. Due to that reason, it may have a premium price. The price of the objects made from flower agate also varies according to size, with bigger sizes costing more. You can find it available as pyramids, obelisks, and palm stones. 

Its value will also depend on whether the flower agate your find is in its free form or is tumbled. If the crystal is custom cut, it substantially costs more.

How to use Flower Agate?

There are several ways to use flower agate because the crystal is available in large prisms, small sizes, and raw slabs. You can use the stone in the following ways;

For deep meditation– Flower agate can help you tap into its vibrations and energies as you meditate. You only need to hold it in your hands to create a stronger connection and promote higher vibrations. 

Placing the crystal on your body- With strategic placement, you can encourage the interfusion of the Feminine Divine Trinity- place three crystals on your heart, womb, and third eye chakra. When placed on the heart and root chakra, flower agate stirs the energy within the chakras for healing if they are blocked.

As jewelry– As mentioned earlier, you can wear flower agate jewelry to direct its energy flow into you. The body and jewelry contact allows you to directly tap into the crystal’s healing powers as there are no hindrances or barriers.

Have the stone around you– You can benefit from the powers and energies of flower agate by placing it strategically in your environment. For example, you may place a few crystals in a bowl in your workspace in the office or at home. You can also place the stone decoratively on your altar. To always have the stone with you at all times, you can also carry it in your purse or as a pocket rock. As you sleep, keep it under your pillow to sleep calmly and keep stress-related insomnia at bay.

During self-care– If you are into yoga, place the stone on your yoga mat or your body as you carry out the asanas. When you go for a spa treatment, bring the stone with you and keep it close to boost your ability to relax.

As a crystal grid– You can arrange several flower agate crystals to form a sacred geometrical grid that will help the crystals magnify each other’s power.

As an affirmation tool– You can use the crystal together with affirmations that resonate with its powers. For example, “I am grounded, and I am safe.” Simply hold it in your hand and repeat the affirmations several times. As you affirm with flower agate, you will build your way into becoming aware of how valuable you are.

How to cleanse Flower Agate?

Flower agate is an effective crystal that can offer you healing by absorbing subtle and damaging energy imbalances on your behalf. During this beneficial process, it can also get overloaded. That is why it is essential to purify or cleanse the crystal from time to time. 

Cleansing the crystal is a way to offer it new and fresh energies such that it keeps performing its intended purpose fully. Think of cleansing flower agate as how you feel energized after a refreshing vacation or spa treatment. 

So, how can you cleanse your flower agate?

Using water– Water is an excellent purifier that you can use for your flower agate. The highly recommended method is dipping the stone in a bowl of water for some time or holding it under running water. Freshwater is always best. Saltwater has contents that can penetrate the stone, eventually weakening it or altering its luster.

Using the moon– Using moonlight to cleanse your crystal is a good choice, mainly because the stone’s properties can’t be altered as there is no direct, potentially damaging contact. The best option is to put the stone under sufficient moonlight for some hours. A full moon, waxing or waning gibbous moonlight, is best.

Using sound– Reverberating sound is an effective way to cleanse your flower agate, provided you use it with intention. A variety of instruments or objects can be used to produce sound, for example, singing bowls, a tuning fork, chime, or bell. You can also use your voice to chant a mantra and cleanse the crystal. 

Sound works best when it’s produced loudly enough to comprehend the crystal. As you use sound, you can also visualize it as a tool for releasing unwanted energies.

Using sun- Sunlight is powerful for crystal cleansing and purification. However, it needs to be used with caution. You need to expose your flower agate in direct sunlight but not for over very long periods to avoid “crystal sunburn.”

Using nature– You can cleanse your flower agate using nature in various ways. You can carry it and go for a walk in the woods, sit by a waterfall, or bury it underground. The fresh nature energies will sift out the bad energies that your crystal may contain. If you choose to bury the crystal, mark the spot and do not bury it too deep not to lose it.

Using other crystals– Other crystals can offer your flower agate a platform for cleansing. Clear Quartz is mainly a self-cleansing crystal. Selenite is also great for cleansing other crystals. All you need to do is place your flower agate next to any of these cleansing crystals such that they touch and leave them for a significant period.

Using the night sky– The energy that is given off by stars, planets, constellations, and celestial bodies can cleanse your flower agate and give it new life.

Through smoke and smudging– Both methods are great cleansing techniques that take a short while. You can hold the crystal over the smoke eliminated by a lit candle or burning wood. You can also smudge it using the smoke from burning incense, sage, palo santo, or herbs like rosemary. The ritual of fire creates a sacred environment in your space.

By setting intention, meditation, and visualization– These methods complement each other when cleansing flower agate. Project pure intention as you meditate with your crystal to cleanse it or visualize a white light illuminating your stone. Do this until you feel that the crystal has been sufficiently purified and is ready for use again.

Note: As you choose to purify your flower agate, select a method that suits your preferences, the weather, environment, and day-to-day activities for full attention. Most importantly, once you purchase flower agate, you will need to cleanse it. It is a safe practice as you may not know the energies the stone carries. That way, you will begin usage with a fresh stone.

The best combinations to use with Flower Agate

You can complement the energies of flower agate by pairing it with other stones. All you need to know is what stone to use for energy amplification. Many different crystal combinations work together, but if you are looking to pair your flower agate, in addition to other agate crystals, the combinations below are powerful and excellent for healing;

Pair it with Red Jasper, Amethyst, or Rose Quartz for extra grounding and stabilization.

For meditation, flower agate will work excellently with Selenite and Lapis Lazuli.

Pair flower agate with Carnelian and Citrine to heighten the vital creative force in your life and become more courageous. As a result, you will become more motivated for success as you trust your intuition.

Because flower agate mainly resonates with the heart chakra, you can use it together with Green Aventurine, Malachite, and Rose Quartz for healing.

To regather yourself and attain emotional healing faster, combine your flower agate with Ocean Jasper. Ocean Jasper is an excellent crystal for encouraging you to move with the flow, while flower agate will encourage a more positive outlook. Together, they will hinder anxiety and boost optimism.

To increase courage and help yourself see through any dark situations or repel negative energies, combine the crystal with Tiger’s eye or Black Tourmaline.

If you use flower agate with Amazonite or Garnierite, then you can boost your feminine aspects to nurture and comfort. The two are moonstone-colored crystals which are also excellent for hormonal balance.

You can amplify flower agate’s power to get rid of anxiety and stress by pairing it with Smoky Quartz.

When combined with Mangano Calcite, you can significantly soothe your heart after traumatic events and deep grief.

Final Words

Flower agate is an excellent crystal that can be highly beneficial for users. The crystal emits vital and gentle physical and emotional healing energy, and it also has a nurturing power to help you with spiritual nourishment. The crystal is predominantly found in Madagascar. Being a beautiful stone, it is often used in jewelry making. Apart from being used as jewelry, you can also tap into flower agate’s powers and energy through other ways, as mentioned above. 

Constant use of flower agate can overload it, and that is why you must take care to purify it as often as you can. That way, it can absorb fresher energies. Like other crystals, this stone can also be paired with the different crystals we have highlighted above to amplify its energies. 

Now that you know how flower agate can benefit you and how you can better take care of the crystal, it should be time to consider making it an addition to your life.