Mahogany Obsidian: The Ultimate Guide to Meaning, Properties, Jewelry & Everything You Need to Know

Rocks and stones have their own relevance in human life. All because of the natural properties they possess, they become essentials of lifestyle in some or other way. One such rock is silica-rich Mahogany Obsidian, which is obtained through volcanic eruptions. Due to its color, it traces its name from the Mahogany tree. Since it is rich in silica, it is recognized as a natural glass obsidian. This natural glass rock is found in locations where volcanoes exist. It has outlined the content of Magnetite or Hematite in it. This rock is mostly brick red or brown in color and its base material is black in color.

When lava erupting from volcanoes cools quickly, then crystallization is not possible and then only Mahogany Obsidian is formed. For centuries, this rock is considered as a lucky gemstone and all because of its power of positivity. Also, its healing properties are awesome.

Mahogany Obsidian is a strong protective stone that absorbs all the negative energies in the surroundings. It acts as a shield against bad vibes and is truth-enhancing in nature. Due to its positive nature, it pulls out all the tension and stress and accelerates growth and happiness in life.

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Mahogany Obsidian is a natural glass rock because it is rich in silica content. The presence of Hematite and Magnetite in it is responsible for the patches on this rock, which are mahogany-colored. Obsidian stands for being a positive stone that enhances truth and protects from negative energies. Whoever wears this gemstone can get protection from all the negativity and release stress and tension easily. Apart from mahogany, Obsidians are found in several other colors too.


The healing nature of Mahogany Obsidian is not hidden from anyone who is knowledgeable about gemstones. This stone enhances truth and lets all the negativity bury down. Its protective energies act as a shield for the one who wears it and keeps his/her mental state relaxed and cool. It has stress-releasing properties and helps to maintain the focus in life for progress and success.

It is the stone of reflection and thus it helps one to recognize things and points that should be important in life. Mahogany Obsidian is also called stone of strength and whenever you need, it will help you to build your strength. You will be able to overcome your life challenges and grow in all levels of life. Since this stone can be a power-booster for you, you can work with it whenever you require reclaiming personal powers.

Physical Properties

Obtained by quick cooling of volcanic lava, Mahogany Obsidian is a non-crystallized yet lustrous rock. Its silica content is high and therefore it is also known as natural glass. This rock contains Magnetite and Hematite that form mahogany-colored patches on it.

Mahogany Obsidian is high in energies and has the capability of eliminating all the negative energies in the environment and so it has great healing powers. It enhances truth and blocks the psychic attack. When you need strength and growth, this gemstone acts as an accelerator. It is the best at giving protection and grounding and great at releasing stress.

If you wish to become powerful from the inside, you can readily use this gemstone as a meditation tool. Increase in focus, clarity in mind, firm decision-making, increase in self-acceptance and confidence, gutsy challenge-facing etc. are a few qualities that can be enhanced or created in a person through the use of Mahogany Obsidian.

Not only it is good at treating mental and psychic problems but also it is great at physical healing. Detoxification of tissues and organs, increase of kidney and liver function, relieve from pain etc. are a few properties of the stone. Body’s capability of discharging poisons increases by the use of this gemstone.

Metaphysical Properties

Mahogany Obsidian can cleanse second chakra of any negative energies and also the old wound residues. Thus, blockages from one’s creative energies and sexual expressions are removed. Use of Mahogany Obsidian during meditation between first and second chakra can wipe away all the bad memories of humiliation, abuse, shame etc. Negative psychic implants are thus removed by this gemstone and one’s spiritual awakening and performance potential is increased. This stone acts as a bodyguard who prevents all kind of psychic blockage.

This gemstone works smoothly with Sugilite, Tibetian Black Quartz and Black Tourmaline to provide strong psychic protection. Mahogany Obsidian helps to increase the horizon of thoughts and explore the abundance in life. Thus, one can get out of all the mental limitations and feel free from any kind of fear. For the first and second chakra, it is energizing, supportive and clearing.

When seen from the spiritual angle, Mahogany Obsidian supports in opening of grounding channel and enhances its cleansing. However, it can be critical if one wants to embody full spectrum of energy frequencies.

At an emotional level, this rock helps to dissolve all the negative emotions that are engraved in DNA or emotional body. It acts as an aid for re-birthing and also helps to clear the birth trauma for a mother and her child.

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Mahogany Obsidian in Jewelry

Mahogany Obsidian can be among the favorites of women because of the classy jewelry created using it. This stone can be shaped in any possible form and sold by jewelers as pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Not only women but also men like to adore such unique jewelry. Many people want to wear Mahogany Obsidian jewelry because of the positive energies reflected by it. The mood of a person depends a lot on what he/she carries or wears, and so wearing such a positive stone will only bring happiness and health.

People wear Mahogany Obsidian jewelry because they want to clear the blocks in their sub-consciousness. Those who wish to get rid of all harmful experiences in past are suggested to adore such stones. People dealing with past trauma problems and even physical problems like kidney dysfunction and body pain can readily use this gemstone as jewelry.

Mahogany Obsidian is fitted in silver for jewelry-making and a fine collection of all types of jewelry can be witnessed. It is worth to pay for such useful gemstones because they radiate positivity in your life. Several jewelers sell the jewelry made of this gemstone and they are also active on online platforms. While browsing through jewelers’ websites, you can be able to see a wide collection of antique Mahogany Obsidian jewelry.

One can choose the jewelry and order it online or visit a jeweler’s store for the same. However, the majority of people rely on astrologers for the use of Mahogany Obsidian jewelry. They seek suggestions from the astrologers and order the jewelry accordingly. Apart from traditional jewelry, other items are also made of Mahogany Obsidian. Showpieces like duck, angel etc. are carved out of this gemstone. However, before buying such items too, many people seek suggestions from astrologers who suggest what to buy for good luck and what to avoid.

Customized Mahogany Obsidian jewelry is in trend nowadays and people are interested in ordering the same. It is the best to buy customized jewelry because it satisfies the buyer.

Where does Mahogany Obsidian come from

Mahogany Obsidian is a glassy, lustrous stone obtained from volcanic eruptions. When lava cools very quickly, this natural volcanic glass is formed. No crystals are formed but still this mineral stone shines greatly due to the silica content in it.

Mostly, Mahogany Obsidian is found in Mexico, however, it also comes from Afghanistan, Japan, United States of America and South America. Use of this stone in human civilization is not new because it has been used during the stone age as well. Native Americans had discovered the locations where this stone was being used for various purposes.

This glass is great at creating mirrors, masks and arrow-heads and perhaps, the old stone humans had discovered such uses. The history of using stone is very long and old and it is still relevant in today’s modern age. Those who do business of such stones keep an eye on volcanic areas so that they could get such stones in abundance from time to time.

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How much is Mahogany Obsidian worth

Mahogany Obsidian is a semi-precious stone and its price rates completely depend upon the industrial grades. Commodity or jewelry segment in economy plays a significant role and according to the rise and depth in the market, prices of every metal and stone are decided.

At some locations in the world, this stone might cost a bit higher while in others, the prices could be feasible. The availability of the stone at a certain location is an issue that affects the price of the gemstone at that respective location. If the stone is exported or exotic one for a certain location, then definitely it will be costlier, whereas at the places it is easily available, prices are low.

Of course, it is not diamond, and so the rates never touch the sky. However, the physical and metaphysical properties of Mahogany Obsidian could even make it more essential and dearer than diamond for someone.

How to use Mahogany Obsidian

The simplest use of Mahogany Obsidian is using it as an ornament like pendant, bracelet etc. However, it could also be used as a lucky stone or show-piece at home or office or anywhere. Most important use of this stone is during meditation. If one carries or adores this stone while meditating, he/she could feel mentally and physically relaxed and healed. It acts as a medicine that is not consumed through the mouth but felt through energies.

Mahogany Obsidian has a gentle energy that resonates with the earth, grounds and protects the aura, provides inner strength, removes energy blockages, gives a purpose to life and enhances overall growth. While being used during meditation, this stone restores the correct spin of solar and sacral plexus chakras. It also relieves body pain and improves kidney functioning.

Astrologers study this gemstone for figuring out the best solutions for their clients’ problems. They also suggest the clients about how to use this stone. Acupressure experts study this stone for balancing the human body activities and maintain strong physical and mental health.

Use of this stone also helps in boosting the love and marriage relationships. Its gentle energy brings protection to you in the relationship and also safeguards your relationship. All the negativity is removed from the relation and only love prevails for the good of both the love partners. Any negative power or disturbing element will not be able to harm the relationship.

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How to cleanse Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany Obsidian should never be placed in a place where it can be easily neglected, for example on the floor, in the corners etc. Cleansing of this gemstone can be done by soaking it in salt water, the ration of salt and water should be 3 tablespoons of salt into half gallon of water. Those who have access to ocean or sea water can use the same for cleaning purpose. The stone should be soaked in salt water for twelve hours and then only it could be properly cleansed. However, this is a way of cleaning several gemstones, except the ones that get dissolved in water.

Another way of cleansing the stone is by using brown rice. You should put brown rice in a bowl and place the stone on the top of its heap. After this, you have to leave the setup overnight or a minimum of four hours. Then, the stone will be cleansed and you should not eat the rice used for cleansing it.

Keeping the gemstone for four hours in sunlight can also cleanse it, however, one must be sure that the color does not fade. Similarly, moonlight can also be equally effective in cleansing if you keep your stone in ample moonlight for the entire night.

The best combination to use with Mahogany Obsidian

When it comes to jewelry of Mahogany Obsidian, then silver is the best combination used with this semi-precious stone. Pendants, rings, bracelets and many other jewelry items are made of silver and Mahogany Obsidian. People look for silver and Mahogany Obsidian necklaces, earrings etc. to adore themselves. Even astrologers feel that silver is the best metal to be used with this gemstone. Both the metal and stone together reflect cool relaxing vibes, thereby keeping you comfortable and calm.

Other stones that can be worn along with Mahogany Obsidian are Sugilite, Tibetian Black Quartz and Black Tourmaline. These stones work very harmoniously together and give psychic protection by eliminating all the emotional blockages, including negative energies and bad memories. One can obtain good mental health by using these stones. Increase in focus, self-awareness, self-confidence, self-acceptance. come to you by the use of these stones.

Fina Words

Mahogany Obsidian has mahogany patches on it as a result of Hematite and Magnetite content in it. It is extremely rich in Silica, which is responsible for its shiny surface. Due to its mahogany patches, it has got its name from Mahogany tree. It is found at the places where volcanoes erupt because it is formed by the quick cooling of volcanic lava. Mexico, Japan, South America etc. are the places where it is found in abundance.

Like every other gemstone, this stone too has distinct properties. It is the best at absorbing all the negative energies in the surroundings and radiating positive energies and so it is awesome for emotional healing.

Mahogany Obsidian acts as a strong shield against negative energy and gives comfort to the one who adores it. While being used during meditation, it shows its effects by releasing stress and tension. This stone has the ability to eliminate bad memories, negative experiences etc. and thus one feels protected and safe while using this.

Apart from emotional and mental healing, Mahogany Obsidian is good for physical healing as well. It detoxifies the body and boosts kidney-functioning. Whether on physical, mental or emotional grounds, the functionality of this stone is the same, i.e., elimination negative elements and restoring of positive elements.

This stone is used in jewelry at large and many people wear those. Astrologers or acupressure experts suggest the use of such jewelry and guide what to wear and how to carry. However, apart from jewelry, many showpieces of this stone are also available. Online shopping options are there for this stone and prices vary according to industry standards from time to time.

Since this stone absorbs negative energy, cleansing from time to time is necessary and then only it could be fully functional. Use of salt water, brown rice etc. are among a few methods of cleaning gemstones. One can cleanse the stone as per the convenience and availability. This stone goes the best with silver in jewelry making and when it comes to other stones, then Black Tourmaline, Sugilite and Tibetian Black Quartz are the best choices.

So, if you wish to feel good and relaxed at emotional, mental and physical levels, then readily choose this stone!

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