When most women consider blue engagement rings, they are under the belief that each one the stones topping a jewel of the type is sapphires. That’s a fair and justified premise whatsoever, the sapphire is the stone associated with the color blue. But this assumption might be wrong. There’s another unsung hero on the planet of blue engagement rings. A stone that’s well-known by jewelers, but confused for some other, more prized gems by nearly everybody else, for example, occasionally, jewelry experts. That stone is your blue spinel.

As time passes, its popularity is increasing day by day and it takes the attention of stone due to its blue variety. Mostly Blue spinels are natural stones and free from modifications by any human being. Other blue stones that are inverted similar to it are Tanzanite, Sapphire, and Aquamarine.

To get the best benefits of blue spinel, it is usually a good idea to wear it. The rings are the most popular choice.


Blue Spinel has a significance of purifying energy. By maintaining your mind wash, it might let you become immune from damaging things. It’s fantastic for those that wish to escape from a negative chain reaction.

Blue Spinel Rough Stones
Blue Spinel Rough Stones

Blue Spinel is a calming stone that calms fear, insomnia, PTSD, and tension and relieves this. It is a robust stone that is perfect for cognitive rejuvenation. It is a stone that encourages harmony in all items to include food and sleep. If you are looking for a special stone that suits you then it is for you. While this stone occurs naturally and very few all over the world.

Before modern gemstones were mainly classified by color. Most of these were misidentified by the spinels. The blue spinel is a rich blue cobalt hue that competes with some of the best sabers you’ll ever see. It is the most desirable color and is rarely found in today’s market at affordable prices.


The spinel usually occurs as a small octa-shaped crystal. This is most common in rounded grains and aggregates. The name Spinel comes from the Latin word “spina”.

Blue Spinel is perfect for performance and Intelligence development. It helps to relieve stress. It tackles the challenges of commitment, mental resilience, inner strength and life. It helps with addiction, especially cigarettes. It will revive energy levels and raise them.

It is unknown how the spiritual and healing properties and values of gemstones appear, but most have been around for thousands of years. Each of the blue spinel stones vibrates to different energies, leading to the meanings of observations over the years. Cleansing chakras, magical healing spells, and sometimes gems and stones are used when carrying the person or their home.

During meditation, some people see the properties and values of gemstones to focus on specific things, increase their spiritual power or enhance their mental development.

The blue spinel with dolomite is covered in black calcite. This is a special stone because it happens naturally and is one of the few in the market. It contains high levels of iron, which can turn the stone color dark. It may appear blue-gray or violet-blue rather than blue stone.

Blue Spinel qualities of strengthening emotional power. This gemstone would provide you strength that will not allow you to become stressed out. It’s a good idea to use it while you’re nervous or stressed for a short time. It is recommended if you need to achieve things until the ending. This gemstone would allow you to maintain your powerful will and make progress.

Blue Spinel is fantastic to use if you would like to refine yourself. This gemstone will instruct your spirit and make it more powerful. It might allow you to reevaluate situations in which you compromised and boost your level. You’ll be encouraged to have closer to a perfect picture of yourself.

It’s been used to discover a breakthrough to proceed forward. It would provide you hope if you’re just about to give up. This gemstone can be excellent to use if you wish to conquer a timid side for you.

Good use of Blue Spinel to detoxify the blood. It can heal the whole body but is often beneficial for mouth, eyes, and teeth diseases. It relieves burns, decreases fevers, and improves memory. It enhances levels of strength and power and is a great stone for the elderly due to its gentle nature.

Blue Spinel in jewelry uses

Find a gemstone blue spinel with lots of varieties that spin your head well. The exquisite range of accessories includes a selection of rings, earrings, necklaces and more to match every mood or ability. These colors, the mysterious yet inviting blacks, the soft mint greens, all shades of blues and the much-loved make this spinel such a special gem.

The best blue spinel of any color is better than any other gemstone. This is the quality of blue gemstones in nature. It is interesting that this stone is not very well known in the world of engagement jewelry, because historically mankind has known their existence for centuries. The earliest scenes of this blue stone are in Buddhist cemeteries in Afghanistan, and the UK knows about them from Roman occupation, as a few cobalt blue spinels recently discovered on British soil date back to that time.

Blue Spinel is a type II diamond, indicating that there are small additions in most stones. It’s difficult to get beautiful colors and a pound of this gemstone. Personally, the combination of good material works well and is very attractive in low-cost jewelry, even though it is cheaper than high standards.

Where does Blue spinel come from

Blue Spinel was likewise famous in ancient times since ruby balas, right after the Balascia spot (now named Badakhshan), which for years had become a way to obtain amazing trademarks of blue spinel. Blue Spinel does occur in granites and metamorphic rocks, usually inserted from the stones.

Blue spinels are mined in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Vietnam. Vietnam’s two major spinel deposits, Luc Yen and Quy Chau, were discovered at the end of the 1980s. The Luc Yen residue has largely been mined since the 1990s. Ducer of vivid blue spinels because of the 2000s. Bright, saturated bluestone is extremely popular, as evidenced by the traditional appeal of the latest tendency of Paraíba tourmaline and bright blue apatite in precisely the same color range.

How much is Blue Spinel worth

These stones ought to be eye clear in prominence and free of inclusions. If the stone has observable defects it will lessen the price. The more vibrant the color, the higher the price will be. High saturation in color with a moderate tone would be the most expensive kind of Blue Spinel. All these are colored by Cobalt and therefore are rare to discover.

In both Myanmar and Tanzania, the best blue spinels with colors worth ranging from $ 200 to $ 500 per carat. But prices are rising fast. Spinel blue color usually sells 1-2 cents for $ 600 to $1,200, but the volume is increased if it is more than two carats. The best ones in 2-5 cents usually sell for between $ 3,000 and $ 5,000 a carat. It is not uncommon to spend between $ 8,000 and $ 10,000 per carat for more than 5 carats of rare blue stones.

Most stones have reduced saturation, along with also the blue hues choose a distinctly grayish appearance. The very best and most highly appreciated blue spinel colors parallel blue colors, with extreme violet-blue to pure blue colors which are neither too dark nor too light.

The natural blue spinel commands some of the highest prices of spinal stone, which is very rare. Improved Spinal with the patent-pending delivery system to provide an affordable alternative. This is a new process that is not widely seen in today’s market. Small amounts of cobalt are attached to the surface of the gem, creating the luxurious and rich color we see. Now, it only sells rocks to a particular store, which means there are fewer stock profit options.

There are lots of colors of Spinel besides blue. The rareness and the price will be different based on its color. Blue Spinel is quite uncommon, and it hardly ever comes out in the industry. The price can be comparatively greater than ordinary Spinel. You need to be quite serious to locate one if you require it.

Where to buy Blue Spinel

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

How to identify Blue Spinel

To detect synthetic blue spinel naturally. For this, you have to use a Thoresen UV radiation light and put the stone in and once you turn on the light as you can see only one stone gallows

So you can see different types of stones we have in there as you see we have a lot of blue stones, but when we put on the UV radiation light on the longwave. You can see that the one piece that is shining is synthetic. This is a very simple method for identifying blue spinel stones.

But you have to take them for causative precautions such as making sure you have UV radiation glasses on, so the UV radiation doesn’t harm you. Apart from that, we think it’s good to make sure the lights are turned off so you can see the neon color this is under long wave.

Whereas, when you put on the shortwave nothing happens that doesn’t mean it’s not synthetic, that just means it’s not fluorescing and that cooling part particularly is not showing up. But if this sort of reaction happens you can see the stone on the left this is diagnostic of synthetic spinels.

How to wear Blue Spinel

Since some gemstones suppliers are fake, it is very important to find a gem dealer who sells proper blue spinel stone. Nonetheless, if a person wears an artificial stone then you don’t expect to get any positive results.

The rule is to be careful when buying this stone. Purchasing the perfect blue spinel stone is good for you for wearing this stone on Saturday mornings from 5 am to 6 am but also very beneficial when worn during Shukla Baksh.

To complete this procedure, the wearer of the blue spinel must incense 11 sticks and place it around the ring, and then he/she must sit in the west direction because Saturn rules the west direction. This mantra must be uttered 108 times before wearing this gemstone for positive benefits such as good health, quick wealth and the appearance of this stone.

How to cleanse Blue Spinel

To clean Blue spinel stone correctly you can use warm soapy water. And most ultrasonic and steam cleaners are considered to be safe. The main problem is a certain amount of inclusions fractures in the stone. Subjected to color altering, under normal conditions heat treatment is suitable. To easily improve its apparent clarity, the transparent stone might consider being a fractured field.

If the appearance of blue spinel stone is affected over time, but due to its filler material its rarely arises to any type of spinel stone. Fracture-filled ones can be cleaned with a damp cloth with warm water with soap as mentioned above.

Here are the steps to clean it correctly with full details with best cleaning solutions:

  • First, add 10 Dazzle Drops in the liquid in warm water.
  • This will help in filling the cleansing container.
  • Jewelry or stone dip in clearing container and also need a specialized brush for cleaning.
  • Jewelry can be rinsed correctly using a dip scoop.
  • Then dry this stone using a damp cloth.

Difference between Blue spinel and Sapphire

Blue Spinel can be easily distinguished by Blue Sapphire with the traditional gemological tools. Nevertheless, Blue Spinel and Sapphire or Ruby could not have been distinguished decades ago. The number of spinels sold as Sapphire is not mentioned.

The rest of the blue spinels have a thick gray mask that can not battle a gorgeous blue sapphire. In particular, it renders blue spinel much less expensive than sapphire. It is not very market-based. Nevertheless, it is good because it is treated occasionally and has a brilliant luster and long life. It is often warmed or filled with a crack.

Many people overlook the greyer tone, especially in a well-cut blue spinel, because of these things. They do not have the zoning that with sapphire is so common.

I am some sort of misled by the many ways in which sapphire is processed from painting, packing, irradiation, diffusion to basic heating only. The diagnosis of blue spinel is tougher and the findings are hard to come. Unheated sapphires, particularly because of the resurrection of the Kate /Diana ring, became very costly.

The best combination to use with Blue Spinel

If facing problems related to emotions and want more stability and security for your life. Then you can use blue spinel with the following combinations:

  • As a combination, you can use it with types of Quartz that contain Blue, Smoky, Rose and Clear Quartz.
  • In case of any kind of depression, use it with Botswana Agate, Citrine, Eilat stone, Moonstone, Orange Moss, Jet Lepidolite, Peridot helps you to keep depression symptoms away and your mind will feel relaxed without any depression.
  • You can use it with Garnet, Kundalini Quartz, or Jet if you want to trigger kundalini power.
  • You can also be assisted by it to activate and use your power.
  • Can also pair with Sphalerite, Sunstone, Topaz and Sphene.
  • A good combination with Aventurine, Calcite, Amethyst, Citrine, Bloodstone, Aqua Aur, Azurite, Aquamarine, Apatite, Ametrine, Amber, Amazonite and Agate.

Final Words

Blue spinel is great and considers a soothing stone to hold high levels of energy. This will help you appreciate the great things that make you feel involved and happy in your life.

The blue spinel stone can be called if you have any anxiety, depression, and stress. It’s going to help revitalize your body and you’re going to feel energized. This stone helps to build self-esteem.

In the gemstones domain of intellectual power, one can regulate the powers of the blue spinel. This will help to reduce or eliminate any doubt about incompetence. This stone is right for you if you want your religion to be nurtured. The stone encourages you to be open to the beauty of natural creation.