Hypersthene is considered a magical stone that has the power to boost your psychic abilities. It is used by ordinary people to relieve stress and depression. So, how it is used? What are its properties? Is its jewelry popular? Let’s find out more about this stone in this post.


Hypersthene is a rock-forming mineral composed of iron silicate and magnesium. This term was first devised in 1804 and is derived from two Greek words namely, ‘hyper’ implying above and ‘stonos’ signifying power. When these words are amalgamated, the resultant meaning is ‘over strength.’

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The correlation with this name relates to an interesting fact. When the stone was first discovered, it was misidentified as amphibole although it was harder in texture. To indicate this hardness, this mineral was given the currently known name.

Interestingly, hypersthene is not so widely used name at present. Rather, it is often considered enstatite or a ferrosilite. Many experts consider it as an intermediary stone between the enstatite and ferrosilite minerals. Enstatite has more magnesium, while ferrosilite has more iron. Hypersthene sits in the middle with over 50% iron.

The gemstone belongs to the pyroxene group of crystals due to which it originates from where Bronzite comes. At times, it is also known as orthopyroxene. However, hypersthene is a more commonly used term, especially in the metaphysical context.


Physical Properties

As a common mineral, hypersthene is found in a few metamorphic rocks. It is also found in iron and stony meteorites as well as in igneous rocks. It is typically seen as short foliated lots in fibrous or coarse lamellar groups. It is composed of magnesium, iron, silicon, and other minerals, each of which will differ in composition from one specimen to another.

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The stone develops a solid solution series with enstatite and ferrosilite minerals. This series forms when two or more elements tend to substitute each other in a crystal without changing the crystal structure much. Here, iron and magnesium are the elements. While enstatite is the magnesium-rich member of the series, ferrosilite is the iron-rich one.

Enstatite is quite common but ferrosilite is rare. The iron content profoundly colors the minerals. Thus, a deeply colored sample of this series is termed hypersthene. Indeed, the two members are often referred to as enstatite-hypersthene in several texts.

Hypersthene belongs to the pyroxene and orthopyroxene class. It has an orthorhombic crystal system. Its individual crystals are rarely found. It is usually green, brown, or grey. It is opaque and features a vitreous to pearly luster.

The deep brownstone is usually edged with shining, lighter hues. In some specimens, the color could be lighter and may take shades of even black. Thus, you can even find these stones in black-green, black-brown, and black shades. A few specimens have shown a coppery or red metallic patina caused due to the flat inclusions of goethite and hematite.

Hypersthene is somewhat brittle with a hardness rating of 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale. However, its cleavage is perfect in one direction and has an uneven fracture. The stone is admired for its unusual optical feature, which is of showing a different color from each different direction of looking the stone.  

Yes, the appearance of this stone depends on the direction from which you look at it. Looking at it from different angles reveals various colors due to which the stone stands out from other crystallized stones. This unique physical property makes it easy to identify this stone from any other prism-like crystal.

While this is interesting, it can be tough to photograph the stone. The unique optical feature is akin to that of labradorite. As a result, it is also known as velvet labradorite. However, both are two different stones.

Metaphysical Properties

Hypersthene is regarded as a protective stone. It is known to generate calmness and quietness in the mind of the one who carries or wears it. As per the metaphysical dogmas, this gemstone grounds us in an effort to defend against hectic spurs.

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Hypersthene is, at times, called velvet labradorite but this term is deceiving. This is because it is not labradorite. Nevertheless, the word velvet signifies its quality of energy for calming, pacifying, and soothing an overactive mind or stressful body.

When the mind is overexcited, the stone shields us from external noise by generating a safe, velvety shelter. When outside noise is less, the proximity to this stone is said to organize thoughts in a better way and find innovative solutions to life or relationship issues.

Hypersthene is believed to arrange thoughts as well as energy in a more organized way. As a result, you can then have a clearer idea of what to do next or get solutions to problems. Through grounding, shielding, and calming, this gemstone acts as a superb medium for profound meditation and inner reflection.

You can expect it to take you on a smooth ride of exploring the other dimensions of mindfulness. Thus, you go beyond the physical as well as psychological confinements. As calming you down happens without drowsiness, you can use it while under stress when you still need to be alert and express yourself clearly, such as giving a presentation.

The stone is widely used during meditation, as the healing experience is significantly facilitated by this crystal. The process of healing the mind is simply eased. The stone can even boost self-esteem without advocating ego. It affects the base, solar plexus, crown, throat, and third eye chakras.

Believed to have a positive impact on psychic powers and the third-eye chakra, Hypersthene is strongly related to inducing intuition and gut feeling. Indeed, simply being in its presence aids in developing your psychic abilities. This is perhaps because its vibrations tend to affect your whole auric field.

Just keep in mind that the gemstone will not show its effects just by praying. Rather, you need to talk with it by directing all thoughts related to the issues towards it. For seeking replies related to the various concerns in your mind, the solution or answer is likely to strike the mind after completing a session of meditation by using it.

This is possibly one of the most important reasons, which makes this stone popular. It is considered magic which several of us use while stuck at life’s crossroads or going through a crisis.

Apart from guiding to an effective solution, Hypersthene is also known to aid in gaining success. This is possible only if your intentions are well-defined. Only when you know what is to be accomplished, the vibrations of this crystal will work towards giving you tangible outcomes.

As the stone contains iron and magnesium, it is wise to try and use it to alleviate blood-related issues such as anemia and leukemia. The stone is rich in healing properties that also help in relieving health issues related to the stomach, ovaries, prostate, and pituitary gland. The same properties are also known to aid in fighting against worms in the gut or large intestine.

Where to buy Hypersthene

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Hypersthene in jewelry uses

Hypersthene has a decorative range. A weathered one with a bronze-like color and submetallic luster is known as bronzite. Hypersthene is, at times, used as an ornamental stone. A few specimens of hypersthene are found in the gemstone shops but are not that popular.

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Still, the rugged stone is considered perfect for making jewelry designs for both men and women. You can even find it in unisex designs. The gemstone is used in making rings for special occasions, necklaces, bracelets, and pendants.

The dark tones go well with all any Earthy grey, green, or brown jewelry combinations. They mix well with almost any other color, giving you several combinations to play with. If hypersthene in your jewelry has a metallic sheen and inclusions, you can use it with metal beads of similar colors.

Where does Hypersthene come from

Hypersthene is seen in different parts of the world, mainly in the regions of North America, like Canada and the U.S. It is found in New York’s Adirondack Mountains and Canada’s Quebec and Labrador. In Europe, the stone is seen in nations such as Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, and Greenland. Other countries where this semi-precious gemstone is found are New Zealand and Australia.

How much is Hypersthene worth

It is tough to cut hypersthene. Despite this, it is mostly used as beads in different pieces of jewelry. It is not that expensive gemstone but its price depends on the effort of cutting and weight.

How to use Hypersthene

The best way to use hypersthene is to wear or carry it. Another commonly used way is to hold it or sit inside a stone circle for meditation. Many of us prefer to wear hypersthene jewelry. It is usually as a pendant around the neck, a bracelet on the wrist, or earrings in the ears.

Hypersthene Pendant
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Wearing its jewelry is the most convenient as well as the simplest way to keep the stone near your body, particularly if you aim to experience its health benefits.

During meditation, it is held between the fingers for directing the thoughts towards it so that an aura of calmness is generated around. Irrespective of how you chose to use this stone, ensure that it is pretty close to you or is in your vicinity for getting its maximum benefits.

As this stone helps in alleviating anxiety and is likely to also aid in relieving stress, consider keeping it under your pillow or on your bedside table. This can make you feel calm while preparing to sleep.

How to cleanse Hypersthene

The most benign way of cleansing hypersthene is to wipe it with a soft, damp cloth. This will remove all dust and stuck cosmetics. Let the stone dry fully and then store or wear its jewelry.

It is recommended to store the stone away from other gemstones or metals that are harder. Otherwise, the latter can easily form scratches on the surface of hypersthene. You should also remove its jewelry prior to participating in any activity that could lead to a sharp blow to the stone. Similarly, do not expose the stone to harsh cleaning agents having chemicals in any way.

The best combination to use with Hypersthene

The hypersthene gemstone is regarded as a crystal of magic. Thus, for heightening your mystical energy, it is likely to be beneficial to use it with other mystical crystals.

For this purpose, you can consider combining it with black onyx, labradorite, blue barite, nummite, chalcopyrite, Maori greenstone, merlinite, and Petoskey crystals. Using hypersthene with any of these crystals will boost more than one psychic ability.

The stone can aid in developing clairvoyant abilities due to which you can then foresee the visions of a psychic nature. For this, you can use it with a number of stone, including a few high-crystal energy ones known to kindle the crown, third eye, and soul star chakras.

These high-vibration crystals are selenite, amethyst cacoxenite, elestial quartz, phenacite, blue sapphire, and lapis lazuli. All of them are known to incite your visionary abilities.

For getting help in converting your intentions into a reality, consider using hypersthene with other crystals that are known for their powerful energy. These are white topaz, moss agate, iron pyrite, and golden yellow topaz.

As the gemstone resonates effectively within the root chakra, you can use it for resolving relationship problems. It helps particularly by assisting you to get answers to these issues. It is recommended to use the stone with other strong stones resonating well within the root as well as the heart chakras. These stones are rhodonite, red tourmaline, red ruby, and rhodochrosite.

Final Words

Hypersthene’s energies are truly notable in many ways. They seem to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression, boost confidence and clear an overactive mind by generating a field of calmness and serenity. You can reap all its metaphysical and spiritual benefits by wearing it in the form of jewelry or keeping it near you inside your purse or wallet.