Rubellite Tourmaline or Pink Tourmaline is available in a variety of colors, ranging from bold red to pale pink. This striking semi-precious stone belongs to the tourmaline family. The vivid purplish-red and purplish pink colors retain their look under different levels of lighting. However, Not every red and pink tourmaline, only the brilliant and most saturated colored stones are Rubellite.

Rubellite has the potential of stimulating the flow of life-force energies for healing and nurturing emotion. Derived from the Latin term, rubellus (reddish), it has a captivating look. Surely, it holds a prominent place in the gemstone collections in this world. The green Rubellite is known as verdelite, while the blue one is indicolite. However, the red and pink Rubellite stones have gathered the attention of most gemstone users.

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Rubellite is one of the attractive gemstones, replicating the color of life, energy and passion. This stone also reveals an intense color, representing uncontrolled desire and deep emotions.

Almost 1500 years ago, Rubellite turned out to be an attractive gemstone. A Swedish king presented it to a Roman Empress as a favor to restore the relationship. In the modern period, we have found the magical properties hidden in this stone. Gold Rubellite plays a role to ensure the heart attachments of two persons. We think it to be a love stone, as it promotes a constructive and positive relationship. Some of us have started wearing the stone on our arms to maintain the internal secretion of glands. when attached to a pendant, helps in realizing the pumping mechanism of our heart muscles. This pink gem enables users to find a perfect balance in life.

You know that tourmalines are available in different colors. Every color indicates its healing ability and energy. The pink color increases the love of both the spiritual and material levels. You can find enthusiasm and joy in every type of relationship. Gain trust and remove the sense of disharmony. Rubellite will help you to gain a unique ability to reduce hatred from your mind.

Pink tourmaline works as a protective gemstone, and thus, it can create a protective shield, around you. You can stay safe from those, whose aim is to harm you. You may convert the negative energies and feelings into vibes.

According to the researchers, Rubellite has pyroelectric properties and helps to prevent body shocks. This gemstone has the capacity of neutralizing the detrimental effects of microwave, visible radiation and UV rays. The researchers in the nuclear field think that the bracelets with this gemstone avert the radiation effects on your body.

The gemstone specialists have also found proof that Rubellite is one of the best sources of energy and optimism. The professionals look for this stone to achieve success in life. Similarly, the students may also wear the stone for securing a higher score in academic life.


Physical Properties

We can find 3 species of Tourmaline gemstones- Elbaite, Dravite and Schorl. We may also categorize these gemstones, based on their colors. There are lots of multi-colored Tourmalines. Rubellite is a pink-to-red version of Elbaite Tourmaline.

Rubellite has a complicated structure that comprises boro-aluminum silicate hydroxide. We can find it in granitic pegmatites, granites and metamorphic rocks. With a Specific Gravity of 3.000-3.260, the hardness can vary from 7 to 7.5. Known as a Type II clarity stone, it has a vitreous luster and a trigonal crystal system. There is no cleavage of Rubellite, and we can cut this stone into any shape for making pieces of jewelry.

Measured with a refractometer, the refractive index of the Rubellite ranges from 1.624 – 1.644. The birefringence of this stone is 0.020. The RI indicates how many light rays the mineral can bend. Birefringence refers to a difference, present between the highest and lowest RI. For the higher birefringence, light rays can reflect from stone in different ways, doubling the back facets of the stone.

Most of the crystals have symmetrical planes with a crystalline structure. To identify the crystal system of any stone, we focus on the angle and length of axes. As Rubellite has a trigonal crystal system, it has columnar and prismatic crystals with a thick and slender look. The termination style at the crystal end is hemimorphism for its asymmetrical structure. The slender and small prismatic crystals, present in aplite granite, create radial patterns.

We have told you that Rubellite is available in more than one color. In addition, this stone presents us with a high level of dichroism. Based on your viewing angle, it reveals a different color intensity level.

Most of the Tourmaline gemstones are elongated crystals, cut in a rectangular design. However, you can find Rubellite tourmaline as emerald, round, oval and cushion cuts. Moreover, marquises, hearts, briolettes and pears are other unique shapes. The per-carat price rate of the fine gemstone is much high.

Metaphysical Properties

Rubellite comes with a number of metaphysical properties, and it is one of the reasons behind using this gemstone for our jewelry. This stone is useful for minimizing the negative impacts of computers, microwaves and other electronics. For these unique qualities, we buy this stone and place it at different sites in our homes and office.

Moreover, the stone helps in stimulating love. While you wear a stone, embedded with Rubellite, you can gain creativity for conveying your love. You may also carry the gemstone with you to make yourself more sociable. Another notable thing is that this stone can cause an aphrodisiac effect on you. When you feel that you are having emotional numbness, you may use it to restore the zest in your life.

The gemstone, Rubellite also plays an important role in physical healing. The crystal specialists think that this stone has the potential of emanating our hearts’ vibrational pattern. The stone can influence the pattern with positive energy. Moreover, the stone can strengthen your blood to make a balance of blood vessels and veins. You will have better blood circulation by wearing it. To cure diseases like obsession, paranoia and hysteria, you may choose this stone.

Rubellite also helps in soothing your nervous system. It can balance different parts of our brain and refine our thought processes. You may also maintain the condition of your reproductive system by wearing it. Those who have motion sickness, lung disease, liver disorders, digestive issues and pancreatic problems, can choose this stone. You can restore the luster and shine of your hair by using this stone, too.

Rubellite gains different healing energy when combined with Fools Gold and Selenite. Thus, you may use this healing capacity by using the gemstone properly. Although it is not a high-priced stone, it has an amazing ability to treat different physical disorders. In addition to these healing properties, we have found other values in this stone.

Everyone desires to maintain peace and harmony in his personal and professional life. Some of us rely on the potential of gemstones to retain these positive things in life. Rubellite is one of the best stones to keep up a serene environment at our office and home. Thus, you can place this gemstone at any site of your house. It also prevents fights, disagreements and other negative things. You can enjoy a peaceful life with the use of stones.

Moreover, in the financial world, Rubellite helps you in gaining pride and dignity. By harnessing the potential of this gemstone, you can have control over your co-workers. There will be no irrationality in your life. You will gain high strength and stamina to reach your financial targets. You may also bind your own energy and power to get the best outcome.

Another interesting property is its capability in promoting your creativity. Thus, you will find it easy to work consistently and persistently.

To add prosperity to your life and to maintain your health, Rubellite is one of the effective gemstones to you. You may feel grateful to this stone for having the riches in life.

In love and relationship, Rubellite has lots of effects. For those, who need to soothe their emotional heart, it is the best choice. By using this gemstone, you can concentrate on everything that is positive for you. Moreover, you can overcome your fear and revive your desire to restore the relationship. Thus, this stone has the potential of renewing your lost love. Enjoy stability and security in relationships by using this gemstone. Emotionally, you will feel safe and solve a number of problems.

Where to Buy Rubellite

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Rubellite in Jewelry Uses

You can add beauty to your jewelry pieces by embedding Rubellite. When you wear earrings, bracelets and pendants with this stone, you may feel affection and pleasure in life. Moreover, this pinkish stone reflects your vivid style and sophistication. As it is bright and available in different hues, the jewelry makers use this stone mostly for the pendant necklace. The shining stone on the long pendant can make a beautiful and attractive.

The bracelets and rings also look spectacular while blended with Rubellite. The pinkish delicacy shines throughout the day, and thus, you can use this stone-embedded jewelry on any occasion.

You may pair it with any silver and gold jewelry to add a youthful touch to your jewelry piece.

Where Does Rubellite Come From?

Rubellite stones are mined from different countries, including the USA, Russia, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Myanmar and Pakistan. Although there are several mining sites, They are rare stones. In some African sites also, these stones are available with brown and orange tinges.

How Much Is Rubellite Worth?

We know that Rubellite stone color ranges from hot pink to purplish pink. The brownish tones, present on the stone, can lower the price. The most popular and desirable color is deep pinkish-red. The best stones have saturated dark pink colors and their price may be slightly higher. Moreover, the real and authentic stone is costlier than artificial ones. Buy this stone from a reliable store to get it at the best rate.

How to Identify Rubellite?

Buying a real and authentic gemstone is not an easy process. The gemstone specialists may be able to identify the right ones. However, as one of the buyers, you must also know the tricks of choosing genuine stones.

Checking the stone color

Some so-called Rubellites are artificially created stones. That is why you have to check out the color to buy the right one. A real stone is pinkish, having high consistency and bright luster. Most of the buyers look for these pink stones.

You may also find Rubellite stones in darker violet and purple shades. However, you should avoid buying stones that are darker in color. In most cases, the deep shades indicate the artificially applied colors, created with dyes and resins. Thus, you have to know these tips to invest in the best stones.

Clarity of the stones

A crystal-clear Rubellite stone is the perfect choice for every buyer. By having a careful look, you can easily analyze the stones. You shouldn’t buy the stone with no clarity. These stones are low-priced options.

In other stones, you can find that any type of inclusion can reduce the price rate. However, for Rubellite, some inclusions help in reflecting the light rays beautifully.

Cut and shape

The high-value cuts are brilliant. As we can cut the stone perfectly, you have to check the reflection, symmetry and proportion.

One of the most prevalent gemstone treatments, irradiation turns out consistent red tones in the pale pink gems. However, you cannot detect this treatment very easily. You may assume that most of the Rubellite stones have undergone this treatment. The fillings and inclusions, added to these stones, are similar to what we find in emeralds. FTIR is one of the spectroscopic treatments for identifying the fillings of the stone. Another method for finding the fillings is hot point testing.

Now, there are different ways to differentiate authentic Rubellite from lab-synthesized stones.

You may take the tourmaline stone under artificial light and observe its color. Genuine stones alter their color in the presence of artificial light. You can find a brownish hue on these stones. While your jewelry seller has claimed the tourmaline stone is a real stone, you must try out the color test. However, the most interesting thing is that the vibrant Rubellite stones have no alteration of color under your artificial light rays.

When the stones have small scratches on their surface, it indicates the presence of inclusions. However, the perfect and 100% flawless look of the stones may raise suspicion in the buyers. You have to check out these things at the time of buying the gemstones.

How to Use Rubellite?

Known as the October birthstone, Rubellite is best for those, who were born in this month. The stone has high energy, helping you to promote the healing process. You can find transformation in your life. You may carry it with you or wear the stone by embedding it in your jewelry. You will feel a positive effect on emotional health. Another option for you is to present this stone to someone, whom you love. You can retain the best relationship with that person. For growing Divine love, you may use the stones with your earrings.

The Spring season is the best time to harness the potential of this stone. We also think it to be the right stone to use during the transitional period of your life. You can manage the new things, coming into your life. By removing the old things, you may embrace the new ones. The pink stone also opens up your heart chakra and works as an emotional remedy after your heartbreak. Moreover, you may feel emotionally secure and it will increase your courage and inner strength. You may also maintain stability at your home and office. Thus, place the stone in your room and get these benefits.

How to Cleanse Rubellite?

It is very easy to cleanse the Tourmaline gemstones, like Rubellite. To maintain the quality of the stone, you must not place it under direct sunlight. You can keep your stone clean in different ways.

Take some sea salt and fresh water in a small bowl. Then, immerse the Rubellite stone in this bowl, filled with the solution. After a few minutes, you have to rinse it by using water. You may also use a piece of cloth and warm soapy water for cleansing the stone.

As Rubellite stones are much durable, they do not need high maintenance. Still, you must not use an ultrasonic mechanical cleaning process and heat for treating this stone. The hard stone does not have scratch marks easily. However, you can avoid placing it with rubies, diamonds, sapphires and other stones. 

Rubellite vs. Ruby

Both Rubellite and Ruby are translucent minerals, available in different red shades. You can find these stones all over the world. While comparing the chemical structure, the researchers have found corundum in ruby. However, Rubellite is a stone, related to elbaite. Deep red is the only color of Ruby, while Rubellite has a variety of shades, including crimson red, purple and pink.

In the gemstone world, Sapphires, Emeralds and Rubies are precious ones. Ruby is the King of Gems and it is a pricy stone used for jewelry. However, due to this high price, lots of jewelers use this semi-precious stone instead.

The chromium content of Rubies causes the production of the red glow. The bright red color is the most important thing, distinguishing these stones from other gems. The red undertone of Ruby is more vibrant than that of Rubellite. Moreover, Ruby stone is also of higher density. The purplish shade, found in some Rubellite, easily makes the stone identifiable. One of the interesting things is that high-quality Rubellite stone does not alter its color in varied types of lights. Moreover, as Rubellite is a pyroelectric stone, constant heating can make it electrically charged.

Now, let us have a look at the difference in the hardness level of the stones. Measured on the Mohs scale, the hardness level for Ruby is 9. However, for Rubellite, it ranges from 7 to 7.5.

Rubies are highly potent gemstones, acting as a barrier against a psychic issues and negative energy. They reinforce your leadership qualities, courage and joy. The Blood Pigeon ruby has a relation to love, passion and victory. Moreover, Burmese ruby had once protected knights from the dangers of the war.

Rubellite attracts love and wealth in your life. This stone has the capability of stimulating the heart of a person. Emotionally, you will find a balance. It also helps you in removing the worries in your life. Thus, both two of them have some properties to ensure a better and peaceful life.

The Best Combination to Use With Rubellite

Rubellite combined with other stones makes your jewelry look unique. You may blend tourmaline stones of other colors. For instance, black tourmaline helps in relieving stress, while the green, blue and watermelon tourmaline can encompass a vibration. Petalite is another stone, usable with Rubellite. You may also use Danburite, a crystalline energy stone to increase your Divine love.

While you have depression, stress and other similar problems, you can combine the pink stone with other crystals. However, make sure that these crystals have high lithium content. Kunzite, Lithium Quartz, Spurrite, Holmquistite, Howlite, Kurnakovite and Lilac Lepidolite are the best stones that work with Rubellite to relieve stress. Moreover, for increasing your love energy, you have to use thymus chakra or heart chakra stones with it.

Final Words

Rubellite is one of the best gemstones with lots of valuable properties. Available at a reasonable price rate, this stone helps you in solving misunderstandings and relationship issues. You can keep the negative energy out of your life. Instill tranquility and confidence in your life by wearing this stone.