For each person there is a color with which he identifies and feels comfortable, the same happens when a choice is made of the tourmaline that will accompany you and help keep the energies under control. Tourmalines are stones of very varied colors to which different properties are associated.

A stone as beautiful as pink tourmaline, which besides being beautiful has interesting powers both for love and for physical and emotional well-being that can certainly be of great benefit, as you can know by documenting it.

Related to the heart chakra, this tourmaline connects with a feeling of authentic compassion towards oneself and others, from which peace and authentic joy are born. In short, red tourmaline means everything that love entails.

The pink tourmaline is developed from granites, by volcanic activities and is transformed into rocks thanks to the action of heat and pressure. These crystals can charge electrically due to temperature changes. Tourmaline is presented in pink and red colors, being more valued when its hue approximates the color of the ruby. In ancient times the aphrodisiac power is attributed to him and to attract and maintain love.


Each of the colors of the tourmalines indicates their energy and healing abilities, which are very beneficial for those who need them. These stones are often confused with precious stones. Pink Tourmaline’s name is due to its special color, which represents love.

pink tourmaline raw stone
Our elegant pink tourmaline raw stone

Aphrodisiac powers are attributed to pink tourmaline. It is said that it attracts love on the material and spiritual level, gives joy and enthusiasm in relationships, gives us security and trust, dissipates emotional pains and feelings of discord, and promotes peace and harmony in relationships.

Eliminate hatred and revenge from your thinking. It allows feelings and thoughts to be expressed simply. This tourmaline benefits you with inner peace and tranquility, thanks to the fact that it eliminates negative feelings, allowing personal growth.

Pink tourmaline is also a protective stone as it creates a protective bar around you. A kind of protective shield so that no one who tries to harm can do it. Channel and transform negative energies into vibes and good energies.

Metaphysical Healing Properties

The properties of pink tourmaline are very varied. It causes improvements and tranquility in all aspects at the physical, spiritual, and emotional levels. This is why it is used to make different treatments and to prevent the negative from approaching. On an energy level, tourmaline is always channeling the energies that are in the environment and the person. Protects the body and mind from the entrance of negativity.

Physical Healing Energy

Healing properties are attributed, as is the case to prevent and relieve muscle aches and spasms; also in gemmotherapy, it is recommended to relieve severe pain caused by the menstrual period or menopause. The way you use it for these purposes is to place the stone on the area where the pain exists.

On a physical level, Pink Tourmaline helps in the treatment of arthritis, to combat problems in the skin and nails, and activates the metabolism. It is said to be good for treating problems in the liver, spleen, intestines, heart problems, lungs, pancreas, reproductive system, and strengthening of arteries and veins.

In women, it reduces the pain of menstruation and promotes hormonal balance in menopause. On the Psychic level, it is widely used for depression, psychosomatic diseases, and fear crises. It helps release mental and sexual blockages.

It will help you get to know yourself better and be able to deliver yourself in a much more intense way. You will get to enjoy sex as you’ve never known before. It is very focused on the physical plane. It will help you focus when you have to face any demanding situation. The pink tourmaline stone can relax the nervous system, achieving the effects of a lot of tranquility and well-being that result in high-concentration processes.

Emotional Healing Energy

Many of the problems that afflict us every day have to do with an emotional or spiritual cause, the pink tourmaline will be in charge of cleaning your spirit of all the negative, negative thoughts and attitudes, grudges, anguishes, bad memories, of all that you will strip and you will feel a very beneficial emotional shock for you.

One thing that this stone can do for you is to give you joy; and lift your spirits so that you face life and all situations, including problems with positivism, a good attitude, and firmness. This helps to heal the body progressively thanks to the decrease in cortisol.

As mentioned, they say it relieves menstrual pain effectively. It acts to protect against possible depression crises, and is a powerful ally in the treatment of phobias and other psychic syndromes, encouraging the state of mind of the person.

In healing with crystals in general, she is widely used to expand the manifestations of love for the body and beyond. It is very useful in the harmonization of all the elements of the body in search of peace and self-knowledge. People feel freer to live new experiences. It gives strength to the heart, and wisdom and activates creativity and sexuality.

The changes in the energies of the earth at this time are creating difficulties for a large number of people. These problems can be cured with any color of tourmaline crystals, but pink crystals will cure emotional problems. If you have felt tense or stressed, this lovely pink stone can help heal your emotions and help you feel less stressed, more at ease, and relaxed.

This energy is also very beneficial for farms. This tourmaline is associated with the heart chakra, emanating love and compassion for you and others. Its healing properties are also several and it is here that it is shown that it is undoubtedly a very valuable and powerful stone.

Chakra Healing and Balancing Energy

Pink tourmaline connects with the root chakra to bring strength, courage, and conviction to all your efforts in love. It encourages you to overcome any problem that blocks your heart chakra and prevents you from fully opening your heart to love. By facilitating emotional healing, a rubellite tourmaline stone is a tool to open the heart and revitalize the joy of your life.

The vibration of this stone will also stimulate your coronary chakra, and fuse this energy with that of the heart and thymus chakras. This can give you the power to live your life from a higher spiritual perspective and allow divine love to guide your life.

Pink tourmaline has a direct action on the cardiac and umbilical chakras and, thus, they have the power to return, even in extreme situations, the joy of living for their bearers. Besides, their vibrations positively favor issues that involve sharing feelings, willpower, wisdom, and vigor, among others.

The pink tourmaline has a beautiful energy that vibrates both in the heart chakra and in the chakra of the upper heart or thymus chakra. This lovely pink crystal has a high lithium content.

Lithium is well known for its benefits to mental illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, and stress. Like most heart-based stones, the vibration of this beautiful crystal brings an influx of love, joy, and happiness to your life. Therefore, if it makes you feel dejected, stressed, or lacking interest in life, this precious pink stone will help you recover your passion for life.

pink tourmaline raw stone
Our elegant pink tourmaline raw stone

Pink Tourmaline In Jewelry Uses

When you wear this piece in some type of pendant, bracelet, or earring, you begin to feel like happiness and affection sprouts through your veins. The pink tourmaline has a sophisticated and highly vivid style capable of giving life to the area where you decide to use it.

Being bright and being able to present different shades of colors, it is widely used as a pendant necklace. It is highly striking and will leave those who observe you using this beautiful garment open-mouthed.

The first thing we can do is long pendants perfect for a night or a designated day when you want to shine. Of course, opt for a hairstyle collected to see more of your long pink tourmaline pendants.

A pink tourmaline bracelet will make your hand look spectacularly delicate and elegant, ideal to combine with a ring, and have an impressive set, not counting the benefits of carrying this gem in your hand.

The union between the pink tourmaline earrings and the matching bracelet will make the appearance of your friends go directly to these jewels. As young love has, these pieces will add a youthful and elegant touch at the same time.

Other spectacular jewels can be earrings, which can be used for any occasion, such as for a more casual outfit. The pink delicacy that these earrings provide will make you shine all day, allowing your features to stand out on their own.

In addition to these earrings, it is advisable to wear a long necklace with several tourmalines that surround a silver or gold pendant. This combination will form a great elegance along with the indicated attire.

If your choice is a more casual look every day, but you want to add a touch of color and elegance, a short necklace is your best choice. A pink-colored choker can make you highlight the natural lines of your neck.

With this short necklace, an option for the perfect look is to combine it with a set of silver tendrils. The tendrils will combine and leave a color tone marked indistinctly from the clothes you wear and will give you a completely informal look.

Where Does Pink Tourmaline Come From?

Deposits have been found in Afghanistan, Africa, Brazil, and the US, and some of the best stones come from California. The pink stones vary from a pale pink to an intense, almost red rose.

Many of these crystals are of gem quality, with exceptional clarity and beauty. The lighter-colored stones are commonly called pink tourmaline and the darker reddish-pink or red stones are known as red tourmaline.

It is common to find different shades of pink and this may affect the original price. The range may vary from soft to very marked pink. Even rough pieces can have strong healing qualities, and all the qualities of this pink variety of tourmaline have strong metaphysical attributes or properties.

How Much Is Pink Tourmaline Worth?

Pink tourmaline stones vary from pastel to hot pink, and pink is one of the most valuable colors in fine tourmaline, especially those of deep pink. Choose from a wide variety of pink tourmaline gemstones, which include individual gems, matched pairs, and batches of pink tourmaline combined.

This gem despite not being excessively expensive, is your family’s most valued for its extensive properties in an environment that everyone wants to improve or maintain. For a good choice of this stone check the color.

Where to Buy Pink Tourmaline?

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

How to Identify Pink Tourmaline?

The hardness of your gemstone may be helpful in determining its veracity. Tourmalines are extremely hard, with a score of 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. Find a discreet place in the tourmaline and gently rub a steel blade against the stone. Steel blades are generally 5.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. If the blade scratches the stone, it means that it is a fake stone that is much softer than a genuine pink tourmaline.

Observe your pink tourmaline under bright artificial light. Genuine tourmalines change color under artificial light, showing a brown hue. If your stone is billed as a pink tourmaline and does not show this tone when exposed to artificial light, you are probably looking at a fake gemstone. The only exceptions to this rule are rubellites, a vibrant and reddish-pink tourmaline that does not change under artificial light.

How to Use Pink Tourmaline?

The most common use that is given to pink tourmaline is as a lucky charm when finding love or keeping it. This is achieved by using it as a necklace or perhaps as a ring. However, it is possible to see that large decorative crystals are used for your home.

Pink tourmaline is one of the birthstones of October. So these beautiful stones are found in the October section of the list of birthstones per month. The energy of this stone can create deep healing, as it can help you identify where you need to make changes to align your life with the divine will. The use of pink tourmaline gemstones as jewelry keeps this loving energy within your aura, to help your emotional health.

How to Cleanse Pink Tourmaline?

Tourmaline cleaning can be done in a short time. It is important to note that pink tourmalines should not be placed under direct sunlight. There are different ways to keep your tourmaline clean and more importantly still active.

Place freshwater and sea salt in a bowl, dip the tourmaline in this water for a few minutes, and then rinse with plenty of water. As it is not recommended to place it in the sun, to charge its energy, take it with both hands and start visualizing your energy towards the tourmaline.

Without washing it you can also clean it. In the same way as the energy load, hold it in both hands and visualize that you are cleaning it with the water of a river. Then the energy charges and that’s it.

Compared to Other Similar Gemstones

Pink Tourmaline vs. Pink Sapphire

The pink sapphire brings the wisdom of resistance to one’s life, teaching that true strength lies in the power of vulnerability. Like a willow that yields to strong winds and emerges stronger, the pink sapphire helps the emotional body through the transitions of life, stimulating the emotions of love, forgiveness, acceptance and letting go. This beautiful crystal calms the heart and aligns it with the mind, healing the wounds of the past and fostering compassion for others. It helps to develop the value of reopening relationships and finding the joy of interacting with others.

pink sapphire
Pink Sapphire Stones

Pink sapphire is considerably more resistant to the Mohs scale. In some cases, it is difficult to distinguish a pink sapphire from a ruby. Only a gemologist can make this distinction. In the United States, for example, minimum color saturation is necessary for a stone to be called ruby. In other countries, the term ruby ​​is used more freely.

Pink Tourmaline vs. Rubellite

Rubellite tourmaline is a special type of tourmaline that has an incredibly bright red to pinkish-red color. It is also known as the red tourmaline. Most tourmaline is named simply for the color that appears. However, the shocking roses and reds that can be called rubellite tourmaline are so bright that they have been designated their name.


The word Rubellite comes from the Latin wordrubellus, which means red. Although many tourmalines are red, they must comply with a very specific rule to be called rubellite tourmaline. When the gem is seen under different lighting conditions, it must remain red. Many gems will change their color from red to purple in different lighting conditions. A true Rubellite tourmaline should remain red regardless of lighting conditions.

Pink Tourmaline vs Pink Topaz

This powerful stone is a gem that favors forgiveness and helps to see the truth. Get in touch with the resources you have inside, to achieve the objectives you have set.

It helps to become aware of the influence you have inside you and your acquired knowledge, thanks to the experiences of life. All this will be used by Topaz always for your benefit.

pink topaz
Pink Topaz

Topaz is a hard stone that contains fluorine, aluminum oxide, or silica between its components. Because of its composition, topaz is part of the aluminosilicate group. However, its name is due to a very curious confusion.

Topaz is a hard stone that contains fluorine, aluminum oxide, or silica between its components. Because of its composition, topaz is part of the aluminosilicate group. However, its name is due to a very curious confusion.

Finding a natural pink topaz in nature is very rare. In addition, it is very expensive due to the shortage of this beautiful stone. Only natural pink topazes have been found in Brazil, Pakistan, and Russia.

The vast majority of pink topazes that you see are heat-treated to acquire this special hue. It has a very special meaning because it is considered the stone of hope. It works by gently releasing old disease patterns; In this way, it will guide you toward radiant health.

Pink Tourmaline vs. Pink Diamond

Pink diamonds are extremely rare among all colored diamonds. Only 0.01 percent of all diamonds in the world are pink. Pink diamonds have so far only been discovered in some places in Indonesia, India, Russia, Canada, Brazil, and Australia.

pink diamond
Pink Diamond

The majority of pink diamonds, 90%, come from the Argyle diamond mine in Australia. The color of Argyle diamonds is so unique and discernible at first sight to diamond experts that the pink diamonds of that mine have earned their name in the diamond industry under the term Argyle Diamond.

The color of pink diamonds can be found in several other minerals. The colors of pink diamonds are more similar to those of pink quartz, kunzite, morganite, pink amethyst from France, pink calcite, and what concerns us pink tourmaline.

Indirect comparison of the properties, the difference between other pink minerals and diamonds becomes clear. Diamonds are the hardest minerals in the world. With a Mohs hardness of 10, there are no minerals that can match the hardness of diamonds. The shine of diamonds is also unique. The formation and chemical composition of minerals differ.

The Best Combination to Use With Pink Tourmaline

It will combine well with all other Tourmaline colors including Black Tourmaline, which helps relieve stress, Green Tourmaline, Dravita Brown Tourmaline, Blue Tourmaline, Turmilated Quartz, and the unusual Watermelon Tourmaline, which encompasses the vibration of both Tourmaline stones Pink as Green.

The most vibrant stones such as Petalite, Heulandite, Escolecita, and Danburite are some of the high crystalline energy stones that will raise their vibration above the crown chakra to allow them to make contact with the source of Divine love.

Final Words

This tourmaline opens the field of communication between the couple, so it is good to take it to close at the time you want to attack a problem or misunderstanding. In this way, both are allowed to maintain extensive communication and understand their views.

Not only does it free you from negative energies found abroad, but it also eliminates the negativity that can be found in ourselves. Allow absurd and not beneficial thoughts to take over your mind. Having a pink tourmaline instills confidence and tranquility. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety or stress, you can choose to combine this pink crystal with other stones with a high lithium content.

It is a beautiful crystal to give to a loved one or someone you expect to love you in the future, to help the relationship flourish. Pink tourmaline jewelry is very attractive and can be found in the list of birthstones of the zodiac.