Gemstones have gained high popularity since the ancient ages, not only for their beauty but also for their mysterious power. Moonstone is also one of the attractive gems with a pearly veil, locking the secrets. However, moonstone is of different types and one of them is the rainbow moonstone.

With the technical name, Labradorite, rainbow moonstone also has an internal glow, giving us some divine Inspiration. Rainbow moonstone has the capability of opening us to the synchronicity that is not perceptible to us in our everyday routine. Let us present you with more information on this gemstone.

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Moonstones are lovely, attractive-looking crystals, available in a range of colors- milky white, peach, yellow, green, grey, blue, pink and the rainbow moonstone. The look of the stone relates to the symbolic implications. In most of these stones, you can find a sheen and reflective quality.

The stunning combination of blue and white colors of these stones reminds us of the look of the moon. The specialized structure creates the sheen. However, this unique color is more prominent in rainbow moonstone, filled with several qualities. While you are carrying the rainbow moonstone with you, it will reflect its colors at you. The purple and blue tones make the stone look sparkling.

Rainbow Moonstone
Extreme Close up of Rainbow Moonstone

To find the meaning of rainbow moonstone, we have analyzed the look. At first glance, the stone appears as a small rainbow. However, by inspecting the stone closely, you can find a transparent look. You may notice a white part, found mostly in the pearl. Now, what does this colorful gemstone imply? To the travelers, this stone is a protective weapon. While you are traveling at night, you may take this moonstone with you. To different users, the stone has varied implications. At the early age, sailors used to take this stone with them to get the potentials of the moon. They think that this stone would guide them all the time for a safe voyage. In addition to the travelers, other users have also used the stone for different purposes.

The ancient cultures had shown respect to the divine moon. Thus, people in the ancient age used to think that there is a connection of rainbow moonstone and the moon deities. As the deities are female, the stone connects you with feminine energy. This feminine energy has a direct relation to confidence, love, focus and assertiveness. While you have no feminine energy, you may not find those traits in you.

Rainbow moonstone had turned out to be the symbol of eroticism, fertility, birth and other natural processes. It also represents the purity and balance of negativity and positivity. These are symbolic implications of the gemstone.

The Romans and Greeks admired rainbow moonstone since the ancient ages. They think that this stone is a solid version of moon rays. In the past hundred years, they used the stone for jewelries. Moreover, we had also found the use of this stone in Art Nouveau jewelry. In due course, rainbow moonstone turned out to be very popular during the 1960s, while there was hippie movement.

As one of the transformational stones, rainbow moonstone can open up several opportunities in our life. Imagine the natural Moon cycle. As it is an endless cycle, we find the new moon and full moon every month. The full moon radiates bright light rays, and then resets itself to turn out to be a new moon. Similarly, in our life, we have a range of intentions every month and we come up with fresh opportunities. We can continue growing and shining until accomplishing our desire with full of joy. We enjoy these feelings and then get back to normal life. When we carry a real rainbow stone with us, we can eliminate stress and pressure from our life. We would be able to maintain a smooth path during the transitional period of our life.

The Hindus think that Vishuddha or the throat chakra has a connection to rainbow moonstone. As this throat chakra implies hearing and speech manifestation, the stone helps in stimulating your honesty and truthfulness. Moreover, it promotes an interaction of the physical and spiritual world. The users can recall the dreams of their past lives.


Physical Properties

The triclinic crystal, rainbow moonstone has the chemical formula- Sodium calcium aluminum silicate. With pearly to vitreous luster, the stone has perfect cleavage. The birefringence ranges between 0.008 and 0.010. Moreover, the density of this crystal is about 2.65. On the Mohs scale, the hardness level is 6 – 6.5.

While the technical name of real moonstone is orthoclase, the rainbow moonstone is a labradorite. You can find similarity in them in the look and power. However, one of the major things distinguishing rainbow moonstone is its added energy. This energy helps you to find light in the spiritual and mental realm. Moreover, it gives you guidance to overcome the psychic situations.

A rainbow moonstone is a semi-transparent, soft version of moonstone with a unique look and color. The special composition of the mineral has resulted in this look. Feldspar of different types becomes blended to turn out a beautiful look of this stone.

Moreover, rainbow moonstone works as a type of prism that diffuses energy throughout its aura. To get psychic protection, you can put on rainbow moonstone and clear your senses. This gemstone also promotes calm sleep and lucid dreaming. As you wear rainbow moonstone, it connects you with the spirits and energies of Nature.

Metaphysical Properties

Due to the unique metaphysical properties, rainbow moonstone has gained a high value to us. Lots of monks in this world carry the moonstone with them to have a feel of spiritual connection all the time. The stone enables them to find the best path at every moment in their life.

Rainbow moonstone has a connection to the Crown Chakra. We can find its interaction with the Crown Chakra in different ways. Although this gemstone is beneficial to every user, the women get special value due to the emission of feminine energy.

Spiritual awakening is one of the metaphysical effects of wearing the gemstone. However, your anticipations are major factors to make out how you would get benefit from rainbow moonstone. You cannot find spiritual arousal magically by wearing the stone.

We know that monks have chosen spiritual paths and they are always in search of this spiritual enlightenment. However, they wear rainbow moonstone to have a guide to attain spiritual goals. Surely, the stone does no magic to the users. It gives us its natural energy and that is why we get a high sense of clarity.

Rainbow moonstone is useful to us in different other ways. It helps us to keep away from something that causes harm in our life. Most of the spiritual leaders think that the stone has unique energy for dissolving our ego.

We know that as we nurture ego, we stay away from the achievements and spirituality. The stone makes it easier for us to remove the ego and get a better feel of spirituality. You may also have the benefits by taking the stones during meditation. While maintaining neutrality in your mind, you will find the best effects of this stone.

Rainbow Moonstone Jewelry

The jewelries with gemstones always look stunning. Rainbow moonstone also makes your jewelries, gleaming with beauty. You can find some mysterious energy, emanating from the gemstone. You may buy rainbow moonstone earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets. The clean look and attractive funky designs make your rainbow moonstone jewelries appear beautiful.

To customize your gold and silver jewelries, you may use faceted gemstones and cabochons. Rainbow moonstone also looks best with stones of different colors. Most of the buyers buy loose pieces of rainbow moonstones and then personalize their jewelries with those stones. While buying these stones, you have to focus on the size instead of the carat weight. There is a variation to the size-to-weight ratio of these colorful stones.

Some of us wear stone-embedded jewelries for aesthetics, while others think of getting other benefits from rainbow moonstone. It looks attractive to wear earrings beautified with Peridot and rainbow moonstone. The gorgeous looking crystals work as the healing stones to the users. Known as July and June birthstone, rainbow moonstone gives you physical benefits in different ways. You will get calming energy by wearing rainbow moonstone jewelries. This moonstone is also best for those, who have Scorpio and Libra zodiac signs.

Where does Rainbow Moonstone come from

We can find the deposits of rainbow moonstone in different countries, including Russia, Myanmar, the USA, Sri Lanka, India and Australia. Orthoclase Moonstone is the original piece of gemstone. Most of the buyers and jewelers are familiar with these stones. The blue billowy stones are available in semitransparent to translucent look.

In the eastern countries, lots of users think that there is a living spirit in the moonstone to help them in stimulating good fortune. They also think it to be a sacred stone, enabling them to predict their future. While you are looking for an alternative to pearl, you may choose orthoclase moonstone.

Several years ago, Indians had found a new type of moonstone from a mining site. The new discovery revealed the presence of labradorite feldspar. The royal blue sheen and the multicolored sheen refer to the rainbow effect of a moonstone.

Thus, in the ancient age, India was the biggest source of beautiful and attractive rainbow moonstones. These stones were surely the prestige and wealth to the Indians. However, the mountains in the country of Switzerland has an old mining site, from where we can find rainbow moonstone.

How much is Rainbow Moonstone worth

The colorless and transparent body with blue adularescence indicates the higher price of the stone. In most cases, you can find cabochons of stones, available at a reasonable rate. However, the near-opaque materials with different body colors are the most prevalent stones to the consumers. You may also find their price within your budget. The high-grade blue sheen gemstones are available to very few dealers. The faceted transparent stones are also not easily accessible to the buyers. Overall, we can say that quality and color are major things, affecting the rainbow moonstone price. While you have chosen clear stones, you have to pay a higher price.

How to identify Rainbow Moonstone

To buy rainbow moonstone, you have to know the way of identifying the authentic ones. The unique adularescence is the most important thing, helping you to identify the stone. Rainbow moonstone has its internal source of sheen and light. Moreover, the high specific gravity is the most notable thing to distinguish rainbow moonstone from the other orthoclase moonstone. Let us help you in identifying the stone and buy the real ones.

Color of Rainbow Moonstone

Most of these moonstones have a colorless look with a blue sheen. However, you may also find rainbow-colored sheen in some stones. Lots of customers love the intense blue sheen of the stone.

Luster and clarity

You can find a rainbow moonstone of bigger sizes. The presence of inclusions makes the stone look attractive. Those inclusions appear as centipedes- short lines with cracks. When there are few inclusions in rainbow moonstones, you can find a few colors. Thus, the cleaner rainbow moonstones will display the blue sheen.

It is much tough to identify the high quality clean blue rainbow moonstone pieces. Especially, the bigger ones are not easily available to us. The 10-by-12 ovals are standard sizes for the best quality gemstones, and while you have found bigger than this size, you must check out the quality thoroughly.

Inclusions are major factors resulting in the rainbow effect. These inclusions disperse the light rays and we find spectral colors. High clarity and transparent look- these two things indicate the quality of your rainbow moonstone.

Shape and Cut

The cabochon cut rainbow moonstone has an attractive look. The gemstone specialists focus on the orientation of this cut and maintain the proper height to present you with the best sheen. You may also buy the faceted transparent stones. The big transparent stones are high priced gems and you cannot easily find them.


The gemstone specialists do not treat rainbow moonstone in any way for refinement. Still, we can talk about bench repair, intended to deal with moonstone. The professionals use metal tools (reciprocating hammers, burnishers and chasing tools) for bruising the feldspar. After the primary treatment, the professionals polish out the scratches without affecting the stone setting.

How to use Rainbow Moonstone

As rainbow moonstone has a connection to the Moon, women find the stone to be much helpful for them. A stone of insight and intuition, rainbow moonstone connect us to different cycles in our life. Moreover, both males and females find an emotional balance by using these stones. How should you use the moonstone? You can embed the stone in your jewelries and ornaments. By wearing this stone, you may strengthen your reproductive system. Lots of women find a menstrual and hormonal balance by wearing it. As the stone helps in absorbing minerals and vitamins, it stimulates the digestion process.

When it is a full moon night, you can place the stone on your windowsill overnight to restore the charge. The stone will gain high potential on the full moon night.

To feel the vibration of the stone, you may use rainbow moonstone to adorn your jewelries. For instance, you can choose earrings, embedded with rainbow moonstone. Moreover, for intensifying the vibration and achieving the desired results, you may combine rainbow moonstone with Green Peridot and other moonstones. You will get strong psychic protection by wearing these stones.

As you wear moonstone, it reminds you of different patterns of life. You can stay patient while watching the patterns. Rainbow moonstone is the best stone for those, who are undergoing some regressions of their past life. You can learn something to take your life to a different height to embrace your energy and potentials. Using this moonstone, you may find new things in life and make out your psychic abilities.

We have already said that rainbow moonstone works as a protection to the travelers. You can place the gemstone in your backpack, suitcase and luggage. Now, you are ready for a safe trip. Moreover, you may also buy the stone as a gift for your dear ones, who stay away from you. It will create psychic bonds between two persons.

When it is a dark night and you are out of your house, you can wear a rainbow moonstone necklace to predict your danger. You can take a step before danger affects you.

How to cleanse Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow moonstone is one of the durable stones with an attractive look. As it is not brittle, you can easily cleanse it to retain the originality. However, the dusts on the stone may have quartz. Thus, while removing the dust from rainbow moonstone, there is a risk of scratches. You may use a soft cloth and soapy water for cleansing the rainbow moonstone. Rinse the stone thoroughly to remove the residue of soap. You must not rub the stone against any jewelry piece. Regular maintenance helps you in keeping up the best look of the stone.

The best combination to use with Rainbow Moonstone

You can use rainbow moonstone with other potential transformative stones to get the best result. You can combine rainbow moonstone with different other stones, stimulating your activity and joyful energy. Peridot, garnet and diamonds are some of the common stones, combined with rainbow moonstone. While blended with rainbow moonstone, you can feel the effects of colorful rainbows on your life. You will find joy and pleasure by using these stones. Moreover, these stones promote actions to transform your life. Rainbow moonstone also presents you with better insight and vision. However, the term, vision is interpretable differently by every individual.

When you use the only moonstone, you may not always encourage yourself to take action in spite of predicting something wrong. That is why you can use other stones to get the utmost benefits. The stones will drive you to make efforts for reaching your goals. Smoky quartz and shungite may also work with rainbow moonstones for banishing negativity.

There is a minor risk, related to moonstone. Your emotions will control you, and you may feel sadness while the emotions are negative. Choose the right gemstones to combine them with rainbow moonstone and maintain your natural consciousness. You may also use stones, harnessing the potential of the sun. It will help you in avoiding cosmic imbalance.  Topaz and citrine are the stones, having Sun connections. Moreover, you know that gold is capable of conducting solar energy. While you have embedded moonstone in gold jewelry, you can leverage cosmic power.

Bumblebee Jasper is one of the stones to free your blocked energies. You may use it with your rainbow moonstone. Among other stones, Aragonite is the best one to enable you to release emotional bindings.

Now, you can start searching for the stones to use them with your rainbow moonstones. Go through our guide to find out the right stone combinations for your use.

Final Words

Rainbow moonstone is one of the beneficial and potential gemstones, connecting you with your emotions. Although we are capable of recognizing our emotions, we cannot take any action to deal with them. The gemstone guides us to go through the difficult times of our life. Thus, it is best to use rainbow moonstone in different ways. You may also combine this moonstone with other gemstones.