Pietersite is a beautiful semi-precious gemstone that belongs to the family of Quartz. It is also called Tempestone. It is one of the rare gemstones with dark grey or reddish appearance. Pietersite is basically a crystal made of broken fragments that are embedded in a matrix. Its beautiful appearance resembles Hawk’s eye or Tiger’s eye. It does not have a very old history. When it was discovered in 1962 by Sid Pieters, he named it after his father’s name to honor him. Due to the beautiful appearance and hardness of the gem, it is not only used for healing but also for ornamental purposes.

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Pieterstone is known as storm stone because it brings changes in your life. It is symbolized intuition, change, power, and protection. It belongs to the element of air and more specifically storm. That is the reason it protects the wearer in bad weather and storms. It is the birthstone of Libra and Sagittarius and it belongs to the planet Jupiter. Besides spirituality, it has grounding energy as well.


Physical Properties

Pietersite gem has continuous chatoyancy that is similar to the tiger’s eye. Its structure is folded and stressed due to the pressure of Earth. It is found in various colors but mostly they are present in brownish-red, orange, golden yellow-brown, blue and grey. It is also known as pseudo quartz. It is made of macrocrystalline silicon dioxide (SiO2) and also crocidolite, Na2Fe4(OH/Si4O11).

The hardness of Pietersite crystal ranges from 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness and its specific gravity ranges from 2.50 to 2.74. It has a refractive index of 1.544 to 1.553. It has an attractive silky luster which increases its beauty and appearance. It is usually opaque and its fluorescence is very moderate to strong green and white color. It is usually found in Henan province, China, and Namibia, South Africa.

Metaphysical Properties

Gemstones exhibit metaphysical properties that help in the healing of physical and mental health. Many experts around the world use gemstones to treat their patients and the effects do turn out positive. Pietersite is one of the high vibration stones and leaves a strong and positive effect on the wearer’s life.

Physical Health:

Pietersite is very effective for our respiratory system. It is also helpful for the proper functioning of our pituitary glands and endocrine glands. It regulates the release of hormones of sex, growth, metabolism, blood pressure and temperature, etc. Pieterstone is a stone of the nervous system and aids in the proper functioning of the brain. It also helps the intestine and liver to absorb nutrients from food. Pieterstone is also believed to have a role in regulating blood pressure. It helps in strengthening the legs, feet, and lungs also. Pieterstone also improves the functioning of the reproductive system and sleep cycle.

Mental Health:

Pietersite is a very strong stone. It removes the negative energy and cleanses your emotions. It gives you confidence, stability, willpower, and dedication. It calms the nerves and creates a more stable state of mind. Pieterstone has the ability to help you in decision making about what is right and what is wrong.

Its Tiger’s eye effect helps us to have an insight into worldly reflections. It helps us to concentrate even when there are a lot of distractions in our life. Its high energy can help us get rid of bad dreams and bad addictions. If you are afraid of speaking up and giving your opinion, Pietersite can help you in being confident and expressing your views. It can enhance your imagination, creativity, and thought process.

Spiritual Health:

This beautiful stone has the ability to improve our spiritual health. Pietersite helps us to find new ways and directions to progress in life. Its high vibrations connect you to nature and give you intuition about spirituality. It is also effective in chakra healing of sacral plexus chakra. It develops homeostasis by connecting lower and higher chakras. Pietersite removes toxins from your soul and gives you a new and fresh aura. If you have a hidden sense of spirituality, it can help you awaken that as well.

Where to Buy Pietersite?

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Pietersite in Jewelry Uses

Gemstone jewelry has been in trend for quite a long time. Though Pieterstone is one of the rare gemstones, its jewelry is still very popular. From rings to pendants, all varieties of designs are available in online and in-store markets. The value of Pieterstone will increase depending on the type of setting and quality of the cut and shape. Usually, Pieterstone jewelry comes in silver, sterling silver, and white gold. Since gemstones are used for healing purposes, people prefer wearing gemstone jewelry instead of carrying them in their pockets. Many experts suggest wearing gems in rings, bracelets, and short-chain pendants so the stones can stay in contact with the skin.


You might have seen people stuffing all their fingers with exotic gemstone rings. It has been an old tradition that yogis and gemologists used to wear many gemstone rings at once. Apart from their beautiful appearance, it is a good way to show off your possessions too. Anyways, rings always possess a special place in our hearts. Also, rings are a variety of jewelry that we all love to wear. You can wear a ring anywhere without being judged by fashionistas, whether it’s the office, party or wedding.

Pieterstone rings are popular due to the eye-catching color of the stone. They come in various unique designs. Some rings are with wideband settings and some are with narrowband settings. There are many handcrafted designs as well like heavy exotic rings that give you a statement look. One of the interesting facts about gemstone rings is that they are preferred to have a naked bottom so that the gem can stay in direct contact with the skin to maximize the healing effects.


The gemstone bracelet always attracts women due to the style that it adds to the overall outlook. From beaded bracelets to carved gems in silver bracelet casings, all unique varieties of bracelets are enhancing the value of our jewelry collection. But not all jewelry can be worn at once. If you are wearing an antique Pietersite bracelet, go for a very simple ring. Don’t overdo your jewelry. Pietersite bracelets are not only popular in women, but in men also. For men, there are silver leather bracelets with a single tall cut gemstone carved in them. They also have options for chain and cuff bracelets as well.


Earrings are an essential part of jewelry that completes and compliments the whole outfit. The choice of earrings is usually dependent on the hairstyle, the shape of the face and the occasion. Gemstones are more common in stud earrings, but Pieterstone earrings are also available in drop and single dangle earrings. Pietersite earrings look more beautiful when the stone is in oval and round cuts. Besides vintage-style gemstone earrings, Pietersite is also used in combination with pearls in earrings.

Pendants and Necklaces

As we all admire the necklaces and pendants, another interesting fact about Pietersite necklaces is that wearing them around the neck helps in improving your physical health. From very simple single chain Pietersite necklaces to fancy handcrafted pendants and chokers, there are many unique and stunning designs available in the jewelry market. And due to the fast fashion trends, designers are coming up with new lines every other week.

In chain Pietersite necklaces, you have options of changing the type of chain, the shape of the stone or the material of the chain. Pietersite is also worn in the form of beaded necklaces but that needs a real sense of style to carry in the right way. You can also go for fancy and heavy necklaces for weddings or fancy occasions. Many stores also offer the stone with the casing only, so you get to choose the chain on your own.

Where Does Pietersite Come From?

Pietersite is a very rare gemstone. Its deposits are only found in China and South Africa. In Africa, it was first found in 1962. Pietersite was found in Henan province of china in 1990 but the authorities closed the mines after some years due to the unavailability of the gemstone. It is also being said that its deposits are getting rare in Africa.

How Much Is Pietersite Worth?

If you want to buy Pietersite, you may have to spend some extra bucks, because this is somewhat more expensive than other Quartz. One reason is that it belongs to the Tigers Eye Group. One type is yellow and the other one is blue. There is also the other one which is composed of mixed colors. The mixed color one is more popular and expensive. The more beautiful the color will be, the more expensive the stone will be.

As we know it is a rare gemstone and it is also discovered recently, this rarity makes it more expensive as the availability of this stone is less. The cost also increases with the variety of cuts. The cabochon cut (tall and oval) is the expensive and beautiful one because that brings out the full cat eye appearance of Pieterstone. The clarity and quality of luster also change the value of the gemstone.

How to Identify Pietersite?

Pieterstone has such an unusually unique and different shade that similar stones are not commonly found. Though Pietersite is one of the extraordinary gemstones having a striking resemblance to two amazing gemstones including the Tiger’s eye and the Hawk’s eye, it can be identified from these stones by its hardness and crystal structure. It is also distinguished from these stones due to its prominent brown color which is due to the presence of traces of crocidolite.

These fiber-like traces of crocidolite are also found in the Tiger’s eye stone and Hawk’s eye stone as well, and they create an invaluable cat’s eye-like appearance due to which it stands out from others. Pietersite is a pseudomorph of quartz as it changes into another form. Unlike Tiger’s eye, the surface of Pietersite looks chaotic with streaks and color in all directions. Usually, it is cut in a tall and round shape so that its colors can appear more clearly.

How to Use Pietersite?

Most people do not understand the importance of different ways of wearing gemstones and they complain that they are not getting positive effects from gemstones. That may be because they are not wearing it in the right way. In most cases, it is necessary to keep the gemstone in contact with your skin. Let’s talk about some ways of wearing Pietersite.

As we use technology and gadgets a lot these days, and accept it or not, its harmful electromagnetic rays do affect our health. You can wear Pietersite while working with technology so it can absorb the harmful emf rays and protect you.

You can keep Pietersite with you while traveling as it protects you in bad weather.

Many pets are scared of bad weather and storms, so in order to protect and calm them, you can place this Pietersite in their bedding. They will feel better.

You can keep it in your office and home because it has the property of saving your place from natural disasters.

Wear it around your neck in the form of a pendant, necklace, or choker, and by doing this you can deal with your physical and psychic health more effectively.

Keeping it under the pillow at night gives you a deep and nice sleep and prevents nightmares and bad dreams.

You can wear it such as it touches your skin. By doing this you will feel confident, bold and creative in your meetings and communication.

During meditation, you can hold it in your hand and take a deep breath. It will release your stress and tension.

Pietersite is also used as an elixir through crystal therapy. Peitersite elixir eliminates harmful powers from your body.

How to Cleanse Pietersite?

All gemstones are considered to be valuable both spiritually and precious. Due to the energy possessed by the stones they need to be cleansed and charged. A Pietersite can be cleansed and charged like others but require some important procedures to follow while cleaning, storing and wearing it.

During the process of cleaning it should be cleaned while avoiding ultrasonics, steam cleaners and chemicals as well. A light detergent can be used if needed as only water is enough for cleaning Pietersite. Wipe the stone clean gently to ensure no cleaner is there in it and let it dry.

Gemstones have their own importance and are quite valuable due to their properties and are stored very carefully. Pietersite can react to high temperatures and can change the colors on the surface if exposed to heat so it needs to be kept away from direct sunlight. It needs to be stored in a cool, dry and dark location in a cover to avoid any scratches.

Pietersite is a really hard stone and is suitable for everyday use but needs care to avoid scratches as a small scratch can be seen on its surface due to its chatoyancy.

One of the safest and most natural ways of cleansing Pietersite is by soaking it in saltwater or seawater if that is available. Leave it there for 2 days, take it out and dry it with a soft cloth. And you are good to go. You can also purify it under raindrops, freshwater or dew drops.

Cleansing the Pietersite by Sunlight is not the best idea, because exposure to high temperatures can damage the color of the gemstone.

Smudging is another commonly used method to cleanse and charge a gemstone in which Pieterstone is exposed to the smoke. This smoke is produced by burning a herb.

You can also consult gem experts to get professional cleansing and charging of Pieterstone. Purification can also be done by cleansing the stone and then reciting your intentions on it.

The Best Combination to Use With Pietersite

You might have seen people wearing multiple gemstones at the same time. If you are new to the world of gemstones, you must be wondering why? Well, as you know gemstones have amazing healing properties, and if you wear multiple stones with compatible properties and effects, they will amplify their effects on your life. You can not wear any stones together. You must know their properties and effects prior to the final decision. It’s a good idea to try a combination for a short period of time.

Let’s see what combinations are compatible with Pietersite:

You can combine Pietersite with Yellow Apatite, Citrine Crystals, Golden Yellow Labradorite and Heliodor which can help you in the healing of solar plexus chakras, meditation, and yoga.

Another combination of Pietersite with Sardonyx, Dumortierite, Hematite Crystals, Iron Pyrite, Carnelian Stones and Malachite is responsible for strengthening your character, determination, and motivation.

Pietersite can also be combined with Nuummite to increase spirituality and grounding.

You can also combine Pietersite with Tigers Eye and Jet.

Another exceptionally effective combination of Pietersite is formed with gemstones of Third Eye Chakra.

The combination with high vibration and energy gemstones like Moldavite, Natrolite, Phenacite, and Scolecite helps in enhancing your spiritual powers.

Since Pietersite helps in the 3rd Eye Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra, it can also be combined with Sunstone, Preseli Bluestone, and Libyan Gold Tektite.

You can also combine Pietersite with  Ajoite, Lolite, Labradorite, Rainbow Moonstone, Malachite, and Lapis Lazuli. This combination will enhance your imagination, creativity, and insight, and vision.

Final Words

Pietersite is an astonishingly beautiful stone that resembles Tiger’s eye. It is not only precious but rare as well. Besides its powerful and transformative properties, it is popular in jewelry as well. Pietersite brings a storm into your life (a good one) and redirects your life in a smooth and safe direction. It may be damaged by high temperatures, so you need to take care of your stone. It may cost you some extra bucks, but it’s definitely worth it. In the end, whatever gemstone you wear, the right intentions will get you to the desired results.