Gemstones and crystals have been used throughout the ages to make beautiful and elegant pieces of jewelry. Aside from the aesthetic component, you may also consider the metaphysical properties when choosing the right gemstone or jewelry. This will allow you to pick something that suits your personality and taste while providing you with the right energy you need to accomplish your goal or thwart any negative energies that are preventing you from reaching your full potential.       

It is also important to learn about the stone’s history and origin, as well as how the stones are formed. This will give you a better appreciation of the tedious process that the stone has gone through before becoming what it currently is.

If you are looking for a contemporary and affordable stone with a unique and elegant look, then the red tiger’s eye stone could be your best option. The red tiger’s eye, also known as the dragon’s eye or survival stone is something unique but not overpowering. Aside from its physical charisma, the red tiger’s eye also has metaphysical properties and can give you the energy boost you need to stay motivated and passionate. It can also help with some physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual issues that are preventing you from making the most out of your life.



Red Tiger’s Eye, along with the other tiger’s eye variations, got its name from the luminescent stripes that the stone has, which resembles the tiger’s stripes. This stone is also known as the dragon’s eye because of its color. It is considered as one of the newly discovered gems, so it is an excellent choice if you are looking for something new.

Understanding both the physical and metaphysical properties of the red tiger’s eye can give you a more holistic view of what the stone can offer. Knowing how this beauty is physically formed will give you a better appreciation of how its luminescence and sparkle are created after a long and tedious process. In addition, understanding its metaphysical properties would enable you to make the most out of Red Tiger’s eye and use it to improve your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state.

Physical Properties

Red Tiger’s Eye belongs to the tectosilicate mineral family. The raw, uncut, and unpolished version looks like stripes of red and gray. Tiger’s eye, in general, is a semi-precious variety of quartz with a vertical luminescent band which is an indicator of chatoyancy, or the optical effect where a band of light is reflected, like how light bounces off a cat’s eye. Once the stone is cut and polished, the gray portion starts to disappear and what’s left are the red, luminescent stripes that make it very pleasing to the eye.

Red Tiger’s Eye starts to form when quartz starts to replace crocidolite. When this happens, iron is oxidized and becomes limonite. Tiger’s eye is limonite embedded in clear quartz.  During this stage, the stone’s color is still blue, but as the transformation progresses, the stone changes its color from blue to gold.

When the gold tiger’s eye is subject to heat, either by natural or artificial causes, the color changes to red and Red Tiger’s Eye is created. This stone, based on its material composition, is the same as its blue and gold variation. However, the introduction of heat makes it slightly different and rarer.    

Metaphysical Properties

Red Tiger’s Eye is a recent addition to the stones and crystals that gemmologists and reiki practitioners use to promote healing and general well-being. However, the metaphysical properties of Red Tiger’s Eye that have been discovered so far are already at par with its older counterparts. In fact, it is currently known as the survivor’s stone because its metaphysical properties are said to equip and enable anyone regardless of that person’s personal predicament or circumstance.

Red Tiger’s Eye is primarily used to increase one’s motivation and desire. It enables you to shift from being lethargic and uninterested to becoming enthusiastic and proactive. If you are scheduled to make a sales pitch or an interview for your dream job, then this stone could give you the energy you need to close the deal.

Aside from this, it is also known to aid in increasing your metabolism and digestion. If you have some pounds to shed off, this stone can help supply the energy and determination you need to stick to your weight loss plan. It is also known to address intimacy issues brought about by a lack of sex drive or by previous sexual trauma or abuse.

You can also use Red Tiger’s Eye to make wise and sound decisions. It can help you gain clarity and look at things from a different perspective. It can also help you strike the perfect balance between logic and emotions, so you can come up with decisions that are both logical and from the heart. In doing so, you can be the perfect mediator for settling a family argument or an office dispute.

Lastly, the red tiger’s stone is also known to be able to protect you from the negative energy from some people that you may interact with. Every time you go out of your house, you are most likely to meet or interact with someone with a lot of negative emotions or go to a place that emits a lot of negative energy. Red Tiger’s Eye is said to protect you from this negative energy so you can stay positive and focused on achieving your goals and objectives.

When you think about it, the process of creating Red Eiger’s Eye is a bit poetic. It must undergo a lot of pressure and as if that is not enough, the stone must be subjected to heat in order to transform to its red color. Since the red tiger’s eye survived all of these, it can now be used as a tool to harness one’s energy, focus it and direct it to something productive and inspiring.

Red Tiger’s Eye as jewelry

You can use this gemstone as a standalone stone in your pocket or purse, but it is such a beauty that it seems like a waste of its potential if you stash it instead of flaunting it. It is so versatile that you can easily find a piece of red tiger’s eye jewelry that fits you regardless of your gender, fashion preference or the occasion where you are planning to use it.

If you want a more casual look, you can opt for the beaded variety.  Beaded bracelets are good to look at both for men and women. Beaded necklaces or beaded earrings are also available online if you want a casual and feminine look. Whether you are out for a nature walk or just casually hanging out with friends, red tiger’s eye beads will complement whatever outfit you are wearing.

If you are looking for a more formal variety, you may opt for gold or silver pieces that use the red tiger’s eye as an accent piece. A silver necklace with a red tiger’s eye will make you stand out in any formal event. If you are about to give a powerful talk, a pair of red tiger’s eye earrings and a red tiger’s eye accentuated bracelet plus a matching necklace with a red tiger’s eye pendant can do wonders not just in boosting your confidence, but also in boosting your physical appearance.

Where does Red Tiger’s Eye come from

Tiger’s eye deposits are abundant in South Africa. However, it can also be found in other places such as Australia, Burma, India, Namibia, and the United States. However, you do not have to physically go to these locations to acquire a piece of red tiger’s eye. You may purchase either the raw or polished variety online.

How much is Red Tiger’s Eye worth

Even though it is rare in terms of being available worldwide, because of the large deposit currently available in South Africa, the stone remains to be an affordable commodity. It remains within the price range of its blue and gold counterpart, as well as other affordable stones in the quartz family. Red tiger’s eye, living up to being known as the survivor’s stone, is very sturdy and durable. Purchasing this stone means that you can depend on it for a long time.

How to cleanse Red Tiger’s Eye

Note that cleansing is different from cleaning. Cleaning your stone is all about making sure that your stone is clean and good to look at, while cleansing takes care of the metaphysical properties that you can get from the stone.    

You may clean your red tiger’s eye by exposing it to rainfall for a few minutes. If this is not an option, you may also use running tap water and run your stones through it for about 10 minutes. If you want to do saltwater cleanse, you need to prepare a saltwater solution and soak your red tiger’s eye overnight.  To protect its unique color, keep it in the shade and do not expose it to direct sunlight.

If you want to get the most out of your stone, cleansing must be done regularly to ensure that any negative energies are removed. You can easily purchase a red tiger’s eye that has been cleansed initially, but you would need to cleanse it from time to time especially if you have gone out and met with a lot of people, and the stone could have absorbed a lot of negative energy.

Smudging is one of the recommended methods to clean Red Tiger’s Eye. You may use sage, incense, or any other cleansing sticks you have available. You just need to pass the stone the smoke or set it beside the stick for a few minutes. Another way to cleanse the red tiger’s eye is by letting it rest beside a plant.

The best combination to use with Red Tiger’s Eye

Red Tiger’s Eye, when used on its own, is more than enough to address your lethargic mood or lack of passion. However, when used with other stones and crystals, you can get amplified results.

If you want to address relationship and love issues, you may use Red Tiger’s Eye with Picasso Marble or Covellite. If you are having intimacy issues with your spouse, use it with Picasso Marble. It will help increase your sex drive and be more open to communication with your spouse, so you can both address your intimacy issues.

If you want to fill your love tank, so you can continue to give unconditional love to the people you care about, or if you need help in moving past any bitterness or anger that you are feeling, then you can use Red Tiger’s Eye in combination with Covellite.

If you want to improve in your career or professional life, you can use Red Tiger’s Eye with pearl, amethyst, bloodstone, or carnelian. If you need clarity in making a life-changing decision, you may use it with pearl or amethyst. If you are working in a highly competitive environment, use it with bloodstone to survive and thrive.  Using it with a carnelian will help increase your intellectual curiosity and in turn will help you achieve more growth in your current line of work.

Final Words

To summarize, Red Tiger’s Eye is a gemstone that is very appealing to the human eye. Use it as a piece of jewelry and you are sure to turn a lot of heads and get a lot of praise.

If you are interested in metaphysical properties and benefits, Red Tiger’s Eye is an excellent choice if you want to stay motivated, focused, and passionate about any current project or task that you are working on. It can also work wonders on your relationships if used in combination with the right gemstones or crystals. Lastly, it can also protect you from negative energies that could come your way.