There are a series of misconceptions about chakras, and the most common one is related to their association with certain religions. The truth is the chakra is not a religious symbol – however, such things are both common in Hinduism and Buddhism. Now, what exactly is a chakra, and how can you benefit from a chakra bracelet? There are seven chakras out there, and they are connected to natural energies cruising through the human body. Normally, they start at the bottom part of the spine and go up to the top of the head.

The energy associated with a chakra will connect more parts of the body – the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects. A chakra will bring in balance from all these points of view. Whether you feel blocked, lost or imbalanced, the chakra will sort everything out. Your health will be improved, but at the same time, the bracelet can also make a fashion statement due to its beautiful appearance. So, what else should you know about this accessory?

What is Chakra Bracelet

In Sanskrit, chakra means wheel and refers to the wheel of energy throughout the human body. It is beaded on one or more healing stones, and each of them has specific healing capabilities, as well as particular vibrations. While you can find certain chakra bracelets in commerce, you can also find bracelets that combine all seven chakras. Those who wear such bracelets swear by their positive properties. Not only does a bracelet supply you with energy, but it also balances emotions.

Now, what is the difference between wearing a chakra bracelet and not wearing one? How does it feel? The energy boost and the healing experience will not happen overnight. Instead, you can feel such effects in a gradual manner. Having a bracelet is only the first step. It makes no difference what your gender is. Your age is also irrelevant. Anywhere can wear and benefit from a bracelet, from children to older individuals.

The bracelet will help you find a balance between your emotional calmness and tranquility. If you use to meditate, the bracelet will clear your mind and help you focus in a more efficient manner. These are only the first steps in setting the healing process. No matter where you are in life or how you feel, you can always agree that maintaining a healthy body and a healthy mind is mandatory for your personal development.

Most bracelets cover all seven chakras – but then again, you can find bracelets focused on particular chakras too. It depends on the healing stones used in the bracelet. If you get a complete bracelet, you will have all the main seven energies coming together and holding you on the floating line as a human. Featuring seven different types of stones, each of them will underline particular energy – they are always compatible with one another too.

You probably ask yourself now – what makes up this unusual energy? The healing power is given by the energy associated with the respective stones. Each stone is a different crystal or gemstone. Crystals have the primary purpose to absorb negative energies, leaving the positive ones around you. Since these bracelets come in all kinds of stones, you should never overlook the coloring. You will most commonly find nine different colors: Green, Orange, White, Violet, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Red and Indigo.

To benefit from their energies, you also need to believe in these energies – otherwise, the effects of your chakra bracelet will be relatively low. Indeed, everything begins with your mindset. With these thoughts in mind, meditation is quite important for setting the path to a successful adventure. You also need to be aware of how it is worn. For example, failing to clean it will allow foreign materials to block some of the energies.

Where to buy your perfect Chakra Bracelet

It is very easy to find different kinds of chakra bracelets online. But don’t be fooled by the cheap so-called natural beads bracelet!  There are a lot of sellers are selling their “quality natural chakra bracelet” for as low as $7 or even lower. But actually the beads are made of dyed glasses, plastic or other cheap stones. You will not get benefits from fake gemstones. However, they would even do harm to your health.

Well, how is the good quality chakra bracelet?

chakra bracelet
Our Natural Seven Chakra Bracelet

We take this bracelet from the source factory directly. Each of the beads is 100% natural and high-quality gemstones to heal the chakras. Check it out at our online store.

The meaning of Chakra Bracelet

The overall idea of a chakra bracelet is to combine multiple parts of your being. In this case, the bracelet will work on your soul, mind, and body. All these elements are mixed together, and awareness of each chakra is critical to understand the meaning and benefits of your bracelet. It will help imbalances in particular parts of your body, depending on how problematic your situation is. Now, each chakra has particular meanings, and this is the first step in the process.

The first chakra is often referred to as Muladhara. It is actually the chakra of security – or better said, stability. It relates to your basic necessities as a human being. This is the most important chakra because it is the root of all the other chakras. It requires proper attention. When well balanced, it will provide a deep sense of security and safety.

The second chakra is referred to as Svadhisthana. It targets your personal creativity, but it also provides stability and balance to the sexual center. This is the main reason wherefore, it is located in the lower area – just above the pubic bone. When well looked after, it provides creativity. When out of power, you tend to feel lost and clueless – no idea what to do next.

The third chakra – also known as Manipura – is located higher up. It is a small area between the breastbone and the belly button. When fully balanced, it gives you a good feeling of personal power. It is directly responsible for your self-esteem too, but it can also change how you actually feel about yourself.

The Anahata chakra – which is basically the fourth chakra, is the heart of all chakras. It has direct influences over all the other chakras as well. Its primary purpose is to establish a bridge between the chakras in the upper body and those in the lower body. It can connect you to the world around you, but it is also a powerful source of love. When this chakra is balanced, everything becomes possible.

Also known as the throat chakra, the fifth chakra – Vishuddha – will help you target your deepest emotions. It will also give you a true vision of life. The chakra is very easily affected and can go stagnant when the energy is low. When well balanced, it will let you express your emotions in crystal clear ways.

The sixth chakra – Ajna – is the third eye chakra and can be boosted with a plethora of different stones. It targets your actual intuition, but it will also sharpen your instincts. Your instincts will be sharp and straightforward – you will know for a fact that you are going in the right direction. Everyone has an intuition, but not everyone has a clear one – hence the necessity of opening and getting in touch with this chakra.

Last, but not least, the seventh chakra is your crown. Located on top of your head, it is responsible for your self-awareness and boosts your spiritual connection. It is all about light and love. It keeps you enlightened. If you ever feel lost or confused, simply focus on your chakra and look at your bracelet – feel it, and you will be back on track.

Bottom line, it pays off understanding your chakras and the meaning associated with a chakra bracelet. This is the first step in knowing what to expect from a bracelet. It will supply you with energy and keep your chakras open for you to gain all the emotional and spiritual benefits associated with them.

How to wear Chakra Bracelet

Chakra bracelets make a fashion statement and not just because of the vibrant colors they carry. They also add some balance to your life and relax your mindset, not to mention pushing for a healthy lifestyle. But then, the power of such gemstones depends on how you actually wear them. Since this is a bracelet, it obviously goes around your wrist. But then, to make sure it works, you have to activate it properly – part of the wearing ritual.

First of all, you need to relax. Before activating your crystals, make sure you are not nervous or stressed. Find a quiet corner of your home and make sure no one will disturb you. You have to find yourself in a comfortable place and feature a feeling or protection. Take your time – there is no rush – and pick the right moment.

Second, a bit of meditation will also help in the process. Put on some nice music while meditating. This is by far the easiest way to ensure there are no negative energies around you – plus, it will boost your relaxing mood. This is the best way to activate a chakra bracelet. Once you reach extreme calmness, the process will naturally begin. Grab the crystals and meditate over their beneficial energies. Try your best to connect with the crystals, come up with some goals as well. Home alone? Feel free to speak loudly when connecting with the bracelet.

Mantras represent another classic way to activate a bracelet before wearing it. Such things bring in various incantations – they are meant to be loud. Let the crystals know more about your wishes – they will then guide you accordingly.

While wearing or keeping the bracelet in your hand, you should also have the right body position. Mudras imply using certain hand gestures.

How to cleanse Chakra Bracelet

There are more ways to clean a chakra bracelet and each of them depends on your personal preferences. The result is similar in the long run.

Using the moonlight is one of the most popular options out there. A new moon is particularly better than a simple moon when cleansing the bracelet and recharging the crystals. Even if it is a bit cloudy, the moonlight will still go through and energize your stones. Leave the bracelet outside or simply place it by the window.

The sunlight is just as important. It will cleanse the bracelet and give it a great energy. Again, while it might be cloudy outside, the direct energy can still penetrate clouds and reach your crystals. Keep in mind that some crystals are likely to fade when exposed to direct sunlight for too long, so do your homework upfront.

The actual earth is also worth some attention. Inserting these crystals where they come from will release all their negative energies and give them positive vibes. Ideally, you should keep them covered for about 24 hours. If the bracelet has too many fastenings or places where dirt could get in, hide it inside a small jewelry bag.

Running water is a great way to energize your chakra bracelet as well. Bring the bracelet under clear water to both cleanse and recharge the crystals. Some stones should not be immersed in water. Direct tap water is not a good idea either. Find a natural spring instead.

Sea salt is also known for its cleansing energy. Get a bowl, fill it with natural ocean salt and throw the bracelet in there. If you have any crystals that could be damaged by sea salt, simply get two bowls. Fill the big one with sea salt, put the bracelet into the small one, then put the small bowl into the large one.

While these are the main options to cleanse a chakra bracelet, there are a few other options you can go for: Salt water, Smudging, Rice, Your own mental energies, other crystals.

Should you use other crystals, you need to ensure you pick some general stones that are compatible with the ones in your bracelet. A bit of research will work wonders.

Final Words

As a short final conclusion, a chakra bracelet can seriously change your life. It represents an investment in your own energies and healing mindset. Cleansing it is fairly simple and the wide variety of crystals out there can give you all kinds of color combinations. Chakra bracelets are quite common in the fashion industry today. From a metaphysical point of view, they are directly in touch with your skin, so they will work wonders on your lifestyle as well.​