Planet of happiness, prosperity, luck, fortune, and religiosity. Jupiter is an indicator of wealth, children, government and the grace of God. It grants general well-being and spiritual knowledge. Wearing a yellow sapphire without any imperfections of at least 3 carats is said to grant money and wealth.

As the name implies, it is a light yellow jewel. It is an expensive stone and denotes justice, mercy, and truthfulness of the users. It is recommended for economic prosperity and comfort and is particularly good for those engaged in business or industry.

To get the best benefits of this stone, it is usually a good idea to wear it. Yellow sapphire rings, particularly the engagement rings are the most popular choice.

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It is also known that it brings good things like a good marriage and the birth of children in the case of a married woman. Yellow Sapphire can be substituted with a Yellow Topaz, Citrine or a Yellow Zircon and must have at least 4 carats. This stone also symbolizes marital happiness. When you work with the energies of yellow sapphire, you will also experience a stronger sense of commitment to your partner. The yellow sapphire is a very edifying stone that will recharge your entire emotional system. It will help you to feel more excited and excited with all the possibilities in love. It will help you get rid of feelings that do not help you attract the love you deserve.

Yellow Sapphire Loose Stones

This gem symbolizes universal love and brotherhood, promotes general well-being and spiritual knowledge. It is very helpful for pregnancies. Cancel the Kuja Dosha and promote marriage and control the malefic of Mars. The energies of the yellow sapphire will eliminate any type of obstruction and help you become a suitable companion for the person you love. It will tear down the walls you have built around your heart to keep people away.

It is excellent for business stability and all financial matters. Increases optimism in character gives persistence in goals, wisdom, compassion, and enthusiasm. It strengthens the immune system, improves the metabolism of the pancreas and liver, normalizes the exchange of fats and cures the lymphatic system and gives positive influences to the nervous system and the brain. The use of this gem gives luck, fortune, and prosperity.

It will encourage you to express your thoughts and feelings with ease and confidence. It will also help you overcome your fears so you can take risks and make something incredible happen in your love life.

The yellow sapphire brings the wisdom of prosperity, not only by attracting wealth and financial abundance to life but also in its ability to manifest creative energy through action. The yellow sapphire stimulates the intellect, helping to formulate ideas and objectives, then focuses that intention through the solar plexus chakra, the center of the will, which allows one to maintain his vision long enough for it to happen.

It also encourages the exploration of moving in new directions, providing excitement and joyful expectation about the possibilities in life. Those born in September have yellow sapphire as their birthstone also called September birthstone.

It is believed to bring good luck, wealth, health and prosperity to all. Due to the stability property of this gemstone, anyone can use it regardless of their month of birth. It can also be used by those born in November as an alternative birthstone

If you are looking for a stone that helps you manifest all the abundance, richness and golden goodness you can imagine, yellow sapphire is a wonderful option. The yellow sapphire is a stone of prosperity and success. Activate and support the solar plexus chakra, charging your willpower with serious vital energy. This helps you bring all those big dreams you have to physical reality, where you can have fun living with them.

Meditating with a yellow sapphire placed in your solar plexus will increase any intention you set and radiate it to the world. His fiery and energetic vibration ignites his sense of will, focus, and direction to conquer his goals.

In addition to fueling your ambition, it helps to dissolve any doubt and fear that may hinder the achievement of your dreams. It can help you maintain your vision through the lows and maintain the faith that you will eventually achieve success.

If you need to complete a task, start or finish a great project, or if you want to take action and overcome procrastination in any area of ​​your life, look for the yellow sapphire. The meaning of the yellow sapphire stone is also that of a zodiac stone. It is better for Arians, pounds, bullfighting, and cancer, as it puts an end to the harmful effects that Jupiter can have.


Physical properties

Sapphire is a variety of corundum, it forms in tabular, bipyramidal or rhombohedral prismatic crystals, as well as granular or massive habits, it’s an oxide of aluminum with other compounds and can be found in lots of shades.

The low iron content in Corundum is responsible for the color of yellow sapphire, sometimes called golden sapphire if it has an intense color. The name Corundum is of Indian origin, derived from the Sanskrit korund and applied to opaque massive gems, usually of opaque color. Except for Red Corundum, which is Ruby, all other colors of Corundum are sapphires.

Metaphysical Healing Properties

Sapphire helps you train your mind for a unique approach. Use it to reduce confusion and gain clarity and understanding. With its ability to sharpen mental capacity, this stone is useful for a better understanding of written material, especially extremely dense academic texts. It helps you attract your attention to details and organize your materials.

By meditating with this stone, it fosters wisdom, will, center, joy and good luck in general. It helps you focus on the task at the time and attracts prosperity whether wealth, salary increase or promotion.

Physical Healing Energy

Yellow sapphire is ideal for increasing physical energy and vitality and is an excellent support for exercise. As an elixir, yellow sapphire is useful for eliminating toxins from the body.

Emotional Healing Energy

The yellow sapphire is a vivacious stone that revitalizes the emotional system. It helps one to feel more excited and cheerful about the possibilities that life has to offer, and encourages the expression of their ideas and feelings with more confidence. It helps to overcome fear and procrastination and provides the courage to take the necessary risks for great creations to arise.

Spiritual Healing Energy

When the solar plexus is spiritually unbalanced, we feel fear, from the disappointment or disgust of others, or by subordinating our life and pleasures to the will of others. Spiritually, when the solar plexus is in equilibrium, we are free to interpret the world through our thoughts and emotions and not live in fear of violating the dictums of others.

Sapphire is a stone of spiritual power and cunning, which brings prosperity and helps sustain the gifts of life. It tends to focus, emanate and radiate its energy to fulfill dreams and desires of conscience, even without conscious initiation.

Chakra Healing and Balancing Energy

The yellow sapphire activates the solar plexus chakra, the energy distribution center and the relationship chakra. This chakra is located between the rib cage and the navel and controls the immune and digestive systems. When we are physically balanced, we have the strength to fight infections, we are free of allergic reactions and can use the nutrients we eat.

The healing property of this stone has also been accepted throughout the world. It is supposed to cure a person both mentally and physically and improve life. In some famous traditions, crowns have this yellow stone embedded in them to provide tranquility to the crown bearer. Due to its incredible properties and benefits, this stone has been used to cure diseases and unlock the chakras of the human body.

Yellow Sapphire in jewelry uses

Yellow sapphire is a highly versatile stone at the time of making jewelry because of its hardness and its impressive way to dazzle people. It is well known that sapphire is a stone long used by many people and this yellow sapphire is no exception.

Yellow sapphire is a beautiful gemstone that looks unique in itself in a beautiful yellow tone. Therefore, it makes this stone excellent for jewelry, and the brightness it emits has no equal and that makes it even more suitable.

The yellow sapphire can be used on any occasion depending on the look you want to apply. It is perfect for the night and highly functional for the day. This stone looks beautiful for fall collections where the leaves are falling.


The most basic and everyday thing for a daytime look and that you can wear every day is a yellow sapphire necklace, which will give you a personality-filled appearance and will meet many expectations of your day. This necklace is ideal to combine with neutral colors, cold colors or gray tones.


To combine with this necklace, a loose white gold bracelet with sapphire inlay is perfect; they will give you a striking but informal style, leaving it fresh and stylized. This bracelet will have a unique shine and will make you look dazzling.


Yellow sapphire earrings dress your ears beautifully. You can wear them with your favorite choker to get an elegant shiny effect or use a necklace with sapphire charm. You can choose between long, short or other earrings, all will give a spectacular look.


The rings of this stone should go in the opposite hand to that of the bracelet to give it a sophisticated touch, a fine ring with yellow sapphire will make your hand look delicate and give you a natural confidence shine.

For formal options, combining this stone with gold would be your best option, along the neckline with a perfectly centered pendant. Wear loose bracelets to complement and radiate a composure of much social class.

A fancy way to use yellow sapphire is as a necklace of tips. On each tip, a yellow sapphire should be used for a greater style. The necklace must be made of gold to combine splendidly with the precious stone you have selected.

Where does Yellow Sapphire come from

For decades, basaltic lava rocks and the sands and gravels of the rivers of Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Ceylon, and Pailin Cambodia have been the main sources of gem sapphires of excellent quality. Other sources of loose sapphire are Australia, Brazil, many Arab countries and the USA

However, Madagascar is a new and important source of gem-quality sapphires in the market. Madagascar produces sapphires in all shapes and colors, including deep blue, yellow, pink and green. The quality of Madagascar’s best stones is outstanding and they are now as popular as Ceylon sapphire in the international market.

How much is Yellow Sapphire worth

The prices and value of yellow sapphire vary according to the size, quality, and treatment of each gemstone. The ones with excellent quality are those that haven’t been heated and still have a bright yellow color, especially in a larger size, and much sought after by gem collectors.

Most yellow sapphires have been heat-treated to improve color and clarity. Besides, many yellow sapphires on the market have been treated with beryllium, in a process known as lattice diffusion. This process produces yellows and live oranges.

Where to buy Yellow Sapphire

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

How to identify Yellow Sapphire

Although the yellow crystal may resemble the yellow sapphire with the naked eye, both are completely different when compared to each other. In general, the yellow crystal is too big and colorful to be real.

Sapphire, regardless of its color, is extremely hard. Diamond is the hardest gemstone, it has hardness 10 on the Moh mineral hardness scale, and sapphire has hardness 9 on the same scale. In itself, very few materials can scratch a sapphire.

 The crystal, on the other hand, has hardness 5.5 and 6.0 and scratches easily. An imitation of the yellow crystal sapphire has many scratched surfaces, while the real sapphire has very few, if not

Sometimes, the facets of synthetic stones do not come out as clear as those of the facets of a natural sapphire. This defect looks very similar to the cracks that one expects to see on a vinyl record, but usually, they can only be seen with a magnifying glass of 10x.

How to wear Yellow Sapphire

There are very skilled jewelry designers who can highlight the shine and elegance of this gemstone. You can give yellow sapphire bracelets as a gift to a special person in your life or as a gift for you. In addition to their timeless beauty and elegance, you should know that yellow sapphire bracelets also have many healing benefits.

When you carry a piece of this stone with you, it will be strengthened physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. It will positively influence your health, your business and your romantic perspectives, your current situation, and your current relationship.

Yellow sapphire is an excellent talisman that supports your efforts to grow, learn new skills, develop different skills and transform your life for the better. When you use it on your body or carry it with you, it will bring good luck and good fortune to your life.

How to cleanse Yellow Sapphire

Sapphire should be cleaned regularly after use with warm running water. Sapphire chains overnight in a dry container with fallen rock crystal stones discharged. Sapphires are very strong stones that water cannot always discharge. To download, place the sapphire in a container with hematite and rock crystal stones overnight.

Compared to other similar gemstones

Yellow sapphire vs. Yellow Diamond

The Yellow Diamond is composed of few amounts of nitrogen in its structure that result in a yellow hue. Yellow in sapphire is due to the presence of iron in its structure. The most valued are those that have the purest and strongest yellow on the front face, with no inclusions insight In both of them, yet the yellow sapphire is cheaper.

With these characteristics, the yellow diamond is considered one of the rarest and hardest to find diamonds. They can be found in many deposits. The yellow sapphire contrariwise is not that valuable and is not that hard to find.

Diamonds have been considered ancient gems of spiritual protection, as well as a symbol of courage, courage, purity, faithfulness, and commitment of love. Sapphires are the stones of hope, marriage and mind calmness.

These gems have the sun’s positive and radiant energy, it increases the feeling of hope and happiness. Diamonds are gems that give you the power and ability to focus on your goals, to create a visionary awareness, the yellow sapphire is more to bring prosperity and happy marriage.

Yellow Sapphire vs. Blue Sapphire

The most common type of sapphire and one of the most valued by buyers is blue sapphire, although this can come in many colors. Yellow sapphire is different due to the inclusions of iron. Among the healing properties of sapphire is its stabilizing function of emotions. Thus, the spiritual benefits of sapphire are mainly related to emotions but yellow sapphire is also good with job issues.

Within the meanings of the stones, sapphire is related to wisdom, since it centers the mind and helps maintain concentration. In general, sapphire is not a very difficult stone to get, but its cost is higher than other types of energy stones since we are talking about a crystal. Yellow sapphires are not as expensive as blue sapphires though it depends on other factors.

Sapphire is known as the stone of wisdom, but depending on the color it has, it will have one type of wisdom or another. This energetic stone stands out for focusing, squid the mind and release negative and unwanted thoughts. Yellow is for prosperity while blue is pure wisdom.

One of the energy properties of sapphire is that it brings inner peace, mental peace, and serenity, aligns the physical, mental and spiritual planes and restores the balance of the body. On the emotional level, it releases depression, spiritual confusion and stimulates concentration.

Yellow sapphire vs. citrine

Citrine is an energy stone formed form transparent crystals. Thus, among the properties of citrine is its cleaning and regenerating power besides not needing specific conservation to maintain them. The benefits of the citrine go beyond the physical because this stone is capable of releasing the chakras, especially that of the solar plexus and that of the navel. The yellow sapphire is capable of bringing wisdom in relationships.


In this way, if we want to interpret the meaning of the stones, the citrine can make your energy always positive, therefore, it is extremely protective of the environment. Citrine extraction is not usual, since finding this stone in its natural form is complicated, the yellow sapphire contrariwise is not that hard to find but is surely harder in the Mohs scale.

In the psychological aspect, with this stone, you will improve your self-esteem progressively. Also, boost individuality and self-esteem, you will feel more motivated and activate your creativity. Therefore, with the citrine, you will be able to do self-criticism while yellow sapphire is more about helping you in job issues.

The best combination to use Yellow Sapphire

Yellow sapphire is a very beneficial stone, especially when used with other stones and crystals that will improve its healing properties. You can use it with any stone and solar plexus color if you want to improve or harness your power.

You can combine it with yellow-brown Scapolite. It can also promote deep sleep and relaxation when combined with amethyst. Many yellow stones will have beneficial powers when used together as the yellow topaz.

Final Words

Yellow sapphire causes serenity and equanimity, it slows down, which is too fast. Sapphire helps you learn from mistakes and remember faster, which does not do you any good or goes against your convictions.

This is a valuable support for Sagittarius Saturn, who is often torn between duty and inclination. Reconciling the noble ideals and limitations of daily life is certainly not an easy task.

However, sapphire provides information and wisdom to recognize what should not change and the determination to address what should be influenced. In addition, here the sapphire is a teacher. It is capable of guiding the imagination and will do so in such a way that ideas come true and wishes come true.

Fortunately, it also helps to live consciously positively oriented and, above all, be careful with your thoughts and postulates. Strengthen concentration with few gems and improve all mental abilities.