Green jasper, also known as “rain bringer”, is a light to a dark green colored gemstone.  It has a trigonal crystal system and belongs to the mineral class of oxide; quartz group. The presence of Iron Silicate compounds such as chlorite gives the crystal its green color.

The fourth-century author of “Lithica” celebrates this (rain bringing) quality in the following lines:

The gods propitious hearken to his prayers,

Whoever the polished grass-green jasper wears;

His parched glebe they’ll satiate with rain,

And send for showers to soak the thirsty plain.

It is also believed that green jasper protects against snake venom and evil spirits. Some old German authors believe in its ability to attract the poison if it is placed on the bitten part of the body. The color of jasper also plays a role in a variety of uses and effects in our lives.

Green jasper is considered as the most balanced and stable type of all jaspers. It can be particularly useful in giving a balance to your daily life. With modernism, we may be forgetting the deep healing and therapeutic benefits of the stone in real life, as we are going away from nature. In this post, we are going to know about many of the “wonder virtues” of green jasper.

To get the best benefits of green jasper, it is usually a good idea to wear it. The green jasper beads for necklace and bracelet making are the most popular choice.


Green jasper always possesses an optimistic meaning to it, as it reinforces the connection of man to Earth and nourishes the physical strength. From olive-green to pale spring green, it is a rare and single-colored stone. It is associated with water and earth, and compatible with the zodiac sign Pisces.

Green Jasper was such a famous stone in ancient times that its name can be found in Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Assyrian, Greek, and Latin. It is still considered as a nurturing, healing, and strengthening stone. It is mentioned in many old manuscripts with a specific mention of its importance.

Green Jasper used to be an expensive stone in the medieval era. Its value is evident from its deep power and endless benefits, that it can give to whoever wears or keeps it. In the 4th and 5th millennium B.C., bow drills were made from Green Jasper owing to its power and strength. []


Physical Properties

Green Jasper is a supreme green stone. It appears as green due to the presence of iron impurities in silicon dioxide. This stone has dulled and a vitreous luster. It is different from prase and plasma as it is hazy. It has a specific gravity of 2.61. And it has a refractive index of 1.53 to 1.54.

Metaphysical Healing Properties

Metaphysics is concerned with the existence of things and their nature. It explains the physical world of things. It is also called realism.

Green Jasper, also known as “Peace love crystal”, provides reposefulness and integrity through affability, nourishment, and protection to the person. It develops a positive attitude, confidence, and responsibility.

Effects on Physical Health

Green jasper plays a significant role in man’s health. It has physical as well as psychological influence on man.

Green Jasper heals the heart issues and banishes insomnia. It helps in the treatment of skin disorders and stomach distension. It is also used to aid in the treatment of kidney, spleen, bladder, and liver. Jasper water is soothing for the digestive system and it may be made by soaking the green jasper in demineralized water.

Green jasper also affects water retention and fluidity in the body. The stone detoxifies the body and relieves inflammation. It cures gynecological and sexual ailments, and boost immunity strength. This gem is also beneficial in staunching blood flow as in menstrual and nose bleeding. It also helps in hemorrhoids and epilepsy and gout. Green jasper also helps in relieving cold, influenza and loss of smell.

 Effects on Emotional Health

Green jasper also has an influence on the mind. It optimizes the man and brings positivity. It relieves stress, makes him courageous and responsible for his duties. Green jasper makes a man feel calm and serene. It brings stability in the important aspects of life that have not yet overcome by other parts of life. So, it assists you in moving on towards the better part of life.

Green Jasper also brings peace in one’s life and harmony in man’s being and nourishes his relationships. It is considered a money charm. It is used in goddess rituals. It helps you develop resistance and self-control over your thoughts and actions.

Effects on Chakra Healing

Green Jasper is specifically associated with ‘heart chakra’ located near the breastbone. It connects us with the external world and gives us enough power to decide what we should embrace and what we should resist for our sake. It takes us to a stable state in relation to our environment. Jasper removes the blockages and imbalance of our hearts and reenergizes our hearts.  You can use your energy in the right way while using it. For some people, it is hard to understand and accept changes in life. Green jasper can help you in going through that phase smoothly.

Effects on Nature

Also known as Growth Crystal, green jasper acts as a channel to earth’s Life Force of birth, development, and creation. Green jasper has an impact on nature, the environment, its animals, and the climate. It can cause rain, that is why it is called ‘rainmaker’. As mentioned earlier it is considered a supreme nurturer, it has really nurturing effects on nature. It is believed to be useful in bringing rain to harvest during drought and saving ships from heavy storms.

This gem also helps in healing polluted areas. It is also good for freshwater and seas. It can be effective in divining the future as well. Green jasper also clears electromagnetic and environmental pollution including radiation.

Green Jasper in jewelry uses

You may lose the green jasper if you keep it in the pocket or handbag. The best way to benefit from the gems is to use them in different forms of jewelry. So, you can always wear them and have them heal you. Green jasper is favorite with both, hobbyists, and professional jewelry due to its excellent affordability, abundance, and variety of colors, shapes, and patterns. Its hardness makes it a perfect choice for gemstone use in jewelry. The look gives you depends on the way you wear It. You can wear it in a variety of ways to give a casual, classy, or traditional look. It also depends on the type of jewelry you are wearing.


There are many online and in-store options to buy green jasper bracelets. Usually, people prefer stretched beaded green jasper bracelets, as they fit in whatever size you have and look casual as well. But there are other varieties also such as metallic bracelets having green jasper attached to them.


Green jasper can be used in necklaces in many ways. You can wear it as a stretchable beaded necklace. Green jasper can also be combined with sterling silver in a necklace or a pendant. It will create a statement look.


Rings are the commonest way of wearing gemstones. There are a variety of designs to wear green jasper in rings. It can be carved in a handmade sterling silver ring. Green jasper can be attached to any ring made of silver or any other metal. And it looks beautiful and classy. The design of the ring can be customized according to one’s choice and desire.


For a classic and casual look. Green jasper can be worn in the form of simple stud earrings. For a more modern look, long and hoop earrings made of sterling silver can be used. Green jasper embedded in them will take the whole look to the next level.

While getting its healing effects, you can enjoy the extra addition to your fashion as well.

Where does Green Jasper come from

Green jasper is found all over the world. But most of the deposits are found in India, Russia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Egypt, Madagascar, Australia, Brazil, Venezuela, Uruguay, and the United States. They are believed to be sedimentary materials and formed when volcanic ash or fine pyroclastic are cemented into a solid material, as silica is precipitated in solution. Many scholars of the Bible believe that the color of the stone in the breastplate was also green.

How much is Green Jasper worth

If you consider all the benefits of green jasper, it is worth investing money in buying it.

Beside in stores, there are many online options, where you can buy this stone. Many jewelry brands are also offering their beautiful jewelry pieces with green jasper attached to them. This makes easy to simply buy and wear them. You do not have to waste time going to the jeweler and worry about the way you want to wear the stone. Simply, you can wear them, and enjoy “two in one” luxury.

Green jasper is not that much costly. If it still seems a bit expensive, I repeat, it is worth investing in. Usually, one carat of green jasper with fine and unique cuts and designs costs from 2 dollars to 5 dollars. The top sellers of green jasper are China and India.

Where to buy Green Jasper

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

How to identify Green Jasper

The unique looks of different stones vary due to different compositions and arrangements of molecules in their crystal structure. Shapes and colors of crystals are also significant in their identification. These shapes and cuts have an impact not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of physical effects on the person wearing them. As we know crystals have vibrations in them, and these phenomena can modify the overall metaphysical properties of green jasper.

If you have sharp features, you can balance this sharpness by wearing a spherical green jasper ring with soft edges. Spherical shapes are known for their effects on directing energy in all directions cardinally. Similarly, square shape symbolizes stability. And we know that green jasper itself is known for its stabilizing effect on a person. The right shape can reinforce the meaning of the stone, giving the extra benefits to the person.

Green jasper is greenish in color with a dull luster.  It is opaque and translucent. It can have some other shades of green as well. Some jewelers and gemstone brands have a stone book directory, where you can look for exactly the type, color, size and shape you want yourself to get maximum advantage.

How to wear Green Jasper

The separate ways of wearing or carrying gemstones have separate effects on body, mind, and soul if these ways are followed.

  1. If you are worried about your nightmare, insecurities, and fears, wear or carry it as a rubbing stone. It will act as a protective shield around you.
  2. It can be used by adults in the bath and as an elixir.
  3. If you wear it around the waist if you want to conceive. It will also help in happy and healthy pregnancy and childbirth.
  4. Wear the green jasper jewelry near the part you want it to affect the most.
  5. If you wish to treat your urinary tract infection or digestive tract disorder, keep the green jasper in your pocket.
  6. Also, to improve digestion keep the stone on your abdomen while lying down.
  7. Wearing a green jasper ring all the time boosts your confidence and self-esteem.
  8. If you feel anxious or scared, rub the stone in your fingers. It gives you a secure feeling.
  9. To perform jasper meditation, hold the green jasper in your hand and focus on it.
  10. You can also keep a bowl of green jaspers and use it as a focal point during meditation.
  11. You can also wear them near the corresponding chakras in Chakra meditation to activate, balance and cleanse your chakras.

How to cleanse Green Jasper

In order to get maximum benefits, your green jasper must be clean. It can get dirty by the frequent use in daily routine. If your stone will not be spotless, it can reduce its positive effects and benefits. And the maximum positive effects are the main reason for keeping any gemstone.

You must clean it regularly to maximize its value. You can do so by cleansing the stone in soapy bath water and rubbing it gently with a brush or sponge.

You can also clean it with lukewarm water and rubbing it with a dry cloth.

Avoid separating the green jasper from the jewelry setting frequently as it will lose its value.

Avoid chemical and synthetic cleansers as they will be harmful to the gemstone.

Gemstones are hard and durable, so they do not need a deep cleansing. They can be cleaned by simple methods at home.

Avoid mixing different gemstones together. Also, avoid heat contact.

Always take off your jewelry before doing any exercise or strenuous activity.

Difference between Green Jasper and Jade

Many times, green jasper and jade are mistaken as the same stones, but they are not. Green Jasper can only have shades of green, while Jade can be green, white or some other colors. It is less expensive than Jade. Green jasper cannot be scratched as contrary to jade. It can have dull luster, but jade looks bright and shiny.

The best combination to use with Green Jasper

When you wear many stones at the same time, you may think that their effects will get magnified, or affected by their own effects on each other as in the case of medicines. But you can wear more than one stone, as long as you know that one will not mask the effects of the other.

For most people, seven stones are more than enough. You must know if the stones, you are wearing, have compatible properties or not. Because in the end, their energy and power are what you wear them for. Usually, stones of the same color are compatible with energy levels. You can also look for stones’ zodiacs and their associations. It may seem tasking to you to find the’ facts comparison of all stones, so you can make a start with colors.

You can also go for a similar crystal structure, like Hematite, Quartz, Carnelian, Tourmalines, Aventurine, Agate, Jasper, and Calcite, all have a trigonal crystal system.

If you are familiar with the elements of the stone i.e., water, fire, air, earth, and spirit, you can combine stones of similar elements.

When you combine gemstones of similar attributes, their energies will combine and bring extra positive change to your life. So, you need to be thoughtful in choosing combinations of gemstones before wearing or carrying them.

Final Words

Last but not least, Green Jasper is all about bringing positivity, strength, confidence, and balance in life.

As they say, “actions speak louder than words”, it is all about your own perspective in life. As long as you are true to yourself, Green Jasper will be a helping hand to guide you through tough times.

I know, you are already planning to try green jasper after knowing it so in-depth. But before that, keep into consideration its compatibility for your zodiac sign. Because a gemstone is all about the positive impact on your life.