For a long time now, crystals and gemstones have been believed by some people to have and carry very powerful energies that are essential for physical and emotional healing. Different crystals are believed to possess and harness individual energies that offer unique and distinct benefits. Some people will invest in gemstones and crystals for personal reasons, such as their beautiful nature, but there is more to them than just beauty. Let’s dig deeper into seeing what the Red Jade stone is and what it can do for you.


The red Jade stone is a chi stone, which means bringing forward warrior energy. This talisman gives off individual will and power. It will work to get rid of any fears, worries, and doubts you may have. The stone is associated with strength, passion, and physical vitality.

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Red Jade is associated with the base and earth chakras and stimulates the energies of these chakras. The base chakra, also referred to as the root chakra, controls one’s energy for movement and kinesthetic feelings. It is the foundation of spiritual and physical energy. The earth chakra establishes a connection to the earth to allow unbalanced and excess energies to get out of the body.


Physical properties

It has a lustrous or glossy appearance from its chemical composition, which makes it appear transparent.

The surface and feel of Red Jade are hard, with a Mohs scale hardness being between 6.5 and 7.

This stone has a very strong dark red color.

Metaphysical Properties

Red Jade will enhance bodily functions to a great and commendable extent. It boosts the functioning of elimination and filtration organs. It is therefore excellent for spleen, kidney, and adrenal gland treatment. It will remove toxins, balance body fluids, and maintain the right water and salt ratio (acidity and alkalinity).

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It possesses restorative properties and will allow for the skeletal and cellular systems to rebind or reform themselves.

The stone has been used to get rid of cramps, and it helps in binding stitches after surgery.

For anyone training for athletics or studying martial arts, Red Jade is an excellent stone that will combat any fear or hesitation and urge one to be strongly courageous in the challenge. It offers support for martial arts that are concerned with energy flow, such as qi gong and tai chi.

Red Jade is also believed to offer professional support and will aid in making proper diagnoses by doctors, veterinarians, and all types of healers. Most healers use it to help them maintain and keep their energies on high levels as they work. 

This stone is also believed to eliminate life’s negative energies, and therefore, it strongly signifies or gives peace and tranquillity.

The crystal is believed to possess frequencies and vibrations that offer material prosperity and overall health. It will give you strength during difficult times and offer you the fortitude you may need to achieve your set goals.

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Red Jade is attributed to steering a strong life force for users. It will help one overcome acts of self-abuse such as addictions to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and even gambling.

This crystal will help in calming the mind as it will help release any present negative thoughts and feelings, reduce irritability, curb feelings of anger and tension constructively. 

As you work towards achieving your goals, this precious gemstone will help you brainstorm and come up with new ideas. As you also work, it helps integrate your body and mind, which ultimately makes task completion easy.

This stone will help you keep away from self-imposed limitations as it helps one cherish their desires and ideals. This will provide and boost your confidence, self-reliance, assurance and help you attain feelings of self-sufficiency. 

The gemstone is associated with love and mending relationships. It will help you get rid of the anger and tension that you may be experiencing in relationships and help you become more compassionate.

The deep red color of Red Jade is associated with masculinity, the ability to see what is vital and serious, and it is also a boost for devotion.

This stone is a “demon fighter”. It will give courage needed to overcome adversities and make the best changes on aspects that are not in line with your spiritual realm.

Where to buy Red Jade

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Red Jade in jewelry uses

Jewelry made from red jade is undoubtedly beautiful and elegant from the lush color scheme of the stone. Wearing its jewelry is an effective way for you as the wearer to remain connected to the gem’s energies. The benefit that jewelry pieces offer is that they are directly in contact with your body, and therefore they offer more ability to tap into the crystal’s vibrations. There will be no barriers to prevent you from absorbing the healing vibes offered by Red Jade. You can wear jewelry in many forms, such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, rings, and many more.

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When caring for your Red Jade jewelry, do not use ultrasonic jewelry cleaners or steam cleaners. These can harm the gem’s structure.

Do not clean the jewelry with alcohol or harsh chemicals. 

Where does Red Jade come from

Red Jade is one of the varieties of jadeite. Jadeite is mainly a sodium aluminum silicate and will be found in various parts of the world. These areas are Guatemala, Myanmar, California, Itoigawa in Japan, Turkestan, and Canada-Italy regions. Jade that does not originate from these areas may be the nephrite variety. It will usually be formed in densely packed and grainy crystals or fibrous aggregates.

How much is Red Jade worth

The jadeite properties will mainly influence the value. It may be very expensive or highly priced owing to the rarity of jadeite. The value will also depend on the level of clarity and the stone’s hue. Specific shades of Red Jade will be highly prized as compared to others. 

Ascertaining if a piece or item is made from the actual gemstone may be difficult during your search or purchase. Even professional jewelers have had this challenge. To ensure that your quoted price is relative to the value, you can send it to a legitimate laboratory to get a certification that details the mineral composition. Finer varieties in the market are more expensive.

The glossy finish of Red Jade that makes it transparent can also make it more valuable, especially when carved into very intricate designs.

How to use Red Jade

Home and office use– If you want to cleanse the energies around or within a particular space, place a red jade crystal strategically in the environment, for example, in plants, on the office desk, or window sills. This enables you to boost the powers present within the environment. Place the stone in your home or office for strength in your daily experiences. It will help you feel at ease at all times.

For meditation– During meditation, use the crystal to balance your chakra. Pair your Red Jade crystal with word affirmations so as to amplify its vibrations, strength, and energies. Word affirmations are very powerful in amplifying crystal energies. Hold the stone in your hand to create a great flow of energy and strength.

For your bath– Tap the energies of your Red Jade by placing it in your drawn bath.

As jewelry– You can beautifully and elegantly wear jewelry pieces made from it to impact your inner self positively. 

For your aura– To balance the energies given off by your body and make them less scattered, place the stone in your individual or personal auric field.

Carry it around– Choosing to keep red jade in your pocket or purse will help you in centering and aligning your energies.

How to cleanse Red Jade

As gemstones and crystals are continuously used, they are saturated with different energies that are given off by the body. Some of these energies can prevent or hinder the crystal from emitting its powerful energies. Red Jade is no option. Therefore, you will need to constantly cleanse the gemstone regularly in order to let it obtain new energies and fresh vibrations.

Cleansing recharges the stone and assures you that as you use it, you will benefit from its powers, energies, and vibrations to the maximum for your healing. As you choose a cleansing method, make sure that it resonates and harmoniously works with your day-to-day practices. Also, think cautiously about where to place the stone as some environmental factors can damage it.

Using a quartz crystal

One of the renowned stones for cleansing other stones is the Clear Quartz, as it has the ability to recharge other gemstones. You will only need to place your Red Jade so that it is in contact or touches the Clear Quartz, and in turn, the Clear Quartz will purify its energies and vibrations.

Using water

Put your Red Jade in a bowl or glass of water or run it underwater for a few minutes. The crystal is quite hard, and you can use warm water with a little soap. A toothbrush that has soft bristles can also be used. Always dry the gemstone using a soft cloth to keep its lovely lustrous appearance.

It is important to note that chlorine which is usually added to tap or pool water, can harm red jade. 

Using sunlight

Placing the crystal under sunlight for a few minutes will also purify it and eliminate any negative energies. Do not overexpose the stone to too much sunlight to prevent it from damage.

Using the energies within the earth

Just bury or place your stone underground for some time, like a day. The earth will absorb any negative or unwanted energies.

Using the moonlight

Place the Red Jade on an area that has a maximum provision of moonlight for some time. This will help the stone absorb energies that are given off by the moonlight for cleansing.

Using smoke and fire

This method entails burning the crystal over a fire for a short period. You can use candlelight. Smudging the gemstone with smoke from burnt sage, incense, cedar, sandalwood, or palo santo will also work in getting rid of any negative energies.

Using the light from the night sky

The lights given off at night by the sky, like constellation light, star lights, and light from other celestial bodies, will cleanse your Red Jade crystal. Hold it or place it in an area that has a maximum supply.

Comparing Red Jade to similar stones

Red Jade vs. Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a variety of Quartz and microcrystalline with big grainy crystals, while Red Jade is a variety of Jadeite and sodium aluminum silicate.

Red Jasper is opaque and usually pigmented because of the iron oxide process. Red Jade will usually appear transparent.

You can find Red Jasper worldwide, but real Red Jade will mostly be found in specific zones. Both gemstones are red in color.

These gemstones have a Mohs scale hardness of between 6.5-7.

Red Jade is quite rare, but Red Jasper is quite common, and because of this, Red Jade will usually be more expensive and valuable than Red Jasper.

The Red Jasper and Red Jade gems are associated with stimulation of the root chakra.

Red Jade’s crystal structure is monoclinic, while that of Red Jasper is hexagonal.

Red Jade vs. Ruby

A Ruby gemstone will usually appear to have a deep pink to a blood-red color and is a variety of corundum or aluminum oxide. Ruby gets its color from the chromium element traces in its composition. Red Jade has a deep red color. 

Ruby is harder and has a Mohs scale hardness of 9, while that of Red Jade will usually be between 6.5-7.

Both stones will usually appear transparent, but a Ruby can also be translucent. 

Compared to Red Jade, a Ruby gem is brittle.

A Ruby’s crystal system is trigonal, while that of Red Jade is monoclinic.

Both stones stimulate the root chakra.

Red Jade vs. Carnelian

Carnelian is a variety of chalcedony, while Red Jade is a variety of jadeite.

While Red Jade has a deep red color, Carnelian will usually appear to be of a brownish-red color.

Both stones are relatively hard, with Red Jade having a Mohs scale hardness of 6-7 while the Carnelian’s is 6.5-7. This makes their level of hardness almost the same.

Carnelian will usually appear translucent, while real Red Jade is transparent.

The crystal system of Carnelian is trigonal, while that of Red Jade is monoclinic.

Both gemstones will stimulate the root chakra, and in addition, the Carnelian can also stimulate the Sacral chakra.

The best combinations to use with Red Jade

Like other gemstones and crystals, Red Jade will work well individually to offer you the healing you require. However, from time to time, pairing this crystal with other crystals or combining them will amplify its energies, vibrations, and power.

Below are the best gem combinations that will work well with Red Jade;

Being a gemstone of passion, it can be used together with other gemstones that bring about feelings of passion, such as the Moonstone, Carnelian, and Garnet. These stones combined with Red Jade will excellently work well together and amplify its energies and vibrations to bring about romantic connections, love, intimacy and passion.

Red Jade is associated with masculine energy, power, and courage and therefore, to amplify its energies, use it together with Tiger’s eye. Both stones will help you overcome your fears of the unknown and give you the bold energy needed for bravery.

Red Jade will help you overcome your limitations and push you to work hard towards achieving set goals. To boost these energies and vibrations, pair it with Crystal Quartz. These stones will also help you visualize the set goals and make you always feel close to achieving them.

Use your Red Jade together with Amethyst. Both of these crystals work to reduce addictions and compulsive behaviors. They will break habits that keep luring us into excessively doing things to feel valid or good about ourselves.

Final Words

Red Jade is, without a doubt, a very powerful gemstone. It is most appreciated and used for the healing properties associated with it. Besides the gemstone having the ability to keep your health and physical body in check, it will bring about courage and help you work towards your set goals. Furthermore, it will assist you when fighting addictions, help you mend and keep your relationships alive, and much more. The hue of the crystal’s deep red color makes it a beautiful jewelry component.

To tap into its energies and vibrations, you can use the Red Jade in multiple ways. This stone can be quite expensive as it is very rare. From time to time, ensure that you cleanse and purify your crystal to dispel off any negative energies that may have been absorbed and refresh its energies and vibrations. As the stone has various healing properties, combining it with similar stones with similar healing vibrations will amplify its energies.