For centuries, women and men have marveled at the beauty of gemstones and acquired these natural wonders as something of value, beauty, and power. Rubies, Sapphires, Diamonds, etc. have been the highlight of every Queen’s collection in history. It is usually believed by most people that diamond is the most precious stone loved by elite women; however, moonstone is another one of those beauties with a moon like sheen and is valued highly in different cultures. Moonstone, as the name suggests, brings the same balance and tranquility as the comforting energy of the moon and expresses the feminine energy. It is known for the beautiful luster that appears on its surface. It is one of the very few stones with the property of “Adularescence,” which is the appearance of soft milky clouds on the inside of the stone and inner flow of light as the external light falls on it.

For someone who is looking for a perfect moonstone ring, here is a simple guide:

Meaning and cost of moonstone

The meaning of the moonstone lies in its sensual and feminine energy that has the power to heal and bring wholesomeness to the life of the person who wears it. It derives its name both from the appearance and powers of the moon. Whereby the milky moonstone tends to hold motherly energy, the clear moonstone is admired for its extraordinary colorful glow. There are a number of myths associated with the origin of moonstone and its meaning in different cultures, such as the creation of the stone from solidification of moon beams, etc.

It might not be the most convenient option to carry a semi precious stone like moonstone in its raw form with you all the time. Hence, the best way to keep a moonstone always with you is to wear it in the form of jewelry that not only holds it together but certainly adds to the charm in your personality. From as low as ten to as high as thousands of dollars, the cost of moonstone depends upon its clarity and consequently on the style and metal used for jewelry. If the body of the stone is more colorless and translucent, it is considered more valuable. It is however found in abundance and hence available at a very low cost as well.

Choosing the color

Moonstone comes in a variety of colors hence giving the buyer with multiple choices when looking for a moonstone ring. For someone who has no budget constraints, there is a large variety that he/she can choose from, however, not all is lost for those with a tight budget. Moonstone comes in the most beautiful colors, including black or grey (contrary to the common belief that moonstone has to be white like the moon) , and peach or pink. While the blue moonstone with an electric blue shimmer is mostly considered the most beautiful and hence most sought after as well.

Rainbow moonstone ring

Rainbow moonstone ring. Check on Etsy.

Grey moonstone ring

Grey moonstone ring

Although rarely, but sometimes, the moonstone displays rainbow sheen that is attributed to the phenomenon of “Labradorescence.” The rainbow moonstone is related to the moonstone family; however, it is not a true moonstone. Since they aren’t very common, the rainbow moonstone rings are considerably higher in price. What could be more magical than carrying your own little rainbow on your hand at all times?

Rainbow moonstone ring

Rainbow moonstone ring. Check on Etsy.

When you go out to choose a moonstone ring, there is no limit to which moonstone you ought to choose and which one not, however when it comes to the quality of it, the highest quality moonstone displays a semitransparent to transparent colorless appearance with a blue adularescence.

Choosing the set

Moonstones are used in jewelry, especially rings for both men and women. The type of metal in which the moonstone is set determines the overall price as well. It is usually set in sterling silver, white gold and gold whereby the former costs less compared to the latter.  If you really want to own a moonstone ring and are looking for something that does not cost you a fortune, then a silver set may be the perfect choice. The clear and blue moonstone set in sterling silver makes for a beautiful and elegant accessory. Same is the case with white gold.

For special occasions like weddings or anniversaries, a rose gold or gold moonstone set would be a more suitable choice.

Moonstone ring in 14k gold

Moonstone ring in 14k gold. Check on Etsy.

Moonstone engagement ring in white gold

Moonstone engagement ring in white gold. Check on Etsy.

Moonstone also happens to be a relatively soft stone which makes it vulnerable to cuts and abrasions. It may even shatter if it hits against a hard object or surface. Hence it is important to choose a metal that will add to its strength. Even though moonstone earrings or necklaces are less prone to damage from any possible stroke, a moonstone ring needs a little more care.

Choosing the cut

The cabochons cut is the most popular for a moonstone as it displays the adularescence phenomena naturally. However, there are many more cuts that make a moonstone look even more beautiful, hide its imperfections, compliments the various styles of jewelry, and suit to the personal style of the individual. Cabochons cut is better suited for moonstone rings, earrings and pendants as it has a rounded polished top and domed side. The cabochons cut often comes in round oval and teardrop shapes.

Teardrop moonstone ring

Teardrop moonstone ring. Check on Etsy.

Faceted cut moonstone rings often resemble a diamond because of their geometrical design, which reflects the light both internally and externally. The special thing about a faceted cut is that it hides some of the imperfections because a moonstone is gauged for its clarity. Hence for someone who cannot afford diamond can definitely look for a beautifully faceted moonstone. The faceted cut moonstone is often used in a square or hexagon shape in rings, pendants and ear studs. A moonstone ring can, in fact, be a perfect alternative to a diamond ring.

Hexagon moonstone ring

Hexagon moonstone ring. Check on Etsy.

The rose cut also happens to be another one of the popular cuts in moonstones that tends to add depth to the stone and highlights the texture.

Choosing the style

Moonstones often undergo some industrial treatments to change their overall look. Often times, their color is enhanced to make it look more appealing. There are unlimited ways in which a moonstone can be used and styled in a ring. It is not just the color and cut of the moonstone in a moonstone ring that determines its value and beauty, but the metal crown that holds the stone. There are other complimenting factors that determine how beautiful a moonstone looks and how strong and valuable it becomes.

Since moonstone has been in use for centuries in different cultures, it is not very difficult to find antique/vintage pieces of moonstone jewelry, especially moonstone rings. Antique necklaces, earrings, and finger rings can be found with large cabochons cut, oval or tear shaped moonstones. Some delicate pieces can also be found.

Vintage moonstone ring

Vintage moonstone ring. Check on Etsy.

Although moonstone looks beautiful on its own, however when used alongside multi-stone with diamonds or opals, etc. extraordinary statement pieces can be created.

Moonstone ring with opal

Moonstone ring with opal. Check on Etsy.

It is up to you whether you choose a minimalist style of your moonstone ring or love to go overboard with a vintage style and multi-stone statement pieces. Whatever styles a moonstone is worn in; it brings tranquility to the wearer. Be it vintage or classic; there is no compromise on the feminine exuberance of the stone.

Which finger to wear a moonstone ring

Moonstone ring makes for a perfect engagement ring, not just because of its beauty but also because of the feminine energy and calm that it brings to the woman who is proposed and her relationship. Hence a moonstone ring is worn the most in the ring finger.

However, from a more spiritual and astrological perspective, it is important to understand the energy channel of each finger and the properties of the gemstone in the ring. Moonstone is considered best for the ring finger and the little finger of the left hand. Why? It is because the ring finger conveys the energy of the earth element, and the little finger conveys the energy of the water element. The left hand is associated more with our subconscious mind; hence wearing a gemstone on the left hand will promote the qualities of that very gemstone into your subconscious mind and inner world. Since the moonstone is known for its healing and calming power, who wouldn’t want that peace be channeled into their inner self.

How to care moonstone ring

As mentioned before, moonstone is known to be a soft semi precious gemstone and hence is prone to receiving scuffs and scratches if not properly taken care of. The foremost important thing to care for a moonstone ring is to keep it in a nylon fabric pouch or ring box when not in use. Make sure that it is not placed in a box with other jewelry where there is a chance for it to rub against any other hard stone or metal.

When it comes to cleaning, the best way to clean a moonstone ring is to wash it by using non-abrasive and mild liquid soap with water. Any steam or ultrasonic cleaning ought to be avoided in the case of a moonstone ring. Do not forget to take off the ring while doing some hard chores like cleaning and washing, especially if you are using any harsh chemicals.

For a stone like this that brings peace and joy, it is important to protect it from any harm.