Sunny days start off this summer season, and refreshing crisp light accents accentuate any outfit. Moonstone earrings make a great addition to every wardrobe. Adding a new accessory to an outfit is always fun, as summer begins the lovely and color shifting moonstone is a great choice. Moonstone earrings are an especially delightful way to add a summer vibe to any hair do. The moonstone is the birthstone of June and for the Zodiac sign Cancer. Moonstones are known for the healing and feminine qualities they are said to possess.

Choosing the color

The moonstone makes an especially nice choice for earrings because of the color shifting attributes of the moonstone it compliments the person wearing the earrings in various situations. Moonstones are available in many different colors. The colors available are, blue, rainbow, white, peach.

The best quality moonstones have a blue sheen, high clarity, and a white to colorless body color. When reading about gemstones the schiller factor, or very specifically for moonstones the adularescence, refers to the shimmering top layer of color in moonstones. Being able to easily see from across the room the color shifting effect, adularescence, is a sign of a higher quality moonstone. The best quality moonstones these days are from Myanmar.

The blue moonstone is the highest quality and more expensive option. Good quality blue moonstone earrings are a great staple addition to every wardrobe. The larger the size of the moonstones the more expensive and harder to find. Blue moonstone earrings are a great choice for anyone looking for a nice quality gift or accent in the summer months.
Blue moonstone earrings

Blue moonstone earrings. Check on Etsy.

The rainbow moonstones are popular stones for jewelry. Rainbow moonstones have the unique attribute that they are transparent Laborite gems, this means they are made out of a slightly different substance than other moonstones. The rainbow moonstone is also known for its mystic connections. The rainbow effect of the moonstone is seen in the color changing attributes of the adularescence in the body of the stone. Sometimes looking like floating shards of color the rainbow moonstone has a shimmering color shifting look that draws the eye in. Rainbow moonstone earrings are a great choice for summer barbecues and fancier date nights.
Rainbow moonstone earrings

Rainbow moonstone earrings. Check on Etsy.

The white moonstones are also very popular choices. The light airiness of the white shimmering moonstone is a perfect summer jewelry staple. The airiness seen in the adularescence of the moonstone brings attention to the person wearing the beautiful stone. White moonstone earrings are a great choice for wearing to a wedding or any summer time event. The light color of the moonstone is a nice contrast for brunettes and darker haired women.
White moonstone earrings

White moonstone earrings. Check on Etsy.

The peachy moonstone stimulates the mind and calms anxiety. The peach moonstone stands out against the other moonstones because of the more saturated orangey yellow body of the stone. Filled with multicolored streaks of adularescence the warm orange to yellow peach colored moonstone is a great stand out choice. Adding a bit more color to an outfit peach moonstone earrings are especially lovely on blonde and lighter haired women.
Peach moonstone earrings

Peach moonstone earrings. Check on Etsy

Choosing the set

In the search for the perfect summer pair of moonstone earrings the price point will help define what set of earrings someone is looking for. As well the desired occasion to wear the earrings are important factors to keep in mind when looking for the right pair of moonstone earrings. The material of the earrings is important. Available options are platinum, 18k, 14k, 10k white, yellow and rose gold. Sterling silver is also a great option for moonstone earrings. Plated and filled options are also available. Sterling silver is the most popular choice with moonstone jewelry in general, but for some people gold is better due to allergies or personal preference.
14k rose gold moonstone earrings

14k rose gold moonstone earrings. Check on Etsy

Silver moonstone earrings

Silver moonstone earrings. Check on Etsy.

Choosing the cut

The shape of the moonstone is also important in picking the perfect pair of earrings, The moonstone is a versatile stone that can be carved into intricate shapes resembling faces flowers or other things. The moonstone can be the main part of the earring or a smaller detailing element. The moonstone is available in round, square, triangle, teardrop, and diamond shapes. Most commonly found the moonstone will be in the form or a bead, cabochon or faceted style in the earring. Moonstones are strong but susceptible to breaking, so featured moonstones in earrings you want to make sure the stone is somewhat protected.
Teardrop moonstone earrings

Teardrop moonstone earrings. Check on Etsy.

Square moonstone earrings

Square moonstone earrings. Check on Etsy.

Choosing the style

The style of earrings range from stud, hoop, huggie, dangling, chandelier, and cuff. Moonstones can be found as the main stone in a simply set pair of earrings or as part of intricate wire wrapping earrings as well. Form and function is an important balance in any new jewelry piece. Where and when someone is to wear the earrings help to decide how delicate or sturdy a pair of earrings needs to be. Long dangling earrings look especially breath taking with the iridescent glow and shimmer of the moonstone.
Moonstone earrings studs

Moonstone earrings studs. Check on Etsy.

Moonstone hoop earrings

Moonstone hoop earrings. Check on Etsy.

Antique moonstone earrings

Antique moonstone earrings. Check on Etsy.

Where to buy moonstone earrings

When purchasing the perfect pair of moonstone earrings make sure to buy through a reputable site. Look to buy moonstone earrings through sites with plenty of options like Etsy and Amazon. Etsy and Amazon allows for multiple types of people to sell the jewelry they made or once owned. Shopping through sites like Etsy and Amazon allow the shopper to have greater protection against fraud since the sites will help with any dispute between buyer and seller. Etsy and Amazon have a large amount of moonstone earrings in all different colors, materials and styles.


Moonstone earrings are a lovely summer splurge or gift. The birthstone for June and the stone for Cancer Zodiac moonstones make a perfect birthday gift. While moonstones are made out of the same material as 45% of the earths core the adularescence on the surface of the gem qualifies it as a moonstone. The folklore and mysticism around moonstones emphasizes the good fortune and healing properties of the feminine, glistening stone.
Moonstones are great stones for jewelry because the lighter shading refreshes and adds youth and energy into any outfit. Moonstone earrings are a great way to bring radiance and subtle shimmer to your face and outfit and are also always fitting birthday presents.