The complete guide to choosing the perfect moonstone ring

For centuries, women and men have marveled at the beauty of gemstones and acquired these natural wonders as something of value, beauty, and power. Rubies, Sapphires, Diamonds, etc. have been the highlight of every Queen’s collection in history. It is usually believed by most people that diamond is the most precious stone loved by elite women; however, moonstone is another one of those beauties with a moon like sheen and is valued highly in different cultures. Moonstone, as the name suggests, brings the same balance and tranquility as the comforting energy of the moon and expresses the feminine energy. It is known for the beautiful luster that appears on its surface. It is one of the very few stones with the property of “Adularescence,” which is the appearance of soft milky clouds on the inside of the stone and inner flow of light as the external light falls on it.

For someone who is looking for a perfect moonstone ring, here is a simple guide:

Meaning and cost of moonstone

The meaning of the moonstone lies in its sensual and feminine energy that has the power to heal and bring wholesomeness to the life of the person who wears it. It derives its name both from the appearance and powers of the moon. Whereby the milky moonstone tends to hold motherly energy, the clear moonstone is admired for its extraordinary colorful glow. There are a number of myths associated with the origin of moonstone and its meaning in different cultures, such as the creation of the stone from solidification of moon beams, etc.

It might not be the most convenient option to carry a semi precious stone like moonstone in its raw form with you all the time. Hence, the best way to keep a moonstone always with you is to wear it in the form of jewelry that not only holds it together but certainly adds to the charm in your personality. From as low as ten to as high as thousands of dollars, the cost of moonstone depends upon its clarity and consequently on the style and metal used for jewelry. If the body of the stone is more colorless and translucent, it is considered more valuable. It is however found in abundance and hence available at a very low cost as well.

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