Goshenite is often referred to as the mother of all crystals. It may not be as popular as other crystals among less experienced collectors, but a dedicated crystal user will know precisely how powerful it is. Goshenite is pure and feminine, so it is often associated with angels and the moon – as well as actual motherhood. Its frequency is high, and it is spiritually guided, hence its amazing properties.

Goshenite is often associated with the frequency of truth. When used properly, it will give you an honest insight into yourself. It will also help you identify both honesty and fake actions in those around you. No matter what, it aims to promote truthfulness and fidelity. With these thoughts in mind, what else should you know about it and what makes it so special after all?


Goshenite comes with a plethora of capabilities, so it is widely appreciated and quite handy to have around. It will help you become more practical from a mathematical point of view. It will not help you perform sophisticated calculations within seconds, but it will simply add to your practical profile in various situations. If you work with numbers and you need to be mentally clear, its properties are even better.

Our goshenite beaded bracelet
Our goshenite beaded bracelet

Furthermore, the crystal will keep your brain clear. It will help you energize your mind. Whether you work with your brain, you need to make important decisions or you run a business that requires proper planning, your mind is clear and can make better choices. You will end up thinking clearly, but also logically.

From a spiritual point of view, goshenite will add to your personal growth. You will sense a deeper connection with your spiritual self and feel more engaged with your spiritual guides. No matter what your religion is, the stone will make your prayers more powerful when you need divine assistance, regardless of your necessities. Its vibrations simply amplify the power of your prayers.

Energies associated with goshenite are quite inspiring and will help you develop personally and reach unknown levels. Let yourself be infused with these positive vibrations and your mindset will change in no time. You will feel like nothing is impossible and you will gain the motivation required to go to another level.

Your goals will also benefit from this beneficial upgrade. You will notice a palpable lightness of your spirit. Your vision will be clearer and your aims will just go higher. Your spiritual light is clear and you can see your potential in a more realistic manner – simply put, forget about those self-imposed limitations that you can easily exceed.

As if all these were not enough, goshenite is associated with extra creativity too. Your imagination will be higher. You will be protected against negative thoughts and energies. You will be able to keep your secrets to yourself and compensate for your minuses with great flair and creativity. Now that you understand its meaning, what kind of properties does it truly have?


Just like all the other crystals out there, goshenite has both physical and metaphysical properties. Different people collect this crystal for different reasons. To those who want an attractive piece of jewelry, physical properties make the difference – the purity of this crystal does stand out in the crowd.

On the other hand, some people do not care much about the state it comes in. They are more concerned about its meaning and metaphysical properties. They do not care about a fancy piece of jewelry, as they can do with some raw crystals as well. So, what should you know about this crystal?

Physical Properties

Goshenite is a type of beryl. In fact, this is the most popular type of beryl and not because it is more common than others, but because it is considered the purest. There are other beryls out there, but none of them can match the purity of this crystal. Generally speaking, the stone is clear and colorless – small variations are also available in commerce though.

The clear goshenite is the most desired type, especially for those who are interested in jewelry. The clear option has fewer impurities than other choices. It is also worth noting that goshenite can be found in yellow, green, blue or pink. These colors are not always 100% natural, as they are usually obtained by irradiating the crystal with particles of high energy.

When clear, goshenite is often sold as diamonds – if you are after diamonds, you need to know how to tell the difference. At the same time, it can be used as an imitation of an emerald. Emeralds are usually colored. To make it look like one, jewelers apply silver or green foil to cut the stone, giving it a different appearance.

Goshenite is referred to as the mother of all crystals or gemstones. Some say it is because of its purity. Some others say it is because of its capability to perfectly imitate other stones. Other than that, from a geological point of view, it is a mineral that can form in striated or prismatic crystals. Other similar crystals include aquamarine, morganite and heliodor.

Metaphysical Properties

In terms of health and healing, goshenite can be useful against a bunch of medical conditions – most commonly, against those that affect the brain or head. With these thoughts in mind, it will work wonders against migraines or simple headaches. It will also help against painful sensations and discomfort associated with sinusitis. The crystal is also known to boost your eyesight.

The healing capabilities of this crystal go even further. If you are physically active – whether because of your job or because you like to keep healthy, the stone will provide vitality and will help against chronic tiredness. In other words, it is just as efficient for those with hectic lives – big families, lots of work or business tasks.

Goshenite is also thought to provide balance for your hormones and natural body fluids, but not by itself. For such effects to kick in, you need to pair it with a June birthstone. When used alone, you will also be able to tackle infections that affect your immune system, and overcome insomnia, other sleep-related problems, and muscular pains.

When it comes to money and wealth, goshenite is protective against deceptions and lies in terms of business. Whether you have a regular job or you run a business, you will run into colleagues or partners who may approach you with false-positive thoughts – the stone will help you identify them and respond efficiently.

Goshenite is a handy and useful stone to have around when you deal with financial issues too. Unfortunately, most people make bad decisions when they are pressured due to financial problems. It will help you keep your mind clear. You will be more objective and make informed and concrete decisions. In terms of work, your productivity will skyrocket, so reaching targets will be easier.

Since goshenite is associated with purity and truth, it will help you deter negative effects from others. Spotting dishonesty and lies will be easier than always. Such beneficial effects will not occur overnight though. Instead, the more often you have this stone around you, the better you will become at spotting the truth.

Just like most other crystals, goshenite has a bunch of positive effects on your personal life too – especially when it comes to love and romantic relationships. Since truth and honesty are extremely important in a relationship, the stone will promote them more positively – you will be able to make better decisions regarding your ideal partner.

It is not all about spotting the truth around you, but it is also about finding it easier to tell your loved one the truth – handy in difficult conversations. Indeed, the truth can be painful at times, but goshenite will make it easy to handle. It will reduce the pain associated with it and it will give you a more mature approach.

Other than that, goshenite will promote love and loyalty in relationships, sustain both parties emotionally, teach you how to enjoy small moments in life, live your life to the fullest, commit to doing whatever you have to do, and prioritize the right people in your life. Furthermore, it will give you a clear look into yourself as well, so you can rediscover yourself in a more efficient manner.

When used for metaphysical purposes, goshenite – as well as a few other beryls – is not just used to boost your vision, but also to work on some chakras. Every crystal out there has some properties, but it stands out when it comes to the etheric chakra. The same goes for the crown chakra, as it stimulates your mental centers.

Your creativity and originality will skyrocket. Your expression will become more artistic. Your thoughts will be more analytical and objective. The crystal boosts the inner vision if you meditate and add to your lucidity. It can direct energies of various revelations towards the highest aspects of your life. If you are after metaphysical benefits, this stone is a must-have.

Our goshenite beaded bracelet
Our goshenite beaded bracelet

Where to Buy Goshenite?

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Goshenite In Jewelry Uses

Goshenite is quite common in jewelry and the good news is despite its purity among other beryls, it is not the most valuable one. It is not a mainstream gemstone, which is great because it keeps its value down. You will most likely find earrings and rings based on goshenite. Since it is not as hard and valuable as diamond or other gemstones, goshenite does not make a very good choice for engagement rings though.

The clear profile of this crystal makes it suitable for most outfits out there. Therefore, you can find both elegant and casual pieces of jewelry. You can also find other types out there, such as brooches, pendants, and bracelets. Some bracelets are made in the mandala style and feature a bunch of small crystals altogether.

On the Mohs scale of hardness, goshenite is rated at eight. In other words, it is harder than other gemstones. It is popular and widely used in jewelry because it can withstand daily wear and tear. In other words, this is not one of those crystals you can only wear for special occasions, but you can proudly display it on a daily basis.

Where Does Goshenite Come From?

Goshenite has been initially discovered in a small town in Massachusetts, USA. The town is called Goshen, hence the name of the crystal. It has become the representative stone for the respective town. But as time passed by, goshenite has been found in other parts of the world as well. Therefore, some of the crystals on the market come from Pakistan, South Africa, Brazil, Afghanistan, and other parts of the USA.

How Much Is Goshenite Worth?

Goshenite is a stunning stone with exquisite purity. But with all these, it has a relatively low value compared to other stones. It is not in too much demand, while other beryls seem to be much more popular – morganite or emerald. Therefore, you can find both pieces of jewelry and individual goshenite crystals for low prices.

You can find goshenite of 1.5 carats for less than $100. On the other hand, you can buy a similar morganite for four times more money, even if it is not as pure. While some people appreciate the clarity, the lack of color keeps its value down. For instance, aquamarine has a stunning blue color, while the green cues of emerald stand out in the crowd.

With all these, it is worth noting that high-quality goshenite can still go for high prices. The price is also affected by the metals it is linked to in various pieces of jewelry. If you only care about the metaphysical properties of the crystal, you can find raw stones at low prices.

How to Use Goshenite?

You can grab the metaphysical properties of goshenite in a few different ways. If you are after a deep night’s sleep, place a crystal under the pillow. You will wake up with a better attitude and you will no longer feel tired, even after you sleep. Having goshenite around your bed will also give you lucid and more meaningful dreams.

You can also keep a few decorative crystals around your home, office, or car. Having goshenite around will bring its positive energies into your life, whether you have decorative stones or a piece of jewelry.

How to Cleanse Goshenite?

There are more ways to cleanse goshenite and sunlight and moonlight represent the easiest options out there. Generally speaking, half an hour to another will do in direct sunlight. If you choose the moonlight instead, you can keep the crystal exposed overnight with no issues at all. Meditation, scented candles, or mindfulness will help if they also resonate with you.

Pure water cleansing also works, but it is more efficient if you use a natural source of water. For example, you may find a spring, which is much more efficient than simple tap water. Keep in mind that goshenite is a pure stone, so it requires proper cleansing. Other good options include cleansing with other crystals like quartz, sea salt, salt water, rice and sage.

Goshenite vs. Diamond

Diamonds are the main choice for engagement rings – the ultimate type of jewelry. They are also quite expensive, so goshenite makes a relatively good alternative. It is durable and affordable. Sure, cubic zirconia is also an alternative, but goshenite is fully natural, which is another big advantage. While not as popular as diamonds, goshenite gains more and more notoriety among couples.


Hardness and brilliance are the main differences between goshenite and diamond. Diamonds have a top-notch light performance. While goshenite is still great if cut properly, its brilliance is not as good. Regular maintenance to prevent the buildup of grime and dirt is mandatory if you want to keep goshenite sparkling for as long as possible. Less experienced individuals may find it difficult to tell the difference between the two stones.

The Best Combination to Use With Goshenite

Phenacite is a good mix for goshenite – a relative of beryls but with higher energies. It will amplify the energies associated with goshenite and take them to another level, especially within etheric chakras. It will also add to your spiritual profile. For extra benefits regarding your brain and mind, it is great with herderite, axinite, or crazy lace agate.

To help in your life journey and to allow you to leave negativity behind, it is great with Nuummite. You can also mix it with a few different types of quartz to boost your spiritual connection.

Final Words

The bottom line, goshenite does stand out in the crowd, yet it is underrated. It may not be the most popular crystal in the world, but it has a plethora of beneficial properties. It may not be the most common stone in the jewelry industry, but it looks like a diamond and can imitate it almost perfectly. The lack of popularity is what keeps the price down though, so the crystal is widely accessible to whoever wants to harvest its beneficial properties.