Quartz is by far one of the most popular stones out there. It is extremely versatile and works wonders when combined with various types of gems, but it is also powerful and features its capabilities and effects. It comes in various shapes and colors, as well as a few different varieties. The cherry quartz stands out in the crowd, mostly because of its healing properties and popularity among those who are after metaphysical properties.

While it does have a bunch of pluses, this type of quartz is also referred to as the divine love stone. It has much more to offer though. On a different note, it also has a warm and attractive appearance, meaning it is also used for various types of jewelry. Whether you are after its appearance for a piece of jewelry or its metaphysical strengths for love and relationships, here is everything you need to know about cherry quartz.


Cherry quartz is better known for promoting a very healthy balance. Practically, it is all about achieving balance in life. Whether you need to keep centered on your professional or personal life, cherry quartz can help you achieve it. It will keep you grounded and focused on what truly matters. Moreover, the stone can regulate life energies. It will absorb and release them according to your personal necessities.

Cherry quartz goes further than that though. Those who are into metaphysical capabilities will appreciate its charging features. In fact, most types of quartz can be used as charging stones. But then, the cherry variety also charges your own energy, as well as your rhythm. It makes no difference if you have lost your balance or you simply need a bit of tuning for your physical and energetic energies – the stone will help you get there.

Apart from all these, the stone tends to promote action too. If you feel like you procrastinate or you need a small impulse to make a change – be it in love or career, cherry quartz will push you from behind. It will boost the drive in your life and boost your energy. Your vibrations will be directly affected by staying high and helping you go for that plan. You could be scared to go for it or perhaps you are not motivated enough – cherry quartz will help.

Vitality and strength are inevitably associated with the energy coming from cherry quartz too. It has a rich and vibrant color that adds to your power. Not only will you flow through life with balance and power, but you will also promote the same attitude towards the ones around you. You will become a central point in your group and more and more people will embrace your positivity and drive – you inevitably become a leader.

Given the extra energy and drive, you will be pushed from behind to explore and research. It is not about work or education, but about life. The energy will make you want to try new things. You want to see something different. You will no longer feel scared or anxious about it, but excited and confident. As a direct consequence, your courage will skyrocket too, helping you reach success without too much trouble – in both personal and professional goals.


Cherry quartz has numerous properties that anyone can appreciate. The stone is excellent for those who are into jewelry. It has a relatively warm nuance, but a rich color. It could be a vibrant piece of jewelry that draws attention, as well as a warm accent to a cold outfit.

Its capabilities go even further if you are into its metaphysical capabilities. Whether you wear cherry quartz as a piece of jewelry or you keep a few crystals around your home, the stone will work wonders on you if you believe in it. Here is everything you need to know about its powers.

Physical Properties

Cherry quartz belongs to the famous quartz family – some of the most popular minerals on the planet. They usually appear in natural environments and can represent the main constituents of various rocks. The quartz has a bunch of different names – more than any other stone. However, specific colors and types are almost impossible to confuse because of their unique appearance – cherry quartz being one of them.

In terms of popularity, quartz is the most abundant mineral found on the surface of the planet. Obviously, different varieties have different standards, but altogether, they are all easy to find and reasonably priced. The cherry quartz follows the same rules. It is relatively easy to find all over the world. The best part about it? Being easy to find makes it quite affordable too. However, all the stones you will find in commerce are artificial.

Quartz has an incredible hardness. It is resistant to mechanical factors, but it will also take all kinds of chemical situations. It is weather resistant and can last for ages if properly looked after. In fact, this is one of the main reasons for its popularity in the jewelry industry. You know that a quartz gem will last far longer than other gems. It is ample and ubiquitous, but it also looks good when matched with other stones.

When it comes to its artificial profile, cherry quartz is usually made with quartz and cinnabar. The quartz in its composition is naturally reconstituted. The mix is then melted and turns into the sparkling stone that you are already familiar with. It gains a few unique flashes throughout the stone, as well as the pink hues and the crystal clear appearance. The process is not very sophisticated, but results may vary widely in terms of appearance.

If you wonder about those striations, patterns, features and cloudy appearance in cherry quartz, you should know that cinnabar is responsible for the uniqueness of this stone. Without the cinnabar, the stone could not be referred to as cherry quartz. The result is always unique, so two stones may appear similar, but they are never identical. These formations vary widely from one stone to another – they could be mild or obvious.

Bottom line, cherry quartz could be referred to as a mix of stones and minerals. It does not occur naturally, but it is found everywhere. Since it is man-made, the price is low. To keep it simple, some may refer to it as dyed quartz. With all these, it is still a type of quartz and can carry most of its properties. Despite being man made, people interested in its metaphysical properties will still be able to take advantage of it.

Metaphysical Properties

Cherry quartz is excellent in healing and for your overall health. It is excellent if you end up with random colds every now and then, not to mention the flu. It can also treat mild infections and burns. Its effects go further than that, as the stone is well known for its capability to strengthen the heart. It will stimulate blood circulation and help against problems related to arterial tension. Simply put, it is a heart related stone.

Cherry quartz is just as helpful against autoimmune affections and it can help the respiratory function work by the standards. It is beneficial for headaches, migraines, sickness, vertigo and dizziness too, not to mention insomnia. If you can barely fall asleep or you have nightmares, cherry quartz will make the difference in no time. Its physical effects are more diversified, as the stone is great for arthritis and spinal contraction.

If you are after losing a bit of weight, the stone will keep the metabolic process at the healthiest standards. It soothes blisters, relieves anxiety and sexual problems caused by stress. Quartz is known for its versatility and capability to work well with other stones too. It can enhance the properties of other stones and grab some of their properties, but it will also cause a series of positive effects when mixed accordingly.

In terms of wealth, success and career, cherry quartz will attract positive energies that bring prosperity. It makes no difference what career you have or what kind of business you run, just like your financial field is not too relevant either. Given the energy it brings in, you will feel courageous to try new things and push your professional life to another level. You gain extra clarity, as well as the power to see things going in the right direction.

You will see your financial goals in a crystal clear manner. You will be able to find efficient solutions to make things work and more importantly, you will find ways to turn dreams and plans into reality. Moreover, your goals will be more intense, so you will work harder to make things happen faster. The stone will keep you calm and clean when facing unexpected situations too, only to be able to make the optimal decisions.

Those interested in love and relationships should not overcome the benefits of cherry quartz either. No matter how deep or recent your emotive scars are, the stone will help you overcome such difficulties in no time. It will boost your heart with positive energy, but it will also provide the feeling of an authentic loving environment. It heals such wounds, but it also brings in the peace you require when you get into a new relationship.

A relationship can bring in a plethora of emotions and sadly enough, not all of them can be positive. Tension will inevitably pop up every now and then. You may also experience jealousy at times, even if you do not have any actual reasons. The fear to be left or abandoned is just as common sometimes, while anger will strike whenever you have a fight. Cherry quartz will help you replace these feelings with peace, calmness and serenity instead.

Last, but not least, cherry quartz is excellent for people with a weak heart and promotes forgiveness. No matter who caused the pain, you will learn to forgive. Forgiveness is not about being a fool. You will keep your mind clear and make the right decisions, but you will not kill yourself with all kinds of negative thoughts once the issue is over. Learn to forgive and move on – sooner or later, you will find the ideal partner.

Where to buy Cherry Quartz

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Cherry Quartz in jewelry uses

Quartz is one of the most popular stones in the world. It looks good and it is easy to find and reasonably priced. Most varieties of quartz make great options for jewelry and cherry quartz makes no exception either. However, its pink appearance makes it suitable for certain combinations and outfits only. The average clear quartz is more versatile because it works with anything, but the cherry variety requires a bit of attention.

Quartz is among the most attractive gemstones out there. Apart from its affordability, it is also widely available. What makes it so attractive from a visual point of view then? Just because it is slightly altered for a different appearance, this type of quartz will not lose its transparent or partially transparent nature. From this point of view, it will be able to capture light in a very efficient manner, adding a bit of sparkle to your accessories.

Cherry quartz is also very strong, so it will easily face the test of time. It is easy to look after and it will not alter if you wear it on a daily basis – of course, a bit of attention is highly recommended. Then, you can find it in all kinds of jewelry, from earrings and bracelets to necklaces and rings. It is not a common option for engagement rings because of its value, but it makes a good addition to random rings. It is also great with white metals, such as silver, white gold or platinum.

Where does Cherry Quartz come from

Cherry quartz is man made. It can also be described as dyed quartz. It is made in laboratories all over the world – a mix of quartz and cinnabar that melts. It depends on the demand. As for the actual quartz, it is also widely distributed everywhere. However, larger deposits are located in the Alps, Brazil, Japan and Madagascar. Quartz can also be found in Europe, not to mention the USA – especially Arkansas and New York.

How much is Cherry Quartz worth

Cherry quartz prices vary widely, as it depends on what you want. If you want a few crystals of cherry quartz to keep around your bed, on your desk or around your home, you can easily find more than a dozen crystals for less than $1. Of course, larger pieces will cost more – since it is man made, this crystal does not come in natural rough and sharp shapes. The shapes you can find are made by people based on demand.

When it comes to jewelry, cherry quartz has a low value, but it depends on what materials it is fitted on. If you mix it with gold, the respective piece will obviously cost more than silver.

How to cleanse Cherry Quartz

Cherry quartz can be cleansed and purified in a few different ways. White sage represents a good and natural way to get the job done in no time. But at the same time, if you are a big fan of quartz, a quartz cluster or quartz chips are just as efficient. Such cleansing methods are highly indicated for those who own multiple quartz crystals because they ensure a great purification in bulk.

You can also go for a more spiritual approach. Many crystals are cleansed with a crystal tuner. Such a tool would be great if you own more crystals and you do not want the hassle of different purification methods.

Other than that, the classic moonlight will never fail on you. Leave the cherry quartz under the moonlight for a night and it will recharge with positive energies.

The best combination to use with Cherry Quartz

Quartz is extremely versatile and can be mixed with all kinds of stones, gems and crystals. This is one of its most attractive metaphysical properties. When mixed with other stones, it will usually enhance their capabilities. It is a helping crystal with literally no contraindications at all.

Just like you have probably guessed already, two mixed stones may also have completely new effects. For instance, mix cherry quartz with yellow turquoise and the combo will help you overcome kidney and bladder infections, as well as various issues with the digestive system.

Final Words

In a short final conclusion, cherry quartz is an artificial stone with a beautiful warm appearance. It is great for jewelry because it is hard and it looks good. On the other hand, it is inexpensive and available everywhere, so it will not always stand out in the crowd – make sure you match the right outfit. Its metaphysical properties are more diversified and the crystal can provide great help, despite being man made.