Rainbow hematite is one of the most attractive stones out there due to its unique appearance. Compared to other crystals or stones, it has not been too popular throughout history, yet it has started gaining notoriety over the past few decades. These days, more and more holistic practitioners are starting to take advantage of its capabilities.

Due to its lack of popularity, there has been a series of myths about rainbow hematite, as well as plenty of misinformation. It has been passed both online and offline, causing its reputation to suffer. Luckily, most of these things are slowly becoming history. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about rainbow hematite and what it can do for you.


Rainbow hematite has one thing in particular that makes it stand in the crowd – it is spoiled with all the colors associated with the seven chakras. In other words, it feels like a sponge for your emotions and soul. It is always ready to provide positive energies and absorb those negative thoughts preventing you from achieving your full potential.

Rainbow Hematite Palm Stone
Rainbow Hematite Palm Stone. See it on Etsy

The stone is particularly meaningful to deep people. If you tend to think deeply and split or analyze emotions, this stone will work on your soul like no other. It has the capability to absorb anything related to darkness in your life. Instead, it will fuel your heart with positive energies, so it feels like a unique gift for your attitude.

Rainbow hematite has the rare capability to connect with the solar plexus. From this point of view, it is an excellent protective force. It will ground you to reality in a positive manner. At the same time, it will help you get out of negative or problematic scenarios in a crystal clear and objective manner. Simply put, it will guide you in the right direction.


Rainbow hematite is definitely an attractive stone. Its beautiful appearance makes it suitable for those who want some unusual decorative items or various pieces of jewelry. It looks good pretty much everywhere – it can complement a nice outfit, but it can also become a focal point in your office or perhaps your living room.

But apart from its physical properties, rainbow hematite is just as attractive from a metaphysical point of view. Lots of people do not necessarily care about its appearance. If you are after its healing properties or effects on your love or career, rainbow hematite makes an excellent addition to your collection of crystals.

Physical Properties

Technically, rainbow hematite can be described as a mineral of iron oxide. There are more varieties of hematite and they all follow the same rules. Iron oxide minerals tend to occur in almost every sedimentary or metamorphic rock, so they are easy to find. Believe it or not, hematite is sometimes intermixed with quartz as well.

Rainbow Hematite Victorian Style Necklace
Rainbow Hematite Victorian Style Necklace See it on Etsy

Rainbow hematite is not necessarily a special stone. Instead, it is a mix of two different stones. When it is intermixed with goethite, it comes up with a bunch of different colors and a stunningly iridescent appearance. This mix is known as rainbow hematite. It is paramagnetic – just like all types of hematite – and it grabs its iridescent appearance from aluminum phosphate particles.

Hematite is by far the most common ore of iron out there. Hundreds of years ago, it was mined all over the world – literally thousands of locations. These days, the production mostly comes from a few different places. It has multiple economic uses, but the main one comes from the importance of iron ore – it can be used to produce different products.

Hematite has a diversified and variable appearance. Even rainbow hematite – despite having more colors – will occur in different designs. Its luster can be metallic, earthy and so on. Colors may also vary a bit, but most of them will come with a reddish streak. In fact, this reddish streak is how you identify the crystal.

While not being magnetic, some pieces of rainbow hematite may have relatively high amounts of magnetite in their composition. At that point, the stone can be a bit magnetic. The stone must be thoroughly investigated during the identification process. As for colors, they may occur in different varieties and styles.

Metaphysical Properties

Based on nothing but its appearance, rainbow hematite is a stunning piece that anyone can enjoy. However, its healing capabilities and properties make it even more popular among holistic healers and crystal collectors. The stone has the energy to go over the physical realm and can promote a positive attitude from more directions.

Rainbow Hematite Bracelet
Rainbow Hematite Beaded Stretch Bracelet. See it on Etsy

There are no doubts about it – rainbow hematite will mostly alter your emotions and spiritual wellbeing. Its appearance makes it pretty obvious that it is focused on healing you. The core may be dark – it could be enigmatic. But then, the iridescent top surface will give it a positive appearance and change the otherwise dull design.

Effects on your emotions are similar. It will help you overcome old energies, especially the ones you are consistently holding on to. It will reach through your soul and alter your deepest emotions, pulling the dark side into a bit of light. Once these habits and thoughts are unveiled, the stone will change them into positive alternatives. 

Rainbow hematite is also rated to be a natural cleanser. It will help during the natural detoxification process of your body and renew your energy. Its forces will provide an exquisite balance for your emotions and thoughts. You will end up seeing the best in every situation, appreciate hardships and seek joy everywhere around you.

Many healers agree that rainbow hematite will also help you identify and understand yourself. When you manage to get rid of negativity, you will be able to enjoy life to its fullest. The natural detox process will remove self-doubt as well. It will bring you peace, but it will also help you feel safe and secure, regardless of how crazy your lifestyle is.

rainbow hematite ring
Rainbow Faceted Hematite Thin Band Ring. See it on Etsy

Rainbow hematite is ideal for spiritual awakening as well. Healers rely on it to connect to supernatural powers. It makes no difference what religion you have or what you believe in – chances are this stone will bring you closer and help you find more meaning in your beliefs. Spiritual energy will be successfully integrated into your body.

Super protective from more directions, the stone protects you against negative energies that might affect you on a daily basis. It does not let you forget that your purpose is more important than what you experience at the moment. All those small setbacks are nothing but some bumps – rainbow hematite will inspire you to overcome them with an open spirit.

Rainbow hematite may not be as popular from a physical point of view, but its healing features are just as attractive. A few samples are magnetic – yet, even those with no magnetism at all can provide a bit of protection from electromagnetic fields. Many healers believe in its internal charging, which will provide some sort of protection.

If EMF exposure is an issue and you are sensitive to it, rainbow hematite will help you overcome these problems. It is known to soak some rays, so the exposure will not always affect the levels of energy or your body. At a more direct level, the crystal is better known for boosting the autoimmune response. It will balance your immune and nervous systems.

The stone will enhance your body from the inside out. You will find the power to handle all kinds of health-related issues. For instance, it will help you against a common cold or flu, but it is just as efficient at keeping blood-related problems away. It will work wonders against insomnia and other sleep-related problems, so it promotes restful sleep.

On a metaphysical note, the colors of the stone resonate with every chakra. Each chakra will relate to a particular color. No matter where the negative energy is in your auric field, the iridescent finish of the crystal will help you get rid of it in no time. Overall, it will stimulate a healthy energy flow in life, as well as balance.

Despite being suitable for all chakras, rainbow hematite resonates more with a few particular chakras. Most importantly, it will affect the root chakra – the foundation of everything that absorbs positive energies from the earth. You want this chakra to be crystal clear to feel easy with the world and avoid lost feelings. Rainbow hematite will support your metaphorical feet and keep you grounded.

The crystal is just as effective when it comes to the solar plexus chakra. The chakra is responsible for your freedom. When blocked, your mind experiences unjustified fear, as well as self-doubt. The stone helps you keep strong, regardless of what you have to go through. It reminds you how important you are and boosts your self-sense.

Last, but not least, rainbow hematite will work wonders on the crown chakra too. From many points of view, this chakra can be described as the bridge to the cosmos. Having this stone around you will improve your spiritual journey, but it will also connect to your general consciousness and push you from behind.

Where to buy Rainbow Hematite

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Rainbow Hematite in jewelry uses 

Just like many crystals out there, rainbow hematite has built its way into the jewelry industry as well. The stone is extremely attractive with its iridescent appearance and various colors, so it can complement multiple types of outfits. It features natural beauty, while the diversified colors make it more suitable for pendants or necklaces.

Rainbow Hematite Dangle Drop Earrings. See it on Etsy

Generally speaking, a single large piece will be more attractive than a smaller one. For instance, you are more likely to make a good impression with a big brooch than with a bunch of small beads. Of course, smaller pieces are just as beautiful, but they must be perfectly matched based on the colors they have.

When used in bracelets and necklaces, rainbow hematite is said to help against EMF radiation. If you are more concerned about other metaphysical effects, any piece of jewelry will do. You can get rainbow hematite in bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, brooches or pendants, among many others – helpful for your auric field.

While popular in many pieces of jewelry, rainbow hematite is mostly used as an occasional stone. In other words, it is suitable for particular outfits, based on its colors. On a different note, it is not suitable for engagement rings. Basically, it does not have the value or spark of a diamond, for instance – therefore, it is not a common pick.

Where does Rainbow Hematite come from

Hundreds of years ago, rainbow hematite used to be found everywhere around the world. It is a common crystal in the earth’s crust, so there are plenty of mines out there. With time, different investments have pushed the extraction toward certain parts of the world. Back in the day, rainbow hematite could be found close to the surface. Now, you would have to dig deeper.

Some of the biggest deposits in the world are located in Brazil. Therefore, lots of crystals come from this part of the world. However, rainbow hematite is just as common in certain parts of England (especially Cumberland), China and New Zealand. Large deposits are also in the USA – but especially in Minnesota. Other small deposits are found in other parts of the world.

How much is Rainbow Hematite worth

Rainbow hematite has recently started gaining popularity. It is quite common and there are plenty of deposits around, which is good news in terms of value. The stone is not expensive and the price depends on the condition. For example, you could buy a few small crystals for their metaphysical properties for less than $2.

Then, you can also get a larger piece for more money, but it is still not expensive. Generally speaking, a polished piece will cost more than a raw one, simply because most people see it as a more attractive decorative item. However, if you have raw crystals all around your home, a raw piece of rainbow hematite will be just as good-looking.

When it comes to jewelry, prices vary widely. Normally, it depends on the size of the stone, the polishing status, as well as the metal it is attached to. For instance, a set of silver earrings with rainbow hematite will cost less than a set of white gold earrings with the same stone – in other words, the metal makes the difference here.

How to use Rainbow Hematite

Most people use and keep rainbow hematite next to them by implementing it in various pieces of jewelry. For example, get some earrings and they will always be around you for protection – a bracelet is just as handy, not to mention a small necklace. You get a nice crystal to enhance your appearance, as well as its metaphysical properties.

If you are not into jewelry, you can get rainbow hematite all around you in a few different ways. Small polished rocks are quite common as decorative items, but you can also keep them around while meditating. Feel a stone. Grab it and feel its weight. Reflect on it and try to understand its meaning for maximum efficiency.

If you love the organic beauty of a raw cut, raw rainbow hematite is even better. When not polished, such crystals display rough grains. They have random textures and sporadic corners. They are beautiful and they can be kept around you while meditating or sleeping. As for decorative items, you can keep them around your office, living room or bedroom.

How to cleanse Rainbow Hematite

Rainbow hematite is most commonly cleansed with quartz. There is not too much work to do. Simply keep the hematite in front of you, in a calm and peaceful environment. Grab a quartz crystal and hover it over the rainbow hematite a few times. Focus on cleansing energies and you will manage to get rid of all the negative stuff.

Obviously, rainbow hematite can be cleaned like other crystals too – you can use the moonlight, direct sunlight for a few hours, water (ideally, spring water), rice or the earth. Different people rely on different techniques – it depends on what actually works for you in terms of convenience and results. Cleanse the crystal on a regular basis – perhaps a few times a month.

The best combination to use with Rainbow Hematite

Rainbow hematite is not known to interact negatively with other stones, so it can be freely mixed. It works wonders with quartz because the natural cleanser will also keep it at maximum efficiency. Then, you will see it mixed with other stones too, such as apatite, amethyst, sapphire or tourmaline. Tsavorite is just as common.

Final Words

Bottom line, rainbow hematite does stand out in the crowd with its unique appearance. It is a fully-featured crystal with metaphysical properties that connect to all the chakras, hence its exquisite properties. In terms of physical properties, lots of people appreciate it for its stunning appearance as well. While not as popular as other stones, it is definitely gaining notoriety and for some good reasons.​