Before talking about yellow jasper let me explain to you what are jaspers? Well, jaspers are considered to be powerful as well as sacred stones used for the protection of both spiritual realms and our physical being. This was believed in ancient civilizations and ancient people throughout the world. “Jaspers” is a name that is used from long back.

Yellow jasper is a powerful category of stone among the various stones that are used. It is of yellow color which gives the best protection energy. The color of the sun is yellow, which brings warmth to it. In the early days of summers, the sun lightens up the whole landscape and gives the power of enlightenment with its shining ray, enlightening the ways and paths, making it easier for the people to find their destinations.

While we search for knowledge, yellow jasper lightens up our path, making it easy for us to find the required knowledge. The stone color is yellow, which is the natural birthstone for all those who are born at the beginning of the summer that is between June 21 and July 21 as these colors resemble the mid-year, middays and beginning of the middle. But still, it is necessary to check its compatibility with various zodiac signs as the astrological stones act beneficial for few signs and has no value or benefits for some others.

This post is about everything you want ever to know pertaining to Yellow Jasper. If you find it useful, don’t forget to do share. Let’s get it started!


Yellow jasper is known as the healers of the spirit, stones of wisdom and courage and also the nurturers and rain bringers. This stone is also a symbol of wealth and power which make it happen with gold and pyrite.

As the stone resembles the sun. Thus, it is believed that it gives vibration of positive energy and keeps the connection with the earth and also spreads happiness along with positivity. It is said to be the resemblance of sun rays which promotes enlightenment and positivity and helps in removing all the negative aspects associated.

Historically, yellow jasper meant talisman of discernment and protection which was utilized by priests and was also used to guard man in both spiritual journeys as well as physical travels and was thus used by spirit guides.

To get the best benefits of yellow jasper, it is usually a good idea to wear it, beads for necklaces making are the most popular choice.

Metaphysical Healing Properties

There are many properties that are associated with yellow jasper which makes it very much essential and worth having for. The list goes on, but we’ll help you know about a few of its amazing properties that you will be amazed to know about. It reminds you to remain grounded and spread happiness and positivity. Well, these properties are also written and were believed by many of the ancient believers and people who knew the values associated with these stones. A few of them includes:

  • Easing of emotional stress which is much needed in today’s world as for a healthy lifestyle one should be stress-free and tension-free which helps them to make decisions calmly.
  • It energizes the body, soul and the mind with positivity and also helps in boosting up the energy.
  • During spiritual work, it channels up the positive energies to us thus making it easier for us to do our work efficiently.
  • It also helps in getting rid of the toxins that are present in our bodies.
  • Another great property is that it is attached to our digestive system and helps with digestion function in the stomach.
  • It also balances the energies in our body.
  • Those who are fearful while talking or are shy need to have a yellow jasper as it gives them the courage to speak up.
  • It also helps in stimulating ‘needed’ changes in the wearer but slowly. Thus patience is a much-needed aspect for feeling the changes that the stones get into the person. And somehow it does give the value of patience to the person using it.
  • It helps in achieving the ultimate stability by making them strong.
  • It helps in achieving personal independence, which is much needed in everyone’s life.

Other properties of Yellow Jasper include the power of stimulating and balancing the chakras of the solar plexus. It helps in Clearing up the mind from worries and also makes it tension free as well as stress-free making it easier for the person to work efficiently and move toward achieving the goal that one has set up. It prevents you from stepping backward and instead of regression works on your progressing aspects.

Yellow Jasper in jewelry uses

For meeting up with the ease of wearing Yellow jaspers different methods were applied and finally using them in various ornaments came up as a secure way. By using them in ornaments one can always have it with them, thus giving them the assurance of its presence.

There are handmade bracelets available that are easily found in online shopping apps and are made using elastic cords, thus making it easier to fit every hand size. Elastic cords are the best way of getting a yellow jasper stone attached to it, but there are sort of solid material bracelets that have yellow jaspers attached to them. See a selection of yellow jasper bracelets on Etsy.

yellow jasper pendants
See more unique handcrafted yellow jasper pendants

Well wearing yellow jasper stones as pieces in necklaces also helps you to carry them with you on a daily basis. These kinds of necklaces are available in many online as well as offline shops which give you the choice of wearing them as a necklace or pendant. See a selection of yellow jasper necklaces on Etsy.

There are various kinds of designs of rings that one can find in the market with a yellow jasper attached to them. Yellow jasper rings that are designed with the help of wires, but they look beautiful and are also available online. See a selection of yellow jasper rings on Etsy.

Other kinds of rings include metal rings with the yellow jasper stone attached to it.

If one is not much into wearing necklaces and all can go for a pendant of yellow jasper stone which looks like one of those old-fashioned bead necklaces that suited best with beach dresses. Well, this kind of pendants makes you look cool by adding up a funky look to your attire.

You can make amazing beads and yellow jasper stone earrings which add up to your outfit’s look making it look cool. Along with its healing property in action, it also makes you look good. One can have a set of them, which will be loosely fitted thus giving you a long earpiece. See a selection of yellow jasper earrings on Etsy.

Where does yellow jasper come from

The jasper is essentially found worldwide and is pretty easily available. The prominent ores or deposits are found in Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Russia, India, Madagascar, Egypt, Australia, Brazil, Venezuela, The United States and Uruguay. But yellow jasper, in particular, is found in a few of these places, namely In Morgan Hill California, Wasco Co., Oregon.

How much is Yellow Jasper worth

Yellow jasper stones are available online and you can also get those stones from astrologers who do palm-reading or any work related to astrology.

Yellow jasper stones are not that costly and when its benefits are compared, it becomes worth its price. The price of the stone ranges from 1$ to 2$ or in the Indian market it ranges from 100 to 600 rupees depending on the source.

Well, there are many online websites that offer jewelry that has yellow jasper stone attached to it and the prices are quite reasonable too. And they offer discounts during festive seasons.

Where to buy Yellow Jasper

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

How to identify yellow jasper

Each and every stone has a very unique look to it. This uniqueness in look comes from a very specific type of arrangement at the molecular level. The dynamic composition of the question is what makes them special and unique and these crystals have high structure of molecules known as lattice throughout the entire crystal.

Energetic properties and aesthetics are influenced by the various shapes of crystal which help in the identification of every unique gem. For example, chlorides and Diamonds have a cubic lattice that forms a cube. It is because of this balanced structure these crystals are able to magnify all the positive energy around them. Examples of crystals having hexagonal structures are aquamarine and Emerald Pure crystals which have tetragonal lattice structures are zircon and apophyllite.

The yellow jasper which is created under intense pressure and heat for thousands of years looks like yellow semi-transparent glossy Rock that shines like gold during the midday sunshine. Since jasper comes in various colors and shapes and pattern it might be difficult to identify them sometimes, for which you can take help from crystal book directory where change is categorized by color and look and also pictures. 

How to wear Yellow Jasper

There are few norms or proper procedures that should be followed while accepting a yellow jasper stone. Well, these procedures are also used while accepting other astrological stones.

These procedures are believed to keep the values of the stone intact if followed properly, otherwise, the power associated with the stones loses its value. To see for the procedures and keep them in mind while accepting such astrological stones:

1. The first thing to be kept in mind is the weight of the Crystal. A person who is younger than 23 years of age should use crystals weighing less than 5 Ratti. People whose age is more than 23 years can use crystals weighing more than 5 Ratties. 

2. The second step includes wearing yellow jasper stone which should be stated in a golden ring and is worn on the index finger in order to strengthen the Shukla paksha of the person.

3. Astrological gems should be worn within the time limit of 6 am to 8 am.

4. The stone should be in contact with the person’s body passing the benefit related to the stone. Getting a yellow stone on Thursday is said to be beneficial.

5. In order to get auspicious results related to the yellow jasper stone one should purchase it during Vishakha, Punarvasu Nakshatra for Purva Bhadrapad, Pushya.

6. The other ways include facing different directions while wearing a stone. While accepting the stone one should be sitting and facing towards the north-east direction, or north or east, sitting on Aasan which is covered with a yellow cloth resembling the color of the stone.

7. While accepting the yellow jasper stone it should be purified by dipping it in a mixture of curd, milk, sugar, pure ghee and honey. After this, the stone is purified again with the help of the Holy Gangaajal.

8. After purifying the stone one has to chant the Mantra of Guru 108 times before wearing the ring or the ornament which has the yellow jasper stone attached with it. The mantra of Guru sounds like “Om Gum Gurave Namah”.

9. After wearing the stone one has to give ‘Dakshina’. One has to donate yellow edible items such as yellow Bundi to people or any living being. Donating the brahmins money giving “brahmin bhojan’’ adds up to or maximizes the beneficial values related to the yellow jasper stone.

10. Make sure that you are wearing a good quality stone that is lustrous and appealing to the eye. Pukhraj stones are one of the best stones. The stone should not have any cracks, spots or depressions in it. This is because its appealing and faultless look makes sure that its value is intact.

11. Every store value has an impact for a certain period of time and in the case of yellow jasper stone, it is 4 years, 3 months and 18 days up to which its value is intact and beneficial to the person wearing it. After this time period, the value associated with the stone lessens and thus the person can take it out and then they are thrown in water bodies.

12. When wearing the stone one has to keep in mind many things like the stone should be cleaned regularly without any deposit or spot or cracks on it. Because on happening so the values associated with the stone lessons and are hindered.

How to cleanse Yellow Jasper

One should keep it clean in order to get benefit from it. If the stones are not cleaned regularly then it can hinder the values and powers that the stone possesses. The stones should not be removed at regular intervals while cleaning because detaching the stone from the body makes it lose its value. There are few procedures in which you can clean your yellow jasper stone such as

While bathing use the soapy water to cleanse it or else take a brush and rub it softly around the ornament consisting of the yellow jasper stone.

You can take slightly warm soapy water and a brush in order to cleanse the stone attached to the ornament.

Avoid using any sort of harsh chemicals for cleaning purposes like bleaching and using sulfuric acids. Also, avoid the stones from getting exposed for a long time to heat.

While cleaning it, use a soft cloth and when removed store it in a linen box to keep its luster and properties intact.

Final Words

So all in all the yellow jasper crystal will bring you wealth, power, confidence and sunshine in your life.

But it all starts with you, you have to confirm your actions using the Crystal as a guiding tool. Remember the feeling you had when you received the stone and every once in awhile cleaning it in order to re-energize it. And Now that you know so much about yellow jasper go on try one for yourself.

But before that be cautious about knowing your compatibility with the stone as sometimes it suits best to some zodiac signs and sometimes it has no values for other zodiac signs.