When we hear the word “gemstone”, we always conclude it’s all about luck. We expect for deeper meanings that could satisfy our curiosity. However, not all people have a belief in healing stones. And that’s fine. Perhaps, it is your first time hearing the kind of stone “Picture Jasper”. We’ll help you out to know what it is all about.

The word Jasper means a “spotted stone”. Picture Jasper is one of the several types of jaspers. Jasper is also formed with striped or ringed patterns. It is out of silica with clay materials that have several colors on it. This is under the quartz family with captivating designs and formations. It has a bit of crystal content with earthy colors due to high iron content. This is also known as the brown Jasper, which is earthy-colored that pertains to its connection on Earth.

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Picture Jasper means a lot in the world of sacred stones. It is not a traditional birthstone nor a natural birthstone but a historical birthstone. It is neither a zodiac stone too. Picture Jasper is used as an amulet against unseen evil spirits or witchcraft. This kind of stone bears so many hidden messages and countless interpretations from the past that are easy to understand. That includes:

Rain Bringers

Picture Jasper is a nurturing stone. It is right in sustaining courage and wisdom in times of stress. It doesn’t let the ones having it to feel empty or without providence. It always brings rain for the upbringing of one’s living.

Sense of Peace

Peace is the most essential factor that every human must have. It might be because of its secure connection to the Earth that always aims for calm. In every painful moment, it brings peace and comfort. Jasper helps us to balance our emotions in trials as well as in chaos.

Sense of Patience

In life, we all need a lot of patience. But, forbearance is disturbed when everything that revolves around us wears us out. Jasper has relaxed energy which is an excellent help for people burning out. It warms your soul by clearing your mind with negative thoughts. Instead of being rude on the things that make you impatient, you’ll be gentler and more understandable.

Deeper Understanding

Too much idea on your mind might cause absurd thinking. If you feel bombarded with your thoughts and other’s ideas, take a moment to look at a Picture Jasper. You’ll understand more if you did. It boosts up your confidence to get rid of your silly thoughts. Its earthly element might transfer wisdom to yours.

Sense of Comfort

We long for comfort that lasts. The moment we experience real pleasure is also the time that we can be more productive. The more joy we feel, the more we push forward. It is better to live a life with better comfort. Most of the time, satisfaction comes from inner peace. You can now consider having Picture Jasper as it bears warmth.

Sense of Security

Picture Jasper secures your decisions. Sometimes because of the fast pace of life, we struggle in making decisions. It tells us not to lose our sight on things in front of us though it happens so fast. You have the power over everything. It could be accomplishing your goals or anything you want to be done.

Sense of Healing

One of the most famous meanings of Picture Jasper is its healing energy. It has the power to protect your health in an overall aspect. It can heal you physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. Further explanations about its healing ability are to be discussed below.

Demonstrates Leadership

Achieving growth is a challenging process. It is a long way process. But, we learn to lead our destiny by having a sense of independence towards reaching our goal. Jasper provides an excellent flow of energies that gives you helpful ideas in promoting growth.


Physical Properties

Picture Jasper is a famous opaque stone in the world. Its landscape patterns are one of the reasons why. It is a variety of microcrystalline quartz with extraordinary veining due to the added silicate and clay material. It has striking earthy colors because of the high iron content and other minerals and impurities it contains. Different shades of brown are available with other color shades like ivory, blue, black, and tan.

What makes Picture Jasper more than a stone?

It is the detailed images on its surface that appear when cut or polished. It shows memorable scenes and pictures formed in the past.

Metaphysical Healing Properties

The healing energy of Jasper is in accordance with its specific colors. Red Jasper has more powerful healing energy than Blue Jasper. Picture Jasper can provide healing to most parts of your life, especially the internal factors. Let’s see below:

Physical healing energy

Picture Jasper greatly benefits your immune system. It eliminates terrible toxins from the body. The kidneys and stomach are fortified and can work well to balance the body’s mineral content. Jasper can heal the problems with digestion like constipation, prostate, and obesity.

Upon healing the inner systems, external healing becomes possible. This includes healing of skin allergies caused by chronic lung diseases.

Emotional Healing Energy

Picture Jasper came from Mother Nature, and so anyone with it can read a message from it. It is due to the connection of energy to the planet that it has the power to heal the emotional body. Picture Jasper has visible images that bear hidden messages such as love, hatred, pain, and fear. As time goes by, these are viewed as lessons from the past.

Seeing a Picture Jasper allows you to feel joy in simple things. That’s a great help for everyone’s having emotional struggles.

Mental Healing Power

Everyone longs for peace of mind. Every day might be frustrating, but nature gives us a remedy to feel at peace. Mental health is very important to live life to the fullest. Picture Jasper can put calmness on your mind during the days of frustrations. It has the power of balancing whatever is happening around you.

Chakra Healing and Balancing Energy

This stone is used for rituals related to the Earth’s vision. All that is needed is a Chakra and a Picture Jasper. Both attract balancing energies in which align physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies with the higher realm.

You’ll be more energized physically and spiritually by only balancing the base chakra. The body regains stamina and security for the spirit. This results in better leadership by one’s power.

All flows well with Picture Jasper.

Spiritual Healing Energy

Picture Jasper is into spiritual meditation too. It has electromagnetic energies of the Earth which are suitable for spiritual strength. Jasper means a lot for visioning the journey back in time and in the future.


Wearing Picture Jasper provides you calmness towards a meditative state. The way it is designed as those beautiful shades and patterns is highly conducive. It utilizes the power of visioning or foretelling the future.

Re-establish Belongingness

Disconnection is very common in humans’ lives. There are days we feel like we are aliens on this planet that we don’t belong here. By regularly wearing Picture Jasper, all will be alright. It can heal wounds of alienation. It brings back the feeling of belongingness here on Earth.

Enhance Artistic Skills

There are times we lose passion for doing what we love. Picture Jasper can boost anyone’s creative abilities. This helps to remove the worries and frustrations that allow you to create a masterpiece again.

Picture Jasper in jewelry uses

Jasper has the quality durability and hardness, which makes it perfect for jewelry making. Therefore, it is far from being worn out after several uses. It is suitable for both males and females because of the availability of shapes. Wearing Picture Jasper pieces of jewelry can make you look classy, traditional, and urban.

Picture Jasper is an inexpensive kind of jewelry. Jasper is polished to be used as beads for pieces of jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets. It can also be used as a pendant by carving it into cameos. Feng Shui allows the use of Jasper as rings and belts to protect your energy.

There are different types of Jasper, and one is Picture Jasper. It is also known as the Brown gemstones. It is good to wear not only because of its natural color but more of the benefits it gives to the user.

The price depends on the size and by carat weight.

Where does Picture Jasper come from

Picture Jasper is one of the sacred stones found by ancient peoples. It is a mystery where it came from. Most people say it is formed through the work of nature, particularly the hydro-thermal movement.

Its name is derived in Arabic, Greek, Latin, and other ancient languages. That is inscribed by most researchers until it is named “Picture Jasper”. It is originated from Northwest, USA.

Jaspers can be found all over the world. The places include Russia, the United States, Venezuela, Uruguay, Brazil, Australia, India, and Egypt. Largest deposits of Jasper are found in India and Australia. It has a widespread appearance on the locations it comes from. Different colors and patterns are found in particular locales.

Some agreed it comes from the bible. Jasper is one of the materials used in building the city wall of Jerusalem. It serves as the foundation that makes the wall sturdy than ever. Other religious histories used up Jasper in many ways.

How much is Picture Jasper worth

Jasper’s value depends on the saturation of its color, pattern, and its uses in fashion. The latter criterion is mostly considered for the price.

Premium prices are claimed for Jasper types that are rare such as Imperial and Madagascar Jasper. Jasper, with a commercial quality cut in designer and simple shapes, have a lesser worth of not more than $5.

Another criterion for pricing is size. More substantial cuts are within the premium cost ranging from $50 to $20 each. Jaspers with delicate patterns are the most expensive, up to $200 per piece.

Where to buy Picture Jasper

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

How to identify Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper is often interchanged with agate and chalcedony. Visual inspection isn’t enough to identify which is which.

Jasper is based on three things, such as crystal size, composition, and diaphaneity.

Diaphaneity is classified into highest to the lowest level of when the light passes through a material. That includes transparent, translucent, and opaque. Jasper is under opaque level, which means no light passes through it.

Jasper’s composition is out of cemented silica that contains a small number of impurities and other foreign materials. During the cementation process, it turns into microcrystalline quartz. The stone’s color and ability to transmit light decreased throughout the process.

How to wear Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper is a kind of gemstone that comes from nature, and so it can be used anywhere. It is best-worn as jewelry near to chakras. But, it cannot be done with that for there are more uses of it.

You can place a Picture Jasper anywhere inside the house or office. It is highly recommended to place these healing stones on areas where you work a lot. By this, more positive energies will surround you.

Another is holding it in your palm. It provides soothing and calming aura. Or, you can put some Jaspers in your purse to attract more luck.

During the night,having Picture Jasper under your pillow or on your nightstand will reduce the chance of lucid dreaming. Deep and relaxing sleep is to be experienced.

How to cleanse Picture Jasper

Cleaning a Picture Jasper after use is essential to make its life be longer. Like humans, the stones need to be rejuvenated and be freed from negative energies. This is to regain its healing power for the next use.

There is a prepared process on how to cleanse healing stones. Clearing gemstones is never a difficult task. Here are the seven easy steps to recharge the healing stones:

1. Expose the stones to the Sun and Moon.

The forces of nature are the simplest way to let healing stones revitalize its healing power. A 4-hour exposure under the said forces is required. Place the gemstones on the safest spot. The time depends on the absorbent ability of the stone. In the case of Jasper, too much exposure on heat may result in color alteration.

2. Mother Earth Cleansing

Get a cloth sack and place the gemstones in it. Look for a pure and clean coil and then bury it for a day. Make sure the spot is not prone to pesticides or any other chemicals. This method must be the safest way to cleanse healing stones.

3. Traditional Care and Cleaning

Jasper is quartz and is known for its durability. It can be washed through warm water and soap. Use a soft cloth or brush to clean the gemstones thoroughly. Do not use harsh household chemicals such as bleach in cleaning Picture Jasper. Afterward, rinse the healing stones until there’s no soapy residue.

Store the Jasper by wrapping it in a soft cloth and put it inside the fabric-lined box for better protection. Avoid placing it together with other gemstones that can cause scratches like a diamond, sapphire, and topaz.

Some use salt water to cleanse crystals, but it’s not always recommended. It might scratch the stones if not correctly applied. It is because they believed that salt content could recharge the stone’s energy.


Jasper cannot tolerate too much exposure from heat and so put it away from the direct sunlight. Avoid mixing it with harder gemstones for it may cause fractures and scratches on the Jasper. If you are using these gemstones as jewelry, remove it before playing sports or doing any chores.

Final Words

If you feel tired experiencing negativities in your life, get a Picture Jasper!

Picture Jasper works as a source of positive energies because of its earthy properties. When you are stress, Picture Jasper can help you to feel relaxed and remain tough. It became responsible for absorbing negative energies around you. It helps you to stay unaffected by any circumstances. You can face problems with bravery and more exceptional abilities.

Another power of Picture Jasper is it can alter your imagination into something better and more concrete. This might make things easier for you to conquer as time goes by.

Further, Picture Jasper achieves a more balanced physical, emotional, and spiritual aspect of your life. That will soon turn all the negativities into positive ones.