Similar to clear quartz, phantom quartz is the more majestic alternative. It is one of the most reputable energy cleansers and it gets its unique properties from the random formations in its composition – most of them caused by interruptions in the growing cycle. Apart from its unique appearance, the crystal also has a bunch of healing capabilities.

Blockages in its growing cycle lead to concentrated deposits of minerals. Their shapes are quite unique and look similar to ghosts within the stone. Each such dreamy formation has its own random story, bringing truth and wisdom – meaning associated with the stone over the past centuries. Now, what else should you know before bringing it into your life?


Phantom quartz has specific uses and a series of properties that indicate its uses. Generally speaking, this crystal will teach you the first steps in moving on. It will help you let go of traumas from your past and find closure. While some people can easily move on after unfortunate events, some others struggle with such situations.

Forget about the ego or drama. Instead, focus on your soul. The soul must have learned something from this experience and will have to keep growing. Believe it or not, there is even a psychological term for such a treatment – known as post-traumatic growth. No one can change the past, so the best you can do is adapt and move on.

Phantom quartz basically tells you that what does not kill you will make you even stronger in the long run. No matter how bad it was, keep in mind that it could have been even worse. Other than that, the crystal is rich in wisdom and general guidance based on millions of years of consistent growth in the planet’s harsh crust.

The crystal is a great aura cleanser and will help you get rid of negative energies overcoming you with their weight. It will release negative emotions away too, as well as bad thoughts – making more room for a positive energy flow. As for the healing energies, they are associated with strength, inspiration and clarity.


Just like any other crystal out there, phantom quartz is appreciated for a few different things. It is a beautiful natural stone, so its physical properties make it a good choice for decorative items, as well as various pieces of jewelry. To some people, these things are not relevant – they are mostly after the metaphysical properties of the crystal.

Physical Properties

Phantom quartz is just one of the numerous varieties of quartz crystals out there. What makes it unique is the abundance of natural phantom crystal shapes growing inside the actual quartz crystal. Basically, you have a bunch of crystals trapped into a larger crystal. It ranges in appearance and can be super clear, but also cloudy.

The stone is a macrocrystalline stone part of the quartz family. The quartz itself is by far the most common single mineral in the world. After all, about 12% of the planet’s crust is based on it. It can occur in various places, such as sedimentary rocks or perhaps metamorphic rocks – just as common in igneous rocks as well.

Macrocrystalline quartz is a variety with built-in individual crystals that can be seen with the naked eye. On the other hand, you also have cryptocrystalline quartz, meaning these crystals are too small to be observed. Phantom quartz is rated as a macrocrystalline stone, so you will always spot the other crystals in its build.

Phantom quartz belongs to the tectosilicate class. It is usually horizontally striated and comes in hexagonal prisms. Its refraction is rated at about 1.55. Compared to other stones, it is quite hard – rated as seven. Phantoms can come in a few different colors, but you will mostly find the clear and white ones. It has a vitreous luster and transparency varies – from transparent to opaque.

Metaphysical Properties

Phantom quartz has a bunch of properties that will make a difference in your lifestyle. It also has healing properties and will help your body get rid of toxins. Whether you end up with an injury or you end up sick, the crystal has healing energies that will push for a faster recovery. Furthermore, it promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Struggling with a vitamin deficit? Phantom quartz will take care of you. It will help you assimilate vitamins A and E in a more efficient manner, but it has similar properties for magnesium and calcium as well. It will push your immune system forward and will bring a bit of balance to your body. The crystal’s healing properties have been associated with hearing problems too, among many others.

In terms of finances and wealth, phantom quartz is used when dealing with sophisticated projects. Such projects must be completed in small stages and you can go through them with no issues at all. You will feel fresh and more creative, but you will also interact with intellectual energies flowing around like never before.

The stone will let you stimulate positive energies. Great results come with positive thoughts. Things will fall together like in a puzzle when you handle projects with the right energy. This stone will show you that even apparently small dreams could turn into amazing realities. Your decisions will be wiser and your plans will stand out in the crowd.

Phantom quartz is often appreciated for its effects on love and relationships. Emotions affecting your relationship will get better. Forget about excessive reactions and issues that might push you and your partner away from each other. The foundation of your partnership will become stronger than ever. Handling emotions is a must and this is what the stone will do.

Indeed, relationships change. A relationship is a continuously changing landscape. You will need to adapt, but the crystal will help you with the balance. Stick to things that truly matter and avoid all unnecessary distractions. Your negative ideas and assumptions will become history – instead, you will be flooded with positive thoughts.

No matter how bad an experience might seem, there is always a good part as well. You will learn to see those parts and make the most out of anything. Learn how to heal yourself from confusion and anger. Both you and your partner will face growth and change your perceptions a little. You will be reminded to keep growing over your own expectations and limitations.

Phantom quartz is great if your earth star chakra is not well balanced. Symptoms include anxiety or the lack of connection with those around you. The same goes if the heart chakra is out of balance – jealousy, anger and so on. Sudden bursts occur out of nowhere, hence the necessity to keep this chakra balanced as well.

With phantom quartz around you, you will easily manage to find a connection to lower chakras and higher chakras – they will also come together to help you reach homeostasis. This is what boosts the healing abilities in the long run. It will improve the immune system and can help with tissue regeneration. Similarly, the soul star chakra will be positively influenced as well.

Where to buy Phantom Quartz

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Phantom Quartz in jewelry uses

There are no doubts about it – phantom quartz is one of the most attractive types of quartz. While quartz itself is often used in inexpensive pieces of jewelry, phantom quartz will stand out due to its internal crystals. It is obviously a bit more expensive as well, but it is still a reliable choice with great value for money.

In terms of hardness, it is rated at seven. It is quite high compared to other types of crystals, but common for quartz stones. In other words, it can be worn on a daily basis and expose to everyday wear and tear without showing too many signs. Obviously, it can still get scratched, but a little attention will keep it in great condition for a long time.

With these thoughts in mind, you will find phantom quartz in all kinds of pieces of jewelry. It is quite common in earrings because it has a nice spark and its price is relatively low. Then, it can also be used in brooches or pendants. At this point, stones are quite large, so the crystals built inside them will be even more visible.

Bracelets are not very common, but you can still find some. Given its value, it is not a common choice for engagement rings. However, it is popular in regular rings and will make a good impression. It keeps well with time and it is easy to look after. It is also relatively simple to cut and polish. Wearing it on a daily basis will keep its positive energies by your side.

Where does Phantom Quartz come from

Quartz makes more than 10% of the earth’s crust, so it is widely accessible pretty much everywhere. Since phantom quartz is not in such great demand as other stones, there are only a few big deposits around the world. It can be found in other countries as well, but the relatively low demand does not justify the necessity of new mines.

Most of the phantom quartz you will find in bazaars or online comes from Austria and Brazil. Other countries with large known deposits include Switzerland and the USA. Unlike other stones, phantom quartz is similar all over the world. In other words, location is not a relevant factor when making a decision.

How much is Phantom Quartz worth

You can find a bunch of tiny pieces of phantom quartz for less than $10, but chances are most sellers will focus on rare and beautiful large pieces. The crystal itself is not extremely expensive, hence the focus on bigger pieces – more money, more profit. But then, if you only need a few decorative items, you should not spend a fortune.

The inclusions and internal crystals often make the difference, especially if they have unusual shapes that resemble everyday objects. For example, you might pay more than $1,000 for a large piece with internal crystals that resemble an animal. Beautiful big clusters of stones may also fetch quite high amounts of money.

How to identify Phantom Quartz

Phantom quartz must be identified from two different directions. First, you need to identify the stone and ensure it is actual quartz. Second, you will have to make sure it is phantom quartz. When it comes to identifying quartz, you would have to pay attention to its crystal habit, as well as the luster, hardness, transparency, lack of cleavage, fracture and occurrence.

Now that you know you are looking at quartz, how do you know it is phantom quartz? Simply pay attention to what you can see inside. This is what defines phantom quartz. The phantom crystal built-in naturally within itself is the main element that makes the difference between phantom quartz and other types of quartz.

How to use Phantom Quartz

There are more ways to use phantom quartz. Meditating is one of them. If you have a flat stone around you, balance it on the crown of the head. If it has a different shape, lie down and place it behind your head. Make sure you never lie down on the bed – all in all, stay calm and let thoughts go away. Focus on your breath.

Keep going with your meditation for as long as you need. Do not think about anything – just be there and stay mindful. Let go of your ego and traumas as well. Setting a timer can put pressure on you, so avoid it. Anything between 10 and 30 minutes will do. Phantom quartz will help you manage your emotions, but also relax a little.

Obviously, phantom quartz can be used in a plethora of other ways. Keep it always around you with a piece of jewelry, such as a ring or some earrings. Get some decorative items and keep them around your home or office. As long as the crystal is around you, its positive energies will inevitably kick in to make you feel better.

How to cleanse and charge Phantom Quartz

Quartz itself is a purifying crystal, but it also needs to be cleansed every now and then. There are more ways to do it though. The water is great. Natural water from a spring is better than tap water though. The moonlight is just as important – more is better. Opt for a night with no clouds and let the crystal purify under the moonlight.

Sound is great too – calming sounds, not to mention direct sunlight. Some types of quartz could fade when left in direct sunlight for too long, so do it for about half an hour to an hour. Nature will do too. Go out and spend a few hours in a forest – let your crystal cleanse. Clear quartz or selenite can be used to cleanse phantom quartz as well – they do not require cleansing themselves.

Finally, smoke is often used to cleanse crystals, but also starlight. The starlight and the energy associated with planets and stars will definitely help in the process – apart from the light coming from the moon. Again, you need to get the cleansing done on a clear night, with no clouds at all. Starlight works even better when mixed with meditation.

Keep in mind that no matter what option you choose, your positive energy is just as important. Stay close to the crystal during the cleansing stage. Meditate if you want to. Bring in some scents if they make you feel better. As long as you can transmit positive energies to the stone, there is literally nothing to be concerned about.

Phantom Quartz vs. Lodolite

There are no differences between phantom quartz and lodolite. Both terms are used interchangeably to describe the same type of crystal. However, different sellers may use different names to describe their stones. At the same time, they give crystals different names based on their appearance. From physical and metaphysical points of view, there are no differences whatsoever.

The best combination to use with Phantom Quartz

There are no special combinations to mix phantom quartz with. Since it is a type of quartz and quartz works with pretty much every other crystal, you can simply mix it based on your necessities or looks. If you are only after the appearance of this crystal, bring in other pieces of jewelry that will complement its appearance.

With these thoughts in mind, you have to analyze the properties of other crystals you plan to bring in. Think about what you actually need help with and bring some extra crystals in. They will not interact negatively with phantom quartz, so there are no risks of altering energies and positive vibes.

Final Words

The bottom line, phantom quartz will give you a smooth transition in your life and can help you break out of bad patterns. It will help you get rid of negative energies, so you can move on and find closure. Forget about traumas and understand that the past cannot be changed – it is all about how you are reacting to what happened.