It is true that quartz stones are in abundance. However, the Lemurian quartz is remarkably rare and so are its properties. While other crystals have the wisdom to give, this one makes you recognize that you are a multi-dimensional being.

Having this quartz crystal in your healing or spiritual arsenal can assist you in connecting to universal knowledge. In other words, you can get connected to the wisdom of the ancients for guidance and protection. Interesting, right? Let’s find out more about this crystal and its uses.


Lemurian quartz has a fascinating tale of its origin. The name comes from Lemuria, a vanished land and an advanced civilization that existed before Atlantis in the South Pacific and was inhabited by Lemurians who were highly spiritual beings. It was more spiritually developed and peaceful than Atlantis.

It is believed that Lemurian wisdom is held in these crystals that they can aid you in obtaining it. According to the legend, the Lemurians allegedly predicted a catastrophic event. To preserve their customs and wisdom, they prepared the seed crystals.

During their remaining days, they programmed these crystals with spiritual energies of healing to transmit a message of healing and oneness when the energy on Earth could gain them. The Lemurians then seeded or planted these crystals, encoded with their knowledge.

These rare crystals got seeded across the planet and universe with the ambiance of the Lemurian cognizance, an enlightened mental state profoundly connected to the planet and the heavenly realm.

It is believed that while most Lemurians left this planet, others went inside the Earth to care for the planet and these crystals are now appearing. The legend says that these seed crystals were planted in an arrangement of a grid over and beyond the surface of the Earth, to other stars and dimensions. Thus, they are also known as Lemurian seed crystals.

Based on this legend, the meaning of this quartz is associated with unbelievable power, energy blockage removal for intense dreamwork and healing, and spiritual evolution. They are considered highly efficient when it comes to communicating with the angels and spirit guides. This is the most recommended use of Lemurian quartz.

Featuring ladder-like striations similar to etched lines and barcodes, the Lemurian quartz meaning signifies a set of steps to heaven, leading to a high experience of hope and light.


Physical Properties

Most specimens of Lemurian quartz have the shape of a laser wand, while the rest are in the form of an egg shape. At first glance, they appear like clear quartz stones. Nevertheless, the subtle differences set the former ones apart. Usually, these gemstones are off-white but may have a tinge of pink-brown generating charming reflections when exposed to light.

Lemurian crystals can be found in a variety of colors, also considered as golden healers, apart from clear off-white, such as apricot, blue, pink, citrine, and green. However, mostly, they are clear. The reason for having a different or another color is usually a light layer of iron oxide.

The Lemurian seed crystals are very delicate. While growing in a cluster, it is likely to be so fragile that it can automatically fall on the crystal cave’s floor. Those who discovered these caves found the crystals on the ground and felt as if they were seeds of knowledge rooted for the taking.

Lemurian quartz stones are rugged and feature lighting marks, as they attract lightning being on a surface level. They are also found embedded in compressed sand. These specimens are mostly opaque. Although transparent, many cuts possess a subtle mistiness due to which you cannot see through unlike glass.

The most unique physical property of these crystals is a set of grooves or ladder-like horizontal striations on their single or multiple faces. These lines are similar to barcodes and render a distinct texture. Commonly, the sides would have alternating smooth and striated faces.

These striated lines run horizontally across the sides, resulting in a fairly prismatic form. The profound ridges on the sides make Lemurian crystals distinct. Usually, the unique horizontal striations terminate to form a triangular face, making the apex. On Moh’s scale, the hardness rating is 7.

Metaphysical Properties

Connecting to Lemurian quartz means coming into contact with its contained energy as well as its grid of allied energies from the planet, stars, and beyond. This seems to be skeptical but this skepticism is likely to go away when you feel how responsive we humans are to its vibration.

This crystal is believed to generate yin or feminine energy. Embedded in this crystal is a horizontal line of fragments, also known as memories.

Within each point, there is wisdom within which lies the powerful energy. This energy can result in an intelligent life for a soulful mission. After all, the Lemurians were spiritual and intelligent, excelling in emotions, philosophy, and technology.

This powerful gem is useful for amplifying whichever energy is seeded into it or is around it. Being in tune with the Lemurian cosmic modeling, it can direct the gentle loving energy while meditating or balancing the chakras.

The stone is known to instill a sense of wholeness, connectedness, and oneness, imparting the knowledge that we all are connected to each other and that we are spiritually equal. It helps in maintaining a connection with the spirit and implementing dream work.

As a healer, this quartz will help in removing the energy obstructions. It also has the potential to improve your personal life; it is typically a tool for working on yourself despite being in use for crystal healing.

It is also known to spawn deep feelings. Its energy can help in resolving deep-rooted issues from the past, either of a past life or this life. Its pointed end is used as an acupressure or reflexology tool. It is also a stress buster, which you can experience while holding it in your hand when under stress.

Lemurian Quartz crystals are among ‘Master Crystals’ because they are known to affect all chakras, planetary aspects, elements, and astrological signs.

Where to buy Lemurian Quartz

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Lemurian Quartz in jewelry uses

Due to their highly fragile nature, Lemurian crystals are not widely used in making jewelry. You can get pieces from specialty artisans who are knowledgeable enough to handle the crystals’ delicate nature. Nevertheless, these crystals are available in limited forms.

The most common jewelry items featuring a Lemurian crystal are bracelets and pendant-style necklaces. When used in pendants, these crystals tend to hang to remain close to your heart. They come within your auric field to instill healing energy.

A bracelet usually has tumbled Lemurian crystals on an elastic band. Wearing it not only looks pretty but also allows tapping the power of the metaphysical properties. These crystals allow accomplishing dream awareness and emotional healing apart from providing access to the world memory.

Where does Lemurian Quartz come from

The original Lemurian crystals are originally from a Brazilian mountain, Sierra Do Cabral, in the Diamantina region. These are usually clear quartz stones with a few pink tinges on the surface.

When found first, they were flat and detached from minerals or rocks. They also were not in clusters, which is unlike most Quartz. Apart from Brazil, these crystals are also found in the Himalayas, India, Columbia, Madagascar, Zambia, and the U.S.A.

How much is Lemurian Quartz worth

Lemurian crystals are usually costlier than clear quartz crystals. However, overall, they are affordable. The price is worth the investment for those seeking to work with these loving, energetic, gentle, and ancestral stones.  

How to identify Lemurian Quartz

It is easy to identify Lemurian quartz crystals by the etching lines or horizontal striations that they have running on alternating surfaces across one or more sides. In other words, one side is striated and the next side is smooth.

These deep ridges like a ladder are only specific to these crystals. Further, unlike other quartz crystals, these crystals are activated by rubbing your fingers over the lines.

The original crystals that surfaced had horizontal lines or striations on every other side; the remaining ones had a smooth texture. In other words, three sides out of six were striated. Since then, more types of Lemurian crystals have emerged. Generally, there could be any number of striated sides.

If there are no striations, it is simply not a Lemurian Seed crystal. The striations contain the memory records.

How to use Lemurian Quartz

Lemurian quartz is effective in prophecy having the goal of getting a Yes or No reply to specific relationship queries. To try, bury it in a white-sand-filled shallow bowl and put the bowl such that it comes in contact with the Earth.

Over several hours, rotate the bowl randomly without thinking anything. Do mark the north and south locations using a compass. Also, remove the sand’s top layer until the crystal becomes visible.

If the crystal wand directs towards the North, the indication is positive. It denotes that the relationship is in alignment with the Earth. If it goes to the South, the reply is negative. If pointing is to the east or west, the response is unclear.

Another common use of this crystal is for meditating to gain wisdom. Before meditating, hold the crystal for a period and establish a connection, as this can be useful. Then, start your meditation by holding it in the right hand, sit well, relax by going into the deep state of inner awareness, and expect nothing.

Let the mind wander around a variety of thoughts but avoid focusing on them. Here, you intend to free the mind after which the energies of the quartz can guide you.

Once you relax deeply and let go of all your thoughts, focus on the crystal in your hand. Now, gently, move your finger over the clear ridges on the sides. In case you wish to stop, press softly where the finger stops. Relax and receive one or more messages from the stone. Keep following the ridges to go higher and deeper into the divine realm.

Do not expect success after each spell of meditation. Rather, the secret is to expect nothing. It is believed that you will know suddenly about the most suitable path if you stop seeking it. Usually, many 10-15-minute spells over a week are enough.

This unusual crystal is known to connect you with angels. To get this connection, it is essential to continue meditating as mentioned. As you go deeper in meditating daily, you may establish a connection with the angelic realms.

Unlike other quartz stones that you program, this one is activated by rubbing the fingers over its etched lines or grooves and downloading its sacred messages. The messages or answers may not appear immediately but you are likely to experience deep unconditional love, which will remain with you.

The more you meditate with it, the higher will be the probability of opening the crown chakra. This crystal is also in use as a healing wand. You need to focus the light energy via the stone termination and direct the same with your healing intention.

You can wear the bracelet of this crystal to sense its peak energies. It also reinforces your inner vision and reveals the prosperous ancient wisdom for healing wounds and accomplishing a higher state of being.

This crystal is useful for healing someone who is not physically present. It acts as a conductor of your intents. For healing a remote or physically present person, just hold the crystal in your main hand and imagine a white healing light originating from the source, through the crystal, into your body, and into the other person.

How to cleanse Lemurian Quartz

It is easy to clean Lemurian quartz. You can do so regularly using running water or by smudging if it is a wand. For the latter, you can purchase smudge sticks or loose sage leaves. Sage smoke is known to cleanse even your surrounding environment.

Just hold the stone near the smoke stream or hold the stick near where it is stored. It is wise to hold the smoking sage in a fire-proof bowl of ceramic to keep accidents at bay.

Another method of cleansing Lemurian quartz is by using rice. This is recommended if you are afraid of using sage or water. Any kind of rice, brown or white, is fine for this purpose.

Just put the stone or a set of stones atop the rice-filled fairly flat bowl and leave it so overnight. The rice is known to pull the negative energy, due to which you will have to treat it as waste after use.

Lemurian Quartz vs. Clear Quartz

The main characteristic of Lemurian quartz sets it apart from clear quartz. It is its striations that are uneven across all its sides; one side would be densely striated while the succeeding one would be smooth. Further, some sides are perfectly clear; whereas, the rest are nearly opaque.

clear quartz
Clear Quartz

The alternating sides are shaped differently. One side is like a pin, as it is narrow and ends at a point; while the other is flat and broad like the tongue.  

Another distinguishing quality is the tip. Lemurian quartz has a notably irregular tip. In other words, it is usually uneven, longer on a side than the rest.

The best combination to use with Lemurian Quartz

Lemurian quartz helps in activating the higher chakras, especially the soul star and crown chakras. So, any stone known to work on these chakras can be used with Lemurian quartz during mediation. You can use crown chakra stones such as pollucite, amethyst, or purple scapolite.

To connect with the Goddess, consider pairing this rare quartz with larimar. You can also use it with any high-vibration crystals to amplify your energy. Any kind of high vibration crystal can be paired with Lemurian seed crystals.

Try using it with Herkimer diamond or white heulandite. The former is known to amplify the vibration of other gems to result in a powerful combination.

To boost your overall spiritual and health levels, consider pairing it with moldavite. This powerful combination is known to uplift the experience to a mind-boggling level.

You can pair Lemurian quartz with any crystals known to make a connection with angelic beings. A few of these higher-realm stones are blue celestite, angel phantom quartz, petalite, and seraphinite.

To uplift good vibrations inside yourself, pair this quartz with stones having strong loving energy. Some of these stones are green amethyst, morganite, rose quartz, and pink kunzite.

Final Words

Lemurian Quartz is believed to harbor the knowledge of a long-lost civilization and healing powers. Unlike other quartz you tend to program, this is the one you activate by rubbing its barcodes or horizontal lines on the side with the finger. This activation is believed to download Lemurian wisdom and connect to the civilization’s energy grid.

With its intuitive energy, this crystal is particularly useful while meditating to resolve an intricate issue that seems hard to solve. This is the stone to use if you are committed to improving yourself. Using a Lemurian seed crystal is known to heal you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.