Despite being recognized as a mineral, Green Opal is not such in the strict sense of the word, since it is composed of amorphous silica. Classified within the oxides with formula SiO2nH2O. The composition is the same as quartz with the difference that the opal is hydrated, that is, it has water molecules in its composition.

Opal stones are a precious stone that is currently used in jewelry and also for decorative purposes. The popularity of this gem was wide for a considerable number of years, however, studies carried out provide authentic evidence of the presence of this stone as a precious gem, it leads us approximately to the 50s B.C. Which belonged to the great Roman Empire. The belief that this gem besides being precious, possesses magical qualities came from the seventh century.

In Asia they classified the opal stone as “the anchor of hope” referring to it attracting luck, on the other hand, the Arabs had the belief that this stone came from heaven. Opal is a glass full of iridescent and fiery light that helps you feel and recognize the creativity of being. It gives you inspiration and imagination.

Green opal works in an amplifying way of your own self. It is a karmic stone and amplifies your potential but also your defects so that you can identify them and leave them behind for their harmful effects. This stone is very powerful and is ready to show you a whole new world where you can project the best values ​​you have to give.


It is the stone for those born in the month of October, along with the pink tourmaline. It is also the stone to celebrate the 14th anniversary of marriage. It is believed that the name derives from the Upala Sanskrit, which means “precious stone,” and later from the Greek derivative “Opallios,” which means “to see a color change.”

green opal stone
Our 4ct green opal stone

It is a seductive stone that intensifies emotional states and releases inhibitions. The opal has a double function according to the user’s need, and it can act as an emotional stabilizer or, on the contrary, spread the energy. Opals can be used to send healing energy to the Earth’s energy field, repairing wear and re-energizing and stabilizing the plot.

It has been used to improve mental speed, to achieve understanding and acceptance of healthy eating habits, and to clean the body internally to allow rejuvenation.

It also gives you a state of relaxation as if you were in a state of meditation. It gives you the information to solve problems in dreams and in the day when your mind is dreaming. It allows you to stay alert and aware of your surroundings while stimulating understanding and promoting positive action.

The energy of the Green Opal makes you feel as if you are always under control and can put out everything you need to do in your life. The green opal is the brightest of all the variables of this precious stone. It radiates optimism, enthusiasm, imagination, and good humor. If you get in touch with your energies you will get an invigorating effect.

It is a stone capable of illuminating and intensifying all aspects of the emotional body. In this way, it will help you identify and release old wounds, fears, and anger, as well as other patterns of negativity that harm you and everyone around you.


Physical Properties

In nature, we find it in a massive amorphous form, within nodules or veins of altered volcanic rocks or basalts. The name opal comes from the Sanskrit word “Upala” which means stone or precious stone.

The properties of opal minerals are composed of amorphous silica or hydrated silica, in a nutshell, it is constituted by silicon dioxide, like quartz and various minerals existing on planet Earth and this gives opal a very different color to the other precious stones that currently exist.

This mineral belongs to the family of tectosilicates according to the Strunz mineraloid classification. Its chemical formula is SiO2nH2O.

It contains an amorphous crystalline system, it contains a solidness of 5-6.5 according to the Mohs Scale. Its refractive index is usually 1,450 (+.020, -.080). It does not contain any pleochroism or birefringence.

Metaphysical Healing Properties

The healing properties of green opal can be enjoyed from the first moment you decide to start using it. Never doubt your potential and you will see how your whole life becomes better and healthier with this beautiful stone.

Physical Healing Energy

As for its healing properties, opal is good in healing cataracts or eye ailments. It was also widely used to solve epidemics and to solve problems by bites or stings of poisonous animal species.

Another of the healing properties of green opal is that it is linked to the laryngeal chakra so it helps you feel better in your throat. Its healing properties act through the words you will say as the stone can give you some confidence in yourself.

It will enhance fidelity, solidarity, loyalty, and respect for personal relationships or the societies in which we work. It is also called the stone of happy dreams and the happy changes that will come as you understand your highest internal potential and as you attract situations that allow your aspirations to come true.

On a physical level, it strengthens the desire to live, treats Parkinson’s disease, disperses infections, purifies the blood and kidneys, and regulates the production of insulin. It has also been used to treat vision disorders and elixir eyes; to relieve fevers and stimulate circulatory functions. It has also been used to bring relief during childbirth. Specifically, green opal can:

Emotional Healing Energy

Emotionally it is associated with love and passion while intensifying emotional states.

• Invisibility: As we have said before, it is an ideal stone to prepare for astral trips.

• Protection of the spirit: This property has to do with the previous point. Having to work and prepare the spirit for the astral journey also created a kind of protection that kept him linked to the body.

• Power past incarnations: That is, it is a stone that puts in contact with different incarnations of the same spirit. We do not mean that it attracts spirits or something like that, but it does that the experiences of one may be present in the body of another. It helps to make tasks easier to learn if the other incarnation already knew him, to remember things that you have not lived in the form of Deja vú and in general to be more linked to the past.

• Develop psychic powers: It is a very good stone for meditation, thus enhancing the psyche of people. This strength helps people stand firm in difficult times and move forward forever.

• Union: It is a good amulet for those who want to solve problems and rejoin different people.

• Improves sleep: Thanks to opal you can have peace and thus improve the quality of your sleep.

Spiritual Healing Energy

The opal enhances the cosmic consciousness and induces psychic and mystical visions, stimulates originality and creativity, helping to express the true self as well as teaching you that what you give ends up coming back to you. Psychologically enhances self-esteem and helps you understand your own potential. It also gives you spontaneity at the mental level.

green opal stone
Our 4ct green opal stone

Green Opal In Jewelry Uses

Jewelry is one of the things that most excite women. In fact, there are so many possibilities to use jewelry that you can buy as many as you want and just wait for the ideal time to use them. The green opal is one of the most beautiful jewels that can exist and that is why it is always widely used within the goldsmith’s shop.

The pieces that can be made with Green Opal are varied. There are some goldsmiths who only concentrate on making necklaces with this rock since having it as the centerpiece draws the attention of many due to the intense green color that emanates. The necklaces are very cute and tend to be used by people over 25.

Green opal bracelets are not as common but young people who believe in the energy of gems still use them. They are quite delicate but there are models that are bigger and attract more attention to young people who have more extravagant tastes. Also, these bracelets can be combined with all stones and with any other type of fantasy and they will still be very beautiful.

Earrings are another story. Although you may imagine it in a very beautiful way, green opal earrings are not common enough for you to see that many people use them. In fact, it is very rare to see someone with green opal earrings. Even so, you can find it in very eccentric presentations. There are some that are even asymmetrical and are combined with many very nice pieces of clothing.

A fashion that was for a long time among goldsmiths was to make anklets with green opal. It was said that they were more efficient in terms of protecting people and in fact, they looked very beautiful on the ankles of those who wore them.

Where Does Green Opal Come From?

This mineral is currently used as a material in the companies of the opal stone carving process. In ancient times the main deposits in which the opals were were located in Slovakia, which is already sold out. This stone is mostly a fossilizing component of some vertebrate vegetables and animals.

The main sources of this stone, are located in Australia, this nation owns the majority of the deposits worldwide, with approximately 98%, likewise, the city of Coober Pedy has exclusive dependence on the trade of this gem, this Village is located in the southern desert of Australia. Other types of opals such as the so-called fire opal are manufactured in the Mexican nation.

These opals were discovered in 1875 as veins and scabs in ferruginous sandstones that covered an area of ​​land of several hundred square kilometers. Initially, this discovery did not enjoy any importance among the farmers who found the stones. The reason was that there was not yet a market that demanded this type of gem.

It was not until 1889 that, in the London jewelry district, these stones were given a chance they had a liveliness in their games of superior color even to traditional Hungarian opals.

Yellowstone National Park has oyster deposits of Geiserite variety, these deposits are called geysers. Ion exchange is a process used for the artificial manufacture of this stone, thanks to technology it is possible to perform this process.

There are different types of this stone but the green opal can be found in Central America specifically in Honduras, and also in South America, (Venezuela), in the vicinity of the lake of Valencia deposits can be found in small quantities.

The precious opal is very rare and is found in a limited number of places around the world. The best noble opals, so far, have been extracted in Australia. Ethiopia and Mexico are secondary deposits. Opal is also extracted in Brazil, the United States, Canada, Honduras, Indonesia, Zambia, Guatemala, Poland, Peru, and New Zealand.

How Much Is Green Opal Worth?

As we know there are many different varieties of this gem. Each variety, with its particular colors and characteristics. Therefore, I think that personal taste and predilection should be the first criterion to take into account when choosing a stone. And even more when you talk about green opal.

However, you should know that the value of green opal depends on several criteria:

• The color of iridescence. The color effects with a predominance of red tones are the most sought-after. They are closely followed by purple, pink, and turquoise. The blues and greens are the most common.

• The intensity of the iridescence. Normally, a copy of a less demanded color, but with a very intense and bright iridescence, will have a higher price than a more demanded color but with a more muted iridescence.

• Transparency, depending on the variety in question, is a very important criterion.

• Green patterns. The stones that have colored mosaics that turn the gem into an authentic stained glass window are highly valued.

Once it is understood about these aspects the next thing is to go buy the green opal somewhere. With this stone, you have the advantage that you can buy it in any specialized jewelry and you can even buy it online.

For example, if you want a necklace, you can find them with prices ranging from $ 189 to $ 300. There are sculptures made in green opal that can be very cheap and only cost a mere $ 7 and up to $ 30 depending on the size you choose.

Green opal is a very exclusive stone and difficult to work with regard to jewelry. Therefore, you should know that their prices may be higher than with the accessories of any other gemstone.

where to Buy Green Opal?

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

How to Identify Green Opal?

Identifying the Green Opal can be a bit difficult, however, here are some tips. As for your body, you can realize that it is inert white and then becomes intense green. Common opal has a strong green or yellowish-green in short and longwave, it can phosphorescence.

Its absorption spectrum of green stones is 660 nm, 470 nm cut in diagnostic characteristics that darken with heating. It has a solubility in hot saltwater, bases, methanol, humic acid, and hydrofluoric acid.

The opal is a group IX mineraloid according to the Strunz classification. You have exceptional content within it and you can identify it due to its litmus effect and the intensity of its green color.

How to Cleanse Green Opal?

This mineral is one of the most used in goldsmithing and is also acquired by people who are lovers of gems. Thanks to the beauty of this stone it is necessary to take various care, which are:

• The Opal is very sensitive, therefore you have to be careful not to scratch this gem.

• Clean it constantly so that it does not lose its shine.

• Store this gem in separate places from the jewels to avoid scratching the Opal.

• Dip the opal in water to hydrate the gem.

• Keep away from heat.

These are the care to take care of this gem, hydration is essential to prevent cracking. It is very important to highlight that this gemstone has different months and of course, these months represent different zodiac signs.

Opal is a stone that requires care not to fragment its surface. Cleaning should be done only with water and never with salt because there is a risk of damaging the gem. It can be cleaned by letting clean water run on it for a few minutes and then drying carefully.

If we want an opal in a ring, its design must contemplate some kind of protection, such as a bevel that completely envelops the edges and edges of the stone. It is not advisable to mount these gems on rings attached with claws since they would be too much in the air and exposed to all kinds of blows and abrasions.

Another precaution that you should take into account is not to expose your opal for long periods to the sun, or any other type of heat source or environment that can favor the dehydration of the stone. You already know that an important part of its composition is water. Being a porous stone, if this proportion of water is altered, in one way or another, it could cause color variation or any other characteristic of your stone.

The best thing to wash your stone is warm water, neutral soap and a soft brush with a soft bristle brush.

To activate it, just take it in your hands and repeat the following phrase: “I dedicate this stone to the highest possible good.” After that, the gem will be ready to protect us as long as we give it the right care.

Cleaning your green opal is necessary. Only then can you keep away the bad energies that have been absorbed and you will get a new way of being in tune with all the good vibes you deserve. Try to do this ritual as periodically as you can so that your green opal stone is always clean.

Final Words

The green opal is one of the most relevant stones worldwide. Many want to have them in their accessories because they look very beautiful with any garment you want to wear. You can use it to go to a gala or just as a good luck charm in your wallet.

This gemstone has a great history and is used by many people around the world. It needs certain special care but it is nothing that a good cleaning cannot fix. The most important thing with this stone is to use it only with the best possible intentions. Only then will the Green Opal stone help you in your task.

If you have the opportunity to buy a green opal, do it. Do not stay with desire. You will see how all the good energies gather around you. In addition, green opals have healing properties that will make you feel better. And what better way to take care of your body responsibly than using such a beautiful stone?