White sapphire is one of the minerals with both physical and spiritual properties that appeal to everyone. Although there are many types of sapphire this is, without a doubt, one of the most used in jewelry. It belongs to the corundum family. It is one of the most relevant and valuable gemstones on the planet, along with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds.

White Sapphire was discovered in Ancient Greece. It seems that the Ancient Greeks discovered the White Sapphire on the island of Naxos and associated it with Apollo, the god of light and sun, of truth and the arts, of medicine and music. Apollo being also the god of prophecies was the patron divinity of the Delphi Oracle and according to legend, White Sapphires were offered to Pythia.


One of the most common colors of sapphires is white. This color has always been related to freedom, justice, and purity; therefore, a white sapphire will also bring these attributes to our day today. Having this type of sapphire will get us to clear our minds and know where we need to focus our attention.

white sapphire raw stone
Our white sapphire raw stone, 1.06CT

With a white sapphire, we will clear our minds and direct our energy to what gives us positive emotions. An ideal tool to get free and focus our thoughts optimally.

White sapphire teaches you to have courage and faith in the influence of higher powers to balance your emotions. It is an excellent stone for those who are afraid of possessing their spiritual power and purpose so that they can overcome the persecution of past and present lives.

The white sapphire opens the powers of the mind and strengthens the conduit of communication with the Spirit. It is a stone that helps you combine spiritual discernment with earthly tasks or dilemmas, helping you to have a higher perspective when facing difficult decisions.

White sapphire stimulates the pineal and pituitary glands. It is an excellent support to discover the influences of past or alternate lives in current diseases. It also helps them gather their courage to move beyond the veil when they are ready to get out of their physical form.

Besides, this sapphire also has properties on an individual level: it helps to free yourself from depression and low-energy moods. Sapphire allows its wearer to be more alert and attentive, which can prevent unwanted and unforeseen situations.

In ancient times it was believed that sapphire kept kings safe from harm or envy. It was also said to protect you from dishonesty, fraud, terror, poverty, and even stupidity and bad mood.

In ancient times, it was the warriors’ tradition to give their wives a sapphire necklace to ensure their fidelity. In Greece, sapphire was associated with Apollo, the king of light and sun. This birthstone of September is believed to have the power to protect its bearer from evil and harm, in addition to attracting the blessings of heaven. Due to its resistance to scratches and abrasions.


Physical Properties

This variety of Sapphire is also known as Leucosapphire, which is derived from the Greek leykós-Blanco. Its transparency and colorless appearance are due to the complete absence of foreign elements in the crystalline structure that would give it a color. As we know the process of coloring a natural mineral depends on the presence of elements such as iron, chromium, aluminum, and many others inside the structure of the gem.

The hardness responds to nine on the Mohs scale and very often, it is carved to be bright. Its value increases based on its carats: the higher the carat weight the higher gem will be its price.

The White Sapphire reflects a cold, silver light and is a precious stone very loved by the creators of jewelry. It is often used as a good Diamond alternative. The best White Sapphires are those completely colorless.

The white sapphire is free of remains of these earth elements which makes it so rare and unique. Sapphire is the second hardest stone after diamond and is one of the most expensive stones, It is extracted from deposits in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand.

Metaphysical Healing Properties

Along with the esoteric properties, white sapphire also has both psychological and physical healing properties. The stone is useful for life as a couple, especially for women, as it stimulates fertility and corrects the problems of the reproductive system. Apart from that, white sapphire is also beneficial for controlling the blood circulation system.

It is well known that this type of sapphire possesses physical healing qualities as far as the psyche is concerned without mentioning the esoteric properties. This precious gem has a high utility for couples, as it could stimulate fertility and remedy reproductive system problems. Apart from that, sapphire offers a great improvement in the way your body fluctuates.

In another area, the white sapphire has the mental property of giving decision-making capacity, cutting off the closed state of mind, and guiding your responses towards the assertive decision, which allows us to see from a different perspective. It also supports people who have problems in their social life.

Each color has its metaphysical properties and vibratory patterns, but all are Stones of Wisdom. They honor the superior spirit, providing intuition, clarity, and self-control. Used throughout the centuries for protection, good fortune, and spiritual vision, the sapphire is not only a symbol of power and strength but also of good and wise judgment.

White sapphire brings wisdom and mental strength. It carries extremely pure energy for the clarity of thought and the opening of the powers of the mind. Through the crown chakra, the white sapphire increases awareness of this problem and provides the necessary resolution to overcome obstacles to the spiritual path itself. It is beneficial to reveal one’s talents and potential and inspire one to live with integrity and stay true to their choices.

The white sapphire frees the mind from negative thoughts and allows you to tackle new tasks with a new perspective. It improves clarity and objectivity in the vision of different paths and promotes integrity and alignment with the ideals of each person in their life choices.

White sapphires are excellent healing crystals for those who have an inferiority complex, who are afraid of socializing or expressing himself or herself, or who have told them they are useless. They also provide support in the search for a child’s dream or ambition that seems almost impossible.

white sapphire raw stone
Our white sapphire raw stone, 1.06CT

White Sapphire In Jewelry Uses

Many women dream of having a diamond engagement ring, but the reality is that they are very expensive and may be out of your partner’s budget. For this reason, white sapphire began to be implemented as a highly fine imitation of the diamond.

The great hardness of this material allows its impolite presence to be ideal for making engagement rings of this material. Besides, it is at the British royal vanguard, since several engagement rings of this coveted family have white sapphire as their center stone.

Nevertheless, there are not only options for engaged women; it is possible to use elegant outfits in which a single person uses them. The rings of this precious stone will give a touch of glamor and perfection to anyone who carries it.

Another precious way to use white sapphire is in a necklace as I said, with some inlays of the same gem. The fall of the stone will give a shine to your neck naturally if the necklace is white gold you will be the feeling of the night.

These accessories are mostly functional for the night so drop earrings will give the ideal final change. The finish of this type of earring is by nature fine, and therefore you will look like this.

Despite this, it is not all about formal looks, so what you want is something more basic, you can opt for a light white sapphire charm bracelet with a striking touch of color. How for example a ruby ​​or an emerald. This bracelet can be worn on any everyday occasion and will give you a confident and cute style.

Besides, for a not-so-formal occasion, you can wear precious knit earrings with this precious embedded stone. You will attract attention, but without causing much fuss so, you can go through any circumstance in a fresh and stylized way.

Where Does White Sapphire Come From?

They have discovered sapphires in India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Thailand, Madagascar, Tanzania, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and East Africa. Today, the world’s most abundant source of sapphire is in Australia.

Sapphire can be found in deposits of bauxite, rutile, and hematite. The most important international producers are in the African continent, although there are also deposits in South America. On the other hand, there are sapphires in the Indian area of ​​Kashmir, in the Australian territory of Central Queensland, in Sri Lanka, and Siam.

Very rare cases have also been seen where the deposit arises naturally due to different natural agents that affect the rocks and make them chemically stable. The main producers of this gem of the highest quality and purity are mainly from Burma, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Australia, and Nigeria.

How Much Is White Sapphire Worth?

Observe the transparency of the sapphire. Transparency is sometimes overlooked when buying sapphires, but the more transparent the stone, the brighter it will look. Transparent stones can be expensive.

Fully transparent and semi-transparent stones let in the most light. Translucent sapphires let light through, but dull the objects, making them a good choice between quality of transparency and budget. The semi-opaque and opaque stones allow little or no light to pass through.

Take into account how the origin affects the price. The sapphire extraction site can have a very large impact on its final price. Sapphires from Kashmir, Mogok, Burma, and Ceylon mines are usually more expensive than those from other mines.

This is because the sapphires of these mines are usually of a higher quality than those of other locations. However, this is not always true, and paying for the origin is a bit similar to paying for a reputable brand. You can save money by buying quality sapphires from less precious mines.

Where to Buy White sapphire?

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

How to Identify White Sapphire?

Natural sapphires are found in the ground or the water. Synthetic sapphires are created in a laboratory. Look for defects or inclusions in real sapphires, take a breath test to judge the authenticity, and have your sapphire certified.

Look for air bubbles, make the scratch test, and make a light shine through the gem to detect a fake sapphire. Always ask a jeweler about the sapphires they sell to find out what kind of gem it is.

Sapphires created in laboratories have no inclusions of this nature and some natural sapphires have no defects either, but if you find defects it is real. For this, you must use a professional magnifying glass.

Turn off the lights in a room and make a sapphire flashlight shine. If the sapphire is real, it will only reflect the light of the same color as the sapphire. If it is false, that is, it is made of glass, it will reflect other colors besides the color of the gem

How to Use White Sapphire?

You can use white sapphire in different ways, such as jewelry, widely used in jewelry thanks to its good combination with gold. The white sapphire chakras stimulate the third eye and crown chakras and activate the lower energy meridians in the brain, helping you to tune into your spiritual guides.

The decoration can also be used as an ornament for your home. You just have to put it in an area of ​​your house and thanks to its power of transmutation of energy you will get your house to be clean of bad energies.

However, one of the best and most popular ways among people is to use this gem as a symbol of eternal union. Using this gem as an engagement ring is so common that the royal family decided to do this.

How to Cleanse White Sapphire?

To clean the white sapphire you must immerse the stone in a glass or container that has a mixture of warm water with distilled water. The approximate time you have to let the stone soak is about 30 minutes.

To activate it you will have to take it with you during an activity in which you give off happiness. With this, you will charge it with your positive energies and get it amplified in the future. If during this activity you notice that you give off negative energy for some reason you will have to clean it again and start the process again.

It mustn’t be charged with negative energies. Especially if this is an engagement ring, as this could lead to marriage in a bad way. Ideally, the energies are as pure as possible.

Compared to Other Similar Gemstones

White Sapphire vs. Diamond

One of the most luxurious and exclusive gemstones there is diamond. It is a stone that is considered indestructible and that has impressive formations and brightness like no other.


Diamonds are also stones that are most linked to the romantic world. And, many couples in love seal their love and commitment with a beautiful and precious diamond ring.

No stone looks like a diamond, but sapphire and its properties get closer. The refractive index of white sapphire is slightly lower than that of a diamond. When you see a real diamond you can see colors on the sides.

When you look at a white sapphire you will see white light reflected on the faces. When white sapphire is of good quality it has no color and appears to be a carat diamond, but it costs much less than a diamond. Colorless sapphires have long been used as a substitute for diamonds.

It is the most famous gem of how many exist on the planet; It owes its name to the Greek word Adamas, which can be indomitable or invincible because of its hardness. Adamas derived in adamant, then in Diamant, and finally in the diamond. Their presence can be traced in ancient Hindu documents, in Egypt, and even in the Old Testament.

White Sapphire vs. Moissanite

Moissanite is a mineral stone that belongs specifically to semimetals and nonmetals, according to the classification it can receive when studied in-depth, it is one of the rarest minerals that have existed on earth.


Moissan was originally discovered and has a chemical formula that describes all the elements that make up this rock and was previously referred to as a “silicon carbide.”

It causes a great attraction due to the details and physical characteristics that can confuse it with another very appreciated gem, the white sapphire, due to its great resemblance in several striking aspects.

This mineral when it was first seen was easily confused by its exterior characteristics with the diamonds that are currently known, but by submitting this stone to several studies the discovery was made that there were differences between the two elements.

The name given to this mineral is in honor of its discoverer so they apply many people to pay attention to their most important findings, in this case, the name was given being alive its discoverer and researcher and it is a detail that remained recorded in history as we know it.

By not allowing an easy separation between them it achieves a hardness very similar to that of white sapphire, since its molecular characteristics and physical structure that closely resemble.

It can be established due to its characteristics, that this material can withstand high pressures and tensions, in addition to all these components they have a high variety of colors that make it very striking for scientists and not only that, but the colors they possess are qualified to the chromatic tables with which they evaluate the sapphires.

That is, its value becomes very high, but commercially it is not allowed the manipulation of people regardless of who it is because it is an element that is not characteristic of the earth, and its radiation level can become dangerous.

White Sapphire vs. Cubic Zirconia

Cubic zirconia, also called zirconia or zirconite, is a synthetic gem or stone, it is the cubic crystalline form of  ZOr2. The synthesized material is hard, without optical flaws, and generally colorless, but can be made in a variety of different colors. It should not be confused with zircon, which is a Zirconium IVsilicate.

Cubic Zirconia

Due to its low cost, durability, and visual similarity, very close to white sapphire and diamond, synthetic cubic zirconia has remained the most important gemological and economic competitor of the diamond, since 1976. Its main competence as a synthetic gem is a material most recently grown, synthetic moissanite.

When you are looking to buy cubic zirconia, you should look at how good actually the stone is. In assessing the quality of cubic zirconia, you can go to the same scale 4C is used for grade diamonds. The four Cs to consider when choosing quality zirconia are carat, clarity, color, and cut.

Final Words

The Sapphire has always fascinated both experts and lovers of precious stones: it is not a coincidence that it belongs to the so-called “Top-Four” in the world of gems and is considered a classic like the Diamond, the Emerald, and the Ruby. Very often he is chosen to seal promises of love.

Recall that the English royal family made Sapphire the gemstone of commitment par excellence, since, first Princess Diana and then the Duchess of Cambridge Kate received as an engagement ring a 12-carat oval sapphire surrounded by a crown of 14 solitaires of A value of 28,000 pounds sterling or about 33,000 euros.

It is a precious stone known since ancient times, already mentioned in the Bible on several occasions and even today the sapphire is considered a symbol of truth, sincerity, and faithfulness. along with all this, the beauty that this gem holds is unique.