Quartz has always played an important role in the lives of people, especially those who have a certain spiritual and harmonious sense, who are in search of a constant balance in life trying to find answers to the questions they ask, wanting to find the cure for some evil or heaviness.

Blue quartz is a precious crystal and is one of the quartz most demanded by crystal lovers. With the same beauty and energy as other rocks in his family, blue quartz is an element that delights both the eyes and the soul and not only for its appearance but for its incredible energy properties.

More specifically speaking, she can decrease the fatigue that comes from work, stress and any sudden discomfort that by chance appears to hinder our lives. It is said that blue quartz emits vibrations that act in the sense of regularizing the functioning of all organs of the organism and that way, there is a great improvement in health as a whole.

To get the best benefit of blue quartz, it is usually a good idea to wear it. The blue quartz necklace is the most popular choice.

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Blue quartz helps calm the minds of those who become anxious. It also helps eliminate the fears you may have in your mind. So one of the main benefits of blue quartz is being calm or helping to keep calm. If you have children, who feel they could benefit from being calm, then it may be helpful to try some of these placed in your bedroom.

Blue quartz helps with fears and anxiety. Many adults suffer from fears daily and become anxious. Blue quartz is not a substitute for medical advice, but it has been reported to help with these problems. Precisely because of its color and shape, it can be confused with chalcedony so that we must make sure the type of quartz when acquiring it.

The crystal is known as the stone of peace. In this way, blue quartz undoubtedly its most powerful mystical feature. Therefore, many esoterics indicates their use in conflict situations at home or even in the work environment. Being very useful when some relatives are fighting a lot or, for example, when the work environment is not good, affecting the performance of the company. It also acts to protect the bearer against unexpected negative situations, such as assaults, accidents, sad news, etc.

Everything about the beliefs of quartz has an interesting historical past. Many centuries ago, some people considered that the quartz was the teeth of the dragons that lived on earth, others, on the contrary, were small gifts of the gods with healing properties. At present, quartz is still considered an important mineral with amazing abilities capable of curing some ills that escape the control of traditional medicine.

Quartz minerals have been the protagonists of strong beliefs for many centuries. Formerly, people believed that the quartz stones were the teeth of the dragons that once inhabited the Earth. In other times, it was thought that these prodigious stones were a gift from the gods for the healing properties they have.

Metaphysical Healing Properties

Physical Healing Energy

On the most physical level, blue quartz can act directly on points such as muscles, improving muscle tone and leading to relaxation. For that reason, he is widely employed in therapies that combat tension in the jaw, neck and shoulder regions.

Its energy is so powerful that blue quartz is commonly used even in treatments that aim at the regulation of hormones, reducing the discomfort of the menstrual period, as well as menopause. It is a powerful stimulant for the immune system and can be used in cases where health is a bit weak and needs an extra battery.

Some professionals specialized in this type of treatment have used blue quartz to manage cases of burns, reporting very positive results.

Emotional Healing Energy

Today we have inherited this belief in the properties and benefits of quartz. That work for what they have been designed. Blue quartz is characterized by having properties related to cleanliness, spirituality among others. Let’s see all the virtues that this precious stone gives us the color of the ocean.

Ideal for meditation, in disciplines such as yoga or Buddhism, blue quartz is very present for its abilities to help you achieve maximum relaxation. If you practice meditation I advise you to have in your hands a stone of this mineral to achieve maximum concentration.

Relaxation helps you a lot in concentration. Therefore, she is a very good companion if you are looking to relax. It will take away from you any insecurity, fear or anxiety and bring such peace to your spirit that you will feel like the weight of uncertainty falls on its own.

Futuristic because it gives people who are close to this mineral, to develop more levels of positivism and hope for life and what it can get in the way.

Connection, as it helps, improve it in the environment, so if your family has communication problems or certain quarrels, this quartz will greatly relieve these conflicts, in addition to strengthening security between friendships, being a good gift to give to others.

Creativity helping the mind to have a greater liberation, reaching important levels of creativity, being ideal for those who draw, paint, sing or write.

Work since having a piece of the blue quartz in the office, place of study or environment helps to relax more space, relieve negative charges, providing greater chances of achieving high partial scores or better performance in the work area.

Spiritual Healing Energy

It is very good that we periodically do a spiritual cleansing through the re-energization of the chakras, and in that context, the blue quartz crystal is fundamental, since it can have its vibrations of love and peace channeled directly to our body according to the techniques of Crystal therapy

Many other therapies, such as holistic, use blue quartz also for softening the circulating energies in the environment in which it is to favor the processes of self-understanding, meditation, and learning. Besides, according to many esoteric, it helps in the communication between the physical and spiritual planes.

In this way, as it favors the learning process, it is also very common that several spaces oriented to the knowledge of the spiritual and esoteric world, forming apprentices, use the incredible characteristics of blue quartz.

When the mental activity is very high it can cause nervousness and a lot of mental activity. Blue quartz favors deep relaxation. For that reason, it is very convenient to use it before going to bed to have a restful sleep.

Best Uses

If what you want is to balance your emotions, use the blue quartz as a jewel or place it close to the chest and heart. When you seek to balance your mind, strengthen your gifts and awaken your spirituality, use it as a jewel or sleep with it under the pillow.

To purify and improve and the energy of the environments choose a larger piece made in blue quartz and leave permanently in the environment. If you want to use its effects, place it in the region to be treated, visualize blue energy coming out of the Quartz and covering the entire site in a pleasant way.

Blue Quartz in jewelry uses

Quartz is one of the most important minerals in the earth’s crust. The blue that characterizes this mineral reminds the waves of the sea on a sunny and calm day.

When you wear this piece in some type of pendant, bracelet or earring you are automatically transported to the summer and to that feeling of peace and relaxation. Blue quartz, as the name implies, is a type of quartz that differs by the hue that characterizes it. This mineral can also adopt other colors forming various pieces such as rose quartz, red, smoked or crystal.

The mixture of quartz with other minerals such as dormancy and zulite, which form these impurities that give these tones, creates the bluish quartz pigment. This color provides a great opportunity for several pieces of jewelry to be made of it, allowing you to have a huge range of accessories.

The first thing we can make is long pendants perfect for a designated night or a day when you want to shine. Of course, opt for a collected in the hairstyle to see more your long pendants of blue quartz and gleam.

A blue quartz ring will make your hand look with a delicate and elegant finish, ideal to combine with the earrings and have a stunning set, not counting the benefits of carrying this gem in your hand.

The union between the earrings and the matching ring will make the look of your friends go directly to these jewels. Its summer colors will add a youthful and elegant touch at the same time.

Other spectacular jewelry can be earrings, which can serve for both an event and a designated day, as for a more informal outfit. The blue delicacy that these earrings provide will make you shine all day allowing your features to stand out on their own.

In addition to these earrings, it is advisable to use a long necklace with several quartzes surrounding a silver or gold pendant. This combination will form great elegance along with the indicated outfit. The longer the summer necklace, the more your look will look.

If your option for a more casual look every day, but want to add a touch of color and elegance a short necklace is your best option. A neck-adjusted choker in blue tones can make you highlight the natural lines of your neck.

With this short necklace, an option for the perfect look is to combine it with a set of blue quartz bracelets. The bracelets will match and leave a color tone marked indistinctly from the clothes you wear and will give a completely casual look.

Where does Blue Quartz come from

The formation of blue quartz will depend on the type of inclusion to which it is associated. Blue quartz with inclusions of a mineral usually crystallizes in metamorphic rocks. Those in which tourmaline inclusions predominate, however, usually appear in igneous rocks and pegmatites. Coarse-grained blue quartz is occasionally found as a constituent of igneous rocks.

Quartz is a very common mineral throughout the world, having important deposits in the Americas, specifically in the United States, Colombia, Venezuela, and Brazil, in the European continent, this precious mineral can also be found in Spain, Switzerland, Italy and even in more remote areas such as the island of Madagascar.

How much is Blue Quartz worth

Blue quartz is not as common as other types of quartz tends to be a bit more expensive in economic terms. A small quartz stone could have a price not very high depending on the size.

Despite this, the higher the price you could get to pay from 45 to 60 dollars per kilogram of quartz. These prices are raw quartz, if it is refined and shaped, it tends to acquire some value thanks to the labor that has been applied.

Where to buy Blue Quartz

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

How to identify Blue Quartz

One of the most common fakes in the world of jewelry is to sell tinted glass as if it were blue quartz. To prevent something like this from happening to us, you must know some physical characteristics of the quartz that differentiate them from the glass.

Although it seems like a natural science lesson, it is very useful information to distinguish them in a very simple way. The first thing you should know is that quartz has a hardness greater than glass, so you can do a simple test to check if you have an authentic piece.

Having a greater hardness a piece of quartz should be able to scratch glass, so you can try a glass bottle and if the stone scratches it easily it is quartz. On the other hand, if an excess effort is needed to make a crack in the bottle we will be facing a simple piece of glass.

 The trick we have just explained is a piece of homemade advice that you can do at any time, but if you prefer something more technical you will need some jeweler loupes. Magnifying glasses are necessary to check if there are bubbles in the rock composition or not.

How to wear Blue Quartz

It is necessary to understand, first, in which parts of the body our spiritual and bodily peculiarities manifest. With a simple meditation exercise, it is possible to determine where our energies flow at certain times and what is the influence of each part of the body in its action.

From that understanding, it is enough to position the crystal in the affected place and feel its pure healing and spiritualization action. If you are not yet familiar with esoteric issues and you cannot determine the best place to place blue quartz, do not hesitate to consult a spiritual guide of any aspect.

To be more specific, using blue quartz will benefit us in different ways depending on the garment we use with this stone. It is also possible to work more than one area at a time using several blue quartz accessories.

For issues of emotional balance, use quartz as a pendant, cord or amulet, so that it is close to the chest and heart; In body treatments, it is enough to position the stone in the affected place, such as next to the neck in thyroid issues and over the uterus in menstrual discomfort.

In the energization of environments, larger pieces or robust decoration elements are permanently placed in the desired place; For the balance of the mind, the most common technique is to sleep with the glass under the pillow, so that it passes all night near the head.

How to cleanse Blue Quartz

To clean the blue quartz the process is to place it in a container and add plenty of sea salt on top, leave it at least 2 hours. After this to activate the blue quartz it is necessary to leave it exposed to the full moonlight outside the house and the next day will be clean and charged quartz.

This process can also be done with sunlight depending on the affinity you have with the stars; the idea is that the energies of calm and positivism reach your body and spirit. Besides, you can blow into the blue quartz so that your energies align slightly with those of this stone.

Compared to other similar gemstones

Blue Quartz vs. Blue Topaz

Blue topaz is a good jewelry stone and is historically one of the most important gemstones. With its relatively high refractive index and the hardness of eight (Mohs scale), without special sensitivity to chemicals, it can be used, with proper care, in any jewelry application

The name of topaz is probably derived from an island in the Red Sea, “Topazos”, today called Zabargad, the ancient source of peridot. In ancient times all brown-gold precious stones and sometimes also green were called topaz, which caused enough confusion so that today’s royal topaz is known as precious topaz.

Natural blue opacity is rare. Found in all major warehouses and also in England (Cornwall), Northern Ireland and Scotland. Most blue topazes are enhanced colorless topaz gemstone

Topaz shows pleochroism, the appearance of several colors in the same stone, which means, depending on the perspective, a yellow topaz looks like lemon-honey, yellow straw; a red, dark red, yellow, pink-red topaz; a light blue and dark blue topaz, making it its biggest difference from quartz.

Blue Quartz vs. Blue Calcite

Blue calcite is a mineral of striking color, much appreciated in folk medicine for its healing properties. Stone of meditation, healing and worthwhile security you will discover. Blue calcite gets its color through a process of natural exposure to ionizing radiation.

Because of its color, it is associated with rituals of attracting money and prosperity, however, its true energy potential is concentrated in the internal work of the individual. Likewise, also because of its color, it is associated with healing. Because it is a relatively abundant mineral and easy to find in nature, its cost is very low, so it is possible to have large collections of calcites in our possession of stones and crystals.

Blue Quartz vs. Aquamarine

Aquamarine belongs to the beryl family, beryl is known in the world of gemology as the “mother of gems” for its variety of precious gemstones. In addition to the Aquamarine, within the beryl family are the Bixbita of intense red color, the Emerald of unmistakable green, the Heliodoro that includes the yellow beryl, the Morganite that shows varieties of rose and tones of magnolia and the Goshenite that It is colorless beryl.

The blue hue of the Aquamarine is due to the presence of traces of iron: the diversity of concentration of this element causes the coloration of the Aquamarine from a light blue to an intense blue, sometimes with green flashes.

Final Words

Blue quartz is a gem with great healing properties, both physical and emotional. It has a beautiful bright color due to mineral impurities inside the glass, making it unique.

Being a stone with so much demand it is possible to find it easily in stores, however, it is necessary to know where to acquire it since several people tend to falsify stones of lesser value by these blue quartz. It is recommended that you acquire it in a store you trust to avoid deception.

Besides, it is a beautiful stone which you can wear jewelry in any accessory. Not only will this give you a casual and innovative look, but it will also act on your energies by letting your body flow better throughout the day.

As for the economy, we determine that they are not excessively expensive pieces so they are quite affordable for most people. As long as they are real gems, a fair price is perfectly understandable. Therefore, it is very common to be seen in people’s jewelry nowadays giving them a fresh look.