Opalite is one of the most efficient stones in terms of pricing and availability. The stone is often referred to as a piece of glass. It is artificial, meaning it is human-made – this is the main reason behind its wide availability. At the same time, since the manufacturing process is not so comprehensive, the price makes it easily accessible as well.

Opalite is referred to by a few different names – sea opal, argenon, or opal moonstone. None of them reflects its characteristics or uses, though – referred to as a type of opal. The opalescent glass comes with a few interesting characteristics as well. Not only is it good looking and great in jewelry, but it also has some metaphysical properties.

To get the best benefits of opalite, it is usually a good idea to wear it. The opalite necklace is the most popular choice.

Now, what should you know about opalite, and what makes it so special? More importantly, is it worth your money?


Opalite has a few different meanings – mostly spiritual. It can boost the mood in no time, and it will turn a sad face into a smile. It has a specific shine that only a few other crystals can boost. From this point of view, it may be referred to as Tiffany’s stone, not to mention the ice cream stone due to its specific coolness in terms of looks.

Opalite Stones

Such nicknames underline its spiritual meaning – the overall acceptance of small joys in life. In other words, such a piece of opalite jewelry will make you appreciate simple delights more efficiently. It may seem simple and basic, but it is not. If you have trouble worrying about all kinds of things, it reminds you to keep calm and stay cheery.

Opalite is mostly based on two different colors – white and blue. Whether they underline the clear skies of summer or the cool winter, these two colors underline peace and the simplicity of nature. Whether you have a unique piece of jewelry or you simply keep it as a decorative item, it will brighten you and shine some energy around you.

Its meaning may also go in a different direction, as it defines a new beginning. This is why it is so common for modern healers. It defines hope and youth, as well as optimism. If you are new to the crystal world, opalite makes the perfect introduction. It is calm and gentle, but also easy to understand when compared to other stones.


Opalite’s unique properties can go in two different directions. Its physical properties make it excellent in jewelry – it is just as attractive as a decorative item. On the other hand, its metaphysical properties can help your mind and heart, so it is worth knowing more about it before introducing it to your lifestyle.

Physical Properties

Opalite has a bunch of physical properties that make it unique. However, it is also similar to more expensive crystals and stones, so it is often sold under different names. Generally speaking, the stone is quite dynamic, subtle, and soft. It will not sparkle like a diamond, while its softness makes it smooth and easy to carry around.

The human-made glass resin is iridescent. It is normally made of two ingredients – dolomite and metal. This kind of combo creates an opalescent design that can draw instant attention. Of course, you can also find a natural one, which is usually found in opalized volcanic ash. Such stones are extremely rare, though, so most of the things you will find in commerce are man-made.

Some other types of opalite can be made by opalizing glass. The process is responsible for bringing in the stunning colors of this stone. Most manufacturers choose glass because it is similar to the result of cool and hard volcanic ash, so it replicates the properties of natural opalite like no other material. This is the primary choice.

In terms of colors and styles, you can find white, yellow, blue, green, purple, or pink opalite. Other variations are also available, but these are the most popular ones. In terms of clarity, it is available in two different options. Most commonly, it is clear. However, you will also find lots of milky ones, which have a foggy appearance.

Metaphysical Properties

Opalite has a bunch of metaphysical properties that will affect everything around you, from your actual health and wealth to your relationships and interpersonal interactions. When it comes to healing, it is great for those who go through nightmares regularly, as well as those who face difficulties while sleeping.

On the same note, opalite provides a calming and soothing feeling to the heart. It helps people keep calm by regulating their heartbeat, especially in stressful or demanding situations. This stone will support good lung function too, but it will also promote healthy oxygenation.

Are you worried about money and finances? Opalite is often referred to as the merchant stone, so you got your hands on a proper helper. It is one of the favorite choices among those involved in the business. It makes no difference whether you want to start a business, boost your current business, or succeed in your professional career.

Furthermore, opalite is great in improving interpersonal relationships and communication with those around you, which is just as handy in business and work. Finally, it is excellent in manifesting wealth and material affluence.

When it comes to your love and relationships, opalite can make a difference in a few different circumstances. Are you experiencing a major change? Is it a new partner? Is it a breakup? Are you two moving together? Are you about to welcome a baby? Whether it comes to stressful, difficult, or exciting situations, it will ease the transition and make the experience smoother and easier.

Since it stimulates your capability to appreciate small joys, opalite will also help in getting rid of fears and worries, as it encourages you to welcome the new experience into your life and take advantage of it.

Where to buy Opalite

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Opalite in jewelry uses

Compared to other gemstones or crystals, opalite is relatively soft. It does not mean it will lose its shape if you accidentally sit on it, but it is less likely to be used in engagement rings. After all, an engagement ring will experience daily wear and tear, so the stone must be extremely hard. It should also be able to take a bit of stress as it is fitted into the ring. None of these things will work with this stone.

On the other hand, opalite can be found in other types of jewelry. While not always durable, you can find opalite rings, yet the crystal is more common in other pieces. Necklaces are more common, though. Do not expect something fancy that will draw lots of attention. Instead, it is a more subtle crystal that will nicely complement an elegant outfit without trying too hard.

Opalite necklaces are usually fine and small. You are more likely to find a bullet-shaped necklace than a flower-shaped one.

Opalite may also be available in earrings, which carry the exact same style – small and subtle. Of course, there are all kinds of options out there, but you will find many small pieces in subtle shapes like bullets. Are you interested in it and a more attractive piece of jewelry? Bracelets tend to make more of a difference. They usually come as straps covered in plenty of opalite crystals.

You will also find opalite crystals stuck together in the shape of a bracelet, so these things make more of a statement. However, given the opalite luster and simplicity, they are still subtle.

Not sure what kind of metal to match opalite with? Given its looks, it is more suitable with white gold, silver, and platinum. Yellow and rose gold give it a bit of color and luxury status, though.

How is Opalite made

Opalite is usually man-made. It is practically glass, hence its low value. Glass is not considered to be valuable, while man-made crystals ensure a good availability, which keeps the value down.

Natural opalite shares similar chemical properties with opal. Simply put, imagine a bunch of tiny spheres stuck to each other. These spheres are made of silicon dioxide. They usually gather together in small pyramids. The pyramid shape is responsible for some of the visual effects of opalite.

When the crystal is cut into a cabochon, it will display a beautiful cat’s eye effect due to the pyramid grid shape. Keep in mind that such effects are normally obtained with natural opalite only. It is also referred to as common opal, only to prevent confusion with the man-made alternative – the glass opalite.

Just like you have probably guessed already, human-made opalite is cheaper and widely available. It represents the first option in jewelry and decorative items. It is made in laboratories, and it is based on glass. Most items on the market are artificial, yet you can also find natural alternatives – they tend to cost more.

How much is Opalite worth

Opalite is a type of glass. In other words, it is not priced by carat. Instead, it is priced by weight, color, and design. It is one thing to buy an irregularly shaped one and another thing to buy a nicely polished shape. It is almost always sold polished or cast, though. You would have a hard time trying to find a rough opalite.

Prices vary widely, but you can normally find small beads solid in bulk – $1 or $2 for ten pieces. Given the low price, it can also get two or three times higher, depending on the design and color. However, basic and plain opalite goes extremely cheap, and it is widely available everywhere.

The price may often be influenced by other materials used in the process, especially if you buy a piece of jewelry. For example, for a gold bracelet or a set of silver earrings with opalite, you will most likely have to spend way more.

Natural opalite tends to be more expensive, but it is quite rare. At the same time, it can also be found in rough pieces. Again, such pieces are rare to find, and the difference in price will not be too significant, so most merchants would only bother with the artificial alternative.

How to use Opalite

Despite being considered a cheap glass crystal, opalite has a stunning iridescence. It is most commonly used to make all kinds of jewelry, such as rings, bracelets, pendants, or earrings. Whether you are after its luster and looks or you only care about its metaphysical properties, wearing it as jewelry is probably the optimal way to keep it close.

Not your type of jewelry? Nothing to worry about. You can also find small pieces of ones – nicely polished and suitable as bracelet beads. You can easily keep them in your pocket or purse, as you can still benefit from the positive energies.

You can get opalite for your home or office as well. Get a few pieces and spread them around your home as decorative items, as they will positively influence the area. As for work, you will make better decisions in your career.

Simply put, opalite will grab the negative energy and turn it into positive energy. Your energy flow will be free and powerful, so positivity will inevitably target you and those around you.

How to cleanse Opalite

Sunlight cleansers are the most efficient ones when it comes to crystals, gems, or stones – most of them will do with such a procedure. The procedure should not exceed half an hour, as direct sunlight can fade many crystals over time.

You need to choose a sunny day, as well as a sunny area of your yard. A few sacred intentions can help in the process, whether it comes to incense or candles. Simply put, anything that resonates with you will get the job done.

Once you are done with the arrangement, leave the opalite in direct sunlight to soak up positive vibrations. A bit of energy from your side will also help, so stick around and come up with some positive energies. You can, for example, meditate.

Pieces of opalite should be rotated every now and then, so each side gets an even amount of sunlight. When done, simply close the ceremony – it makes no difference how you do it as long as it feels right for you.

When it comes to cleaning, you will most likely have to clean polished opalite only. It can be cleaned like quartz. Soap and water will get the job done. Rough pieces can do with chemicals and acids too, but you are less likely to handle any of those.

Opalite versus other stones

Opalite is similar to other gems as you look at them, but it has completely different characteristics. A little research on what to look for can pay off. Luckily, it is getting sold under other names and not the other way around – mostly because of its inexpensive price.

Opalite versus opal

Opal is 100% natural. It is made of water and silicon dioxide. Water goes through rock crevasses as it flows down the earth. When it evaporates, the silica dries out and becomes opal. Opal has a beautiful display of colors, as well as some fascinating patterns – whether symmetrical or asymmetrical.

Opalite is a man-made glass, though. In other words, there is nothing natural about it. It comes in various inclusions and colors, but it does not have the play you can see in opal. Generally speaking, it is flawless. Since it is made in a laboratory, it has no imperfections. However, it is not as beautiful as opal.

Apart from the creation process and the price – opal is more expensive; there are plenty of differences in the metaphysical properties as well.

Opal is known as an emotional gemstone. It reflects the wearer’s mood. It can clear out inhibitions, but it will also boost personal emotions. The stone underlines freedom and creativity. It boosts memory, eliminates anger, and brings in spontaneity. When it comes to healing characteristics, opal treats fever, purifies the blood, clears the kidneys, and eases childbirth.

Opalite, on the other hand, has nothing to do with such metaphysical properties. It is more about enjoying the moment and finding joy in small things. It will help you make better decisions in your love life and career, but it will also purify the surroundings and help you cut through negative energies. Simply put, this stone is about positivity.

Opalite verses Moonstone

Unlike opalite – which is glass, moonstone is a gemstone. It is practically a sodium-potassium aluminum silicate. Two minerals are coming together to create moonstone – albite and orthoclase. They are both available within the stone – a deeper look into the structure of the stone will reveal them in flat layers.

Opalite is a glass. It is not natural, yet you can also find a natural variety – pretty rare and not that common, mostly because the man-made alternative is similar and easier to make. Unlike moonstone, it does not cause adularescence. This phenomenon relates to that glow that changes its color and pattern as you move the gemstone. It moves across the gemstone in a blue nuance, which may or may not have a background.

For all these reasons, moonstone is more expensive than opalite. However, these are not the only differences between the two. Their metaphysical characteristics are also different.

Opalite is all about positivity and good decisions. Moonstone is about starting fresh – all about new beginnings. It is about strength and continuous growth. It promotes calmness and relieves emotional stress. It will boost your inspiration, fortune, and success.

When it comes to its healing properties, moonstone helps against digestive problems and various conditions of the hair, skin, and eyes. It is excellent for PMS, pregnancy, and conception. When it comes to men, it helps them become more sensible and open their emotional selves.

The best combination to use with Opalite

Opalite is excellent when it comes to boosting the energies and healing capabilities of various stones. It will add to their vibrations and increase their effects. Most commonly, opalite is combined with goldstone. Both stones are human-made. They can increase personal power and skyrocket personal determination.

The combo will allow you to discover your inner self. Not sure what you want to do in life? Looking for your passion? All these things can become a piece of cake, as this combo will help you reveal genuine passions and desires – not to mention boosting you to go for them.

You will know yourself on a different level, so you will be aware of your pluses and minuses, making everything in life so much easier.

Opalite is great with opal too. They harmonize with no issues whatsoever, and their healing benefits will be enhanced. Opt for fire opal if you want vitality, clarity, and passion in your life. On the other hand, blue Peruvian opal and opalite will add to your personal intuition. Other varieties of opal are also accepted.

Opalite will give you access to good self-esteem and positivity. Your aura will reflect its benefits, and it will target those around you too. Your sense of self-awareness will go to another level, but all these benefits will go even further if you combine it with a December birthstone.

Final Words

In short conclusion, opalite is cheaper, less potent, and easier to find than other alternatives. It is only glass, rather than a natural gemstone. It is man-made, hence its price. However, do not let yourself put off. It has a bunch of great healing and metaphysical properties. It looks great, and it makes a good impression on jewelry. Furthermore, if you are new to crystals, it represents a good starting point for more important gemstones.