Rainbow Moonstone: The Ultimate Guide to Meaning, Properties, Uses

rainbow moonstone

Gemstones have gained high popularity since the ancient ages, not only for their beauty but also for their mysterious power. Moonstone is also one of the attractive gems with a pearly veil, locking the secrets. However, moonstone is of different types and one of them is the rainbow moonstone.

With the technical name, Labradorite, rainbow moonstone also has an internal glow, giving us some divine Inspiration. Rainbow moonstone has the capability of opening us to the synchronicity that is not perceptible to us in our everyday routine. Let us present you with more information on this gemstone.

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Black Moonstone: The Most Comprehensive Guide

black moonstone

As a special member of the moonstone family, black moonstones are known for being extremely powerful for many reasons. It has many meanings associated with it such as new life, the ability to enhance mental agility, as well as the essence of female empowerment.

In fact, the black moonstone is highly prized for its properties such as their black essence, silvery-green sheen and peach veins which are all associated with different chakra point meanings like birth, creativity and a connection to the divine. To add on to this, the black moonstone is really useful during healing sessions as it is thought to be helpful when calming the mind, aiding in grounding one’s self and allowing one to trust their gut instinct. As well as being desired for their spiritual power.

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