As a special member of the moonstone family, black moonstones are known for being extremely powerful for many reasons. It has many meanings associated with it such as new life, the ability to enhance mental agility, as well as the essence of female empowerment.

In fact, the black moonstone is highly prized for its properties such as its black essence, silvery-green sheen and peach veins which are all associated with different chakra point meanings like birth, creativity and a connection to the divine. To add to this, the black moonstone is really useful during healing sessions as it is thought to be helpful when calming the mind, aiding in grounding one’s self and allowing one to trust their gut instinct. As well as being desired for their spiritual power.


The black moonstone has many meanings associated with it such as new life, the ability to enhance mental agility, as well as the essence of female empowerment.

Black moonstone has the meaning of birth or new life. This is due to the ancient association that was made within certain native tribes where a black moon was connected to a new moon during the monthly lunar cycle. A new moon is the opposite of a full moon and therefore can’t be seen as the night sky appears completely void of this celestial body and black. As a new moon progresses throughout the monthly lunar cycle, more and more of the moon becomes visible and it, therefore, grows into maturity in the night sky.

Thus, black moonstone is associated with the first stage of the lunar cycle which is a new moon which is also associated with the first stage of a human’s life which is birth. With this in mind, it can be associated with anything having to relate to a sense of newness such as the first day of school or a job, the fresh start on a journey whether it be spiritual or physical, and of course a new birth in a plant or animal.

Black moonstone means the ability to enhance mental agility. The black moonstone has been widely used as a powerful tool to increase mental power such as a human’s natural instincts and intuition when having to make difficult life decisions. Also, it can be used to help a person to calm their mind as it is believed to release stress, depression and other forms of negative energy.

In fact, the black moonstone is often connected to the planet of Venus and is, therefore, a symbol of femininity which incorporates the initial meaning which is a new birth.


Physical Properties

In fact, the black moonstone is highly prized for its properties such as their black essence, silvery-green sheen and peach veins which are all associated with different chakra point meanings like birth, creativity and a connection to the divine.

To start off with, although the black moonstone is called black, this is not the case when considering it through a purely physical appearance lens. It will appear to be black initially, especially in dim lighting situations. But when exposed to light and the reflection of light, it will take on a beautiful silvery green shimmer.

This shimmering effect has sent crystal healers to grant this crystal the meaning of creativity as it is truly a unique effect that is almost exclusively found within this particular gemstone. This color-changing show presented also gives it the meaning of protection. This meaning is because the ability to essentially change forms is often connected to shapeshifting and camouflage which in turn allows one the ability to confuse and avoid predators.

The last, but not least, an interesting physical trademark of the black moonstone is their gorgeous peach toned veins which run throughout each stone. These peach lines are connected to multiple chakra points on the physical body from the throat chakra, the third eye chakra and also the crown chakra. The most important chakra that the black moonstone is connected to is the navel chakra which is associated with the digestive system as well as the female reproductive system which in turn plays back to the meaning of the black moon is associated with birth and feminism.

Metaphysical Healing Properties

To add on to this, the black moonstone is really useful during meditation and healing sessions as it is thought to be helpful when calming the mind, aiding in grounding one’s self and allowing one to trust their gut instinct when making difficult decisions without worry or fear.

As it has been previously stated, the black moonstone is associated with the ability to calm the mind and therefore has been known to have physical health benefits when used correctly such as aiding in the diminishing process of mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety disorders.

Likewise, the black moonstone is also known to be a helpful tool when grounding oneself physically as well as mentally. This, in turn, has led to this stone to be used as a tool to assist coordination, and stability.

To conclude, the black moonstone, due to its symbolism of new life, birth, and female power through the previously mentioned connection between the peach veins and the navel chakra point, makes this crystal extremely useful in aiding childbirth, healing infertility, and correcting digestive ailments both small, such as acid reflux and period cramps, to serious, such as kidney stones and stomach cancer.

Where to buy Black Moonstone

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The Black Moonstone in jewelry uses

As well as being desired for its spiritual power, the black moonstone is also highly wanted by the finest jewelers for its aesthetic beauty. This means that this stone has been incorporated into elegant jewelry and is widely popular in fashionable pieces such as rings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets. Each piece of jewelry that is made with black moonstone can be enhanced as well as centralize this crystal’s power.


The most popular form of jewelry that the black moonstone can be incorporated into is a gorgeous necklace. By wearing a pretty necklace with this stone in it, allows the crystal to enhance the throat chakra which in turn can enhance speech-related issues.

The black moonstone’s power of grounding combined with the throat chakra helps aid in the diminishing effect of stammering, loss of voice and other speech deficiencies as well as ailments associated with the throat area and the respiratory system such as colds, scratchy vocal cords and especially bronchitis. In turn, a black moonstone necklace can help the wearer to deliver a speech or sing a song.


Black moonstone is also a popular gemstone when it comes to fashioning beautiful bracelets. A gorgeous bracelet that contains a black moonstone can help the wearer of that bracelet to feel grounded as the wrist hangs down from the arm and is therefore connecting to the natural earth.


A third way in which a talented jeweller can use a black moonstone is by fashioning the crystal into a beautiful ring. By wearing a ring with a black moonstone, the lucky owner will be centralizing the power of the crystal into a particular spot, which will, in turn, enhance their ability to focus, but will also improve their natural ability to be creative which can help to create a piece of art. This fact is especially true if the owner of this beautiful ring desires to create a painting or play a song on an instrument that requires the use of their hands.


To round things off, a pendant of a black moonstone is very helpful as it can be incorporated into any of the above forms of beautiful jewelry as well as moved across the body to bring out the healing properties of this special stone. An example of this can be hanging a pendant of a black moonstone over the forehead where this crystal will eliminate headaches and stress and will help to make an important decision or to hang this pendant over a stomach to eliminate digestive issues or to increase fertility, correct infertility or bless a fetus.

The black moonstone is often used by talented jewelers to make beautiful masterpieces of jewelry due to their physical appearances alone and who can blame them with the gorgeous black to silvery green shine and delicate, peach-colored cracks. The black moonstone, when used in jewelry, is often used with a base of silver to be aesthetically pleasing and is often tumbled into a smooth finish. This process of refining a black moonstone often makes these gorgeous jewelry pieces quite expensive.

Is Black Moonstone rare

That being said, the black moonstone is very rare due to how it comes into being and where you can find them. It is the rarest of all moonstones such as the rainbow moonstone and the white moonstone.

The rarity of the black moonstone is partially in effect from the geographical location of where this crystal can be found which is almost exclusively in the discrete location of Brazil. Brazil is a country that contains a vast and entangled rainforest that is densely populated both by fauna and flora and since a moonstone must be mined as it is created underground, extracting this crystal can be an expensive, long and hard process. The larger the stone, the rarer and more expensive it is.

How to cleanse Black Moonstone

Like any gemstone with healing properties, it must be remembered that in order to retain their divine powers the black moonstone must be properly cleaned.

First, you must pick the right time of day. Due to its association with the moon, the best time to cleanse your black moonstone is during the night. If it is possible, you should also cleanse your stone when the moon is in the stage of being a new moon in order for the crystal’s power to be in line with its most powerful day in the lunar cycle.

The next step is to place your moonstone in a bowl of lukewarm water. It must be remembered that chemical detergents and strong soaps can damage a black moonstone both physically by reducing the luster of the crystal, as well as spiritually by weakening the stone’s divine abilities. Due to this, the best way to cleanse is to add a bit of salt or soap made of natural ingredients to the bowl of warm water.

After this, the bowl of warm water with natural soap or salt and the black moonstone should be placed on a windowsill or any surface where it will be hit with moonlight in order for the crystal to soak up the moon’s spiritual power. Leave the bowl of warm water with natural soap or salt and the black moonstone under the moonlight overnight. In the morning, take it out of the bowl of warm water with natural soap or salt and rinse the crystal under cold running water in order to wash off any excess salt or natural soap. A black moonstone should be stored in a felt-lined box until it is to be used.

Compared to similar gemstones

Black Moonstone vs. White Moonstone & Rainbow Moonstone

It must be remembered that there are also white moonstones and rainbow moonstones that exist but the black moonstone is very different for multiple reasons such as it’s meaning, the body associated chakra points and healing powers.

One difference between a black moonstone and a white moonstone or a rainbow moonstone is their meaning. White moonstones, for instance, have the associated meaning of sorting out and fixing negative relationships among humans. To add on, rainbow moonstone has the connection of a more romantic power as they are thought to have the ability to help the crystal’s user to develop or pursue pleasurable and admirable desires involving the heart and the essence of love.

Another difference is their appearances. Rainbow moonstone is purely white in tone with an iridescent flake found here and there. A white moonstone lacks the luster of rainbow moonstone and instead contains patches of clear patches.

To tie things off, black moonstone is separate from both rainbow moonstones and white moonstones due to their different healing properties. For example, a white moonstone is often used in crystal healing sessions almost exclusively for mental defects. In comparison, rainbow moonstones are mostly used for their healing properties for heart-related issues.

Black Moonstone vs. Labradorite

The black moonstone is also often confused with another powerful crystal called labradorite as well. However, due to their different appearances, healing abilities, body associated chakra points and healing powers, there is a clear difference.

The first difference is their physical appearance. Labradorite can come in black, but this crystal is more commonly found in a greystone with added accents of green or white. In addition, the labradorite does not have the peach veins that are visible on the black moonstone. Also, the labradorite changes color like the black moonstone, but instead when exposed to light, this crystal takes on a copper-toned red hue.

To continue, a black moonstone has different healing properties from labradorite. To clarify, labradorite has the healing properties to enhance the mental abilities that are associated with the divine or spiritual realm exclusively such as to grant or enhance one’s magic ability of telepathy, prophecy, to speak to ancestors and other forms of divination associated with the practices of ESP and clairvoyance. As a fun fact, this magical property which is exclusively associated with labradorite has earned it the nickname “temple of the stars.” With this information, it is clear to see why the primary event in which labradorite is used is during psychic readings and fortune telling sessions.

To tie things off, the black moonstone and the labradorite are different in how they affect the mind body and soul. To clear things up, labradorite is mostly used in crystal healing practices by correcting negative actions imposed by the mind. This includes impulsive behaviors, bad habits, anti-social tendencies, and recklessness. Therefore, labradorite is mostly associated with feelings of peace, calm and serenity.

Final Words

The planet Earth is an amazing world due to its natural beauty. One gorgeous thing that this beautiful planet produces is gorgeous gemstones. To most people, gemstones are precious and semiprecious pieces of rock that are highly coveted for their beautiful physical appearances. However, many people in today’s world prize gemstones for their belief that these precious and semiprecious stones hold different health benefits for the physical body as well as the mental mind. This practice of synching certain gemstones with certain healing properties has been used for centuries. All crystals are powerful and each gemstone has its own unique healing properties.

So why not try to feel the magic power of black moonstone?