Paraiba Tourmaline is also known as cuprian elbaite. It is one of the rarest gemstones in the world. Its rarity, beautiful neon-blue shade and its glow make it one of the most expensive semi-precious gemstones. It has different colors like green, blue, and violet etc. It creates a sense of coolness and relaxation in the mind. It is one of the newest stones that are added as birthstones of October.

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Paraiba Tourmaline does not have a very long history. In 1989, miners discovered a unique and glowing-colored Tourmaline in the state of Paraiba, Brazil and after this, it is named Paraiba Tourmaline. It comes in blue and green and usually contains abundant inclusions.

Paraiba Tourmaline is considered the most beautiful variety of Tourmaline. Due to the high content of metal stones, it shimmers in different colors. The blue and green Paraiba tourmalines are very popular gemstones. It is symbolized wisdom, voice, insight and creativity. It relates to light, life, love, expression and earth through its effects on chakras. This beautiful stone is the birthstone of October. Moreover, blue-colored gemstones usually carry a meaning of stability, smoothness and calmness. 

To get the best benefits of paraiba tourmaline, it is usually a good idea to wear it. The paraiba tourmaline rings, particularly engagement rings are the most popular choice.


Physical properties

Paraiba tourmaline with a strong concentration goes on to challenge the edges of intensity and clarity. Paraiba tourmaline can glow with a neon-like quality with its colors blue, green and violet. Paraiba tourmaline is an elbaite mineral. It is one of many varieties of tourmaline with a chemical structure made up of different elements. The elements ((Ca, K, Na,[]) (Al, Fe, Li, Mg, Mn)3 (Al, Cr, Fe, V)6 (BO3)3 (Si, Al, B)6O18 (OH, F)4) involved in its composition due to their complex adhesiveness gives rise to various colors due to the abundance of Manganese and Copper.

Even in very dim light, these rare Paraiba gemstones have the property to sparkle which is very unusual for a dark-colored gem. This rare gem is found very often in any store and has to go through the burning process during its shaping and cutting and weighs less than a carat usually. This gemstone has a hardness level varying from 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness with a specific gravity varying from 3.04 to 3.13 as per the research. The density of Paraiba is 3.06 (.p5, +0.15).

Paraiba tourmaline has a trigonal crystal system with the optical characteristic of uniaxial. The refractive index of the gem is between 1.618 to 1.643 with birefringence from 0.018 to 0.021. This gem is widely known for its large and unsurpassed range of colors. There is a wide spectrum of colors available in Paraiba Tourmaline. The variety of colors includes Vivid-blue, Vivid Green, Bluish Green, Blue-Green, Intense Blues and Greens, Neon Blue, Neon Green, Electric Blue, and Electric Green.

Metaphysical Properties

In a modern world of technology where everyone is so obsessed with things and is finding it really hard to have peace in life. People have started using the powers of gems, which gives them a sense of relaxation and confidence in their inner self and their abilities. Every stone has a special characteristic linked to it which is used as per their described powers by the gem experts. These powers are attributed to various factors that include the elements involved and the saturation of colors.

Paraiba tourmaline comes in various varieties and colors and all of them have specific metaphysical properties. The energies differ within the stone depending on the color it possesses. This rare gemstone will help you in having a clear mind and gives a strong sense of justice. This healer stone can give you the power to make the difficult decisions of life leading to happiness.

It is attributed to connecting to angels of truth and wisdom. Its radiant heart energy assists in stepping into unrestricted compassion. This stone helps you with your consciousness and empowers you to help others. It not only helps you in difficult times of your life but also relaxes your mind. In other words, it prevents your mind from taking the stress. 

It brings harmony and light to the darkest aspects and encourages forgiveness on various levels. Paraiba protects against pollutants which can be physical, emotional, spiritual, mental or environmental. It is considered to be perfect for mediation and attaining a higher self spiritually as it sharpens intuition and opens clairvoyance. Psychologically it assists in living by aspirations and helps you in bringing closure to various levels. It helps you by overcoming judgemental and fanaticism by invoking tolerance for others. It improves your insight and makes you able to make better decisions for your future. Paraiba Tourmaline is believed to have a connection with the future.

Mentally this stone helps you with the verbalization of thoughts and feelings resulting in calmness of mind. It sharpens the intellect and clears the confusion by filtering information reaching the brain. It clarifies perception and helps you reach a high plane of communication. Emotionally it helps against fears, provides calmness in stressful situations and helps you in understanding what you are. It develops the creativity and imagination of a person. Paraiba Tourmaline is helpful in terms of wisdom, enlightenment and expressions.

Physically it is considered beneficial for the eyes. It reduces the over-reactions of the immune system and auto-immune diseases. As a physical healer, this stone is considered to be effective for sore throat, hay fever, eyes, jaw and teeth, swollen glands, arthritis, stomach and thyroid problems by cleansing organs, metabolism and hormonal production. It is also used in chakra healing and meditation. It aids in maintaining focus by relaxing your mind. You can also take its help while doing yoga. 

Where to Buy Paraiba Tourmaline?

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Paraiba Tourmaline in Jewelry Uses 

Owing to the beautiful neon color of Paraiba Tourmaline, it is one of the best options to use in gemstone jewelry. Since it is even rarer than Diamonds, its jewelry is a bit expensive. It has a good hardness on the Mohs scale of hardness, that’s why its jewelry is preferred. Paraiba Tourmaline can be used in all forms of jewelry, rings, earrings, pendants, and necklaces.

With the constantly changing trends in fashion, people do not stay confined to typical old transparent white diamonds and red rubies. Everyone has started experimenting with different colors and tones for their looks, outfits, and accessories. So, neon color attracts many fashionistas as it gives a fresh, glowing, classic and statement look. Sometimes if you wear a statement piece with any of your outfits, it becomes your identity.


Whether it’s your birthday, engagement, wedding or anniversary, rings never go out of fashion. In the old days, people used to prefer diamond rings for such events, but now people have started loving other colored gemstones as well. A ring with a drop-cut Paraiba Tourmaline in a white gold or silver setting can be so eye-catching.

You can also opt for any other shape and size of the Paraiba Tourmaline for your ring according to your budget. While wearing gemstone rings you need to be careful that you do not overdo your outlook with too much gemstone jewelry. If you are wearing a gemstone ring, avoid wearing a gemstone bracelet, so the attention of everyone at the party can stay on your ring.


Besides statement rings, gemstones are another best choice if you are looking for a perfect gift. All earrings come in many styles and so do the Paraiba Tourmaline earrings. Be it stud earrings, hoop earrings, or drop earrings, there are many options available according to the occasion. Since the studs are always in fashion, you can go for a variety of cuts and shapes of gemstones in them. The round cuts are the common ones, but oval, rectangular and star cuts also look beautiful. Tie your hair in a neat bun, wear Paraiba Tourmaline stud earrings and pair it with a beautiful statement necklace, and you will definitely slay the party.

Besides studs, you can go for simpler options like drop and hoop earrings as well. Drop earrings are the ones with the silver or white gold setting with small gemstones carved on them and they drop slightly below the earlobe. Hoop earrings are circular earrings with small stones carved in it, and it also comes as J-hoop earrings with a semi-circular setting. With the right choice of earrings with your chosen hairstyle and the shape of the face, you can look stunning.

Pendants & Necklaces

The choice of necklaces and pendants depends upon occasion. For a regular office look, a simple and modern chain pendant with a small Paraiba Tourmaline carved in it. The silver or white gold base would go well with the neon blue color of the stone. For a fancy event or a wedding, statement necklaces or heavy pieces should be paired with a solid-colored dress. With heavy and bold pieces of necklaces, avoid wearing heavy earrings. It would be all over your face and would look not so good. There are many options like gemstone chokers, short-chain necklaces, long-chain necklaces, and opera necklaces. It’s up to your sense of fashion that how you utilize them to flaunt your outfit.

Where Does Paraiba Tourmaline Come From?

Paraiba tourmaline was first discovered in the year 1989 by Brazilian miners when they discovered a unique brightly colored tourmaline in the state of Paraiba from where its name has evolved. Since its first discovery in Brazil, this rare gemstone has been found in many other countries.

The recent discoveries from Mozambique have produced beautiful colors of it. The other origin countries of this rare gemstone include Afghanistan, Madagascar, East Africa, the USA, Ceylon, Burma, Siberia, Isle of Elba, Sweden, and Nigeria. However, the principal countries include very few along with Brazil. Paraiba Tourmaline is found rarer than diamonds and other gemstones.

How Much Is Paraiba Tourmaline Worth?

Among other varieties of Tourmaline, Paraiba tourmaline is the most expensive variety due to its rarity, variety in colors and demand. It is even rarer than diamonds and is considered the most valuable of all semi-precious gemstones. It can cost tens of hundreds of dollars in the market. It is more expensive in the regions where its deposits are not found.

Due to the beauty of the neon blue shades of Paraiba Tourmaline, its jewelry has always been in demand, but the rarity of the gemstone increases the cost of jewelry at much higher rates as compared to the jewelry of other gemstones. Its prices also vary due to the richness in the shades of its color. The blue and green shades with higher saturation and moderate tone are the ones with the highest rates. The shades with high and low tones are a bit less expensive. Japan is a popular dealer of gemstones, and it can cost up to 40,000 US dollars per carat there for the finest variety of Paraiba Tourmaline.

How to Identify Paraiba Tourmaline?

With great physical properties, this gemstone poses it very easy to identify but you might need an expert to do that if you are a rookie. It has a turquoise color with flashes of green on it. Paraiba gets its aqua color from the copper present in it and creates flashes of green when exposed to bright light. These gems are known for their brilliance as they appear to glow from within when exposed to bright light. This characteristic of Paraiba is called the inner fire of this gemstone as they have a bright spot inside the gem.

How to Use Paraiba Tourmaline?

As we know all gemstones have their own healing effects, wearing them in different ways can help you in your life. Paraiba Tourmaline has many healing effects. So, we are going to tell you how to wear it in different ways to benefit from it.

You can wear it in the workplace to feel stability and positivity during your meetings and discussions.

Draw the meridian lines on the body with a Paraiba tourmaline wand so that it can help you in connecting with nature spiritually.

If you do yoga and meditation, you can also hold Paraiba Tourmaline in hand while doing them to focus.

Since it helps with sore throats and respiratory problems, you can wear it as a short-chain necklace.

Keep your Paraiba Tourmalines with you if you are going through tough times. 

Wear its jewelry, so it can help you in strengthening relationships.

How to Cleanse Paraiba Tourmaline?

You can use mild soap and warm water to clean the paraiba tourmaline and soak your gemstone for a few seconds. Dry it with a lint-free cloth. In this way, you can clean your gemstone and place it in a dry place. This is the best way of cleaning your paraiba tourmaline.

If your stone is acid-free then place it in the vinegar solution for a few seconds and dry it. Never use ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning your paraiba tourmaline.

The stains on the paraiba tourmaline can be erased by soaking in sodium dithionite. You will place it in sunlight for a few minutes and then place it in a cool place.

This precious Tourmaline can be cleansed by using white sage. Since white sage is very often used for cleaning stones, it will purify your Paraiba Tourmaline. Burn at least a leaf of sage, and when it releases smoke, expose your stone to the smoke. Keep it in the smoke, until the smoke goes up straight instead of going around the stone. This process will cleanse and purify your gemstone. You can perform this method once a month or even more.

By keeping the gemstone with or near a Quartz crystal, you can clean it.

Another interesting method to purify Paraiba Tourmaline is through crystal turner. Hit your stone with power, but not hard. And make sure that the producing sound is clear and resonating. If it is dull, then repeat the process until it becomes clear.

You can also place your gemstone out in the moonlight on a full moon night. It will cleanse and charge your Paraiba Tourmaline.

Paraiba Tourmaline vs. Aquamarine

Paraiba tourmaline and aquamarine are the most adored gemstones by all for their properties and powers. Aquamarines often have their icy-looking color with fantastic transparency while Paraiba Tourmaline has a variety of colors due to the high content of minerals in it. Aquamarines are more sparkly than paraiba tourmaline as Paraiba has a wider array of different shades. Aquamarine has strong brilliance and big flashes of light coming from it compared to Paraiba tourmaline. Paraiba can take quite a bit more abuse as compared to aquamarine due to its colors.

Paraiba shows two colors blended in the stone and they can be seen at the same time while aquamarine shows a beautiful color in a lightly toned material. The refractive index of aquamarine is slightly higher than that of paraiba tourmaline. In comparison to cost per carat, Paraiba is considered to be the leading aquamarine for varieties it can offer.

The Best Combination to Use With Paraiba Tourmaline

You can wear multiple gemstones, but you need to keep in mind their compatibility. Multiple stones with similar properties will increase the overall healing effects on your body and soul.

You can combine different shades of Paraiba Tourmaline, like green with blue. On the base of its color, it can also combine other gemstones of green, yellow, and purple colors. It is also preferred to use Paraiba Tourmaline in a dark metal setting.

Final Words

In conclusion, Paraiba Tourmaline is one of the most beautiful semi-precious gemstones which is rarer than diamonds. Its rarity makes it attractive and expensive. It is not only a beautiful stone but also affects its surroundings with its amazing healing energy. Though it is rare, its jewelry has always been in trend and demand. The uniqueness of the Paraiba Tourmaline lies in the different shades that it has, ranging from blue to green and violet. So, what are you waiting for? Buy a beautiful Paraiba Tourmaline ring for your loved one and cherish the moments.