The name Agata comes from the Achates River in Sicily, where the agates were discovered with the artifacts of the Neolithic people, and the first Egyptians used them before 3000 BC. C. C. These stones were also used in jewelry in ancient India.

Crazy Lace Agate is called the Stone of Laughter, or “Happy Lace.” It is associated with sunny Mexican parties and dances and brings joy to those who use it. It is not a stone of protection, but of support and encouragement, it elevates thoughts and promotes optimism. Its elegant design, in random lace patterns, creates a circular flow of energy, stimulating the mind and attitude.

Metaphysically, the agate has a lower intensity and vibrates at a slower frequency than other stones, but is highly regarded as a stabilizing and strengthening influence. The layered bands of microscopic quartz in Agate may seem delicate but they are very strong. Agate stone is useful for balancing emotional, physical, and intellectual energy, and for harmonizing positive and negative things.


Crazy Lace Agate encourages people to meditate on the glories of life. It has the power to relieve stress and remind us that life is about having fun. This stone tells you to enjoy the moment. Encourage your owner to release old wounds, worries, and fears.

Crazy lace agate rough stone
Crazy lace agate rough stone from Mexico

Crazy Lace Agate has the meaning of protection. It has patterns that resemble woven lace, which is believed to be very useful when it comes to knitting protections around it and granting these protections to whoever wears it.

Crazy Lace Agate is the stone of laughter. Crazy Lace Agate pays tribute to Allat, the Moon Goddess of Arabia, and the mother is formed in the triple goddess with Al-Uzza and Manat. As a mother and goddess of fertility, she nourishes and protects. It is also called Happy Lace Agate because it is believed to absorb negative feelings and bring happiness.

Positive vibrations in the crystal are very effective in eliminating pessimism. You can give your owner a more optimistic outlook on life. Low energy is a hallmark of agates, but this does not mean that energy is weak. This crystal vibrates at low speed while taking advantage of significant power.

The stone thanks to its calming energy soothes emotions. It can be kept under the pillow to help relieve anxiety, and it works well in all situations requiring a calm demeanor. It is as helpful as a cup of tea for resting well.

Crazy lace agates enhance mental function as they improve concentration. Perception and analytical abilities, lead to practical solutions. Enhances abundance, love, wealth, longevity, good luck, and harmony. This stone is a protector of children.

Crazy lace agate supports spiritualization; it encourages a calm and contemplative view of life and helps with a concentrated, positive regulation of your affairs. Agate encourages the conscious understanding of your life experiences that leads to spiritual maturity, growth, inner stability, and a sense of reality.


Physical Properties

The crazy lace agate (also known as Mexican agate) is young compared to many other minerals on Earth. Found exclusively within the area known as Chihuahua, in northern Mexico, this lace agate is known not only for its impressive band patterns but also for its powerful healing energies. It is believed that the crazy lace agate was created in the Cretaceous period, about 65-90 million years ago.

Crazy Lace Agate is a variety of chalcedony with bands, a mineral from the quartz family. It is predominantly white, with creamy layers of brown, black, and gray. Some may include layers of yellow, gold, scarlet, and ochre red. The agate is sometimes called the rainbow of the earth because, in its various forms, concentric bands in nature form almost all the colors that the earth can produce, including a colorless shape.

The agate was discovered with the artifacts of the Neolithic people and was used as healing amulets and ornamentation dating from Babylon. Its medicinal uses continued in ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations and spread throughout Africa and the Middle East to Russia. Agate caused a world-renowned stone cutting and polishing industry in Germany that flourished from the 15th to the 19th century, and that exists today.

Metaphysical Healing Properties

Physical Healing Energy

The crazy lace agate would be useful against allergies and would help develop the immune system. It would strengthen the sense of smell, bladder, and kidneys. Athletes to avoid cramps use it. The crazy lace agate would eliminate fears and the feeling of insecurity.

It would help the blood to circulate better in the feet and legs. It would help expand the walls of blood vessels and then help prevent varicose veins. This gem also has the same properties as agate in general.

Emotional Healing Energy

Crazy Lace Agate and the moon goddess are one. It has partnered with Cerridwen of Celtic mythology in all its aspects. As strong as the moon’s energy is, so will your agate. The stone also has protective properties. It is recommended during the trip to avoid accidents and can help people overcome arachnophobia.

This crystal is a very good healing stone because it offers physical and emotional balance. The job of Crazy Lace Agates in general of a person is to promote health. This gem is very useful to calm hard emotions and bring joy.

A soothing and calming stone, Crazy lace agate works slowly but brings great strength. Its multiple layers always bring to life the great emotions, and only the good ones remain. This crystal overcomes the heart’s negativity and bitterness. It heals inner anger, promoting love and the courage to make a new beginning. It is useful for any kind of emotional trauma. It dissolves internal tension and eases the fears of a person.

It balances body and mind, helping to make wise decisions. Besides, it is believed to promote mental agility and dynamic thoughts. Crazy Lace Agate encourages flexibility in thinking and communication, as it is believed to unite different generations.

You will also be more emotionally protective. You will double your efforts to make sure your partner is happy and that your relationship is healthy. You will not have trouble giving your partner what he deserves, and they will also be the same as you.

With the help of Crazy Lace Agate, you will enjoy the moment and look to the future. They will value their memories together and commit to creating happier memories.

It will remind you how it feels to be loved, protected, and comforted. With the help of this stone, you can find and forget all the chaos and stop feeling that sense of death around you.

Crazy lace agate rough stone
Crazy lace agate rough stone from Mexico

Where to Buy Crazy Lace Agate?

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Crazy Lace Agate In Jewelry Uses

Crazy Lace Agate is a beautiful gemstone that looks unique in itself with extraordinary patterns. Therefore, it makes this stone is excellent for jewelry, and none of the products will be the same which makes it even more suitable.

Crazy lace agate can serve perfectly for formal and informal occasions. Due to the colors, it looks delicate or wild depending on your outfit. Besides, the combination of these will be crucial to determine the personality of your style.

The most basic that you can wear every day is a crazy lace agate necklace, which will give you an appearance of joy and a charismatic personality. This necklace is ideal to combine with neutral colors, warm colors, or nude tones.

To combine with this necklace, the small loose stone earrings are perfect; they will give a striking but informal style, leaving you fresh and stylized. These earrings will make you look dazzling.

The crazy lace agate bracelets dress your wrists beautifully. You can use them with your favorite watch, or accompany them for an elegant cumulative effect or only on the other wrist. You can choose between thin bracelets, more or less thin, thick or thicker bracelets from Crazy lace agate, which will give your outfit a lot of character.

The rings of this stone should go in the opposite hand to the one that has the bracelet to give a sophisticated touch, a fine ring with a large stone will make your hand look delicate and have a shine of innate elegance.

For formal options, combining this stone with white gold would be exquisite, along the neckline with a perfectly centered pendant. Wear pendant earrings to complement and radiate a composure of much social class.

Another good implement for the crazy lace agate is the anklets. For a beach look, you can use this type of stone with white shorts and your legs will radiate total freshness and you will always want to take it with you.

Where Does Crazy Lace Agate Come From?

There are many deposits of all types of agate. We can find agate deposits in many places in the world. Some of the most important sites are in Germany, Australia (a variety with green, yellow, pink, or red stripes), or the United States. There are also deposits in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Madagascar, and China.

The best-known Crazy Lace Agate comes from near Ejido Benito Juárez in Chihuahua, Mexico, in a remote and rugged area. There are three active claims and there are several inactive claims and mines there that are worked sporadically.

However, Crazy Lace Agate can be found elsewhere. Some of the beautiful material comes from Australia and is located at Marillana Station, a livestock property about 90 kilometers north of Newman, a major iron ore-producing city in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

How Much Is Crazy Lace Agate Worth?

Compared to other gems, agates have always had less value than their close relatives have. Its value ranges between 2 and 15 dollars depending on the weight, cut, purity, and other attributes that this stone has.

In particular, the crazy lace agate is a bit more expensive than most. This is because it is a relatively new discovery and is a bit commercialized. Besides, 100% of the abundant deposits of this precious gem are not well known.

Similarly, any price is affordable and it is worth buying one of these beauties as a decoration or amulet. Not only will it bring happiness to your life, but it will also give you a glamorous and energetic touch.

How to Identify Crazy Lace Agate?

Most agates have very muted colors. However, this mineral is very porous and easily accepts dyeing. Most of the agates, with intense colors, that are sold in the gemstone trade have been dyed, therefore it is important to identify their true colors.

Creamy browns, blacks, grays, golds, occasional reds, and roses swirl creating complex patterns that make this a unique agate. The bands are distorted, twisted, and curved. Crazy Lace Agate usually forms in veins within the limestone.

Agate is a type of chalcedony, usually at least slightly translucent and with bands or inclusions. It is formed in concentric layers in a wide variety of colors and textures. Each agate is formed by filling a cavity in the host rock. Agate has a hardness of approximately seven on the Moh scale. The name derives from its appearance on the Achates River in southwest Sicily. 

How to Use Crazy Lace Agate?

Since it was considered the favorite stone of the goddess Pomona belonging to Roman mythology, goddess of harvest and fruit, people began to use it as a symbol of gratitude towards this goddess. When it was intended for medical purposes, eyes, and stomach were placed on the affected region to relieve the energies that were believed to cause the ills in those specific areas.

When the crazy lace agate was used for Egyptian decorations, the technique of coloring them predominantly predominated in such a way that they would highlight their colors even more, often in the form of gods to represent their omnipotent observation capacity over mortals.

The ancient Indians considered the agate as a fragment of the gods that separated from their celestial bodies and reached the earth, who got one of these stones was considered a bearer of happiness and good news for the members of the tribe closest to it.

In cultures where meditation and connection with gems are practiced to enhance the spiritual gifts of being, agates represent a kind of enhancer of the spiritual side of the human being and can be used in meditation sessions to increase the concentration of the individual through energy vibration.

To take advantage of the protective properties of this stone, all you have to do is always carry it with you. To avoid accidents on the road, always carry an agate with you in the car. For sleep problems, just place it under your pillow and for everything else, just have it at home or in the place you inhabit. You can also buy a crazy lace agate jewel so you can always carry it with you.

How to Cleanse Crazy Lace Agate?

Sea salt and water are the best to free your crazy lace agate from the bad energies it could carry. If the stone or gem has no cracks, you can use sea salt without any danger. In this case, I leave the stone in salt water overnight. If your stone tends to crumble, do not use sea salt. We will explain how to purify it later in this publication.

To increase the purification effect, you can add sage, basil, or lavender to the water. It can also be cleaned very well by keeping it under running water. In doing so, at the same time, you must ask the universe to eliminate all the negatives that it contains. We invite you to imagine a ray of white light around the area where you are and you are cleaning the stone, filling it with wisdom.

Stones such as carnelian or transparent quartz have the property of cleaning and purifying the crazy lace agate. They act very simply. All you have to do is place one of these stones in the bag where you keep the others.

If you already have other clean crystals, it is possible to clean our stone simply by placing it in a container surrounded by other crystals, preferably quartz, for at least 24 hours. For its activation, it is held in the left hand concentrating on the purpose we want to give. This should be done for a few minutes trying to establish a connection with the rock. After that, she will be ready to join us.

Crazy Lace Agate vs. Blue Lace Agate

The varieties of this mineral are characterized by the peculiarities in the shape and color of the bands, which are seen in sections cut at right angles to the layers. There will probably not be a complete list of all possible names for the agate, because old names are counted by hundreds and new names are frequently coined, mainly without the participation of scientists who go through the rigors of correctly classifying rocks.

blue lace agate
Blue Lace Agate

Blue agate can help with the discomfort of the gastrointestinal system. Besides, it improves the health of blood vessels and effectively protects the uterus, promoting better blood circulation. And when this happens it is very good for the assimilation even of conventional remedies by the body, since it is better distributed and absorbed.

It also acts in the protection of the skin, increasing the production of collagen. It also acts in chronic diseases, by better distributing all nutrients and medications due to a better distribution of blood.

The blue bow agate has a great cosmic force because it has enormous energy capable of connecting with all the forces and vibrations that govern it, exactly why that stone is widely used to cure.

It is also widely used to make lucky charms. His powerful energies act in the field of love, helping in relationships and returning that beloved person.

Its tone is blue, but it can have small spots and a tone that migrates to the transparent one. This is the main difference with his close relative, the crazy lace agate.

Final Words

The crazy lace agate is a type of chalcedony, therefore, it belongs to the quartz family in a certain way, it is composed of millions of crystalline particles that are not crystals themselves, but cryptographic crystals. The concentric layers of the Agata formed in gas bubbles formed in the incandescent magma or when filled with silicic acid during volcanic eruptions.

It usually shows colored rings or rings, turns, crests, eyes, circles, and even landscapes and scenes in varied colors, each with its specific vibration. The distinctive colors of this stone are orange and brown tones.

The crazy lace agate also stimulates and develops unknown and unknown facets of our personality, making us aware of them. it makes latent desires emerge and awakens happiness and joy to face new experiences. It also stimulates our emotionality and our sexual and sexual impulses.

It can be used to decrease distractions and strengthen concentration skills. It allows you to understand the alternatives of a situation and weigh the different options that exist as possibilities. It is good to imagine a life without worries or anxieties, where one is calm and serene and helps him stimulate the inner wisdom he needs to acquire, manifest it, and be thankful for it.

On a spiritual and emotional level, the crazy lace agate has energizing properties that strengthen the body and mind. The stone would help overcome conscious and unconscious fears and phobias. It would help dispel feelings of insecurity and lack of self-confidence by highlighting the energy potential buried within each of us.

It is also a calming stone, a crazy lace agate would help you accept yourself better to achieve inner peace. By promoting positive feelings, the crazy agate lace would help strengthen extra personal ties and kindness towards those around her.