While often overlooked, charoite is actually one of the most powerful and beautiful crystals out there. It has a bunch of metaphysical properties that make it extremely potent – you can almost feel the energy flowing around you. At the same time, its sparkling violet color makes it excellent when it comes to jewelry too.

There is a simple and straightforward reason behind its lack of popularity. It is not too common. The crystal is quite rare and clearly more expensive than others. On the same note, it is very complex and represents one of nature’s finest pieces of work. It is just as attractive from a metaphysical point of view, so it is definitely a must if you plan to start a crystal collection.

All in all, just like for any other crystal, the more you know about charoite, the more you can take advantage of its properties. It has emotional healing capabilities and can open the door to the inner self – a side of you that you may not even be aware of. Now, what should you know about charoite and how can you get as much as possible from it?


Charoite may have multiple meanings, depending on what you plan to use it for. Interested in a sparkling piece of jewelry that will draw lots of attention? It could be the most important element in your collection. How about something to enhance you with healing energy and a positive attitude? Its metaphysical properties will underline a completely new meaning then.

charoite sphere

Generally speaking, charoite represents a particular combination of two chakras – the crown chakra and the heart chakra. What does it mean? Simple – it redefines lots of spirituality and positive energies mixed with unconditional love. It is the stone of positivity, whether you go through a challenge or you need to improve your life.

Charoite is associated with the moment. It is all about now – not the past and not the future. It is the type of stone you will use right now. It will lead the way towards your destination – the place you need to be in at the moment. From many points of view, it can be used as a talisman. While everyone clings to something (be it the past, a person or an item), this stone will help you let go and accept things as they are.

Furthermore, charoite pulls out the good side of you. It encourages you to accept everyone and everything around you, but also to help when you can, without accepting anything in return. Besides, it is sometimes referred to as the stone of self, meaning you will also raise it as you keep it nearby.


Charoite is so appreciated among crystal collectors for two reasons. Its properties can basically go in two different directions. For instance, the stone has unique physical properties that no one can resist. It sparkles and has a particular vibe that will draw instant attention.

At the same time, charoite is not necessarily about looks. Those who are interested in its metaphysical properties may wear it as a piece of jewelry or just keep a raw crystal by the key chain for its spiritual meaning.

Physical Properties

Charoite is only available in one variety – purple. It has a vibrant and deep nuance of purple. While crystals extracted from different parts of the world may have different nuances, the stone is always purple. From a more scientific point of view, charoite is part of the silicate mineral class. As for its crystal system, it belongs to the monoclinic segment.

Charoite is relatively hard, but there are definitely other crystals that can be dealt with stress, and wear and tear much better. It is rated five on the hardness scale. In other words, it is suitable for particular pieces of jewelry, but it may not necessarily make the best option for an engagement ring or a piece that will be worn and exposed to stress on a daily basis.

Charoite is not the only crystal with a vibrant purple color out there. Then what makes it so special? At first glance, it looks like a clear purple stone with a nice vibe. If you look closer, you will understand what makes it unique.

The stone has a plethora of unique formations throughout its composition. You will see parallel habits, radial lines, swirls, banding and scales in it. You can turn it around and observe different formations – something that makes the crystal unique.

The mineral is rare and gets its name from the Chara River, one of the most common places where you can find it. It is not so widely available. Instead, it can be found in small deposits here and there. For this reason, you are more likely to find small crystals when interested in buying them, rather than big stones.

Apart from purple, you may notice slight nuances of brown, while the internal formations are usually white. The luster can be silky or vitreous, while its appearance can be anywhere between semi-translucent and opaque.

Metaphysical Properties

Charoite has great strengthening properties when it comes to one’s body. The user will benefit from high-frequency energy that will turn the affections into wellness. It can help you get rid of tiredness and fatigue, but it will also keep your blood pressure under control. It is practically a natural cleansing product for your body.

The crystal also relaxes nerves and helps people with certain conditions take it easy – from autism to ADHD. It helps you deal with insomnia and other related problems, but it also relieves cramps, migraines and other similar aches. It can often be used to treat various conditions of the pancreas, liver, heart and eyes.

Charoite works on the emotional status of the one who wears it too. If you are the negative type who only sees the empty side of the glass, the crystal will change this kind of attitude. Fear? Gone! Insecurity? History! Even when it comes to unconscious fears that you are not even aware of, the crystal will help you eliminate them.

The crystal cleanses the body both on the inside and the outside. Your heart and brain will see things clearly. Why hold a grudge? Why the hate? It will help you accept things as they are and realize that you cannot always change them. Accept things and let go of negative ideas. Move forward and stop clinging to irrelevant things.

You will also learn to overcome obsessions, random worries that have no solid background, frustration and resistance to new things in your life. You will feel more relaxed, so you will no longer feel anxious about changes. Simply put, you will change from a negative person to seeing the good part of every situation, regardless of how bad it seems in the first place.

The spiritual energy of charoite is not to be ignored either. The crystal is all about humanity. It is about helping and giving without expectations. This is what makes you a good person. Get rid of negativity and hate, but embrace positive vibes instead.

If you love to meditate for relaxation and a clear mind, charoite will make this whole experience even better. It has similar properties – as in it alleviates negative feelings – and will help in revealing your spiritual self. It will cleanse your aura and top your chakras up with positive emotions and purity. Your heart will open, but at the same time, you will reveal the spiritual energies of the past and work on your karma at a personal level.

It is worth noting that charoite is not a classic birthstone. Plus, it is not associated with any zodiac signs. But then, it is a natural birthstone for those born between the end of December and the end of January. It is violet, which is the color associated with something new. In other words, people born after the winter solstice will experience a new sensation with this crystal nearby. It will help with their intuition, imagination and creativity.

Now, how can you use charoite and what else should you know about it?

Where to buy Charoite

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Charoite in jewelry uses

With such stunning physical properties, charoite can be implemented into a plethora of different types of jewelry. But then, no matter how beautiful it is, it also has a slight drawback – its low hardness of a maximum of five (sometimes less than that), it is not so durable. In other words, if you plan to wear it on a daily basis, you risk scratching and tearing it. Apart from this issue, it can be used in a necklace, a ring, a pendant, earrings or even a bracelet.

When used in jewelry, charoite comes in a series of different shapes. You can find it shaped like a pear or perhaps a heart, not to mention ovals or squares. Again, these types of jewelry are mostly recommended for special occasions. Moreover, it is also common as an ornamental piece, regardless of the shape. At the same time, it makes a great inlay element in wedding bands.

Now, what do you normally mix it with? You will most likely find it stuck on silver. Both white and black metallic elements will work well. If you like gold yellow, you will come up with a more traditional and vintage look.

As for the price of the jewelry, it depends on what charoite is mixed with. It is generally inexpensive, despite its rare profile – two or three digit prices. Of course, when mixed with expensive elements like gold or diamonds, its price can go much higher.

No matter what the purpose is, charoite will easily become the central element in your jewelry, but it does require lots of care against general wear. As for your style, it works with anything. You can be classic, modern, hippie or bohemian – you name it.

Where does Charoite come from

The name of charoite underlines where it comes from. The name is given after a river crossing the Murun Massive. It is located in the Sakha Republic, Yakutia, Siberia. The stone is created due to the contact between the limestone in the area and the Murun Syenite.

Until today, charoite has not been found anywhere else but in Russia. Moreover, no other parts of Russia can brag with the beautiful stone, but just this specific part of Siberia. The rarity of this stone and its beautiful profile make it stand out in the crowd, yet its price is not overwhelming.

There are, however, other crystals that may look like charoite. You might notice the difference if you look through a magnifying glass though. They can be found in other parts of the world. This is a good indicator regarding the type of crystal you are looking at. If it is said to be from another part of the world, it is not charoite.

How much is Charoite worth

When you think about rare gemstones that can only be found in specific areas of the world, you probably imagine the cost will skyrocket. At the end of the day, this crystal is found in an isolated place where most people cannot reach. Surprisingly enough for many, charoite is quite inexpensive.

Things can get even better. Apart from its rarity, the crystal also has amazing colors, beautiful patterns and a lustrous polish. From this point of view, it provides great value for money. Even if you are after a large stone, it will still be affordable.

The classic cabochon cutting style will cost you anywhere between $1 and $3 per carat. As with most other crystals, the color is what defines the final price. Make sure that the nuance of purple is bright, while the motifs and internal designs are white and interesting.

How to identify Charoite

You cannot really go wrong if you decide to buy charoite from a prestigious dealer with a good reputation. This is your best approach, but when looking for a bargain, chances are you will need to become familiar with the gemstone.

The best part about charoite is that it has a distinctive look, so you do not need any professional or detailed investigations to tell whether or not it is real. The violet and purple mix are unique. Plus, the patterns and swirls also make a difference. You will notice white, orange and brown sides as well.

Ideally, you should familiarize yourself by checking it out in person or at least looking at detailed pictures over the Internet. There is one crystal that might be mistaken for charoite though – sugilite. It is also purple, but there are some major differences, such as the missing patterns on the inside.

From this point of view, charoite is hard to imitate. It is also inexpensive, which means most merchants will not try to sell you something else instead. If you find a fake crystal, it is usually easy to identify because it looks fake. It is simply not worth investing in good-looking fakes, so most merchants will not bother.

Also, remember that charoite is only available in Russia. A crystal from another part of the world is simply another stone.

How to use Charoite

Charoite can be used in two different directions. If you want it for its unique appearance, you will love it on special occasions jewelry. It makes no difference if you get a special pendant or a necklace, not to mention a unique type of earrings. It will also work in a bracelet or perhaps a ring. It makes no difference what you mix it with – it can be part of a mix of stones or it can be the stone that makes the difference.

However, charoite is more commonly used for its metaphysical properties. It can be used to cleanse yourself, learn to live the moment, embrace the “now” and accept things as they are. It will give you a good vibe and it will clear out stress and negativity. At this point, it can be anything – a raw unpolished stone on your desk, a few crystals around your home or even a key chain.

You can keep charoite in your pocket wherever you go or mix it with a pair of earrings. Again, keep in mind that it will be hard to maintain if you plan to wear it on a daily basis.

How to cleanse Charoite

Given the low hardness of this crystal, charoite can be difficult to keep in great condition, especially if you wear or use it on a daily basis. It is quite easy to get scratched or even permanently damaged, whether you wear it a lot or you throw it in a box with other pieces of jewelry.

With these ideas in mind, charoite is recommended for special occasions only. If you are after its metaphysical properties, you can wear it on a daily basis too – expect scratches, wear and tear, but they will not affect its powers.

As for storage, it should be kept separately. Make sure you have a box with soft lining or storage areas for single pieces of jewelry. Cleaning it is relatively simple – get a bit of warm water, a bit of soap and a soft cloth.

Strong detergents will damage it. Scrubbing it will also scratch it – not even with a soft sponge. It should not be exposed to high heat for long periods of time either. Too much heat may permanently damage it. Again, its metaphysical properties will not change, but its appearance might get a bit rough if you look closely.

Charoite vs. Sugilite

There is one crystal that may look like charoite. Sugilite is also purple and violet, but there is one major difference. It simply does not have those beautiful swirls and patterns on the inside. You do not need to investigate in small details – a simple check with the naked eye will reveal the difference right away.

Another major difference is in the chatoyancy – also known as the cat’s eye effect. This is an optical reflection effect that some stones have, while others miss. Charoite has this effect, while sugilite will easily miss it.

While there are situations when sugilite can be mistaken for charoite, these two major differences will help you make an informed decision. Generally speaking, you should have no issues at all making the difference. Besides, sugilite is generally priced higher (based on the same size or jewelry setting), so you are more likely to get charoite sold as sugilite than the other way around.

The best combination to use with Charoite

Just like most other crystals, charoite can be mixed and used with other gemstones for even better and more powerful effects. While some crystals also come with some contraindications, charoite is quite positive and will not interact negatively with other stones.

You are free to use the crystal with anything else, based on what you are trying to achieve. However, there are a few pairs that will make the difference in the long run. Charoite is ideal with moldavite and blue apatite. It will also work wonders when mixed with amethyst and kunzite. Many of these crystals have similar properties, so mixing them together will most likely enhance their effects.

Are you after boosting your life with protective energies? Opt for charoite, but also bring in jet, black tourmaline, quartz or sugilite. Simply put, do your homework regarding different types of gemstones and coming up with a good combo will be a matter of time only.

Final Words

As a short final conclusion, charoite can definitely stand out in the crowd. It is a crystal that will make a difference for a few reasons. Not only does it have a vibrant color (many crystals do), but the whitish swirls and patterns on the inside feel like there is a whole world to discover inside it.

Its metaphysical properties seem to benefit pretty much everyone, while the possibility to mix it with so many crystals makes it great in any combination.