Rainbow obsidian has great powers within itself and helps both physically and mentally. It has the properties to cultivate your abilities. It has the meaning and properties of an amulet against evil. It is called “amulet repelling the devil” for its evil repelling characteristics. It is also known as Sheen Obsidian and Iris Obsidian. Rainbow Obsidian is the birthstone of Libras.


It is a great gemstone that has the meaning of regaining its original brightness. It reminds you of the joy and pleasure of living your life. It has the properties and meaning to smooth human relations. It helps in detecting the opponent’s emotions rapidly. It protects good relations and keeps evil bonds aside. Rainbow obsidian also has the properties to improve the accuracy of predicting the future.

It is a great gemstone that helps in building the best future for one. It provides help in avoiding dangers and traps as it acts as a substitute for a detector.


Physical Properties

Rainbow obsidian is also known as black obsidian when it is highly polished and placed in the light, it shows layers of beautiful rainbow colors. It is made of volcanic glass and the layers are produced due to the inclusion of pyroxene’s nanoparticles. It is from the planet pluto and is deemed as a “warrior of truth”.

People called rainbow obsidian different names such as sheen obsidian, rainbow sheen obsidian, and iris obsidian. Its hardness on the Mohs scale is 5 to 5.5. The refractive index of this stone is 1.45-1.55. The specific gravity of rainbow obsidian is 2.4 and it is usually translucent. It has a smooth and glossy texture. The chemical composition of this stone is silicon dioxide (SiO2) and the crystal system is amorphous. Rainbow obsidian is mostly found in Mexico but in the last few years, it was also discovered in the USA.

Metaphysical Properties

Rainbow obsidian not only enhances our beauty but it has some metaphysical healing properties that are helpful in physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Physical health

Rainbow obsidian is very useful in treating heart diseases. It can remove blockages in any part of the body and helps in the better functioning of the body organs. It is also helpful in the body’s detoxification process and helps in the treatment of eating disorders. This is also used in problems of the circulatory system and in hardened arteries. Rainbow obsidian is also associated with cramps and arthritis. It provides the best treatment for broken bones and also for bruising in any part of the body. Rainbow obsidian is also helpful for the root chakras.

Mental health

Rainbow obsidian is also helpful for mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, fears and removes disbelief and confusion from your mind. It enlightens your mind and improves your senses. It removes the old memories and sharpens your mental aptitude. Moreover, it provides deep soul healing. It facilitates you to go back to the past and heals the traumas that happen in the past. It also brings irritating truths to the surface that enables you to identify what is truth and what is false.

Spiritual health

This stone helps you to achieve freedom and spiritual invulnerability. Through this stone, you can find an opportunity to choose another way. It helps you to dispel negative thoughts from your mind and brings positivity to life. It helps you to provide a deep focus on your studies or when you are doing any activity. It also brings love and light to life. It keeps you stimulated, energetic and motivated all the time. It holds on to your anger and pain. It is a protective stone and increases self-control in your life.

Where to Buy Rainbow Obsidian?

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Rainbow Obsidian in Jewelry Uses

Gemstone jewelry has become a fashion for a long time. The jewelry of rainbow obsidian is limited in the market due to its hardness which is 5.5. So it can easily scratched due to the lack of toughness. It is still available in necklaces, rings, earrings, and pendants. You can wear rainbow obsidian in various ways to give a casual and classy look.


Rings are the most important part of jewelry due to their beauty and clear display on hands. The rings of rainbow obsidian are very nice and give an amazing look. You can wear these rings at weddings, parties or any other occasion. This will you a casual as well as a traditional look. You can also give it as a gift to your beloved ones. If you are wearing a black or red dress, the rainbow obsidian ring is the best combination with your dress. Because when it is placed in the light, it will shine and you look more beautiful. The rings of this stone are available in different cuts and shapes.

Necklaces & Pendants

Rainbow obsidian is widely available in the form of necklaces and pendants. The necklaces of this stone are very cute and delicate. If you are wearing a simple dress, the rainbow obsidian necklace adds elegance to your look.  You can wear this necklace with any dress. If you wear this with earrings at parties, this will be the best choice for you. Wear a bold pendant necklace with your favorite little black dress for your evening. The heavy and fancy necklace also wins the game. If you are buying this, be aware of the duplicate ones.


Bracelets add extra beauty to your outfit if you are wearing them with other jewelry pieces like earrings or necklaces. there are many types of bracelets but the most common are beaded bracelets. Beaded bracelets are more popular for the casual look. Beaded bracelets are mostly found in circular shapes. As the beaded bracelets are elastic they can easily fit in your arm according to your arm size.

If you can combine it with other gemstones, it will give you an amazing look. These bracelets are available in the online market. So whatever you want, go and buy it. Another form of the bracelet is that you can put a piece of this stone on a chain and wear it on your wrist.


The other most important part of jewelry, as well as your look, is your earrings. They are also available in different cuts and shapes. But your selection depends upon your hairstyle, dress, and your makeup. Stud earrings, hoop earrings and other types of earrings are available in the market. But stud earrings have become a fashion these days. For a casual look, wear these earrings with a small ring. This will give you an amazing look. Your earrings will become more prominent if you make a bun of your hair. Also, you can make a ponytail of your hair, in this way your earrings are also prominent.

Where Does Rainbow Obsidian Come From?

Obsidian is a compact volcanic glass, that commonly poses black color and a rhyolite composition. Obsidian has a multi-colored Goniochromism (iridescence), a result of the inclusion of nanoparticle magnetite. Obsidian is typically formed in rhyolite lava flows, the lava cools so fast in some places giving no room to grow for the crystals.

The Warner Mountains are one of the most known sources of the variety of obsidian. There is a total of four mines in the Warner Mountains which are named Pink Lady, Lassen Creek Rainbow, Needles and Middle Fork Davis Creek. The Warner Mountains are located in northeast California. The Modoc National Forest and Davis Creek Mercantile are open to mining with free permits. It is also found in Oregon, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Hawaii, Mexico, Ecuador, Iceland, Japan, Indonesia, and Italy.

How Much Is Rainbow Obsidian Worth?

Gemstones come with a price depending on their beauty, availability, and metaphysical properties. The value for obsidian is dependent solely on the size, color, and condition of each piece. The other parameter that influences price is the marketplace as it doesn’t have a fixed marketplace. There is no set formula in order to determine the price for the obsidian.

Depending on the marketplace the price usually ranges from single-digit to somewhere under three digits. Black and snowflake obsidian are pretty but are abundantly available and thus are cheap in the market. The price can add up if the obsidian is fashioned into a tool. The most valuable obsidians are in the form of authentic ancient tools. Before purchasing obsidian it is better to consult a gemologist for the cost. The gemologist will provide you with the real value of the stone depending on the features.

How to use Rainbow Obsidian

Rainbow Obsidian is one of a kind gemstone that provides great metaphysical properties. This gem is used for helping with chakras, mind and physical health, spiritual and feeling. This gem poses a vibration that may resonate within the third eye chakra and helps in receiving answers to questions. It is related to the healing ancestral line.

In order to obtain maximum benefits from the rainbow obsidian, it is a good idea to wear as jewelry to keep its energies closed to personal vibrational fields. The energy level increase with time, the more you wear it, the more energy you will receive from the stone. Obsidian can be used as a pendant whenever you feel the blues, it will help you feel less sad and depressed. It gives a dose of positive energy whenever you require it.

Rainbow Obsidian is a lovely gem that can be used at home or at work to keep yourself stimulated, productive, motivated and energetic all the time. It helps in receiving guidance, wisdom and deep healing, with its energies when used as a meditation tool. Rainbow Obsidian can be paired with other high-energy stones and crystals, combined together they give rise to the vibrations of obsidian.

Rainbow Obsidian, when held in hand, provides a cure within your consciousness and helps in reclaiming your health and balance. It can be combined with other gems including Libyan Desert Glass, Fire Agate, Tantalite, and Black Tourmaline in order to boost the protective energies of Rainbow Obsidian. Obsidian has various varieties that are used for different purposes.

How to Cleanse Rainbow Obsidian?

Cleaning becomes important If you are wearing your rainbow obsidian on a regular basis.

Every Gemstone poses the ability to provide energies and as a result, it either accumulates the bad energies in it or grounds them within it. It is important to perform the cleansing of gemstones that provides metaphysical properties. Proven various methods of energetically cleansing a crystal are known to every user.

It needs to be cleaned regularly as well, it draws negative energies. It can be cleaned simply by using soapy water and a soft cloth. Ensure to remove any soapy residue by rinsing it well. Rainbow obsidian cleansing like most gemstones by the methods of ultrasonic cleaners and steamers is not recommended. As the rainbow obsidian absorbs negative energy from the environment and from the persons, so place it in sunlight for a few hours and then in a cool place. This will also clean your rainbow obsidian.

It is advised to remove it before doing any activities as it can be damaged or scratched easily by hard material. It should be stored away from other gemstones in a soft cloth or a fabric-lined jewelry box to protect it.

How to Polish Rainbow Obsidian?

Rainbow Obsidian is a mineral with a reputation for both beauty and being hard to polish and has a cryptocrystalline structure. It is hard to use it in rock tumblers. It is hard to polish in the tumbler as despite protection they can be damaged when comes in contact with each other. Many artists prefer to polish obsidian pieces with their hands.

Obsidian is first polished using fine grain sandpapers and then with cerium or aluminum oxide polish. The sandpaper used in the process is 600, 1200 and 3000 grit paper. Edges of the stone are buff using 600 grit sandpaper. It removes large imperfections on the surface of the obsidian. 1200 and 3000 grit sandpapers are used respectively afterward to provide it with a shiny, scratch-less surface.

The obsidian starts to reflect light after polishing using sandpapers. In the final process, the cerium or aluminum oxide polishing compound is used. The process of buffing is performed on the surface using the lapidary polishing cloth to achieve desired shine. In order to have a higher degree of shine, the additional polish is carried by applying a 0.2-micron polishing compound.

Rainbow Obsidian vs. Black Obsidian

Rainbow obsidian is a type of obsidian that is gentler than others. It is known as a stone of pleasure as it facilitates the enjoyment of one’s life and a sense of gratitude. Rainbow obsidian is used to find answers to questions in the areas of love interests, relationships, and romantic involvements. It replenishes the heart’s energy and cuts the old love cords. It has great protective properties and absorbs negative energies from the aura and reduces stress on the body. It is helpful in opening and activating all chakras.

Black Obsidian is a powerful and creative stone used for grounding the soul and spiritual forces into the physical plane. It enhances self-control and forces us to face our true self of one. This gemstone can magnify the negative energies and then release them. It brings balance to life and provides protection from negative energies. It breaks through barriers of mind when held shortly above the third eye.

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The Best Combination to Use With Rainbow Obsidian

Are you into gemstones? Do you have a collection of gemstones? Then you might want to wear many gemstones at once. Not all gemstones go well with each other because they might have opposite effects. Let’s see what combinations of rainbow obsidian can be used.

If you can pair your rainbow obsidian with a few of these high-energy gemstones, like Natrolite, Rhodizite, Nirvana Quartz, or Phenacite. They will reinforce their vibrational effects and increase the vibrations in your rainbow obsidian.

Another possible combination of rainbow obsidian goes with Libyan Desert Glass, Fire Agate, Shungite, Tantalite, Smoky Quartz, and Black Tourmaline for more grounding and protecting powers.

You can also combine obsidian with Sphalerite, Hematite, Zircon Crystals, Magnetite, Melanite Garnet, Magnetite, or Black Andradite Garnet.

If you wear it in combination with May’s birthstone, it will protect you from negative energies and negative people.

Final Words

In the end, Rainbow Obsidian is the right stone for you if you are looking for a loved and enlightened life. It will help you keep a balance in your spiritual and emotional life, and let go of anger and stress. It is a suitable gemstone for people who do not want negative energy around them anymore.