Fascinating and mysterious, mystic topaz is a very unique gemstone with a very unique story. It started out as a bland, simple colorless topaz. Then, it is subjected to a unique treatment that allows it to boast the stunning rainbow effect. Making it more fashionable, unique, mesmerizing and different than its previous form.

First of all, mystic topaz is not a natural stone, but a man-made one. Mystic topaz was first seen at the Hong Kong Jewelry Fair last September 1998. It took several years before this magnificent stone hit mainstream consumers.

Mystic topaz is crafted into the vibrant stone it is, starting from an ordinary, colorless topaz. Through the modern technology technique called chemical vapors disposition (CVD), the stone is made more stunning and desirable.

The process places a thin layer of titanium coating onto the colorless topaz. It is applied to the pavilion of the stones and produces a rainbow of colors such as greens, blues, and yellows.

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The name Topaz is derived from “topazion”, a Greek word from the ancient name of the St. John’s Island found in the Red Sea. Difficult to find, this is where you can find a yellow stone. This yellow stone that was mined in ancient times is now believed to be chrysolite.

Topaz (topazios) itself was not known until the classical era. In ancient Sri Lanka, native oriental topazes were exported to ancient Egypt and Greece. This led to the etymologically related names of the island by Sir Alexander Polyhistor (Topazios) and the ancient Egyptians (Topapwene) which means the “Land of the Topaz”.

Pliny the Elder said that this Egyptian Island of Topazos is a legendary island located in the Red Sea. And that the mineral “topaz” was first mined there.

Meanwhile, the name topaz may have also originated from the Sanskrit term “tapas” which means “fire” or “heat”.

The meaning of topaz can be expressed both in the origin of its name and in its energy— it is a gemstone that carried the energy of fire. True to its form and essence, topaz is prized and sought for its “sunny” abilities. This includes enjoying a confident attitude, making good friends and striving for excellence in all aspects.

Associated with the planets Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter, topaz symbolizes peace, affection, and hope. And the colorless, white topaz from which mystic topaz is formed, is an aluminum silicate compound. Meaning, it features protective energies as well.

To get the best benefits of mystic topaz, it is usually a good idea to wear it. The mystic topaz ring is the most popular choice.


Physical Properties

Most Topaz crystals are colorless. But, there are also different color varieties. This includes the blue and green color with the yellow-orange and red varieties becoming more popular.

As mentioned before, the mystic topaz is not found in nature and man-made. It is a transparent kind of topaz that has been subjected to titanium vapor treatment, producing an array of different colors. And the bluish-green colors are the most common variation of a mystic topaz

A mystic topaz measures 8.0 on the Mohs hardness scale and can easily break. Thus, it needs to be handled, carefully. This stone is very popular for its mesmerizing rainbow colors which change when the stone is tilted.

It features a glassy, smooth and brilliant shine. This is why it earned quite a reputation among enthusiasts and experts alike.

The most popular mystic topaz stones are those treated with a high-quality coating. This coating creates an aurora borealis effect. The predominant colors are green and purple with flashes of yellow, red, orange and blue.

And by using various metallic coating, other color combinations can also be created such as pinks or oranges. Still, the rich combination of green and purple is by far the most common and popular choice.

Contrary to popular belief, the treatment that a mystic topaz is subjected to doesn’t really change the properties and powers of the original colorless topaz. It only made the stone look dazzling and different.

Metaphysical Healing Properties

Mystic topaz, as its name implies, holds mystic energies that bring about great healing properties:

Ancient Healing Beliefs

Back in ancient times, the Romans believed that colorless topaz was linked with the Sun God Helios. This means that it has really good protective properties. Legend even has it that topaz can promote strength and eyesight. It also helps clear negative emotions and energies from the mind.

The ancient of the past also believed that placing a topaz stone in wine could help upper respiratory problems. Pharaohs and Emperors alike would even use this stone to detect poison in what they were to drink. This is because they believe the topaz can actually give a signal on bad things.

Topaz was also believed to give you temporary invisibility in times of great challenges and peril.

Also, many cultures believed that topaz has mystical and powerful healing properties. Both ancient Greeks and Egyptians believed that those who wore and kept this stone close are protected from any kind of harm.

Physical Healing

Mystical topaz has many attributes believed to help an individual’s physical health. It is believed to work with your spinal column and help regulate or maintain the action of your heart. Gently but surely, mystic topaz can help circulate energy to promote a warm glow of fresh energy.

Mystic topaz is also used to treat bleeding as well as promoting health in your glandular system. In earlier times, topaz was also believed to actually absorb the heat of a fever. It can ease out pain, discomfort, and inflammations related to arthritis.

In India, mystic topaz is used to treat mumps, whopping cough, and tonsillitis. It is also said that it is useful in treating circulatory problems, gout, hemorrhage, goiter, deafness, and infection. The stone also promotes good digestive health. A good digestion, restoring your sense of taste, combating anorexia, promoting good metabolism and more. Mystic topaz is also believed to increase vitality in men when worn.

In addition, mystic topaz with its affinity to fire, when placed in homes, can help protect you against accidents and fires. It also has been known to transmute negativity to positivity. It even helps fend off nightmares and end sleepwalking when placed under your pillow.

Emotional and Psychological Healing

Mystic topaz is believed to treat depression. The calming rainbow color of a mystic topaz helps ease an individual’s fears and treat psychosomatic illnesses. Not only that, but mystic topaz also helps balance emotions. It prevents the feeling of extreme and induces a calmer self.

In particular, mystical topaz is said to be extremely helpful to those who are always angry. It helps in releasing one’s anger. And brings about the realization of an individual’s emotions and pain to the surface.

And like how the sun shines on anyone without exception, the energy of topaz allows you to learn your real and true feelings and honor them. This allows you to let go of resentment and anger. The stone promotes the surrender to forgiveness. It helps release the anger which can hold a person back from living a happy and healthy life.

In addition, the stone is also recommended for people who suffer from trauma and shock. It is also a great calming stone for those who live in an abnormal amount of tension or stress.

Mystic topaz has been praised for its capability to attune an individual to his higher self. The stone facilitates living according to your own views and aspirations instead of living your life just to please others.

Expressing the power of the bright sunlight, mystic topaz stimulates you to maintain a brighter outlook on life. It allows you to find the inner sources of emotional nourishment and pay attention to your own needs. All helping you nurture yourself in the process. The stone even promotes living a life of the equal partnership. So, you can find the inner achievement and fulfillment that you are looking for. Making you lead a more productive life.

In terms of meditation, mystic topaz also helps verbalization. It helps you recognize wisdom and truth. The stone, with its affinity to the bright sun, can help you know uncover lies, illusions, shadows and where exactly you have strayed from your truth. Then, it helps bring you back to the right path with its guiding light. Mystic topaz is a great stone that allows you to clearly see what you have accomplished and any goals left to achieve. And with this clear vision, it allows you to have inner peace.

Spiritual Healing

The reverberating energies of a mystic topaz help connect your spiritual self with the energies of the universe. The varied hues of the rainbow and its powerful affinity to the sun help you control and express yourself effectively, boosting and brightening your creativity.

It also helps keep your faith in the divine powers. With the energies of the stone clearing up blockages, it allows you to maintain the proper flow of energies from the divine. The rainbow colors with the constant infusion of the light help reduce unhappiness and doubts. It allows you to explore your subconscious mind and into the karmic, spiritual life.

Heals and Balances Your Chakras

The colorful, rainbow vibe of the mystic topaz is believed to trigger your third eye and throat chakra, in addition to the crown chakra of your torso. The vibrating colorful energies of this gem stimulates your chakra. This help you reach your higher self and align you with the energies of the universe as well of the earth. Also, the activated chakras helps you open up intuitive abilities. This allows you to understand any situations and work accordingly.

Stimulating your throat chakra, mystic topaz helps enhance your communication skills as well as the ability to communicate to yourself. It also helps in expressing your emotions.

Meanwhile, the third eye chakra helps direct your soul towards the awareness of the universe. The charismatic and vibrating energies of a mystic topaz also turn on your crown chakra. It opens up a psychic gateway for universal expansion, allowing you to understand your destiny in this world.

Mystic Topaz in jewelry uses

Since mystical topaz was first introduced, jewelers started making tons of various jewelry from it. It is a highly versatile stone that can be easily fashioned into almost any shape. It can be embedded into pendants, rings, necklaces, and bracelets and makes a stunning jewelry piece thanks to its rainbow hue.

Like diamond, mystic topaz needs to be protected from hard knocks. For instance, mystic topaz should be in a protected setting for daily wearing. This is due to the fact that a single blow can cause fracture due to its perfect cleavage. Also, mystic topaz is really durable and resistant to scratches. But, it shouldn’t be re-cut since this process can remove the coating.

Nowadays, you can find a mystic topaz in almost every jewelry store. And the biggest collections are usually found in online stores.

Where does Mystic Topaz come from

The colorless variation of topaz can be found in several countries all over the world. Particularly, the United States, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Russia, China, and Sri Lanka.

Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Nigeria, Namibia, Madagascar, Germany, Myanmar, and Afghanistan also have their fair share of topaz deposits. Meanwhile, enormous topaz crystals are discovered in Ukraine and Brazil.

How much is Mystic Topaz worth

Since it is made from simple, colorless topaz, when compared to other topaz variations, mystic topaz is a relatively common and affordable stone.

The price varies based on the cut, size, and quality of the stones.

For the base, white topaz, a fair quality stone can fetch a $10 per carat. Good quality white topaz goes between $10 and $30 per carat. And you can get high-quality stones from $30 – $80 per carat.

Then, when heat-treated and made into a mystic topaz, these stones relatively increase in price. But still on a more reasonable range.

Where to buy Mystic Topaz

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

How to identify Mystic Topaz

Mystic topaz has many names: Mystic fire topaz, rainbow topaz, Alaska topaz, Caribbean topaz and more. The kaleidoscopic nature of mystic topaz easily identifies it from other natural topaz gems. While most topaz features single colors such as blue topaz or imperial topaz, mystic topaz is very different with its rainbow color.

There’s a problem, though. Mystic topaz is not the only stone treated or coated to appear rainbow-colored. Thus, it can also be confused with other color-enhanced gemstones which are coated in a similar method.

For instance, mystic quartz can look like a mystic topaz. You can identify mystic topaz from mystic quartz by its hardness. Quartz is softer than topaz and only measures 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

Furthermore, a distinctive feature of all kinds of topaz is its perfect cleavage. This requires careful handling when the stones are polished and cut. Otherwise, it may develop internal cracks or splits. Meanwhile, quartz has an indistinct cleavage.

On the same note, mystic topaz looks like another kind of treated topaz called Azotic topaz. This kind of topaz is created via a patented process named as “Azotic” after the company which invented it. When compared, mystic topaz has darker colors, exhibiting dark greens, blues, and purples. As for azotic topaz, they are generally lighter in color and have a more pinkish to yellow appearance.

How to wear and use Mystic Topaz

Mystic topaz can be embedded in almost any jewelry. However, it is typically placed in bracelets, necklaces, and rings, it is still a fashion according to trend.

For the more mystical believer, you can wear mystic topaz around your neck and near your heart. This helps in soothing your emotional worries, anxieties, and fears. It also provides you a sense of peace and calmness.

When worn close to the body, mystic topaz can also get rid of bad omens. It also calms negative and strong emotions. In addition, this stone will help connect you to the greater sense of purpose of the universe. You may also place it under your pillow wherever you sleep.

Thanks to its combination of colors, mystic topaz also brings about relaxation. So, it also makes sense to place it on your desk when working. Or place it next to the armchair you are sitting in when relaxing in your living room.

How to cleanse Mystic Topaz

Mystic Topaz needs to be delicately cared for to maintain its stunning rainbow glow. Most people would suggest that you give the same care to mystic topaz as a precious pearl.

A piece of mystic topaz jewelry needs to be protected against damaging activities and sharp blows. Also, use products that you would use for pearls as a base for cleaning. This should help ensure the greatest preservation of the mystic topaz.

If you do not have these kinds of cleaning products, you can use a mild soap and water mix to clean the stone. Never, ever use abrasive materials when cleaning a mystic topaz. This is because it scratches easily and could damage the coating taking away its beautiful rainbow appearance.

As with any other gemstones, steamers and ultrasonic cleaners are not recommended. Always remove a piece of mystic topaz jewelry before cleaning, exercising or engaging in harsh physical activities like sports.

Store your mystic topaz away from other gemstones in order to avoid scratches on its surface. It is best to wrap the mystic topaz in a soft cloth or you can place them inside a fabric-lined jewelry box.

Mystic Topaz vs. Alexandrite

Mystic topaz and Alexandrite have a huge difference.

Alexandrite is a very rare form of chrysoberyl. It changes color under various lighting types. Its color comes from the chromium in its finest qualities. It is super rare that it is likely that you may never see one outside of a museum.

Meanwhile, mystic topaz is rather inexpensive. Just about any jewelry shop today has it on their collection. As mentioned before, mystic topaz is treated or enhanced that gives it a sort of a rainbow appearance.

A good alexandrite can fetch millions per carat while a mystic topaz is worth about the price of postage.

Final Words

Magical and mysterious, as its name implies, mystic topaz is not only alluring to behold. All thanks to the heat-treatment that produces its brightly colored hues. But, it still holds the same mystical properties of its simple, colorless self.

Its strong affinity to the sun helps brighten up your whole perspective of the universe and even lights up your way through life. While its fascinating rainbow color helps calm you in times of troubles and difficulties. And beyond its cosmic energies and healing properties, mystic topaz also proves high versatility. It can be worn on your neck, wrists or fingers.

Regardless of the reason why you wear this wonderful stone- for fashion or for its healing properties- mystic topaz is one of the best stones you can add to your growing stone and crystal collection.