Black Sapphire is a mineral variety of the Corindón group. In ancient times any blue gemstone was called sapphires. Currently, corundum of all colors, except for red, ruby, are called Sapphires.

Sapphire is known as the stone of wisdom. Focus and calm the mind freeing from unwanted thoughts and mental tension. It aligns the physical, mental and spiritual planes while restoring the balance within the body. Place it by touching the body, where appropriate or especially on the finger. There are several colors in sapphires, each with specific properties such as black sapphire. It is a protective sapphire and also helps to focus. It imparts confidence in one’s intuition.

To get the best benefits of the black sapphire, it is usually a good idea to wear it. The black sapphire ring is the most popular choice.

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The black sapphire helps us eliminate the negative energies of the chakras and the aura, acting as a reminder field of total responsibility for one’s thoughts and feelings. And it goes beyond allowing you to understand and assume your responsibilities and gives you guidance and acceptance.

It is also a stone of courage, strengthening ambitions and the strength to continue and go beyond the unattainable horizon. Sapphire will always remind you the truth is the best. Black Sapphire allows you access to the right information that allows you to grow.

Black sapphire is a stone that is linked to the protection that can help you keep all the time on all the things that can harm you. They will help you maintain mental and physical control over your life. The dark color of the black sapphire can give you peace of mind by aligning your chakras with those of the same earth. It will help you travel your spiritual path while remaining in the present.

The power of light and healing will be attracted to you thanks to this gem. It will make its transformation possible and strengthen its purpose of life, besides, the Black Sapphire will guide your journey through the long river of life taking care of every step you take for the better.

Sapphire is a stone of spiritual power and cunning, which brings prosperity and helps maintain the gifts of life. It tends to focus, emanate and radiate its energy in the fulfillment of dreams and desires of consciousness, even without conscious initiative.


Physical Properties

The black sapphire is of the Corindón variety, which is an aluminum oxide mineral found in tabular, rhombohedral or pyramidal prismatic crystals. frequently to be translucent or opaque It is often formed as almost brown-black or black, although sometimes it can also be dark brown or dark green. Black Sapphire is known to absorb the light that enters the black verse, even if it is blue or dark gray.

Metaphysical Healing Properties

Physical Healing

Black sapphire is used to calm the active body systems and regulate the glands. Sapphire is beneficial for the eyes, removes impurities and tensions. This stone cures blood disorders and relieves excessive bleeding, strengthens veins and improves elasticity.

Emotional Healing

Black sapphire helps keep calm in chaotic situations or with chaotic people and constitutes an excellent unfriendly crystal. If you are too sensitive to the fights of others or at times when everything goes wrong and you have no way of fixing things. Guide intuition to determine what can be done, if something can be done while allowing others to take responsibility for the problems of their creation.

In times of emotional war, a black sapphire will give you peace of mind, comfort, and compassion during the strongest moments. It is an excellent source of support, especially when you are going through a life crisis or experiencing a duel or incredible pain caused by third parties.

Black sapphire helps adults overcome the fear of darkness, but it is not considered a good crystal for children. However, he is loved by cats and can be rubbed on his paws to prevent them from getting lost at night. It also amplifies protection when working with nocturnal pets.

Black sapphire is an excellent stone to deal with abuse in any way in a relationship. This precious gem will give you strength and motivation to fight for what is right by allowing you to stand firm and with an attitude of courage, that no one can take away from you.

In some beliefs, it is said that owning this crystal allows you to be more in touch with loved ones who have already passed away. It allows you a better connection with the other plane protecting you from getting into it. For this, you must have close to the heart and be charged with positive energies.

Black sapphire protects against intimidation and unreasonable anger of others and protects against fear and intimidation. It provides a calm force to establish limits, or the courage necessary when it is time to move away.

Black sapphire can help a lot when it comes to a change in work-life or studies. It will also give you satisfaction in your current job if that is what you need. Black sapphire has clearance properties so carrying it with you during your workday will make you feel more useful and lighter.

The black sapphire brings strength and compassion during difficult times. It is an excellent support crystal for men, especially for those experiencing a midlife crisis or with aging problems related to retirement. It is also particularly beneficial for men and women who go through periods of deep pain for the loss of a partner for a lifetime.

Black sapphire is protective and helps focus, it has a binding force that helps us overcome anxiety and disperse doubts about what we intuit. Among the virtues of sapphire, it stands out for imparting confidence in one’s intuition. This energy stone increases employment expectations and helps retain work.

It helps us in healing throughout the body, it is extremely effective in curing the earth and the chakras. It helps us stay on the spiritual path and is used by people with an esoteric affinity to transmute negative energies.

Spiritual Healing

The black sapphire deepens our connection with the physical and natural world. It brings power and strength, relieving fears specifically associated with physical existence here on Earth. The black sapphire offers protection and a retreat, the security of being hidden from your enemies.

This Crystal can help us reorient and purify the stuck and distorted energy that makes one go back in his or her path and life. The black Sapphire resolves indecision, promoting the purification of the will towards cohesion and unconditional love.

Heals and Balances Your Chakras

The black sapphire stimulates the Base or Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine. It controls the energy for the kinesthetic feeling and movement and is the basis of physical and spiritual energy for the body. When they are physically unbalanced, the symptoms manifest as lethargy, low levels of activity, little enthusiasm and a need for constant stimulation.

 When spiritual energies are unbalanced, one can feel fickle, disconnected from reality or distant. When the Base Chakra is in balance, the physical body regains its strength and endurance, and the spiritual energy is revived in the form of security and sense of power itself. It often leads to independence and spontaneous leadership.

Black Sapphire in jewelry uses

The most elegant color par excellence is black; a sapphire of this color can be very sophisticated for jewelry if you know how to use it. This is why black sapphire has a great role in terms of accessories, as it makes you shine above everyone in the room.

A great benefit of this stone is the natural hardness that it presents so we can use it for any everyday occasion in an appropriate way. A great example could be black sapphire rings, a magnificent piece that depending on the cut of the gem can be more or less casual.

In-game with a white gold ring a black sapphire bracelet will be your ideal friend for when the occasion is special and distinguished, although you can wear a black sapphire bead bracelet and look casual.

A black sapphire pendant is a beneficial option for elegant situations or routine situations, the black sapphire has a great affinity to work areas so wearing a necklace with this gem as I said can improve your performance in it.

Another way to use this necklace finely, although somewhat more expensive is in a triangle necklace with black sapphires in the center of them. This necklace with a good neckline will give you natural glamor while aligning your chakras to make you vibrate in a whole of elegance.

As for its use as tendrils, there are countless sets that you could use. Due to its dark color, you can combine it with gold to make elegant and refined tendrils. Another spectacular way to wear them is with a long finish plated in white gold.

Another extremely elegant option of tendrils is the use of earrings with the embedded gem. With a black dress and a black sapphire necklace as I said the attention will be drawn to you almost immediately.

Although formality is paramount, not everything has to be serious and cold, so what you want is something more basic, you can opt for a slightly simpler black sapphire necklace with a striking touch of color. A great option for this necklace could be to combine it with large bracelets that match the colors you choose.

If you want to be different and make your commitment something unique, you can also use this beautiful stone in a white gold engagement ring with the central gem in the princess cut. It will surely guarantee you an elegant wedding full of happiness.

Where does Black Sapphire come from

In Australia, there is the largest known black sapphire deposit. This variety of sapphire is very cheap and is considered of low quality since heaps in the aforementioned mining achieve it.

The mineral of this gem is also seen in Thailand, however, Australian black sapphires tend to have a better quality among what that may mean for this gem. Other deposits have been found in Brazil.

How much is Black Sapphire worth

At present with the growing demand for precious gems of black color, the sapphire of this hue has been highly favored. With the great glamor that black produces, the sapphire of this color is moving along the path of preference when making jewelry. Being so durable and beautiful, it is no surprise that people are attracted to it, which makes it a perfect choice for a precious stone.

For the misfortune of this stone, it is not considered of high value, even, it is quite low since it is not considered a quality gem. They are not valuable like other colored sapphires.

However, this is not so negative, since its trade may be more feasible. With the growing popularity of black crystals and precious stones, black sapphires are highly favored and respected. Black sapphires can be translucent or opaque stones that can appear in solid black.

Almost all the light around it is absorbed, besides, it is possible that when you look closely you notice that it does not reflect as much as others in your family. If you decide to buy Black Sapphires for yourself or someone special, look for a Black Sapphire that is opaque and has a uniform hue and saturation.

Black sapphires are also often cut into elegant shapes to improve their brightness and give them depth. They are very beautiful but affordable stones, so if you run into an expensive stone, you may be present to a scam.

Where to buy Black Sapphire

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

How to identify Black sapphire

There are synthetic sapphires made in the laboratory, however, the most appreciated are those that come from nature. The real sapphire has internal imperfections, if yours does not have them it can be a fake sapphire, perform a breath test to judge the authenticity and certify your sapphire.

Look for air bubbles, do the scratch test and have light shine through the gem to detect a fake sapphire. Always ask a jeweler about the sapphires they sell to find out what kind of gem it is.

Sapphires created in laboratories, fake, have no inclusions of this nature and some natural sapphires also have no defects, but if it finds defects, it is real. For this, you must use a professional magnifying glass.

Turn off the lights in a room and make a sapphire lantern shine. If the sapphire is real, it will only reflect the light of the same color as the sapphire. If it is false, that is, it is made of glass; it will reflect other colors besides the color of the gem.

How to use Black Sapphire

The way to use this sapphire will depend on the area that you want to work, it depends on the needs of each person and following the possibilities of the black sapphire. As is well known, this gem has great physical and esoteric power.

To calm anxiety and fears, you should behave near the heart or chest. This will give you a sense of security and allow you to have the courage to fight for what you think is right.

In the same way, it can be used like any type of jewelry if what you want is to seek greater job stability. Either because you want to keep your job or if you are opting for a new charge.

Carrying this jewel with you can also help you get home safely every time you go out, but not just you. If you use this gem in the legs of your animals and they go for a walk, likely, they return home without any problem.

How to cleanse Black Sapphire

In a container that contains warm distilled water, you should immerse the black sapphire. The approximate time you should let the stone soak is approximately 30 minutes.

For this specific glass, it is recommended to charge it with labor energies. So you should take it with you during a day so that this sapphire reaches good potential. If the labor energies are good, this crystal will be superbly charged. It should not be charged with negative energies. An overload of negative energy in this crystal can cause it to break inside, so it is recommended to clean it from time to time.

Compared to other similar gemstones

Black Sapphire vs. Black Diamond

The black diamond is very pure carbon and therefore can burn in the air, thus transforming into carbon dioxide, it has the same chemical composition as graphite, also belonging to the class of native elements that, unlike its twin noble, it is black and very soft. Diamond is the hardest mineral, which means it cannot be scratched by any other mineral except the diamond itself.

The density of carbon or black diamond is lower than that of the diamond and in turn, is lower than that of the black sapphire. It varies between 3.13 and 3.46 g / cm3. Another important quality is the hardness of the material. Being the diamond the strongest gem there is, I could not compare the hardness of the sapphire with this

These diamonds are of great importance in the industry, they are used as high-quality abrasives for carving tools or drilling very hard materials such as Diamond closures, diamond-tipped drills, and sophisticated instruments to conduct subsoil studies. The tip of the diamond can cut materials with very high hardness, but thanks to the known property of this native mineral.

Black diamonds are opaque and produce neither brightness nor refraction of light. The black diamond is porous. In its natural state, it is very rare and difficult to find, therefore, very appreciated and expensive, although this is not very commercialized as other colors are preferred.

Black sapphire vs. Onyx

One of the best-known gems is Onyx, a stone that has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs Scale. It is a stone that has a great variety of symbology around it, as well as the belief that it gives us beneficial properties for our health.

onyx stone
Black Onyx

It is the most common type of onyx, is characterized by its brightness spiritually is recognized as the most powerful onyx to clean the energy of its carrier. It is especially good for deep meditation.

It is considered that this mineral can attract negative vibrations and dissolve them, therefore, it acts as a lucky charm. For this reason, if you have an amulet created with the onyx stone, you will be protected from the negative energies that may be around you: envy, jealousy, evil eyes, and so on.

We have to know, also, a little more about this stone. Onyx is a mineral that is part of the quartz family, specifically, the rock crystal family. It has absorbent properties that purify and reduce the bad energies around us.

Onyx is a mineral that, as a rule, is black. However, it may also be the case that we find stones of other colors such as white or gray. Anyway, this stone always contains a very special shine that highlights it above the rest.

Due to its absorbent capacity, onyx has also been used to clean people’s aura and thus purify the environment. If you place an onyx stone in your home you will be able to create a protected and clean space of negative energies that can disturb you.

Like black tourmaline, the onyx stone is one of the black semiprecious stones that have the power to be a source of protection, since it is capable of absorbing and transmuting negative energy.

This shiny black stone is a stone that helps you develop physical and emotional strength and endurance, and is well indicated when support is needed to be immersed in a time of great stress, confusion or pain. The onyx also helps to make prudent decisions. A powerful warrior stone.

Final Words

While you are focused on your present, black sapphire can help you travel a highly spiritual path. This stone will bring light and healing to your life. It will make its transformation possible and strengthen your life purpose. Black Sapphire will make you understand your purpose in this world and guide you through your progress.

This is a gem of great strength and power that allows us to overcome our anxiety and clear any doubts we may have. In addition to this, if used correctly, you can avoid negative feelings such as suffering, pain, and anguish.