Purple Agate: The Ultimate Guide to Meaning, Properties, Uses

purple agate

The stones are a whole different world. It is not so easy to understand it completely since there are always new things to learn. Gemstones are very beautiful and that’s why they always steal their eyes. The beauty of the purple agate stone suggests that it is a fake gem but it is not so. This rock is one of the favorites of the jewelry industry because of the beautiful contrast with its intense purple and soft white bands.

Purple Agate is a stone composed of microscopic quartz crystals that have positioned themselves in beautiful layers of white and purple. Some indigenous cultures believe that their physical properties are due to the fact that they are really pieces of souls of the gods that have been sent to earth to help us.

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Green Agate: The Ultimate Guide to Meaning, Properties, Uses & Everything You Need to Know

green agate

The green agate variety is one of the largest and most impressive subtypes of this stone. Although there are hundreds of variations of this rock, there is no doubt that it stands out for its brightness and value as an energy gem. In fact, it is one of the most coveted among accessories.

According to experts, the green variety of agate enhances the balance between emotions and physical body so it can be said that it is the healing rock par excellence among the multiple variants of agate that nature offers you.

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White Topaz: The Ultimate Guide to Meaning, Properties, Jewelry & Everything You Need to Know

white topaz

Planet Earth has many beautiful ways to surprise us. You don’t always find something similar in the same place and the wonders of nature are becoming more beautiful. Earth is a unique planet that can produce everything it needs along with thousands of things to amaze us. One of the main things that can amaze us is the precious stones.

In today’s case, we’ll know about white topaz. It can also be known as Clear Topaz or Silver Topaz, this stone has stolen the hearts of many people due to its beauty and all the qualities it brings to the life of the user.

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Blue Goldstone: The Ultimate Guide to Meaning, Properties, Uses

A mineral that has caused a furor among all is Blue Goldstone. It is known for being a combination between columbium and tantalum, a material based on the manufacture of technological devices. But not only that, its uses have extended to jewelry and that is why everyone wants to have an accessory with this stone.

Blue Goldstone is not a precious stone, it is artificial glass. It is made of glass and copper and its inner glow is very beautiful and popular for accessories. It receives a lot of support from people even though it is an artificial gemstone. It is usually used in many jewelry pieces. Goldstone is a stone that can come in several colors, but Blue Goldstone is the favorite.

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Black Agate: The Ultimate Guide to Meaning, Properties, Uses

black agate

The world of jewelry is quite interesting. Many types of jewelry can be used and each person has their own taste. The models are infinite and each stone has a different meaning. The sensations and properties will make you feel elegant and you will feel how little by little the extravagant world of precious stones envelops you.

One of the biggest stones in the world is the Black Agate. This stone is characterized by being one of the most impressive and enigmatic stones in the universe. Its aura of mysticism and its striking black color make it one of the most attractive varieties in the jewelry market.

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Black Moonstone: The Most Comprehensive Guide

black moonstone

As a special member of the moonstone family, black moonstones are known for being extremely powerful for many reasons. It has many meanings associated with it such as new life, the ability to enhance mental agility, as well as the essence of female empowerment.

In fact, the black moonstone is highly prized for its properties such as their black essence, silvery-green sheen and peach veins which are all associated with different chakra point meanings like birth, creativity and a connection to the divine. To add on to this, the black moonstone is really useful during healing sessions as it is thought to be helpful when calming the mind, aiding in grounding one’s self and allowing one to trust their gut instinct. As well as being desired for their spiritual power.

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Moonstone bracelet : The subtle shimmering summer wear

Peach moonstone bracelet

Summer birthdays, barbeques and breezy nights by the water are all around the corner. Moonstones are a staple summer pick up believed to be good chakra for travelers at night and through water. As the heat keeps rising in the summer months lighter accessories brighten and liven any outfit. Looking for yourself or as a gift moonstone bracelets make a valued purchase. Moonstones are a delicate but sturdy stone bringing a punch of pzazz to a t-shirt and short set. Moonstones are also a great way to add a touch of summer to any outfit. In the summer sun the shimmering colors of a moonstone bracelet with the light colored body of the stone adds great detail to any style.


Moonstones brings calm glowing energy for healing. Moonstones bring a feminine quality with the iridescent glimmer seen from all different angles. The light airy stone is dazzling and versatile. Moonstone bracelets can be worn to a concert in the park, or to an after hours club. Moonstone bracelets are also great for all ages and both genders. That sounds like a bold statement but the range of style for moonstone bracelets covers the gamet. Even though the moonstone is known for its feminity it can be used in a masculine bracelet. Not to forget, moonstones are the stone of the zodiac Cancer June 21st- July 23rd birthdays!

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The complete guide to choosing the perfect moonstone ring

For centuries, women and men have marveled at the beauty of gemstones and acquired these natural wonders as something of value, beauty, and power. Rubies, Sapphires, Diamonds, etc. have been the highlight of every Queen’s collection in history. It is usually believed by most people that diamond is the most precious stone loved by elite women; however, moonstone is another one of those beauties with a moon like sheen and is valued highly in different cultures. Moonstone, as the name suggests, brings the same balance and tranquility as the comforting energy of the moon and expresses the feminine energy. It is known for the beautiful luster that appears on its surface. It is one of the very few stones with the property of “Adularescence,” which is the appearance of soft milky clouds on the inside of the stone and inner flow of light as the external light falls on it.

For someone who is looking for a perfect moonstone ring, here is a simple guide:

Meaning and cost of moonstone

The meaning of the moonstone lies in its sensual and feminine energy that has the power to heal and bring wholesomeness to the life of the person who wears it. It derives its name both from the appearance and powers of the moon. Whereby the milky moonstone tends to hold motherly energy, the clear moonstone is admired for its extraordinary colorful glow. There are a number of myths associated with the origin of moonstone and its meaning in different cultures, such as the creation of the stone from solidification of moon beams, etc.

It might not be the most convenient option to carry a semi precious stone like moonstone in its raw form with you all the time. Hence, the best way to keep a moonstone always with you is to wear it in the form of jewelry that not only holds it together but certainly adds to the charm in your personality. From as low as ten to as high as thousands of dollars, the cost of moonstone depends upon its clarity and consequently on the style and metal used for jewelry. If the body of the stone is more colorless and translucent, it is considered more valuable. It is however found in abundance and hence available at a very low cost as well.

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Moonstone earrings: What to know when looking for the perfect pair

Sunny days start off this summer season, and refreshing crisp light accents accentuate any outfit. Moonstone earrings make a great addition to every wardrobe. Adding a new accessory to an outfit is always fun, as summer begins the lovely and color shifting moonstone is a great choice. Moonstone earrings are an especially delightful way to add a summer vibe to any hair do. The moonstone is the birthstone of June and for the Zodiac sign Cancer. Moonstones are known for the healing and feminine qualities they are said to possess.

Choosing the color

The moonstone makes an especially nice choice for earrings because of the color shifting attributes of the moonstone it compliments the person wearing the earrings in various situations. Moonstones are available in many different colors. The colors available are, blue, rainbow, white, peach.

The best quality moonstones have a blue sheen, high clarity, and a white to colorless body color. When reading about gemstones the schiller factor, or very specifically for moonstones the adularescence, refers to the shimmering top layer of color in moonstones. Being able to easily see from across the room the color shifting effect, adularescence, is a sign of a higher quality moonstone. The best quality moonstones these days are from Myanmar.

The blue moonstone is the highest quality and more expensive option. Good quality blue moonstone earrings are a great staple addition to every wardrobe. The larger the size of the moonstones the more expensive and harder to find. Blue moonstone earrings are a great choice for anyone looking for a nice quality gift or accent in the summer months.

Blue moonstone earrings
Blue moonstone earrings. Check on Etsy.

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