Blue Onyx: The Only Guide You Need

blue onyx

Since ancient times, gemstones have been an attraction for many. From individuals, psychics, shamans and healers. People will often invest in them for their beauty, but their properties and benefits surpass beauty. They are believed to possess strong properties, energies, powers and are also associated with healing properties. Gemstones occur in different varieties but let … Read more

Goshenite: The Only Guide You Need


Goshenite is often referred to as the mother of all crystals. It may not be as popular as other crystals among less experienced collectors, but a dedicated crystal user will know precisely how powerful it is. Goshenite is pure and feminine, so it is often associated with angels and the moon – as well as … Read more

Clear Quartz: The Only Guide You Need

clear quartz

For many years now, the concept of using crystals for healing has been abundant and often practiced by many. Using gemstones and crystals has been used as an alternative form of therapy that is believed to offer specific benefits to the users as they tend to possess very distinctive properties and qualities.  Individual crystals have … Read more

Larvikite: The Only Guide You Need


To a new or less experienced crystal collector, larvikite may not ring too many bells. However, the unique stone has incredible energy, and pretty much everyone can benefit from it. While it is often referred to as a stone of change, it will alter the way you react to change and can influence your entire … Read more

Zebra Jasper: The Only Guide You Need

zebra jasper

Whether you feel like you lack balance in your life or you need a bit of guidance due to your negative thoughts and ideas, certain crystals can push you in the right direction. This is when zebra jasper kicks in. The crystal is known for bringing more positivism into your life, as well as balancing … Read more

Lavender Jade: The Only Guide You Need

lavender jade

When it comes to visualizing jade, you will usually imagine a lustrous stone engraved into intricate jewelry, right? You are also likely to envision a white or green stone. Certainly, there are different shades of precious green jade. However, are you aware that there is a jade stone reflecting a lavender shade? Well, you would … Read more

Fire Opal: The Only Guide You Need

fire opal

Opals are admired for their captivating ability to reflect a variety of pastel colors. However, fire opal stands out in the collection of opals, as it reflects warm colors, in the range of yellow to gold. Its base colors range from transparent yellow to deep cherry red and orange, due to which it lives up … Read more

Milky Quartz: The Only Guide You Need

milky quartz

Also known as quartz milk or milk diamond, milky quartz is certainly the most common form of quartz. Quartz crystals are cleansing, soothing stones that tend to influence one physically and spiritually. Milky quartz is no exception. Indeed, it is known to amplify the energy of almost all stones. Sounds interesting, right? Let’s find out … Read more

Honey Calcite: The Only Guide You Need

honey calcite

Honey calcite belongs to the family of calcites available in a myriad of colors. Generally, any calcite is a robust amplifier of energies and a major cleanser of negative energies in humans. It functions on all levels, ranging right from physical to etheric due to which a calcite crystal is a premium purifying stone. This … Read more

Sacral Chakra: The Ultimate Guide

sacral chakra

There are more chakras in the body’s system and each of them plays a significant role in the overall sustainability of your life. The sacral chakra is often overlooked though, yet it is critical in terms of creativity and emotions. At the same time, it is often associated with sensuality. The sacral chakra is the … Read more