Titanium Quartz: The Only Guide You Need

titanium quartz

Some may consider crystal healing a thing of the ancient world, but you would be surprised that many people still use it today. Many believe that crystals can promote healing and use them as alternative medicine or therapy. Crystals are believed to tap into healing energies naturally, which can help you cure ailments and at … Read more

Flower Agate: The Only Guide You Need

flower agate

Crystal use among people remains to be a fascinating experience. With many people believing crystals to possess powerful aspects for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, we will continue to see more usage. This is mainly because, compared to the ancient days of crystal use, today’s world is packed with more uncertainties and a lot of … Read more

Bronzite: The Only Guide You Need


We live in a fast-paced world, and more often than not, we tend to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Ultimately, anyone with a sane mind will have several methods and tools to cope with these difficult situations; either an active lifestyle, self-care, having additional motivation, and a lot more.  Crystal and stone therapy has continuously been … Read more

Lava Stone: The Only Guide You Need

lava stone

Sometimes referred to as basalt, lava stone covers a collection of minerals that can be found all over the world. The stone is basically formed when magma from a volcano cools down and hardens. At some point, it becomes as tough as a rock. Given the fact that volcanoes have been around since the beginning … Read more

Rhodolite Garnet: The Only Guide You Need

rhodolite garnet

Often used and mentioned in ancient times, rhodolite garnet is a gemstone with numerous meanings and a plethora of different properties and capabilities. Its vibrant color and positive vibes have always been used to strengthen both the soul and mind – such powers have always been associated with the purple color anyway. On another note, … Read more

Blue Obsidian: The Only Guide You Need

blue obsidian

Blue obsidian is a powerful but rare gemstone that several practitioners are trying to get. This is because it is known for its striking influence on one’s life. It has a great history and an extensive record of use in tools since ancient times. In this guide, let’s explore its meaning, properties, and current uses … Read more